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Bazzo Says: Another Trumped Up Charge Plus The True Story Of Thanksgiving

Bazzo Says:


In a repeat of the 2012 primary season, being the lead candidate in the polls can be a mixed blessing. The media and candidates, who are both trying to gain attention and face time, tend to focus on the top one or two candidates leading the race. That spotlight is especially harsh and unrelenting to those who are new to the political scene and don’t understand that not only will the Democrat dominated media try take you out, so will the establishment Republicans if you are not the preferred candidate. In this effort, truth is the first major casualty. As I wrote just recently, this is what happened to Ben Carson when he came under scrutiny for his alleged lying about his past.

If this were 2012, this proven lie would have stuck as truth, and another conservative would have bitten the dust. However, learning the lessons of 2012, neither Trump, Carson nor Cruz are going to let the media and establishment define them. They are also getting more help this time than last from conservative media.

The biggest lesson learned was how to use social media and its importance in reaching an audience. Did you know that Dr. Carson has the most followers on Facebook of the Republican candidates? Every night he takes the time to personally answer two or three questions from his followers. Any one following The Donald knows he is an avid Twitter user. It is working.

From a story in last Saturday’s AOL News: “In the Republican primary race, the newest NBC News/SurveyMonkey online poll shows Donald Trump has the front runner spot to himself, with 28 percent support among Republican and independent voters who lean Republican. Support for Ben Carson, who was tied with Trump in last month’s online poll, has fallen off by 8 points and the former neurosurgeon is now tied with Ted Cruz at 18 percent. Trailing not too far behind is Marco Rubio, at 11 percent. The next tier of candidates has a lot of catching up to do, with Jeb Bush at 4 percent and Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina each with 3 percent.”

In spite of the wishful thinking of the establishment Republicans and Democrat media, Trump’s lead widens. So, going back to the top paragraph, the take down Trump brigade has tried and failed again.

Last Friday on FOX News, The Wall Street Journal and many prime time news outlets, the headlines read: “Donald Trump Said Register All Muslims.” Like the Dr. Carson hit pieces, this was an outright lie.

However, giving credit where credit is due, it was a great job in taking a statement made by Trump out of context.

Here is what happened. Thursday night, Trump was doing a personal appearance at Newton, Iowa. As he was leaving the stage, a reporter from Business Insider named Hunter Walker gets amongst the autograph speakers and starts peppering him with questions. One question was: “Should there be a database system that tracks the Muslims that are in this country?” Trump replies: “There should be a lot of systems, beyond databases. We should have a lot of systems, and today you can do it. But right now we have to have a border. We have to have strength, we have to have a wall, and we cannot let what’s happening to this country happen again.” So the reporter follows up: “Is that something your White House would like to implement?”

Now look at this, the reporter suggests a database and Trump, not taking the bait, switches the discussion back to border security. Face it, now he is on auto-pilot. His mind is now on borders.  So when the reported asks his follow up, Trump and anyone else without an agenda, would believe this follow up question deals with borders, not registries, as Trump in his mind already blew that off.

So Trump reply’s to the follow up: “Oh, I would certainly implement that, absolutely.” That is how the reporter, purposely taking Trump out of context, writes that Trump “demands a database and registration for all Muslims.” Yet he didn’t say it! It’s Journalism 101 in the dirty tricks handbook.

If one wants to destroy political opponents or powerful people you don’t like, you ask a multifaceted question. Then you follow up with something like, “Is that something…” without specifying what part of the question you are asking about. It is a common technique. 

So Friday, you had the Associated Press, CNN, Yahoo News and others in the media running with this because they think they’ve got Trump again. Not to worry Trump fans, they do not.  You see, and this is what the media and establishment Republicans do not understand, The Donald is not a media creation. So the media cannot take him out. In fact, you watch, the next polls will show him increasing his lead.

The media will continue to knock down Trump, they may still think they can, but he’s got a bond, a connection with his supporters and his audience that people in the establishment and media are not going be able to break.

Why? What his supporters already know, and this goes for Dr. Carson and Ted Cruz supporters also, when it comes to these three, the media cannot be trusted to honestly report about them.

Trump’s support will get stronger because Trump is dead serious about protecting this country and its borders and keeping terrorists out of the country. He makes no bones about it. He is one of the only candidates that’s unwavering on it. It’s the number-one issue with people. Not climate change. Not abortion. Not minimum wage. Certainly not who gets to shower in women’s locker rooms. Unlike Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, he is not afraid to define who the enemy is.

I take that back, after the Paris bombings, our president, again overseas, said our greatest enemy is Republicans. Hillary concurred. Bernie Sanders in last Saturday’s Democrat debate said it was climate change. I guess they are not afraid either. 

What this should teach you is to not believe anything you read if it’s defaming Trump, Carson or Cruz in the establishment media. Just learn to be suspicious of it and try to confirm it on your own.

This is what I say. What say you?


• “Donald Trump retakes lead in GOP race; Ted Cruz makes gains: poll”

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