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Bazzo Says: The Media Prism

Bazzo Says:


To remind you, I have written in the past that in my past reckless youth I was part owner of a bar magazine that was a guide to the “who, what and where” of New York City, and my main job was writing a gossip column. So when years later I transitioned to writing political opinion, I found that the idiom “politics is show business for ugly people” to be more often true than not. Politics in and of itself has morphed into an ugly business.
Opinion pages are filled day after day, week after week with caricatures of elected officials. So, with all that is going on, who gives a rat’s patootie what The Donald said about Carly Forina’s looks? It is another manufactured controversy by the establishment in another attempt to pick our candidate for us. In fact, her reply to the question of what Trump said during the recent debate showed how patronizing the establishment was towards her. She handled the question with class. Obviously, the establishment was expecting her to engage in a cat fight. To be childish and petulant like them. They were not, by their reaction to her answer, expecting “the woman candidate” to act grown up.
You want a “war on women?” How about their utter surprise she could hold her own against The Donald. Truth be told, what Trump said about Rosie O’Donnell, Megyn Kelly or now Carly Forina is not indicative on how he treats women. What the real indicator is of how he treats women, that after all these years in the media capital of the world, you have never, ever seen a headline that Donald Trump sexually harassed his female employees, or paid them less for doing the same job as a man or even that there is a glass ceiling in his companies. Even though the media has tried, not even his ex-wives have said a bad thing about him.
You want a “war on women? Try Hillary Clinton. She now is being painted as a fighter for women’s rights. Gag me with a spoon. It was Hillary that headed the “bimbo eruption,” (a phrase attributed to her) part of the Clinton “war room” during his 1992 quest for the Democrat nomination. Her job was not only to discredit the woman that came forward with accusations about Bill,  but ruin them professionally and personally. Now she put out a video that if a woman cries rape, she is to believed. No presumption of innocence, screw the rule of law. This begs the question: “When did she have this epiphany?” Unlike The Donald, she has treated women with contempt.
You want a “war on women?” She now says she believes in women’s equity. She believes that a woman should be paid the same as a man if they are doing the same job. Except that as a senator and secretary of state, it has been reported and confirmed she paid women less then men who did the same job. Again, when did she have this epiphany?
It is touted by the media who believe like she, that she is owed this nomination, that she is a woman of unheralded experience. Yet in fact the only experience she has shown is a superior ability to fail at everything she has done, except excel in hypocrisy.
Now, she, the media, the president in his position as whiner in chief, and the establishment want us to be aghast about what The Donald did not say. Again in another effort to pick our candidate, we are to believe that The Donald should edit the comments of one of his supporters that had the audacity to say that Obama was a Muslim. That it was his job to defend the honor of the president. The questioner did not threaten nor wish bodily harm on our president. He questioned his religious faith. 
However, The Donald again showing he will not be bullied, not only did not back down, he quite rightly said it was not his obligation to defend the president and again quite rightly pointed out that neither the president, Hillary, the media nor the establishment would ever come to his defense against false accusations. This again shows why he has lead in the polls and still does. How he has thrown all the experts in a tizzy as he continues to re-write the rules of campaigning.
You must be ever vigilant. Do not let the media and the establishment sidetrack you with nonsense. Do not let them pick the candidates. Remember, they want a Hillary-Bush race, with Hillary the victor. When you read, see or hear the coverage of this race, look at it through this prism.
This is what I say. What say you?
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