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Bazzomanifesto Update 09/23/15: 6 Topics In Today's blog


1)  Remarks: Ed Cox Accepts Reelection as NY GOP Chairman

2) Media Availability: Behind the scenes insight on U.S. papal visits

3) Event this weekend at the Lincoln Depot: Lincoln & the Civil War in Art

4) Maloney Commemorates National Hispanic Heritage Month

5) Yorktown Planning Board moves closer to Costco approval  09/21/15

6) Westchester Legislators Approve Yonkers Family Court Move

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September 22, 2015

Good afternoon,

I thought you might be interested in a copy of the remarks Chairman Cox delivered upon his reelection to another term as the New York Republican State Committee Chairman. 


● Thank you all.

● I'm deeply honored that you have renewed your faith in me to lead our state party, but it is truly your dedication that energizes me to build and grow our party and win elections.

● So let's revisit where we've been--and then more importantly, where we're going. 

● There was a time not too long after the 2008 elections when it was easy to feel frustrated about Republican's chances both nationally and in New York.

● The mountain felt steep. Pundits and the press were writing our obituary and Americans had lost trust in just how Republican values could improve their lives.

● But then with the stimulus and Obamacare failures in the first year of Obama's administration, a tectonic shift began evidenced by Scott Brown winning Ted Kennedy's Senate seat in deep blue Massachusetts.  And here in New York with the failures of the Spitzer/Paterson administration, the tectonic political shift was evidenced by the election of executives Rob Astorino in deep blue Westchester County and Ed Mangano in Nassau County.

● And it continued from there--in all corners of New York State you won county and local races and Republicans today hold 14 of 18 County Executive seats and 48 of the 57 county legislatures and boards of supervisors. And we took back our Majority in the State Senate and grew our ranks in the State Assembly.  And we went from 2 congressional seats to 9 congressional seats--gaining seats that were held by entrenched Democrat incumbents and taking more seats from the Democrats than any other state in both 2010 and 2014, including the 2011 national political earthquake of Bob Turner's special election win of a three to one Democratic congressional seat in Queens County.

● And last year, we dramatically changed the statewide map that had once been a sea of blue to nearly all red, winning the governor's race outside New York City for the first time since 2002.

● So while the Democrats and some in the media are doing everything they can to cling to the old narrative, the facts are indisputable.

● No one person or entity is solely responsible for these successes--that's the beauty of politics. It takes coalitions, teams of people pulling together in the same direction to win.

● It is never easy but it's a true testament to the skill, talent and dedication of the members of our party and you the leaders of our State Party.  In our battles our purpose is straight forward: we win, they lose, and we leave nothing on the field.  

● So here we are today with major accomplishments we can all be proud of, but there is more work to be done.

● This November we must maintain and grow our offices held on the county and local levels. Our county and local officeholders and committees are the lifeblood of our party. Your committees are closest to the voters and where the rubber hits the road. Your officeholders are our bench and our future officeholders on the state and national levels.

● Our investment in these races is crucial and we will be working hand in glove with your committees and candidates across the state. In particular, we are focused on Fred Akshar winning in the 52nd state senate district to secure our senate majority and stop Cuomo's lurch to the left to protect his left flank from de Blasio's hords. The disastrous administration of New York City's Mayor de Blasio is waking voters across the state up to the new Democratic Party and how far left it's swung -- in fact further to the left than many traditional Democratic constituencies.  And so we are growing our outreach efforts to non-traditional Republican constituencies.

● Through our urban agenda we are building coalitions in the Jewish, Asian, Hispanic and African American communities.

● No longer is the Democratic Party the party of JFK or Bill Clinton.

● It is the party that ignores our friends abroad and appeases our enemies, including an enemy whose Supreme Leader leads chants of "Death to America."

● Theirs is a party whose top polling candidate for president is an avowed socialist and whose other candidate is on the brink of an indictment for mishandling classified information when she was Secretary of State.

● Theirs is the party that defends abortion through the 9th month of pregnancy and defends the unspeakable atrocities of Planned Parenthood.

● Theirs is the party which has no respect for small businesses because their policies are driving them out of New York every day--a $15 minimum wage is a political stunt that will hit small businesses in particular and destroy more jobs in New York.  

