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Bazzomanifesto Update 06/05/15: 9 Topics In Today's blog


1) EPA Report Demands Natural Gas Extraction in New York

2) PRESS RELEASE] Weeklong tax holiday for Putnam clears Senate

3) Town Board ready to allow Winery parking in town parkland

4) Playland Update-Private Operator, Astorino Administration agree to Legislators' Proposed Changes


6) Legislators Unanimously Vote to Update Smoke Free Work Site Laws to Include Electronic Cigarettes

7) PRESS RELEASE] Murphy Announces Heroin Task Force Legislative Package

8) Public Meeting Agendas] Yorktown Planning Board  06/08/15

9)  Bonacic 'Kill Granny' Bill Unacceptable for New York

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Jessica Proud

from County Executive Rob Astorino on EPA Fracking Report
5, 2015

Hollywood and Governor Cuomo might be upset to learn about the EPA's report
concluding that natural gas is being safely extracted without harm to drinking
water, the report reaffirms what many industry experts have already

leaders must stop hiding behind self-serving politics and start putting the
economic and low-cost energy needs of New Yorkers up front. While other states
are flourishing under an energy boom, New York continues to falter.  No amount
of gimmicks or campaign ads can hold a candle to the rich natural resources just
below our feet. I strongly urge Governor Cuomo to lift the natural gas
exploration ban.  We can toast the state's success together with an ice cold
glass of clean drinking water."


CONTACT: Matt Slater, 914-582-2361
ALBANY, NY - A bill that would nearly halve the sales tax in Putnam County over a 10 day period in August sponsored by Senator Terrence Murphy passed the State Senate this week. The legislation, which was requested by the Putnam County government, would mean shoppers enjoy a reduced sales tax in the county from 8.38 percent to 4.38 percent for clothing and footwear under $110 from August 16th to August 25th.

"Providing shoppers with a back-to-school time tax holiday will not only give parents a break, it will bring consumers to local businesses in Putnam County," Senator Murphy said. "It is important to shop local year-round, and tax holidays in other states are proven to give retailers a boost in sales. This legislation will benefit all shoppers as well as our many top notch local retailers in Putnam County."

Earlier this year, the Putnam County Legislature passed a home rule request signed by County Executive MaryEllen Odell, requesting enactment of the measure in Albany.

"I am grateful that Senator Terrence Murphy and Senator Sue Serino advocated on behalf of Putnam County for the 10-day reprieve of the county's portion of sales tax during the back-to-school season," County Executive Odell said. "The sales tax holiday would encourage more spending within the county on items such as clothing and shoes. With their help, we were able to have the bill pass the State Senate. I hope that the Assembly and the Governor show that they appreciate the importance of home rule by permitting a county to save its residents money within its borders. They would do the people of Putnam a great service by following the lead of the state Senate and passing the legislation."

The sales tax rate is generally set at four percent for the state, with the rest being a local share between a county and its municipalities. This bill would eliminate the local share during the weeklong period. After passing unanimously through the Senate, the bill now heads to the Assembly.

Citizens for an Informed Yorktown

Note: As of December 2, 2014, CIY summaries of Town Board meetings are being written by Susan Siegel in her capacity as a councilwoman.

Town Board Meeting
June 2, 2015

Meeting highlights. For a discussion of other agenda items, visit

1. Winery: public hearing on wetlands
The board voted 3-2 ,with Councilman Patel and me voting no, to prepare a license agreement and other related documents allowing the Winery to proceed with creating 12 additional parking spaces in a wetland buffer on town parkland, pending a future land swap that would  require state legislation approving the alienation of parkland.

2. Public hearings relating to parking, approved unanimously
  • Removed  the No Parking restrictions on Veterans Road in front of Solaris.
  • Installed a Stop sign at Rutledge Rd & McKeel Street
  • Approved No Parking signs on East Main Street at either side of Wood Street.
 3. Spectra pipeline/Atlantic Bridge
Approved  scoping comments to be sent to FERC.

4. Ethics issues
Although listed on the agenda, there was no resolution ready for a vote.

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For Immediate Release: June 4, 2015

Contact: Matt Richter, BOL Communications Director

Playland Review Continues, Private Operator, Astorino Administration agree to Legislators’ Proposed Changes

On Tuesday evening, the Board of Legislators (BOL) Labor, Parks, Planning and Housing (LPPH) Committee met at Rye City Hall for the purpose of conducting a public hearing on the proposed Management Agreement with Standard Amusements, LLC to operate Playland Amusement Park for 15 years. 

This was the second public hearing on the Playland plan.  The first was held in the BOL Chambers on May 20th.  A video of that hearing is available on the BOL website listed in the media section below. 

