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Bazzo Says: Conservatives Against Republicans and Democrats

Bazzo Says:


I believe it was New York Times writer William Safire who wrote that as far as national governing is concerned, it is the government against the people. Safire wrote this decades ago and he has been dead for years. He was the Times’ conservative columnist. Nobody at the time paid much attention to this statement or took it seriously, except maybe Ronald Reagan and William Buckley. This new budget and the recent debates prove this still holds true. I will explain.

It is important to take off those rose-colored glasses and remember that Ronald Reagan was not who the establishment Republicans wanted to be president. First it was Richard Nixon, then Gerald Ford and finally George H.W. Bush. Most in the party power structure now made their bones working for either Nixon, Ford or Bush when they first entered politics. This includes Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and FOX talking head Karl Rove. In fact, Charles Krauthammer made his bones as a speech writer for Walter Mondale during the 1984 election.

So all of these so-called conservatives actually have been establishment indoctrinated.  They only move to the right when it suits them and that is usually election time. They have been and primarily still are government-centric. That is why the head of the Republican Party set up the debates the way they are, surrendering to the networks who will moderate them. These debates were set up to knock off the conservatives without leaving Republican fingerprints. As Marco Rubio pointed out last week, none of the moderators will be voting in a Republican primary.

As you can see for yourself if you are paying attention, it matters. Just look at the way the moderators treated the Democrat nominees versus how they treat the Republican, especially the conservative, nominees.

Even FOX showed how they are in the establishment’s pocket by their treatment and dismissal of Trump, Carson and Cruz.

This was done in 2008 and 2012 when the establishment candidates were McCain and Romney, who we were told were the only one who can beat Democrats. We were told that the most important thing was to not offend the independents. The template is Democrats will get 40 percent of the vote and Republicans 40 percent going in and that elections are decided by the 20 percent who identify themselves as independent. So all of the smartest people in the room—who are called advisors—tell the candidates: “I am the only one who can get you the independent vote. In fact, the negative information provided to the Democrats and the media against Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain was came from establishment Republicans who were backing Romney.

The candidates believe them. Romney even got the independents by 35 percent over Obama. So why don’t we have President Romney? Because these idiots have fallen for a media and Democrat trick. They play for 20 percent of the vote and alienate the 40 percent who make up their base; the people who identify themselves as conservatives.  Do the math. You cannot include Nixon and Bush 43 because they were war time presidents and a different dynamic comes into play.

So what has changed this year? Conservatives do not fight last year’s wars. That is how the establishment fights. It is always: “this is how it has been always done.” Donald Trump, Dr. Carson and Ted Cruz happened. They are not media creations and so cannot be taken out by the media. They have formed personal bonds with their supporters so the only ones who can take them out will be themselves. How do I know?  Look at their contributions; 80 percent are donations of $200 or less. This includes Trump, who has not even solicited donations (but people sent them anyway) and even requested super PACs that support him to return the money.

One could ask: Why would the Republicans that want to win the big prize sabotage their own candidates? Money! Power! The establishment fear the conservatives for they know the Democrats are the true threat to the power and grasp on money. Democrats, because of the practice of gerrymandering, cannot really knock off Congressional Republicans. However, conservatives can. The Republican base can.

In the first debate on FOX, the first question was: “Will the candidates pledge to support the eventual nominee?” This was done because Trump it was felt might run third party if he did not get the nomination. The question now should be asked again but rephrased to ask: “Will the candidates support the eventual nominee if it is either Trump, Carson or Cruz?”

I say this because I have come to the conclusion that if it is either one of the above, the establishment will sabotage the nominee and help elect Hillary Clinton. Why? Because they know that in spite of what she is saying to shore up her base, she will keep the money train going. How do I know? Easy, the new budget passed by the Republican establishment that funds everything Obama wants and the Republican voters abhor even into the next president’s first term. Hillary and the establishment Republicans will allow it to stand. Trump, Carson and Cruz will not, for no Congress can hold a future Congress to this budget. Each Congress by law must present their own budget every year.

When you watch the future debates, look at them through this prism.

This is what I say. What say you?
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