Monday, August 24, 2015

Bazzomanifesto Update 08/24/15: 4 Topics In Today's blog


1) Inside the Airy East Hampton Home of Architect James D’Auria, A Family-Friendly Home Overlooking Amagansett's Gardiners Bay, and More!

2) NYGOP Events Calendar

3) Appellate Court Affirms Lower Court Findings of Fraud Throughout Town of Ossining Republican Petitions

4) New York State’s Student Internship Program Offering Hundreds of Internships

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Inside the Airy East Hampton Home of Architect James D’Auria
Architect James D’Auria and his wife, Jennifer, a real estate agent, lived for some 15 years in a home James designed on a bucolic plot of farmland in Amagansett. When he built the house, a shingled but modern-inflected structure that references the East End’s barn vernacular, the couple also had a place in Manhattan. But they were spending so little time in town, they eventually gave it up.
A Family-Friendly Home Overlooking Amagansett's Gardiners Bay
Houses by the water take Robert Young back to his childhood. A native of Boston, the architect grew up near the coast, where sailing was customary, as was owning a boat—particularly in his family, since his father was a boat dealer and built intricate model ships for fun. “The craftsmanship that goes into a boat is a balance between form and function,” Young says. “It’s similar to what I do when I design a house.
A Streamlined Garden and Minimal Architecture Coalesce in Water Mill
It’s safe to say that most modernist architects prefer to see their residential creations anchored on flat planes of grassy lawn, but landscape designers often have additional ideas that can enrich a project further.
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On Friday, August 21, 2015 6:09 PM, Greg Meyer wrote:
Appellate Court Affirms Lower Court Findings of Fraud Throughout Town of Ossining Republican Petitions

For Immediate Release: Friday, August 21, 2015

Press Contact: Greg Meyer, (631)398-4517

OSSINING – A four judge Appellate Division panel has affirmed a Supreme Court's conclusion that the subscribing witness to 147 of the 343 signatures on designating petitions of Town of Ossining Republican Candidates, "fraudulently and knowingly signed and submitted false witness statements." In fact, the Court found that, "the individuals whose signatures were affixed to the contested sheets did not sign those sheets, or identify themselves” in the presence of the subscribing witness. 

The Appellate Court reaffirmed that Republican Town Council Candidate, Aaron Spring (R-Ossining) collaborated with the witness to knowingly submit fraudulent petition sheets. The Court said, "Spring actively participated in the fraud...because he knowingly obtained and filed signatures despite being unqualified to do so." Moreover, any testimony submitted by the Republican party to the contrary was rejected by the Court and found to be "patently incredible” and “impossible to believe.”

The Court cited established case law to conclude that “[a] candidate’s designating petition will be invalidated on the ground of fraud where there is a showing that the entire designating petition is permeated with fraud.” Although, John Perillo (R-Ossining) Candidate for Town Supervisor, and Michael Milner (R-Ossining), candidate for Town Council, were not found to have actively engaged in fraud along with Spring and the subscribing witness, the invalidation of 147 fraudulent signatures on their petition sheets, coupled with their failure to collect enough otherwise valid signatures, will result in their removal from the Republican line of the ballot. However, all three candidates will appear on the Conservative line.

"If candidates think they can take short cuts around our election laws, they are not qualified to represent the honest and hardworking people of our community,” said Thomasina Laidley-Brown, Chairwoman of the Ossining Democratic Party.

 On Monday, August 24, 2015 11:56 AM, Catherine Borgia wrote:

Dear Friends and Neighbors,
Looking for a way for your student to gain work experience and learn valuable skills?
New York State has hundreds of internships available and college students are reminded to apply for fall semester opportunities before the application deadline on Tuesday, September 8th, 2015.
New York State has a one-stop website——that allows students to view and apply for internship opportunities across an array of state agencies both downstate and upstate. Opportunities include both paid and unpaid positions.  Internships may include academic credit, depending on the policy of the educational institution.
The internship website allows applicants to view job descriptions, create profiles, specify interests, and upload resumes, writing samples and letters of recommendation. Students can apply for multiple internships at the same time.
The internship program is open to resident graduate and undergraduate students as well as students who attend schools in other states, but reside in New York. To apply, visit
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