At the public hearing in Rye on Tuesday, an estimated 80 people came out to hear 16 of their Rye neighbors offer statements to Legislators about their concerns and unanswered questions.  Most of those who spoke indicated that they supported the Standard Amusements plan.  A link to the meeting video is listed in the media section below.

On Wednesday, the Board of Legislators (BOL) Labor, Parks, Planning and Housing (LPPH) Committee met to continue the review and discussion of the proposed Management Agreement with Standard Amusements, LLC to operate Playland Amusement Park for 15 years.  Head of Standard Amusements, Nick Singer and his adviser, Andy Maniglia, participated on behalf of Standard along with their traffic and transportation consultants Donald Tone and Daniel Schack from Sam Schwartz Engineering D.P.C.  Deputy County Executive Kevin Plunkett and Chief of Staff George Oros participated on behalf of the Administration.

The consultants from Sam Schwartz Engineering D.P.C. presented a comprehensive parking and traffic management plan.  The engineers made a number of recommendations including moving the main entrance away from the amusement park and closer to the Playland Parkway entrance, offering discounts and promos to get more people to arrive and depart earlier in the day and facilitate the use of mass transit.  A copy of the traffic plan is attached.

As Legislative review of the management agreement has proceeded, there have been some sections that required clarification or additional language that Legislators wanted in the final agreement.  To memorialize any changes to the management agreement, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will be signed by BOL Chairman Michael Kaplowitz, County Executive Rob Astorino and Standard Amusements, to memorialize the elements of the agreement that were negotiated during the legislative review process.

At Wednesday’s meeting, agreement was reached on five elements of the MOU.


    •       No Athletic Fields In the management agreement, the County Executive required that Standard Amusements study the feasibility of constructing temporary athletic fields in a portion of the parking lot.  The idea of a field house, bubble or some other large structure to accommodate athletic fields for off-season use has been strongly opposed by Playland’s neighbors in Rye.  In consideration of public concern, Standard Amusements has agreed and will state in the MOU, that they will not undertake construction of athletic fields in the parking lot at Playland.


    •       Financial Reporting The management agreement calls for the county to share in 7.5% of the profits generated at Playland after Standard recoups their initial investment.  Legislators requested that they be kept apprised of all relevant financial information on a quarterly basis.  Standard Amusements has agreed to that stipulation and it will be included in the MOU.


    •       Attendance Reporting Legislators felt it was important to understand attendance trends and business activity at Playland.  Standard Amusements has agreed to include in the MOU that they will provide monthly operating statistics relating to attendance throughout the season.


    •       Accommodation of Current Playland Employees Many of Playland’s year-round employees perform critical work that is crucial to the maintenance of the Park’s unique infrastructure like rides, buildings, electrical and water management systems.  Most staff have been employed at Playland for many years and possess the institutional knowledge necessary to keep Playland running.  Standard Amusements has expressed an understanding of these employees’ unique value to the operation and they have committed to retaining as many as possible by employing them through Standard Amusements.  For any full-time year-round employees who are not retained by Standard, the County Executive has agreed that they will remain employed by the County.  These employees may be assigned to work at Playland with Standard reimbursing the county for the labor costs, or the employee may be transferred to another position in the Parks Department.  The Astorino Administration has agreed to this commitment in the MOU.


    •       Capital Projects It is well known that Playland  is in need of some significant capital improvements.  The County included more than $20 million of capital projects work in the five year plan, in the 2015 capital budget. Legislators expressed concern that the management agreement does not specify whether the County or Standard will undertake these projects and who would bear the costs.  The administration has agreed to contemplate which projects the County may undertake in the next five years and to consult with Standard Amusements on which projects should be prioritized.  This will be expressed in the MOU.



The LPPH Committee will continue the review and discussion of the proposed Management  Agreement with Standard Amusements on June 10, 2015 at 9AM at the BOL.



Wednesday’s LPPH Committee meeting can be viewed at;

The June 2, 2015 Public Hearing from Tuesday at Rye City hall can be viewed at;


The May 20, 2015 Public Hearing in the BOL Chambers can be viewed at;



Contact: Joe Bachmeier

(914) 406-5114




Mother. Leader. Neighbor.


Mahopac, NY (06/05/15) – Carmel Town Board Member Suzi McDonough, who recently announced an exploratory campaign for the 94th NYS Assembly District, today launched her campaign website. The website can be viewed by visiting:


The website will serve as the online portal for Suzi’s exploratory campaign. Residents can visit the website to learn more about Suzi’s background as a Mahopac resident, mother of five or her time serving our community. Those interested can sign up for campaign email updates, volunteer for Suzi’s exploratory campaign or even donate.


The 94th Assembly District includes portions of Westchester and Putnam counties and the elections will occur in 2016.




