Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Bazzo Says: People vs. Party. Who Will Win?

Bazzo Says:


Unless there is an intra-party revolution, neither Donald Trump nor Bernie Sanders will get their party’s nomination.

The game is rigged. There are what is called super delegates. These are delegates picked by the party and they are not bound by the person who wins the most primary voters. There are enough super delegates to override the choice of primary voters. This is how both parties control the nomination process. Did you really think the party pooh-bahs were going to actually leave it up to the people to choose who carries their banner? In recent history you saw this in 1976 when Ford got the nod over Reagan.

The Republican bosses want Bush and will settle for Kasich. The Democrat bosses want Clinton and will settle for Biden. When I say bosses, I mean the money people and their media accomplices. They want someone who they can control. They know people such as Trump, Cruz, Carson and Sanders are uncontrollable wild cards. They are scared to death of them for they know these candidates will actually try to do that which they campaign on. They are a true threat to the belt-way apple cart.

I am convinced that this next presidential election is not about the people trying to take their country back, but trying to take their party back. This is especially true in regards to Trump and Sanders. They are the creation of the establishment.

On the Democrat side, people voted for Obama because among other things, they wanted to get even with the rich. They wanted GTMO closed. They wanted free single payer health care. They wanted cradle-to-grave life without the burden of personal responsibility.

What they got was a mess. GTMO is still open because those pesky senators did not want these possible terrorists in their states—even New York and California were aghast at that possibility. NIMBY on parade. They saw the rich get even richer. They saw their president only associate with the rich. The poor may not have gotten poorer, but their number increased. They saw a president who cared more about children and parents of illegal immigrants then them and their children who were born here.  Obama called their children “dreamers.” Legal Americans said: “What about our children? Don’t they have dreams also?”

They saw a president who, by allowing unlimited low-skilled workers in and mandating businesses pay for workers health care, created a market where hours were cut to get around the mandates and these illegal people compete for the job that citizens use to get as entry level employment. This initially drove the pay scale down, then when government tried to fix it by arbitrarily raising wages, they lost their jobs and those left had to work harder to cover the slack. They saw a president’s policies that promised change, deliver that change. Unemployment almost has doubled among people black people and women aged 16 to 29. What changed was the possibility of improving their lives.

Bernie Sanders promises to give them what they wanted Obama to give them. The consequences of those promises do not enter the equation. These people actually believe there is a free lunch. They actually believe that making the rich suffer will improve their lives.

On the Republican side, the Trump phenomena is easy to explain. In three elections, voters went to the polls and put Republicans in charge of Congress and finally the Senate to stop Obama. It was a simple message and Republicans campaigned on the promise to just do that. What they got were quislings. Even before the new House and Senate were sworn in, the old rejected Congress and Senate voted to fund everything Obama wanted.

Not only did the voters get screwed, but leadership proceeded to call them despicable names. Not the other side, but the voters that actually put them in charge! These same voters are now the enemy.  Their preferred nominee, Jeb Bush, has vowed to win the nomination without them. In Trump, people see someone who will fight for them, regardless of his gaffs. He is beyond that. He is projecting a strength sorely lacking in the present quislings. Former President Bill Clinton once said something I never forgot. He said: “People will vote for someone strong and wrong rather than right and weak.” In simple terms, people are tired of weak. Trump knows this.

Next year may actually be a seminal election. The tipping point may have arrived and the people may actually take their parties back. That is what Sanders and Trump are promising, and people are believing those promises.

This is what I say. What say you?
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