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Bazzo Says: Santa Claus Nominee

Bazzo Says:


There is a pronounced difference between the Democrats and Republicans and it has been on display with the recent presidential debates. First, there was no Democrat debate because there are no differences among the candidates except in degree of fleecing the successful. You had one supposed moderate Democrat, former Sen. Jim Webb, yet he is a phony. When he was in the Senate, he voted lock step with the party, and that includes voting for Obamacare. No Democrat that either supports or voted for Obamacare can in any sense of the word be considered a moderate. The Republicans, on the other hand, actually have pronounced differences on policy, especially immigration.

Here is a list of positions voiced by the different candidates: 1) Make every public college and university in this country tuition-free; 2) We’re all going to have medical and family paid leave; 3) Make sure every child gets “free” health care, including undocumented children; 4) Increase funding for education, infrastructure and health care; 5) Enhance the benefits for the poorest recipients of Social Security, including the removal of the cap on payroll taxes; 6) Tax Wall Street now to help kids in this country go to public colleges and universities; 7) We will afford it because we’re going make the wealthy pay for it.

As I said, it was just a matter of how far and fast we march into socialism. The cheering squad—aka the moderators—did not once ask how we are going to deal with our existing debt before we add these other giveaways. In fact, if you did not know it, you would have thought we still had a Republican president and had one for the last seven years. You would not know that from 2007 to 2010 the Democrats controlled both branches of Congress, and from 2009 to 2011 all levers of government.

So what did we see at the so-called Democrat debate? We saw socialism preferred over capitalism. I have been mocked for saying that. However, they admitted it last week. In one of her responses, Hillary said it would be her job as president to “rein in the excesses of capitalism.” Hello, socialism! We were also treated to the premise that our greatest challenge is climate change. It is the No. 1 threat, the No 1 enemy, the biggest challenge we’ve got, and if we don’t deal with it now, in less than 200 years, the planet is going to be uninhabitable.

They were debating as though George W. Bush is still president, and we are still in Iraq. All the talk was about how bad things are and how much they need to fix it and how these are the people who are going to do it. Yet for all intents and purposes, what was ignored is the fact that things are bad because the Democrats are running the show and have been for seven years. The last seven years have not had Republican fingerprints on hardly anything.

This is the divide in the Republican Party on display both in the debates and choosing the next House speaker. The Republicans have funded everything their voters are against. This is where their finger prints are—Democrat policies, Republican funding.

If you listened to these candidates, there’s no health care. We still don’t have it. Nor do we have health insurance. We have continued to neglect the poor. Then the Democrat candidates demanded health care and health insurance free for illegal immigrants, as well as demanded free college tuition. They all said that the rich are going to pay it for because they aren’t paying enough now. There was not a single shred of anything new from these people last week.

We also found out that Obama’s been great, but we still need to fix everything. Each and every one has been loyal to Obama, and they are going to maintain what Obama’s done, and make it even better. Strike that. They said they were going to fix it. It was an amazing feat to listen to them act as if they have been out of power, yet Obama has been a difference maker. Of course to make it work you need help from the moderators who kindly refused to point out any inconstancy.

It has been pointed out that the Democrat field is old white people. Truth is this is apt. The debates pointed to one truth. The next Democrat nominee must look like Santa Claus.

This is what I say, what say you?

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