Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Bazzo Says:The Donald Uses Trump Card To Out Fox FNC

Bazzo Says:


From the DC Whispers webpage the day before last week’s Republican presidential primary debate hosted by Fox News: "Big Donors Warn Candidates On Eve Of Debate: 'Take Trump Out.'" Reading this, one would have thought it would have been the candidates getting their marching orders. After watching the debate however, it became clear that it was the Fox News Channel who made the moves to take out Trump, not his fellow candidates.

Before I tell you how, let me tell you why this came out from the donors. Understand, these are the donors, bundlers, fund-raisers and the advertisers. These are the people that tell a party when to jump, when to sit, when to talk, and when they talk, what to say. They are scared to death that "The Donald" is co-opting their grand scheme to get control of the United States Treasury, which is what I think and have written about in the past is all the Republicans and Democrats really want. The presidency is great, but Congress and the Senate is where the purse strings are.  

This is clearly the purpose of the donors. Donors donate because they want favorable policy for their businesses and their bottom lines. This cronyism didn't start in 2009 but, it's really now dug its tentacles deeply into our government and with this administration. It's seen as by me and a lot of other "outsiders" as something that a lot of donors would like to deepen and enrich. There is nothing that invites corruption more than big government.  

Trump, like Michael Bloomberg, Ross Perot and Nelson Rockefeller, has been seen as the buyer, not the seller. This is what makes "The Donald" dangerous to the establishment. After all, how do you buy any of the above? Donors want to have someone sitting at the head of the table that they can control. 

What Fox News did Thursday was prove to 24 million viewers that they are now part of the establishment media. The praises from the New York Times, CNN and MSNBC prove as much. Not only did FNC try to take out "The Donald," but it went after conservatives. Look at the praise for Ohio Governor John Kasich. His answers to his expansion of Medicaid and thoughts on if one of his children were gay, had the mainstream media all gaga. They have assigned to those two answers optimism, Reaganism, and as a bonus, evidence that there is such thing as a Republican that actually cares about people.

As part of its mission to hurt Trump, the first two questions that the panel (Chris Wallace, Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier) asked were designed to specifically shine the light on Trump. The first question asked if any of the candidates would be open to run as a third-party candidate in lieu of not securing the nomination. That was a fair question and when Trump was the only candidate to leave the door open to running as a third-party candidate, a fair follow up would have been: “Would any candidate on the stage be open to supporting Mr. Trump in the event that he is the party nominee?”

That question, however, would have spoiled the template of alienating Trump and instead, it was followed up with questions about Trump’s feud with Rosie O’Donnell and a remark he made about Brande Roderick on an episode of “The Apprentice,” which was completely taken out of context, all to suggest that Trump is part of that infamous War on Women. None of this stuff had anything to do with actual issues and the targeted audience—Republican primary voters—cares nothing about any of it! 

Fox also did its best to take out conservatives, with a ridiculous question to Scott Walker on abortion and then a dopey question about God, neither of which a sitting president will have too much influence over, especially with the recent actions of our new lawmakers on the Supreme Court.

As of this writing, polls continue to show Trump with a lead. On its initial attempt, Fox News failed in its mission to end Trump’s presidential run. Twenty four million people—a presidential primary debate record—tuning in to the debate shows that there is a thirst for a viable alternative to the present governing philosophy. The one thing that Fox did succeed at, however, is damaging its brand. The network totally misunderstood its viewers.

This is what I say, what say you?


• Big Donors Warn Candidates on Eve of Debate: “Take Trump Out”


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