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Bazzo Says: Knowing what’s worth knowing

Bazzo Says:


In a recent column in our sister paper, Yorktown News, liberal columnist James Martorano used a quote from President John Fitzgerald Kennedy to explain the recent Iran nuclear deal touted by President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry. Here is how Martorano ended his column:

"All I can do is humbly quote for your consideration the wisdom of another part of President John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address: ‘Let us never negotiate out of fear, but let us never fear to negotiate. Let both sides explore what problems unite us instead of belaboring those problems which divide us. Let both sides, for the first time, formulate serious and precise proposals for the inspection and control of arms, and bring the absolute power to destroy other nations under the absolute control of all nations.’”

Kennedy is talking about the relationship between the United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, or Russia, for those of you Democrat voters out there, in the 1960s.

The problem with trying to compare the Soviet leadership of the 1960s to the Iranians of today is that the Soviet (despite murdering tens of millions of innocents in the name of income equality) leaders had zero interest in dying for communism. The Soviets wanted to dominate lives, sure, and nations, of course, but they wanted to live while doing it. The leaders of Iran come to the negotiating table with one thing in mind, and that is the death of Israel and America. And, if reaching that goal means they too must perish from this planet, then so be it! That is what paradise is for.

It is impossible to negotiate with a party whose starting point is your death. Many Americans fail to understand this because they do not understand the mentality of our enemy.

This deal with Iran does not elevate the problem. Rather, it expands it. Iran is not required to acknowledge the legitimacy of Israel. It does not require Iran to renounce or curtail it use and support of terrorism. The four American hostages, of whom liberals are wholly unaware, are still in Iran.

Do American lives matter? 

We were told that these items were not germane to the negotiations. That's like saying your hole cards are not germane to the poker hand you are betting on. Martorano and his political pals want us to compare the Iranian “negotiations” to the negotiations Kennedy, Nixon and Reagan took part in with the Russians.

This is dumb.

Russia and the United States were on equal footing because we both hade nukes—mutually assured destruction. The genius of Reagan was that he knew the Soviet economy (communism) could never compete with free market capitalism (our economy) and so he entangled them in an arms race that he knew their economy could not support. In eight short years that God-awful empire collapsed, with zero missiles fired.

It is called peace through strength. Liberals hate that.

Neither side was willing sacrifice itself to prove a point. The basic axiom was you did not win conflicts by dying for your country, you won be making the other side die for theirs. 

This deal, which allows them to enrich uranium, gives them the ability to develop a nuclear weapons arsenal. In doing so, they become the most powerful Arab nation on a par with us, just as North Korean. (Thank you, Bill Clinton!)

Iran’s use of terrorism shows they believe they can win by dying for their beliefs and taking others, innocent or not, with them. Peace is not the absence of conflict, but attained by the use of, and willingness to use, the aggressive use of force.  Iran has shown they are willing to finance death and use force aggressively. The Obama/Kerry deal simply secures their ability to do so. This administration has shown it does not have the will or desire to do so if necessary. 

The choice was not a deal or war. This administration would have you forget, as most sadly have, that America won the cold war without firing a shot.  

Switching gears, why is illegal immigration such a hot topic with the American people and man-made global warming not?  Easy, the consequences of illegal immigration are here, now and real. The consequences of man-made global warming are suspect and based largely on computer models which (thanks in part to the rigged data inputted in them) have already been proven to be wildly inaccurate.

Hell, last week, California Gov. Jerry Brown said our very existence is at stake. When the people could no longer be fooled with this pseudo-political science, they dragged in the Pope (when have liberals ever done that!) to prove that I was right all along in calling man-made global warming a religion. This fear of man-made global warming is at the bottom of the polls because people can be jerked around only so long. 

However, when it comes to the consequences of illegal immigration, the public is engaged. The first duty of any government is the safety and security of its people. On this issue, this administration and their willing accomplices on both sides of the aisle are failing. This is where the outrage lays. This is the anger both Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz have tapped into.

From the recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on immigration enforcement these facts were put on the record. Facts! Here and now. Not computer models. 

• In 2013, ICE released 104,000 criminal illegal aliens because that taxpayer funded agency charged with enforcing our immigration laws decided it did not want to enforce our immigration laws.

• Among those 104,000 were 193 murderers with homicide convictions, 426 individuals with sexual assault convictions and over 16,000 individuals with drunken driving convictions

When people hear these figured and then listen to our dopey leaders call these aliens DREAMERS, they go nuts. Who the hell would call a drunken, murdering rapist a DREAMER? A politically correct politician would, that’s who.

No one, not even Trump or Cruz, is saying all illegals are criminals. What they are saying is that the government is doing nothing to protect its citizens from those that are. This is what the issue is about. It is not about John McCain or Sen. Graham's phone number, but rather what the next presidential candidate is going to do about it. 

This is what I say. What Say you?


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