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Bazzo Says: Who Are The Ignorant?

Bazzo Says:


A waste is a terrible thing to mind.  This was my first thought when I read last week’s Bruce the Blog column, titled, "Meet the real Pat Riot the Fourth." The column mocked the fictional character “Pat Riot,” who was supposed to be representative of a conservative, patriotic American. If I thought like a liberal or an elitist, I would accuse the writer of hate speech because the column uses every stereotype imaginable to imply that conservatives are closed-minded bigots. Thing is, a liberal would never say Bruce the Blog's column was hate speech because they believe conservatives are hateful bigots.

The ignorant come in both political brands. It is a waste to mind them. I try hard not to engage in political conversation with the ignorant because it hurts too much to hear them talk. However, the feelings expressed by the fictional character that Bruce based last week’s column on come from a place of fear, not hatred.

“Pat Riot” instinctively knows that America is going to hell in a hand basket, but cannot comprehend exactly why or articulate what he sees as wrong. Instead of using his great writing talent and way with words to translate Pat’s words for a New York audience, Bruce took the easy way and resorted to ridicule and clouded intelligent thought.

The fact is Pat’s fears are real and warranted.

If Pat voted, he probably voted Republican because he knew that the words, “For the first time in my adult lifetime I am proud of my country and not just because Barack is doing well, but because there is a hunger for change,” (Michelle Obama in 2008), did not come from a place of optimism or love of country.

Pat could not fathom attending a church for 20 years with a pastor who would utter the words: “God Bless America? No, no, no. Goddamn America, it’s in the bible!” Those, of course, are the words of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who not only married the Obamas but baptized their daughters.

Back in 2008, Pat was told that those words had no real meaning and that a person like him simply did not understand the “black experience,” and should move on. Thing is, Pat was only concerned about the “American experience” and couldn’t figure out why a wealthy woman with an Ivy League degree who sends her children to private school seemed so hostile to the nation in which she lived.

The way so many of his fellow citizens waved off the comments scared him, and for good reason.

Pat probably sees the media and the Washington power structure calling the things he holds dear “extreme.” He probably sees the Republican Party talking trash about conservatives, like him, in ways they never would a Democrat. He probably sees the president using harsher words when talking about Republicans in general and conservatives in particular than he ever uses when talking about this nation’s enemies who seek to end our way of life.

Pat probably resents being told that “moose alums” (as Bruce wrote it) are practicing a religion of peace while his government goes after Christian beliefs in general and Catholic beliefs in particular.

Pat sees a federal and state government at war with the people and it scares the hell out of him because he has no idea what to do about it.

Pat probably saw the Supreme Court rule that Obamacare (or is it Robertscare?) is now the law of the land only because Chief Justice Roberts, a supposed conservative, literally re-wrote the law twice because, and these are his words: "The Affordable Care Act was passed by Congress, and even though the law is flawed it is up to the courts to fix it." Pat is no expert on the Constitution, but he knows that the role of the chief justice is not to write law. 

Bruce, in pointing out Pat’s inability to articulate exactly what he was feeling, should have taken time to do it for him, as the smarter person.

Maybe Bruce is just jealous because I have taken on our other columnists and he felt left out. When we worked at another publication and shared a TV show, he loved sparring with me. He probably missed that and wrote a column he knew I could not ignore. Yes, Bruce, it is all about me!

The real ignorance is displayed by those who pretend to be asleep. These are people who vote for anyone who pushes their agenda, it does not matter what kind of miscreant the candidate may be as long as they share the same political beliefs. One is allowed to change one’s opinion when facts change, except the ignorant do not. They do not read the updated studies, they believe what they were told to believe and no new information is allowed to get in the way. For example, certain facts relating to global warming, second hand smoke and fracking have changed or have been called into question. I have written and sourced these changes, yet these sleeping beauties refuse to even look at the new material.

These are the ignorant to be feared, not Pat.

There was a saying in the 1960s—"If it feels good, do it." That philosophy has now been brought to the rule of law and our governing bodies. As long as an official comes off as “meaning well” the consequences of that official’s action are unimportant. For too many, as long as a particular Supreme Court ruling makes them feel good (gay marriage), the way the court came to that ruling is meaningless. You see, these laws and rulings are rarely about what “they” say they are about. It is almost always about money—the redistribution of it and the eventual control that gives them over our lives.

Conservatives worry about the consequences of this. Bruce's alumni, Pat, sees the consequences and it scares the hell out of him. He just could not explain it. Bruce should have. 

This is what I say. What say you?

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