● Theirs is the party which would rather keep kids trapped in failing schools to keep union bosses happy than give families choices to allow them to break free from generational poverty.

● Theirs is a governor whose administration is under investigation for corrupt contracting in connection with the crony capitalism of  using $750 million of taxpayer dollars to build a plant manufacturing a single product for a company owned by a billionaire buddy.

● Almost everything their governor has done has been a political smokescreen while New York continues to suffer under the highest taxes, the worst business climate, the most corruption, and the most people fleeing our state.

● We lost more taxpaying residents than any other state.

● It is our duty to offer a real alternative agenda to New Yorkers.

● A true pro-growth agenda of lower taxes, fewer regulations and a government that lives within its means.

● We need to take the state off the necks of our job creators to lead to a statewide economic and jobs resurgence.

● It's a lot of work, but united and working together we have proven to be up to the challenge.

● Thank you once again for everything you do.

● God bless America, God bless New York and God bless our Republican Party.
On Wednesday, September 23, 2015 12:07 PM, Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino wrote:
CONTACT: Jessica Proud (914) 438-5325


Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, the former director of Sirius-XM's The Catholic Channel who interviewed Pope Benedict XVI and helped plan the 2008 papal visit will be available for interviews and insight on Pope Francis' visit to the U.S.

WHO: Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, former director and manager of Sirius-XM's The Catholic Channel

WHAT: Behind the scenes insight on papal visits to the United States

WHEN: Wednesday, September 23rd


On Wednesday, September 23, 2015 12:36 PM, County Legislator John G. Testa wrote:
Lincoln & the Civil War in Art

Reminder: This weekend's event features one of our LDM Directors Paul Martin and the creator of our life-size statue of Lincoln in Peekskill, Richard Masloski. Both are talented artists who will host a reception and discussion of their art and offer a special installation of their major works. Hope to see you at the museum this weekend!

Visit John's website or visit him on Facebook
  Paid for by Citizens for Testa Committee 

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For Immediate Release                                                                              CONTACT:
September 23, 2015                                                                           Alex Miller,
Maloney Commemorates National Hispanic Heritage Month
Newburgh, NY – Today, Representative Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18) released the following statement in recognition of National Hispanic Heritage Month:

“National Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to pay tribute to the Hispanic citizens of this country who have made tremendous strides in contributing to our communities and our country. Nearly 55 million people in the United States have roots that originate from Hispanic cultures, making it the nation’s largest ethnic minority group.
 Hispanics have made this country stronger by serving in the Armed Forces, taking care of people as doctors and nurses, educating our youth as teachers and mentors, and creating new jobs as entrepreneurs and small business owners.
Through October 15th, join me as we recognize and celebrate the milestones of success Hispanics have made to help shape America’s culture and future for generations to come. As your Representative in Congress, I am honored to serve the Hispanic constituency of my district.”
Alex MillerCommunications Director
Office of U.S. Representative Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18)
1529 LHOB | WASHINGTON, D.C. 20515 | p: 202.225.5441 | F: 202.225.3289 | C: 202.768.6817
Citizens For an Informed Yorktown

Planning Board
September 21, 2015

Meeting highlights. For a summary of all agenda items, visit

1. Envirogreen Associates/Public Informational Hearing
Concern was expressed by property owners on both sides of the site about the proposed roadway connections. While designed to take traffic off Route 6, both property owners were concerned about the impact on their parcels.

2. Marathon Development Group/ Public Informational Hearing
There were comments for and against the proposed mixed use development.

3. Taconic Veterinary Clinic and Canine Kindergarten
In a compromise, the applicant agreed to more landscaping along Route 202.

4. Costco Wholesale
The Planning Board and members of the Costco team went over a series of reports and comment letters.  The Planning Department is working on a draft of the resolution to approve the project.  According to the SEQR law, a decision must be reached 62 days after the close of the public comment period, which means it is due at the October 19th or November 9th Planning Board meeting, although the deadline can be extended with mutual consent.

