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Bazzo Says: Not Compassion But Economics

Bazzo Says:


For those who think Democrats and Republicans cannot work together, think immigration. Illegal immigration to be exact. Not undocumented, but illegal. Both parties, for their own reasons, are hell-bent on not enforcing existing immigration laws. In fact, they are the only laws I can think of that neither party wants enforced. On the Republican side, you’ve got cheap labor. On the Democrat side, you’ve got future Democrat voters. Elected officials use this permanent underclass as a way to grow government.

As I have said before, when Democrats and Republicans work together, it is the people footing the bill who get screwed.

The main reason they both can agree on it is compassion. As Gov. Kasich said: “Think of the families, think of the children.” We cannot enforce the law because of the harm it will do to families. Interesting concept. Except what would happen if we applied the same compassion to all out other laws? If you make this exception for this law, what is to stop one from employing it on other laws?

Say, tax evasion. No one likes the IRS anyway. How about stock manipulation?  Or better yet, Ponzi schemes like the one Bernie Madoff employed? Look at what happened to his family. One son killed himself. What happened to compassion?

Then we are told you cannot deport 11 million people. Is it 11 million people? We have been given that figure for eight years. Is 11 million a stagnant number? It has to be more. How can we know? We are told they are in the shadows. It is an interesting shadow. These people use our school systems. These people use our social safety nets. These people are working. We are told by everyone they are doing the jobs Americans do not want to do. Some shadow.

The premise we are supposed to follow without question is that by supporting amnesty and endless immigration, we are showing how big our hearts are. It truly is a compassion issue. What about civil rights? These people are mostly of color who have been damaged in the past by the imperialism of the United States. We’ve stolen all of the goods and resources all over the planet. We’ve taken it for ourselves and we’ve left them with nothing in their homelands, so we owe them.  They deserve to be paid back. So there you have it. The compassion and the civil rights side. Crap, crap and more crap!

This is not a compassion issue. As Sen. Cruz made clear this is not even a civil rights issue. It’s an economics issue; it’s a legal issue. We’re a nation of laws. We’ve got immigration laws. As The Donald said, a nation without borders is not a nation. The reason Trump, Carson and Cruz lead the polls is not only do they get it, they are able to explain why the establishment premise is wrong headed. This has been what’s missing. People who can explain conservatism is compassionate because it looks to protect all and not pick and choose the winners.

This is about economics. The American people are being creamed economically with this issue. The American people are seeing their wages stagnate and their jobs vanish. So if you want to have compassion, the compassion needs to be for the 94 million Americans who are not working. You cannot pretend illegal immigration is not part of this problem.

You really want economic proof? Think minimum wage. It used to be that the minimum wage was for entry level jobs. You learned a trade, how to work well with others, learn the corporate experience and get some pocket money out of the deal. Now, because of this influx of low-skilled workers, we must now look at these jobs as being able to feed a family of four at $15 per hour! We must make them living wages. Also give benefits to boot!

These jobs are to be paid the same as skilled workers. However, that is not fair to the skilled. So then we have to raise the pay and benefits of those with skills. You add in the Obamacare mandates and now you see how Donald Trump, Dr. Ben Carson and Sen. Ted Cruz lead in the polls. You see why McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC are not such bargains anymore.

Who gets hurt the most? The poor. The middle class who play it straight. Black unemployment is up 29 percent over the last seven years. Women make up 54 million of the 94 million out of work.    

Then we have Bush and Kasich openly talking about how over on the other side, when the Republicans talk about enforcing the law and protecting American jobs and raising American wages, the Democrats and Hillary are applauding?  Somehow the Republicans are killing themselves over this. The Republicans, in Bush’s and Kasich’s eyes, are hurting themselves standing up for the American worker, standing up for the rule of law. Are they for real? Do they really think that by being Democrat lite, they will get Republican votes? For the answer to that they should ask President McCain or President Romney.

One has to ask, do Bush and Kasich really think these laws just should be ignored because of the children? News flash! Many of those we arrest and incarcerate have children, have families and have spouses. Why are we picking on them? From now on, let’s just arrest and incarcerate only those without families. As for the victims of the rest, well we used all our compassion for the others, we have none left for you. Tough noogies.

The point of this is if we don’t say it repeatedly, people will forget it. We don’t need any new immigration law. We’ve got everything we need already. The law is there. It just isn’t being enforced. I think, no make that believe, Trump, Carson, Cruz, because of this illegal immigration issue, which effects all other issues from minimum wage, education, social safety nets, etc., one of them will be Republican primary winner.

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