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Bazzo Says: Which Party Is The Home Of Racism?

Bazzo Says:


No matter how you cut it, conservatives are racists. For seven years the biggest talking point regarding conservative’s opposition to Obama was because of his race. There could be no other reason, for on policy how could one disagree with the president?

Even if those policies were not perfect, his heart was in the right place. So even if he had to go around Congress because they would not surrender their beliefs, could not see how wrong those beliefs were, he was brave enough to act unilaterally. So because his intents were so pure of heart, he had the right and duty to ignore the Constitution and separation of powers.

Even though in two mid-term elections, the people voted to increase the opposition in both Congress and the Senate. It was not the voters’ fault that the Republican leadership is made up of quislings. Problem was that less than half of the people voted in those elections and according to the president’s own words after the 2014 shellacking, he was representing the majority who did not vote; for if they did, they would have voted for his policies and the candidates who would help enact them. The man’s brilliance is unassailable, so the only reason to oppose him must be race.

I bring this up because Geraldo Rivera on a recent appearance on the FOX News program called “The Five,” explained the sudden surge in support of Dr. Ben Carson, Republican candidate for president. In fact, a recent Monmouth County College poll shows Carson would defeat Donald Trump in a head-to-head match-up.

I should mention that Dr. Ben Carson is black. Now, one might think it is because the doctor presents a quiet dignified face to conservatism to those who are aghast at The Donald’s in-your-face approach. According to Geraldo, one would be wrong to think that. He believes the reason for the surge is because conservatives are racist. He says they are only saying they will vote for Carson because he’s black. In his own words: “I think a lot of Republicans polled by Monmouth are giving the politically correct answer.”

You see, in the world of Geraldo and many in the establishment, just as you could only oppose Obama because of his race and not his policies, you could only support Dr. Carson because of his race and not his ideas. (I refrain from using the word policy because Dr, Carson has never held elective office so all he can offer are ideas or proposals.) Again, in the world of, conservatives are racists. All they espouse are based on that.

Any serious study of history would negate that premise. It was the Democrat Party that supported slavery. It was the Democrat Party that supported the Dred Scott decision and the Fugitive Slave Act. It was the Democrat Party that supported “separate but equal.” It was the Republican Party that gave President Johnson the votes necessary to pass civil rights legislation. Not only was the Democrat Party opposed to this legislation, they staged a filibuster in an effort to stop it. That filibuster was led by a former Klansman Robert Byrd, who was senator from West Virginia and elected Senate majority leader by the Democrats in the 1980s. You can look it up.

So, if this is true, and it is, what happened. Well, if you let these same Democrats tell it, these Democrats all of a sudden became Republicans when Nixon ran for president in 1968. It did not matter that this is a false narrative. George Wallace, a Democrat governor of Alabama, ran as a third-party candidate and got most of the southern states, which in those days were solidly Democrat-controlled. In 1972, he was the leading candidate for the Democrat nomination until a would-be assassin cut short his march to the nomination with a bullet in Wallace’s spine. Who voted for him in 1968 and who was supporting him in 1972? Not Republicans, and certainly not conservatives.

Just only last month when Democrat candidate for President, former Governor Walter O’Malley said it is not only back lives that matter but all lives that matter, who shouted him down and forced him to retract that statement, (which he did)? Not Republicans, and certainly not Conservatives.

Which party marginalizes people based on race, sex and national origin? Which party does this not to lift them up, but to divide and conquer them in order to control them and make them dependent on them? Which party has condemned them to a life of perpetual mediocrity by denying them school choice? Which party makes them feel that if they fail in life, it is not because they made wrong choices, but because they are victims of a racist society? Was it not President Obama who recently said that Americans have racism in the DNA? In which party do the people who believe this reside?

In 2014, when very blue states Maryland and Illinois elected Republican governors for the first time in decades, they did so because it finally dawned on the voters that it was Democrat policies keeping them in mediocrity; not Republican policies for there were none in elected office.

No, Geraldo is wrong. He is ignorant of history. Whatever support Dr. Carson may be getting, and this holds true also for Carly Fiorina, it is because of their ideas, not gender or race. This is how Democrats operate. How else do you explain how, in a just world, Hillary Clinton can still be considered the presumed Democrat nominee?

It is Democrats that look at race and sex. By doing so, they project their own prejudices on others. For in the world of the Republican base—call them conservative, call them Tea Party—it is ideas that matter; not the race, gender or national origin of those who espouse them. This is what explains why the three most popular candidates in the Republican field are non-politicians and of conservative bent.

This is how it should be judged. Not race. Not Gender. Not national origin. That is how the Democrats do it. Geraldo prove it. This is what I say. What say you?


Geraldo: Republicans are just pretending they’ll vote for Carson because he’s black!

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