Josef G. Bachmeier
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Black Stone LLC
Direct (914) 406-5114 | Skype 'Joebach44' |

On Wednesday, June 3, 2015 5:38 PM, Catherine Borgia wrote:

Dear Neighbor,
During the June 1st Board of Legislators Meeting, the County’s Smoke Free Work Site Laws were updated to include electronic cigarettes and other nicotine delivery devices. 
The County’s smoke free work site law prohibits smoking in dining areas of all restaurants including bars and bar areas.  This law, passed in 2003, was intended to safeguard non-smokers from the negative impacts of second hand smoke. 
I introduced and sponsored this legislation because it is important for electronic cigarette users to follow the same rules as cigarette smokers and not unwillingly put people in contact with the vapors from electronic cigarettes and other nicotine delivery devices. The legislation passed the Board of Legislators unanimously. 
Studies have shown that the chemicals in the vapor released from electronic cigarettes have some negative side effects on those in surrounding areas of their users and this legislation extends the same courtesy to non-vapers that has been extended to non-smokers for years.
The secondary goal of this legislation is to reduce the appeal of these products to children and teens.  These products are often marketed to a younger audience through the use of child-friendly flavors like bubble gum or cotton candy.  By reducing the amount of exposure that young people have to these vapors, they will not feel intrigued by a familiar, pleasant scent and look to start using themselves.  Nicotine is a highly addictive substance and the younger a person is when they begin to use nicotine, the harder the addiction is to break.
This law does not prohibit adults from using electronic cigarettes.  However people working in the next cubicle, or eating at a restaurant next to a person using an electronic cigarette, or workers in food establishments should not be exposed to the potentially dangerous products being emitted from these devices.
The Legislation will go into effect immediately and will be enforced by the County’s Department of Health.  
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On Thursday, June 4, 2015 9:57 AM, Matt Slater wrote:

CONTACT: Matt Slater, 914-582-2361
Heroin Task Force Co-Chair Announces Actions to be Taken on Bills to Fight New York's Heroin Crisis
ALBANY, NY - As co-chairman of the New York State Senate Joint Task Force on Heroin and Opioid Addiction, Senator Terrence Murphy announced yesterday that the Senate will soon be acting on its first flight of bills to help decrease heroin deaths and put more drug dealers behind bars for peddling dangerous opioids. In conjunction with Senator George A. Amedore, Jr. (R-C-I, Rotterdam) and Senator Robert Ortt (R-C-I, North Tonawanda), Senator Murphy said that the Senate is expected to take up the bills next week, before the end of the legislative session.

Senator Murphy said, "The first round of hearings provided valuable insight as to the obstacles we as a state must overcome to win the war on heroin and opioid addiction.  This legislative package will advance important legislation from last year's Task Force as well as address new issues which have been identified as a result of the most recent hearings.  Ultimately, we must continue our fight every day to curb the scourge of this epidemic by holding drug dealers accountable and by providing realistic options for prevention and those in recovery."
Over the past several weeks, the Task Force has held forums in Yorktown, Rochester, Lewiston, and Albany to examine the issues created by increased heroin abuse that is causing hundreds of deaths in communities across the state. Additional forums will be planned for more New York communities in the fall. The Task Force will then issue a report with recommendations for further legislative action to address concerns raised by law enforcement, health and mental health experts, victims' advocates, and other stakeholders who participated in the forums.

Senator Amedore said, "These bills will build on the laws enacted last year and this year's state budget, which increased funding for heroin treatment and prevention. There is no one solution that is going to end this crisis. We must continue to work to increase prevention, provide treatment, support continued recovery, and crack down on the dealers who bring this dangerous drug into our streets. The legislation is a good step in our continued efforts to eradicate this epidemic once and for all."

Senator Ortt said, "We've gathered input from experts and community members and have now taken the next step to fight this war against drugs. This sensible legislation will help prevent drug abuse, addiction and related crime, and provide families with better access to treatment programs. While these new laws are the Task Force's next step, they are certainly not the last. Our fight will not end when session does this month. We are committed to remaining vigilant in order to put an end to this widespread epidemic."

