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Bazzo Says: What happened to political honor?

Bazzo Says:


If the “sky is falling” crowd is right and this country is lost, it is because political honor is lost. In what has been labeled “eating your own,” is in reality it is an attempt to marginalize political honor. The marginalization also includes terms such as “litmus test” and “purist.” I have been guilty of using the term “eating your own.” I have no excuse, but believe me I was not trying to diminish political honor. 

Political honor is the acknowledgement that if something is noxious for the opposing side, if it also applies to your side, it too is noxious. That has now changed and the Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign highlights this. 

I have a couple of dear friends—Democrats through and through—who are honest and full of integrity. They would not be my friends if they were not. To prove just how much integrity they have, each has acknowledged to me that if a Republican were simply accused of the shenanigans that Hillary has actually been a part of, the media would be in meltdown mode over the deeds of that Republican. Yet, my dear friends say they will support Hillary because she is a Democrat. One of the reasons they regard me as a friend is that I will pillory the noxious regardless of party. 

Fellow Mahopac News columnist Bernie Kosberg wrote a recent column, “Bernie On Bernie” about Sen. Bernie Sanders, who recently announced his candidacy for the Democrat nomination.

Kosberg begins his column by endorsing Sanders, who has admitted that he is a socialist, and does so for all the right reasons. A far-left liberal, Kosberg sees eye to eye with most aspects of socialism and I applaud him for being proud of that fact. But later on in the column, he goes on to destroy his credibility by saying if Sanders does not cut it, he will board the Hillary bandwagon:

“But, don’t get me wrong. If Bernie can’t hold his own after the caucuses and early primaries, and no other viable candidate steps forward, I’ll jump on Hillary’s bandwagon in a flash.”

Bernie Sanders, for the most part, practices what he preaches. Not only does he speak leftism, but he votes it—always. That—even though I strongly disagree with most if not all his solutions—is political honor and integrity. 

Yet Hillary, though she speaks the words, does not vote or practice what she preaches. She voted for the war in Iraq, but now says she is against it. There are numerous soundbites of her voicing support leading up to her and after her vote, but when it became politically expedient to reverse course, after the fact, she now says it was wrong. 

Hillary speaks long and loud about the “income inequality” between men and women, but as senator and secretary of state, she paid women less than men who did the same job. It is out there, it is public knowledge. Don’t worry though, the media and this includes George Stephenopolous, will not ask her about that. 

She was a back bencher as senator, even though she overshadowed Chuck Schumer in the media and she was a miserable failure as secretary of state. There is not enough space in this column to list the litany of highly suspect action of the Clinton Foundation, yet Kosberg and my friends will vote for her. The simple fact is that were a Republican candidate to have that same baggage, that candidate would be laughed off the stage. 

Now, my friends and Mr. Kosberg, to justify their support for Hillary, will list a litany of awful things a Republican administration will do even though there is not a scintilla of evidence to prove such things. Hell, for several years George W. Bush had both houses of Congress and these fears about Social Security, Medicare and abortion never came to pass. They never do. In fact government expanded during this period. 

Fact is, no Republican president can expect the Supreme Court to overturn Roe vs. Wade without nullifying the right to privacy in which the ruling is based. We have had many Republican presidents since 1973, and none has gone after Roe v. Wade. They just do not seek to expand upon it.

A Republican president will not outlaw accesses to contraception but a Republican would not agree that a third party should pay for your sex life. You may have a right to sex, but you do not have the right to make me pay for it.   

A Republican president is not going to jeopardize Social Security benefits for those 55 and older. Yes, a Republican president will try to ensure that those under 55 will be able to collect Social Security when they become of age. When George W. Bush tried to privatize Social Security (save it), he made it clear that nobody over a certain age would have their current benefits touched, but that younger Americans would have the option of privatization.

A Republican president is not going to contract Medicare. Fact is, when they had control under George W. Bush they expanded it.

It was Democrats who, without a single Republican vote, removed $700 trillion dollars out of Medicare and gave it to Medicaid.

A Republican president is not going to prevent people from voting. It is the Democrats that try to neutralize your vote by championing voting for illegal immigrants and convicted felons. I could go on and on, but again there is not enough space. 

The problem is that I believe my friends actually know this (I am not that sure Kosberg does), but would vote for Hillary anyway. This is the political honor that has been lost—this mentality that one would vote for roadkill as long as it had their party label. If as a Democrat, you want to support a Sanders, an O’Malley, a Chafee, fine with me. I do not agree with their policies or solutions, but they have more integrity in their pinky than Hillary has in her whole body. 

No, if Hillary is the candidate of choice, then Democrats of honor must do as was done when Reagan ran against Carter and Mondale (and I, when Clinton ran against Dole and when Ford ran against Carter) and choose the candidate from the opposing party. Just because Hillary and the Democrat leadership and their talking heads in the media have lost their honor, does not mean you must also. 

This is what I say. What say you?

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