5. Spirelli Electric/East Main Street, Shrub Oak
The project was not built as specified in its approved site plan: There are fewer plantings at the entrance, less screening with the neighbors and the dumpster enclosure has been moved. 
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For Immediate Release: September 21, 2015
Contact:  Matt Richter, BOL Communications Director
Legislators Approve Yonkers Family Court Move
New facilities offer improved security, more space and $14 million in savings
On Monday evening, September 21st, the Westchester County Board of Legislators (BOL) approved the plan for a new Family Court facility in the City of Yonkers.  The new facility which will be located at 131 Warburton Avenue is half a mile from the current facility at 53 South Broadway.  The existing facility dates back to 1979.  The new Family Court will be located within the same building as the Yonkers branch of the Countys Department of Social Services.  The relocation to this site and the design plan have been applauded by Family Court Administrators, Family Court Attorneys and Social Services Advocates because it provides easy and convenient access to services and additional oversight and security for families all within one location.
The plan to move the Family Court has been in the works for nearly five years.  In a 2010 report the Office of Court Facilities and planning said,  One of the fundamental safety and security problems at the Yonkers facility is the absence of three separate and secure patterns of circulation: one for the public, one for the judges, and one for prisoners. The result is the commingling of these groups in an emotionally charged Family Court environment, which poses serious challenges for the Courts security staff.  the report goes on to state, There are also a variety of security concerns with respect to the hearing rooms, primarily as a result of their limited size and locations. For example, the hearing room used for Permanency Planning proceedings is undersized and inadequate. These proceedings typically involve many participants and the lack of sufficient space results in extreme congestion. There is also little separation between the parties and the referee, which adds to security concerns. In addition, the lack of secondary exits from hearing rooms creates security issues since the referee lacks an exit near the bench. Any security-related situation occurring in the hearing room could result in the referee being trapped, without a secure route to evacuate the hearing room.  A very careful design plan has been created for the new facility which mitigates these problems and also creates private conference rooms where parties can meet.
In addition to vastly improving the safety and efficiency of the Yonkers Family Court, the move will save County taxpayers $14 million in operating costs compared to the existing facility over the course 20 years.
BOL Chairman Michael Kaplowitz (D) Somers, said, Although it has taken five years, I applaud all the parties involved in the planning and approval of this move for such a constructive and cooperative process.  Kaplowitz added, The Boards Budget and Appropriations Committee and Infrastructure Committee met jointly and worked together in vetting very complex legal and accounting details in the lease while also studying the design plans to ensure that we are moving people throughout the building in a safe, efficient and dignified manner.
Supreme Court Justice Alan D. Scheinkman serves as the Administrative Judge for the Ninth Judicial District and played a key role in working with the BOL committees’ review.  “I’d like to thank the Board of Legislators and the County Executive for providing a new facility for the Family Court in Yonkers.  As the number of cases we see in Yonkers has grown and conditions at the existing facility have deteriorated, it has become increasingly difficult to fulfill our critical mission of protecting Westchester’s children and families.”  Justice Scheinkman added, “The new facility will be a far better setting for the families who appear before family Court as well as our Judges, Court Officers and personnel.”
The Budget and Appropriations Committee Chair, Legislator Sheila Marcotte (R) Eastchester, said, We conducted an exhaustive review of this lease in committee.  The Family Courts administrators and the County Department of Public works provided a lot of additional information and fine-tuned their plans to accommodate the concerns of Legislators.  The final result is a vastly improved Family Court for Yonkers.
Legislator Gordon Burrows (R) not only represents Yonkers but is a practicing attorney who appears frequently in Family Court said, The folks who are appearing in family court are our neighbors and our friends.  Most of them are living through the scariest and most stressful time of their lives.  It is our responsibility to make sure that the services and facilities that we provide to them, including our Judges, Court officers and personnel are the best they can be.
Legislator Virginia Perez (D) Yonkers, said, Safety and Security are our main priorities for our Judges, court personnel, the public and most importantly the families who are coming to the facility for services and legal intervention.  Perez added, We have seen a transition in family courts all over New York toward therapeutic jurisprudence which tries to bring coordination of services to families beyond their legal and custodial matters.  Providing all those services in one place will be an excellent benefit to my constituents and all the people of Yonkers.
Legislator Bernice Spreckman, (R) Yonkers said, The old Family Court was really in terrible shape and was never intended to manage the number of cases that were being processed through that facility.  Our judges, their staff members and other county personal have done an tremendous job under awful circumstances for many years.  I am proud that this Board rejected the petty politics and worked together in a bipartisan way to approve this plan.
Bazzo 09/23/15

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