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Bazzo Says: Question liberal authority (aka the grand delusion)

Bazzo Says:


I know somewhere there is a correlation. I do wish I was smart enough to see what it is; I just know it is there. A few weeks ago I wrote that even as the Middle East is going to hell, at the recent Coast Guard graduation, President Obama said that climate change—the catch-all for every type of weather—is the greatest threat we face. And not to recognize that is a dereliction of duty.

Last week, as Christians, including Catholics, are being targeted for mass murder all over the world, we get a papal encyclical on climate change and global warming? Pope Francis is now of the mind that climate change is our greatest danger and that God’s creatures are creating it. He calls on calls on people—especially the world’s rich—to take steps to mitigate the damage by reducing consumption and reliance on fossil fuels. The encyclical goes further to pretty much state that the answer to the problem is bigger more intrusive government(s) consisting of ever-higher taxes and more and more regulation. Americans already give billions in foreign aid, and now he wants more?

Liberals everywhere cheered the pope. Even our own Bernie Kosberg, in a column written last week in Mahopac News—”Angry Republicans accuse pope of meddling”—wrote: “Pope Francis, the spiritual leader of over one billion Catholics worldwide, has recognized that climate change is rapidly becoming the moral issue of our time.”

It is worth noting that the papal encyclical also stated that all of God’s gifts are to be cherished and that abortion and transgenderism are sins. I love how liberals cherry pick.

Getting back to the topic at hand, how out of step are Obama and Francis? Poll after poll shows that climate change is at the bottom of most Americans list of things they care about.  

What the president and the pope have in common is their belief in central control. What better way to control the actions of people than to convince them that carbon dioxide, which we exhale, is a life-threatening greenhouse gas? Then, fill them with the delusion that they have the power to save the world by cutting back on that carbon dixoide—which they exhale!—and they will give you anything, including their money, in return. you see, once “Person X” believes that nonsense, “Person X” logically concludes that human life destroys the planet and that human life must be regulated by government in order to mitigate the human effect on the climate. 

There is no science at play here. After all, ever wonder why Al Gore and so many of his ilk refuse to debate the topic of global warming with someone who opposes their view? Or why they continue “polluting” at levels 100 times greater than you or I? What is in play here is forced consensus. In some circles within the scientific community, there is pressure to publicly tow the man-is-killing-the-planet-line in order to continue receiving federal grants.

However, all of this is speculative. What is at play here is politics and the politicization of science. It is a grand delusion. Imagine the hubris “Person X” must have to assume that the Earth was normal forever, until he came along. You see, “Person X” believes that he came along and suddenly had the power—along with his fellow humans—to melt icebergs a half world away while also causing blizzards on the other side of the planet. Think of the self-centeredness of “Person X,” who believes his daily commute is causing distant ocean levels to rise while also causing a devastating drought somewhere else around the globe.

Should one have the temerity to say the emperor has no clothes, he is called a “denier.” You see everybody has to go along with the consensus as that is the path of least destruction. It then becomes imperative to discredit people who are not going along with the consensus, to the point of shunning and intimidating them by mob rule.

The pope and the president use the ruse: “Plenty of scientific studies point out that the last decades of global warming have been mostly caused by the great concentration of greenhouse gases...especially generated by human action.”

However, and this is public record, “plenty of scientific studies” say a lot of things that turn out to be untrue. In addition, most of these scientific studies are bought and paid for.

Scientists have been caught changing climate data when the numbers did not show an actual warming trend. What happened? They were slapped on the wrist and the mainstream media showed little interest.

I have written and sourced many columns on this alone. So called scientific studies on the dangers and benefits of various foods, from eggs to wine is shown to have been wrong. First, they were bad for you, then they were not; even to be shown beneficial. Studies now show there hasn’t been any warming in the last 18 years, and the latest data is that the last 10 years we are witnessing a cooling.

From a recent news report from The Daily Caller:

“Data from America’s most advanced climate monitoring system shows the U.S. has undergone a cooling trend over the last decade, despite recent claims by government scientists that warming has accelerated worldwide during that time. The U.S. Climate Reference Network was developed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to provide ‘high-quality’ climate data. The network consists of 114 stations across the U.S. in areas NOAA expects no development for the next 50 to 100 years. The climate stations use three independent measurements of temperature and precipitation to provide ‘continuity of record and maintenance of well-calibrated and highly accurate observations.’”

As Yogi Berra would say, “You can look it up.”

Kosberg and others on the political left go nuts when you say the pope is a Marxist. Yet, the pope blames us—the U.S. and other Western nations, the so-called rich nations, for producing hurricanes and floods, etc.

(Hey Pope Francis, who is to blame for the various ice ages and warming periods that occurred well before we were around with our dangerous Co2?)

The pope says we are polluting the world, destroying the climate and that means we must grind our economies to a halt. I doubt the pope has any idea of the suffering that would develop around the world if nations actually put into place the policies the lefties call for, all in the name of saving Mother Earth. Industry would grind to a halt and jobs and any sense of entrepreneurship would vaporize. This is what I like to call “Marxist trickledown economics.”

Before Marxist trickledown economics can be implemented, the

The first step in Marxist trickledown economics is shutting down the free market via pretty sounding legislation. Once that legislation passes, all—except those who crafted, lobbied for, passed and enforced that legislation—will experience economic hardship. The economic hardship grows to the point that a true welfare state is created. That welfare state makes everyone equal and wipes out the wage gap. The masses are depressed (but equally!). This is really economic liberalism 101—just take a look at inner city America where liberalism has dominated for decades.

It is always about money. You see, you cannot just give it to the poor directly. You must give it to the government or the church and let them dispense it as they see fit. It is their version of trickledown economics. 

Two things I found posted on Facebook sum up what I have learned about liberal, Marxist trickledown economics:

• Liberals have a great capacity for suffering, as long as it is other people who suffer.

• Give a person a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a person to fish and they will eat for a lifetime. Promise a person the fish of someone else’s labor forever and you have a Democrat voter.

This is what I say. What say you? 


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