Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bazzo Says: Cancel my subscription!

Bazzo Says:


Cancel my subscription! This is the usual opening statement by critics of this column who write to the editor. Then, the critic goes on to explain the heresies I commit, which warrant their cancellation. The heresies usually consist of information and opinion they do not wish to read. Now, I can understand not wanting to read my opinions, but to disregard the information—which I source at the end of my columns—to refuse to educate oneself and to keep a closed mind to new information, that I cannot understand. As I have written in the past, that is being willfully ignorant. 
Another heresy I commit is constantly damning Democrats in general and liberals specifically. As a resident of New York, one is forced to conclude that on the state and national level, they are indistinguishable. Any Democrat who voted for or advocates for Obamacare cannot be considered a moderate. Of course, my critics fail to mention how often I go after members of the Republican establishment. Again, in New York, the establishment Republicans, Democrats and liberals are often indistinguishable.

For all of the Republican caterwauling, they have voted to fund all of Obama’s policies and then brag about how they can work across the aisle. And for that, all it took was the jettisoning of their principals, assuming they had any to begin with. 

The final heresy I commit is, seeing as how this is a local paper, many of my columns deal with national issues, which my critics do not regard as having any barring on local issues. On this point I beg to differ. As much as possible, I try to connect a national or state issue and to its relation to local politics. 
I have written about how the federal government is trying to nationalize the police. Right now we do not directly feel it, but for those who commute to New York City, this is relevant. I have written about the Supreme Court ruling that allows the federal government to dictate local zoning codes. This ruling I wrote about three weeks ago is only now finding its way to the mainstream. If you live in Westchester or Putnam, this national issue will affect you.
I have written about abortion. Only last year, in the state Senate race, a prime platform for the Democrats was the “Women’s Equality Act.” It consisted of 10 items, which all passed in the Democrat-controlled Assembly as one bill. However, only nine, in separate bills, passed the Senate. That was because Republicans had a problem with allowing abortion up to the ninth month of pregnancy. The Democrats position was give us all 10 items or nothing. So, instead of being happy with getting 90 percent of what they wanted and compromising with Republicans, Democrats effectively killed the bill. 

This particular issue illustrated the difference between the mindset of our local Republicans and Democrats. The Democrats tried to get the voter to believe that by not allowing abortion in the ninth month, Republicans were against a women’s right to choose and against “women’s equality.” It was the Democrats, not I, who made this a local issue. 
Gun control, or the attempt to gut the Second Amendment, becomes a national issue after every tragic mass killing. So, when a law such as the SAFE Act—which does nothing to prevent mass murders such as Sandy Hook or the Colorado theater shooting—is passed, it becomes a local issue thanks to the actions of Gov. Cuomo, not I. 
Our own media has made the presidential race of 2016 a local issue by continuing to point out that Clinton, Pataki and Trump are New Yorkers. I would be remiss in avoiding the discussion. My God, I cannot tell you how many times I am asked about those three either in my taxi or just recently at my 60th birthday party at The Chophouse Grille. 
So, go ahead and cancel your subscription. You will then continue to follow the media template and believe that what Trump says about McCain matters, which it does not, and avoid the real issues he is addressing such as illegal immigration, Common Core and his five-point plan on the economy. The mainstream media has ignored the last two.  
Cancel your subscription and you will not know that Planned Parenthood is selling body parts of aborted fetuses to finance their “mission.” This is the natural end to the liberal obsession with recycling.  You will find this sourced at the end of this column and if you choose to read the source material, you will read that there is a federal law banning this but the Justice Department, which is headed by Democrats, is doing nothing about it. 
So go ahead. Cancel your subscription. Stay uninformed. The Democrats are counting on you to do just that. That’s how they stay in power. 
This is what I say. What say you?
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