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Bazzomanifesto Update 07/22/15: 6 Topics In Today's blog


1) next UTY meeting July 29, 2015

2) Cast Your Vote for the 2015 HC&G Innovation in Design Awards Readers' Choice Product Design Category!

3) Westchester Legislator Michael Smitth wants to move historic Miller House

4) Westchester Legislators Spreckman, Marcotte Secure Commitment on Yonkers Family Court facility vote

5) Town Of Yorktown: Public Notices] Shed the Meds Expired Medication Disposal Event

6) First Look: The Winning Projects of the 2015 CTC&G Innovation in Design Awards

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next UTY meeting July 29, 2015

Dear member:

I was debating whether to have a meeting in July or not. I decided to have the meeting on the last Wednesday of the month on July 29, 2015.

The location is the same it will be at the Yorktown town hall at 7:30PM.

I attached a petition against moving the highway garage and selling the property. Please go on our web-site at and click the links about the move and it's costs. If you can make 10 copies of the petition and being them with you to the meeting. Please start getting signatures it you agree with the petition. We will see how our members feel about new issues on our agenda like sewers in the Yorktown sewer district, our town giving our parkland up for money and to special property owners (The Winery). We must find out if these land deals are legal. 

Give me a call with your questions are concerns at 245-1018

Proposed Petitions must include all financial data such as a 30 year Bond at 3% and the total net cost with the saleable property sold as is with the wet land buffer ?
We the undersigned residents of the Town of Yorktown, County of Westchester and in the state of New York say NO to the moving of highway garage to a new location at the Yorktown sewer plant. We say NO to taking down the highway garage and putting up a new building on that property. There are many reasons not to make the move, first and foremost is the total cost of the project.

Date Signature Address

We are pleased to announce a new component to this year's HC&G Innovation in Design Awards: Readers' Choice Product Design
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Our editors have made their selection, now it's your turn!
Voting ends on July 31, so don't delay!
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**Press Release from Legislator Michael Smith**
For Immediate Release: July 22, 2015
Contact: Matt Richter, BOL Communications Director


The Miller House Must Be Moved:

Westchester County Historical Society

County Historian Affirms County’s Longstanding Position


White Plains, New York – In a July 16, 2015 letter to Deputy Westchester County Executive Kevin Plunkett, the Westchester County Historical Society has recommended that the historic Elijah Miller House in North White Plains be moved to Miller Hill, a nearby County-owned park that once belonged to the wife of the original owner of the home. The group noted in its letter that the current site is problematic primarily because of the damaging cement factory across the street. The house, of post and beam construction, can be dismantled and moved without permanently losing its National Register status.


According to the Westchester County Historical Society, the Miller House is believed to have served as a headquarters for various generals during the Revolutionary War. It was acquired by Westchester County in 1917. A combination of factors, including unsafe conditions and a lack of staffing, led to the house being closed to the public in recent years.


Since taking office in 2012, Legislator Michael J. Smith has looked to rehabilitate the house with the possibility of moving it to a more secure and sustainable location. A framework for an agreement was reached with a majority of representatives on the North Castle Town Board in 2013 to move the house to town-owned property with shared responsibilities between the parties. That agreement was abandoned following a local administration change in 2014, leaving progress on the property dormant.


After years of discussion and negotiations on the issue, Legislator Smith stated, “The Westchester County Historical Society’s proposed solution affirms the County’s longstanding position that the Miller House needs to be moved in order for it to be enjoyed by future generations. County Executive Rob Astorino and I, as well as many others, agree that spending significant taxpayer dollars to keep the house at its current location is blatantly irresponsible. I look forward to working with the Westchester County Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation, the Westchester County Historical Society, and the county executive to restore the Miller House to its appropriate historical position.”


In its letter, the Westchester County Historical Society also suggested that the house, once moved, could serve as a residence for a Westchester County employee. Under such an agreement, the house could be open to the public at certain times during the year. This model would also address issues involving ongoing oversight for the premises. The Westchester County Historical Society noted that similar agreements have been used successfully by the federal government for other historic properties.


Concluded Smith: “I am very pleased that the Westchester County Historical Society was able to put common sense and good decision making ahead of politics and rhetoric. The County looks forward to creating a secure and appropriate future for this historical asset.”

For Immediate Release: July 21, 2015
Contact:  Matt Richter, BOL Communications Director
for Vote Legislators Spreckman, Marcotte Secure Commitment on Yonkers Family Court
Republican Legislators have secured a commitment that there will be a vote on the new Yonkers Family Court facility at the next Board of Legislators (BOL) meeting on August 10th.  
At a meeting of the Infrastructure Committee on Tuesday, committee members, Legislators Michael Smith (R) Pleasantville and Sheila Marcotte (R) Eastchester, made a motion for a committee vote that would send the lease agreement to the entire BOL for a vote.  Infrastructure Committee Chair Legislator MaryJane Shimsky (D) Hastings-On-Hudson, requested that the vote be delayed pending additional information.  BOL Majority Leader, Legislator Catherine Borgia (D) Ossining, also wanted the item “tabled” to a future meeting.  
Legislator Bernice Spreckman (R) Yonkers voiced concern that “political grandstanding” threatened to further delay the vote on this critical Legislation.  While the three Republicans could have forced the measure which they had the votes to pass, Legislators Marcotte and Smith agreed to withdraw the motion based on a commitment from BOL Chairman Michael Kaplowitz (D) Somers that the item would be placed on the agenda for the August 10th BOL meeting as a “special item”.  That distinction, which can only be made by the BOL Chairman, prevents an item from being arbitrarily “held over” by Legislators.
Legislator Bernice Spreckman who represents Yonkers where the Family Court is located said, “We have an agreement that has been approved by the Family Court Judges and Administrator, the County Executive and the County Planning and Law Departments.  The current facility is in terrible condition and has significant security issues. The people who rely on this facility are our neighbors who are facing some of the most stressful and painful situations of their lives.  I will not stand by and allow further political grandstanding and gamesmanship while those families suffer.  It is time to treat this issue with the seriousness and expedience that it deserves.”
Legislator Sheila Marcotte proposed the compromise that would guarantee a vote at the next BOL meeting.  “This move has been discussed for more than five years now.  It is time to pass this agreement so we can move the Yonkers Family Court to a better facility that will help ensure the safety, security and dignity of those residents who need the services of Family Court and other county agencies.”  Marcotte added, “Chairman Kaplowitz’ commitment to put this item on the next BOL meeting agenda, as a ‘special item’ if necessary, was a reasonable alternative to forcing a vote today.”

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The winning projects in the 2015 CTC&G Innovation in Design Awards came courtesy of Artemis Landscape Architects, Inc. with Freddy's Landscape Co., Gregory Lombardi Design, and Devore Associates, LLC.
The winning projects in the 2015 CTC&G Innovation in Design Awards came courtesy of J.E. Masone Architecture & Design, LLC, Mark P. Finaly Architects, AIA, and Clean Design.
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The winning projects in the 2015 CTC&G Innovation in Design Awards came courtesy of Thornton Design, LLC, Calla McNamara for Able Construction Inc., and Arbonies King Vlock, PC.
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