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Bazzomanifesto Update 05/27/15: 7 Topics In Today's blog


1) Next UTY meeting 05/27/15


3) Jay Azzolina, John Menegon & Bob Meyer @ The Green Growler in Croton, Sat. May 30th 8:30pm


5) Galef Announces Results of Questionnaire-

6) Opportunity to Have Your Voice Heard on Playland's Future

7) Steve Napier: Will I see you Monday?

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For immediate reply:

Next UTY meeting 05/27/15

Dear member:

Our next UTY meeting is tomorrow Wednesday May 27, at the Yorktown Town Hall, time 7:30 PM. We have many issues to discuss such as the moving of the highway garage for more than $4M. Pipeline company bribes the Yorktown town board in the amount of over $1M. to use our parkland at Granite Knolls. The Town board authorized a $2.6M bond issue by using  (Permissive Referendum) a legal tactic to pass the use of money. The residents had 30 days to file a petition against this spending. Please attend our meeting we need your help.

Ed Ciffone your president
  Dear members:
Please read, give Bobbie a call if you want to reduce your property taxes.

We're in the news!
Bobbie Anne Flower-Cox

Cox Lawyers  
34 Palmer Ave.
Bronxville, N.Y. 10708
Phone: 914.779.7762
Dear Ed,
We are in the news!

Check out the article the Daily Voice wrote about us!  It's published on their web sites throughout the County.

Click here to read the article...


Warm regards,
Bobbie Anne Flower-Cox

Inline image 1

Contact: Joe Bachmeier
Mother. Leader. Neighbor.
Mahopac, NY (5/27/15) – Carmel Town Board Member Suzi McDonough today announced she is launching an exploratory campaign for the 94th NYS Assembly District. The 94th Assembly District includes portions of Westchester and Putnam counties.
Suzi has lived in Mahopac, a hamlet of Carmel, for over 50 years. She graduated from Mahopac High School and a few years later married the love of her life, Jimmy McDonough. Together, Suzi and Jimmy owned and operated successful businesses in the Hudson Valley and have five amazing children.
Suzi McDonough said, “I am pro life, pro second amendment and support a compassionate yet limited government. Our communities deserve a respected conservative voice in Albany to watch out for our families and our state. We kick off this exploratory phase to listen directly to the people. I raised five children in Mahopac, ran a business, worked on the most pressing constituent, community and legislative issues as a senior staff member for the state legislature, and currently serve on the Carmel Town Board. I’ve seen first hand that New York State is heading in the wrong direction. Whether the issue be property taxes, the SAFE Act or late term abortion, now more than ever, we must stand up as New Yorkers to protect and defend our way of life from Albany overreach.”
Giving back to the community has always been an important part of Suzi’s life. While her children were young, Suzi coached basketball and softball, was a den mother for the Boy Scouts, became the Director of the St. John’s CYO basketball program and was a team leader for the Relay for Life.
In 2004, Suzi’s life took a very unexpected turn. Suzi’s father died in July and her husband was diagnosed with cancer and sadly passed seven months later in February of 2005. Understanding the financial and emotional stress cancer can endure, with help from this great community, her family and her friends, Suzi started a non-profit organization that helps families deal with the diagnosis of cancer.
In addition, Suzi is a coach for the Special Olympics, continues to participate in the Relay for Life, provides scholarships to several Mahopac High School Seniors, is a current Town Board member in the Town of Carmel and works for The New York State Senate.
“Over the next several months my goal is to meet as many of my neighbors in Putnam and Westchester Counties as possible. I want to hear from you, listen to you and, I will be going door to door to do exactly that. There are no easy answers but working together, we can build opportunity for everyone. I look forward to meeting you in person,” Suzi added.
The 94th Assembly District elections will occur in 2016.


Josef G. Bachmeier
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Black Stone LLC
Direct (914) 406-5114 | Skype 'Joebach44' |

The Trio Trio

This Saturday, May 30th @ 8:30-11:30PM

The Green Growler presents:

 The Trio Trio !

featuring: Jay Azzolina, guitar,

John Menegon, bass,

 Bob Meyer, drums & cymbals.

368 S. Riverside Ave, Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520


We will be playing jazz standards & other fun music while you enjoy the many wonderful craft beers, stock up on your supplies and hang out; all presided over by our wonderful host

Seana O'Callaghan.

Hope to see you there.


 Event Calendar                    News/Reviews               914-737-6624
Paramount After-Party
at 12 Grapes
featuring The Asbury Jukes
THIS Saturday May 30Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes are performing at The Paramount on Sat and 
The Jukes are coming to 12 Grapes immediately after the show to perform on our stage for an hour of fun! 
Peekskill's Outdoor 
Music Series is back!
Now thru Labor Day! Outdoor Dining and Live Music, brought to you by five North Division Street Restaurants.
NEW Spring Menu is here!
Look for a varied and interesting selection of small bites, composed salads & favorites like Hanger Steak, Crispy-skin Chicken and more. And a new category called "Global Street Food"
handhelds and small plates from around the world, including Tai Spring Rolls, Vietnamese Chicken Wings and even a gourmet take on the New York Hot Dog!
Thai Spring Rolls

Can a menu be FUN and DELICIOUS at the same time? 
We think so!
We're in the top 2, competing with Yonkers. It takes less than a minute - please VOTE for Peekskill. 

