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Bazzo Says: Ratcheting Up The Rhetoric

Bazzo Says:


To quote columnist George Will: “Rhetorical exhibitionism increases as its effectiveness diminishes.” 

In other words, as the effectiveness of left-wing gobbledygook plummets, their rhetoric becomes crazier and shriller. This has also affected establishment Republicans. As these claims become more outlandish and their prophecies of doom do not materialize, in this age of information, people are wising up. So a catch-22 materializes: “The sky is falling sooner than we think, there is not time for discussion, only action.” The only action, of course, being the cure touted by the wing-nuts.

Locally, we see it with the Spectra pipeline. Even though there has been a natural gas pipeline running through towns, cities and counties, parks, etc. without ill effect, for decades, it has not stopped the doom and gloomers from ratcheting up the rhetoric. It has been studied to death, the federal government has given its blessings, and still the flat-Earth people have not given up. They say we need more studies. They institute baseless lawsuits. But, here’s the thing: This pipeline will be built. The upgrade is needed. It will just be more expensive as Spectra must hire more lawyers. In the end, these costs will be passed down to us as it always does. Fighting fools, zealots and head-in-the-ground Chicken Littles does not come cheap. Their rhetoric becomes crazier and shriller.

The funny thing—well, maybe not so funny—is the hypocrisy. For these are the same people who insist that we lower our carbon footprint in the name of man-made global warming. Strike that—global warming. No, strike that—climate change. Natural gas does that. Nuclear energy does that even more. Yet these fools, and that’s what they are, do everything they can to stop these from happening. Their rhetoric becomes crazier and shriller.

These same people who get palpitations over our dependence on foreign sources for fossil fuels stand in the path of our retrieving through new technologies that we have in our own back yard. In the name of climate change, or more accurately, pandering to the green goblins, they have now come out against the Keystone Pipeline. This, of course, rests on the premise that Canada will not retrieve these recourses. They will. They will just transport it west and ship it to China.

Our economy sucks rocks. You have our governor going around the legislature and mandating $15 per hour for fast food workers. Yet, when the opportunity to create damned good paying private sector union jobs, he, like Hillary, stands against the fossil fuel industry, while saying it is a shame that low-skilled jobs do not pay enough to feed a family of four. The only people cheering them on already have jobs. Their rhetoric becomes crazier and shriller.

In New York City, another place populated with the “pity the poor low-skilled worker” phoneys, now stand in the way of high-paying private sector union jobs with, like the anti-Spectra goblins, with a baseless lawsuit. It is called the Pier 55 project. It is to be a 2.7 acre park complete with entertainment facilities. The Hudson River Park Trust has done all of its homework and passed all of the environmental review processes. It had its public comment period, where concerned groups and citizen had their concerns heard and answered. 

Just as they were about to break ground, a group called the City Club of New York, headed by what else, a lawyer, MIchael Gruen have decided to sue anyway to stop this project. It claim the review ignored the threat to Hudson fish. The striped bass, to be exact. They claim the bass inhabits that area and spawn there.  To prove how baseless and anti-progress these people are, even I know that the striped bass spawn in fresh water and the water around the proposed pier is salt water. In fact, if you look it up, the bass spawn 50 miles up river. All this does is stop jobs and increase the cost. Future renters can thank them when it is completed.

What and who are the real people and what is their true agenda? It is people who wish to ignore the human condition, and American exceptionalism. What was is it that makes America exceptional? Throughout the course of human history, most human beings have known only tyranny, poverty, dungeons and prisons. Then our American Constitution comes along and changes the course of human history.

It did so by proclaiming that human rights are first. Those rights being, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Not government. Government is not where rights come, nor where freedom comes from. We are born with them and thus they are created by God. Governments can only impinge and impugn that. So, in spite of these human condition deniers, our exceptionalism came from this, at the time, new idea. It was aided and abetted by affordable, abundant energy. Poverty and incurable diseases have decreased more in the last two centuries, starting with what is called the industrial age, than it had before that, because of industrialization powered by fossil fuels.

Notching the rhetoric up, Pope Francis came to our country and spoke out against this. Those human condition deniers, if they ever succeed, will only succeed in reversing all of this progress.

Not to fear, though. We are not really going to get rid of fossil fuels. Too much good come from it. It lifts too many people get out of poverty. With it, lifestyles are advanced, wealth and productivity skyrocket. Economic growth becomes unbridled precisely because of fossil fuels.

These malcontents will continue to serenade us, their rhetoric becoming crazier and shriller. Whatever utopia there may be, it will not come from a government first-means test. It will not come from a return to the dark ages. If there is a utopia, it comes from our God-given rights and the recourses a just God has given us.

This is what I say. What say you?
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