The preliminary package of eight bills to be acted on next week builds on the Senate legislation successfully enacted last year as a result of the Task Force's efforts. In addition, the 2015-16 state budget provided significant funding for programs targeting the heroin crisis, including: $7.8 million in funding for statewide prevention, treatment and recovery services, $450,000 to purchase narcan kits given out for free to individuals who participate in a narcan training class, and $140,000 to finance the cost of narcan kits for staff and nurses authorized to administer narcan in the event of a heroin or opioid overdose at school.
Next week's legislative package will include two bills introduced by Senator Murphy:
Expanding the crime of operating as a major trafficker (S4177), sponsored by Senator Murphy: Helps strengthen the laws relating to major drug traffickers to more accurately reflect the nature of their criminal enterprises and increase successful prosecutions. The bill changes the number of persons needing to be involved and charged as part of a drug organization from four to three. Also, to reflect the low street prices of heroin, the bill lowers the minimum required proceeds from the sale of controlled substances during a 12 month period from $75,000 to $25,000.
Expanding treatment options for individuals in judicial diversion programs for opioid abuse or dependence (S4239B), sponsored by Senator Murphy: Provides that under no circumstances shall a defendant who requires treatment for opioid abuse or dependence be deemed to have violated the release conditions on the basis of his or her participation in medically prescribed drug treatments while under the care of a qualified and licensed physician acting within the scope of his or her lawful practice.

On Thursday, June 4, 2015 12:37 PM, Public Meeting Agendas wrote:

363 Underhill Ave, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

Planning Board

Calendar Date:
Monday, June 8, 2015 - 7:00pm

Liaison Reports
Meeting Minutes – May 4, 2015 & May 18, 2015
Taconic Veterinary Clinic & Canine Kindergarten
SBL: 36.05-1-18
Public Informational
Location: 3655 Crompond Road
Contact: Michael Piccirillo Architecture
Description: Proposed 24 hour veterinary clinic and Canine Kindergarten dog daycare.

Envirogreen Demolition Permit
SBL: 15.16-1-31
Referral Town Engineer

Location: 1833 East Main Street
Contact: Rick Cipriani
Description: Request for Wetland Permit to demolish existing structure located in a wetland buffer.

Teatown-Auxiliary Parking Lot
SBL: 69.14-1-8.1
Discussion Landscape Plan

Location: 1595 Spring Valley Road
Contact: Mike Rubbo
Description: Request to modify approved landscape plan.



Town Hall Board Room and on Cablevision Channel 20 & FiOS Channel 33
363 Underhill Avenue
Yorktown Heights, NY
See map: Google Maps


On Friday, June 5, 2015 11:47 AM, Bonacic 'Kill Granny' Bill Unacceptable for New York wrote:

Contact: Bill O'Reilly, 212-396-9117 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

The Bonacic 'Kill Granny' Bill is
Unacceptable for New York: Chiaroscuro

New York--June 5...'Kill Granny" legislation now being considered by state senator John Bonacic (R-Middletown) would be a reckless step for New York, and, if experience from other states is a measure, will be fiercely opposed by patient and disability rights advocates and groups from every corner of the political spectrum, the New York based Chiaroscuro Group today charged.

So-called assisted suicide measures have been defeated in states across America after holding initial popularity, once legislators, patient rights groups, and ordinary voters learn what they're about: Pressuring people to die before it's time to save money, Chiaroscuro said.

A Massachusetts ballot measure that held a 50-point initial favorability rating, went down in flames on Election Day 2012 once voters had time to consider it closely. Similar proposals have been broadly defeated in Connecticut, Colorado, Maryland, and Nevada.   Every disability rights organization taking a position on a current bill in California, including the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, the California Disability Alliance, California Foundation for Independent Living Centers, The Arc, The Autism Self Advocacy Network, and the National Council for Independent Living are fighting the measure. In the past 20 years, more than 140 state assisted suicide bills have been introduced. Only three have passed.   

"Bills like this might sound humanitarian at first glance, but what they result in is severe healthcare rationing by insurance companies, the premature deaths of patients who could survive to live meaningful lives, and a slippery slope environment where seniors are subtly urged to to 'avoid being a burden,'" said Chiaroscuro Group spokesman Greg Pfundstein. "This is especially true for poor minorities. Senator Bonacic is making a significant mistake in thinking that a 'Kill Granny' bill would result in anything other than the promotion of suicide to treatable patients temporarily depressed by a recent terminal diagnosis."  

An Oregon woman named Kate Cheney was infamously put to death in 1998 with the explicit sign-off of a managed care executive and a family member aggressively pushing for her death, even after a consulting psychiatrist determined that she lacked the mental "capacity to weigh options about assisted suicide." The psychiatrist explicitly noted that her family appeared to be pressuring her. Chiaroscuro asked how many cases like Ms. Cheney's have gone unreported. In official testimony yesterday, California senator Jeff Stone mentioned a case where a daughter purposefully left her disabled mom outside on a 110 degree day because she was tired of caring for her.

Patient and disabled rights advocates have demonstrated to legislatures across America how often medical diagnoses are proved wrong. People told they have only a short time to live live meaningful lives for years in some cases, especially with ever-improving palliative care. Had they listened to "compassionate" doctors, their lives would have been artificially cut short.




Bazzo 06/05/15

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