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Bazzo Says: Who Will Answer?

Bazzo Says:


Recently, federal immigration agents conducted a four-day sting in southern California and arrested over 240 illegal immigrants with criminal records. According to reports, half of those picked up had felony convictions; the others had multiple misdemeanor convictions. Not one of them will be deported back to their home countries. You may ask, “What countries might those be?” Eighty percent of those arrested are from Mexico. The rest come from 20 other assorted countries.

Around the same time on the east coast, two illegal immigrant MS-13 gang members and one other unidentified 17-year-old were charged in the shooting death of 17-year-old Danny Centeno Miranda in Virginia. According to the story, Danny was gunned down in a neighborhood not far from his school’s campus. The alleged gang members shot him in the back twice.

Incidents such as these are what Donald Trump is talking about: The failure of our federal government to protect its citizens. This is the product of the open-door policy advocated by the Washington establishment. Not only Washington, though. This open-door policy is also the governing principle in New York State and New York City.

Every crime committed by those not here legally is the responsibility not only of those who committed them, but the government officials who gave them sanctuary and the advocates of those policies. We are told we are a nation of immigrants. My grandfather was one of those immigrants. However, we were a nation of legal immigrants. There is a difference. The Washington establishment, the media and the advocates wish to blur the line.

Last week, a judge ordered Kim Davis freed from jail. She’s the county clerk in Kentucky who refused to issue marriage licenses. So she was cited for contempt and sent to jail. She was wrong. She is an elected official. Gay marriage is, as of the end of June, the law of the land. She swore an oath upon taking office to uphold that law. If she had a problem, her recourse was to resign. This was not a religious freedom issue. She has been divorced. That’s fine and dandy. However, one does not get to pick and choose which religious doctrines one wishes to adhere to when denying rights to others.

Now, Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz, both presidential contenders, went to Kentucky to make political hay out of this. All they did was mask the real issue. For it was asked, “Would they be demanding her right to religious freedom were she a Muslim and denied marriage licenses to those she deemed infidels?” The answer is: of course not. That is why they cannot be taken seriously. The real issue was, if we are a nation of laws, and elected officials are bound by oath to obey and enforce those laws,  why are not those elected officials who thumb their nose at federal immigration laws also not arrested?  Or are elected officials allowed to pick and choose the laws they wish to uphold?

A Yorktown councilman has a saying: “The fish stinks from the head down.” He is right. When elected officials lower on the food chain see our president pick and choose the parts of the constitution he wishes to uphold, even though he, too, swore an oath to uphold all of the constitution, they say to themselves, “Why not  us?”

In a glaring affront to our Constitution, governing against the will of the people (79 percent of the people polled opposed this deal), our president and our Congress have allowed Iran not only to “nuke up,” but also fund terrorism around the world. The president deemed a treaty not a treaty, and the Senate turned the treaty clause of the Constitution on its head with the infamous “Corker Bill.” This bill changed the process by saying the president need not get 67 votes to pass this deal, but that Congress needed 67 votes to nullify this deal. How the Senate can change an article in the Constitution by law and not amendment, I really do not understand, but change it they did.

Whatever harm comes to innocent citizens in this country or our allies because of this, the responsibility not only belongs to the perpetrators, but also our elected officials who treated this just as business as usual to score political points for the 2016 elections. They together sold us and our allies out for their own desire to retain power, head committees and control the purse strings.

It was actions such as those above that make Donald Trump, Carly Forina, Dr. Ben Carson and even Bernie Sanders possible. They all are stating the obvious. The Washington establishment is not only out of touch with reality, they are governing against the will of the people. For the people still believe that those who govern, get that position from the consent of the governed. They work for us!

However, they no longer are. Oh, they say they will when they are running. Yet once they get there, it is business as usual, pleasing the media and doing the bidding of the donor class. When one looks at the polling, one sees the people saying, “the ride is coming to an end.” I am convinced, the more this madness continues, one of those four will be the next president. 

This is what I say. What say you?


• Illegal alien MS-13 gang members charged in MURDER of 17-year-old walking to a bus stop in Virginia

• Kim Davis released, but judge bars her from withholding marriage licenses

• 244 immigrants arrested in four-day sweep across Southern California

• Senate Democrats Block Vote to Reject Iran Nuclear Deal, Handing Obama Victory

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