Winner announced on Monday June 1.

Mike Milazzo TONIGHT
Ladies Night "Unplugged"
$6 wines, $6 martinis, $4 beers
1/2-priced appetizers
Pop / Rock Showcase
Lilli  O. is a 15-year-old singer/guitarist who will astound you with her talent. Bop It is a 4-piece blast from the past featuring Elena Bonomo, Megan Talay, Talor Steinberg and Jordan Steinberg, delivering a powerful dose of millennial nostalgia from the late 90's and early 2000's. Riiza is a Rock/Jam band made up of four teens from the School of Rock in Bedford. $5 Cover OR $10 minimum in food/drink

Fri May 29, 9:30 - 12:30
A very talented group of young musicians perform Funk, Jazz and everything in between. Playing all your favorite covers from artists such as Steve Wonder, James Brown, Bruno Mars and many more. The band includes John Venezia on drums, Greg Schettino on bass, Kerryn Prieto on vocals, Dan Visintainer on sax and Mark McIntyre on guitar. 
$5 Cover.

This 6-piece, horn-driven, funkadelic band features the charming and talented JP on vocals, sax and Blues harp, "Tasty" Mike Murphy on guitar and vocals, Dave McDowell on flute and tenor/soprano sax, Paul Undersinger on drums, Paul Bisbano on bass and Chris Burke on keys. The band plays a funky  mix of Blues, Rock and Country. $10 Cover or $5 with dinner.


Thu June 4, 8:30 - 11:30
Open Mic Night
NOW the 1st Thursday
of the month!
Jazz with the
Kristina Koller Quintet
Rock with the 
Headfirst Band

On Tuesday, May 26, 2015 4:42 PM, Sandra Galef wrote:
For Immediate Release
Contact:  Sandy Galef

(914) 941-1111

(914) 450-4086

Assemblywoman Galef's 2015 Newsletter Questionnaire Results Reveal
Constituent Stances on Teacher Evaluations Based on Standardized Testing and
Ways to Increase Voter Participation

787 Constituents Voice their Opinions on Current Legislative Issues

(May 26, 2015) Assemblywoman Sandy Galef's 2015 Newsletter Questionnaire
responses have been tallied. 787 constituents have demonstrated their care
for their communities with prompt responses to Galef's questions that touch
on hotly debated issues concerning state policy. Galef's annual
questionnaire allows her to hear her constituents' input which assists the
Assemblywoman in deciding which bills to support or oppose.

One of the most hotly debated topics in the Assembly was whether or not
student standardized test scores should affect teachers' performance
evaluations. Galef's survey tallied a total of 69% who opposed teachers'
evaluations being based on student test scores. The Governor had recommended
that 50% of teacher evaluations should be based on state tests.  After
negotiations, the adopted budget did not include the 50% number, or any
number, and Galef and her fellow Assemblymembers referred the decision about
teacher evaluation standards to the NYS Board of Regents and the State
Education Department.  Galef believes that it is important for education
focused individuals to make these decisions and not elected state officials.

Galef believes that voting must be encouraged for our youth. 61% of her
constituents' replies shared the same sentiment and supported the idea of
pre-registering 16 and 17 year olds to vote who will be 18 by the time of a
general election. Galef is cosponsoring Assemblyman Michael Cusick's bill
A.504 which will allow those who will be 18 by the time of a presidential
election to pre-register as voters  and to vote in the primary election at
the age of 17 and will continue to work hard to get this bill passed.

Galef asked her constituents if all local town and village elections should
take place in November. 77% of those who voted are in favor of having all
elections in November. The second part of the question asked for ideas to
increase voter engagement in local and state elections. Many responded with
insightful suggestions such as extending the voting period to an entire
week, having weekend voting, or having the option to vote online.

The discussion about the usage of polystyrene and plastic bags continues to
be debated locally in Putnam County and Westchester County as well as
statewide. Results from the questionnaire indicated that 83% of respondents
supported a ban on polystyrene and 76% supported a ban on plastic bags.
Galef shares the same views of protecting the environment and has recently
sponsored Assemblyman Brian Kavanagh's bill, A.5743, which seeks to reduce
the usage of food service ware made from Styrofoam and calls for conducting
an impact study on the effects of a statewide ban on Styrofoam ware.


Instituting a utility consumer advocate in New York was promoted in the
State budget but ultimately did not get included. 78% of the constituent
responses support this new proposal of having an independent office that
would represent the interests of residential utility consumers. Galef
sponsors and supports A.180, introduced by Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz,
that will push this new office forward.

Regarding the issue of increasing minimum wage, 76% of the responses
supported this important social justice issue. There were many proposals for
increasing the minimum wage in various early versions of the New York State
budget but none of them ended up passing. However, as of December 31, 2015
the minimum wage will be raised to $9 an hour. Session is not over yet and
Galef expects this issue will continue to be discussed.

The final question Galef asked in her questionnaire about raising the number
of charter schools to operate in New York State produced somewhat even
responses from those who support or those who oppose the action. Those who
opposed raising the number of charter schools had a slight lead with 54%
over those in favor of raising the number of them. These mixed responses
from her constituents mirror the mixed views on charter schools in the
Legislature. The cap on the number of charter schools did not get increased
in the New York State Budget but discussions will continue until the end of
legislative session.

"It is so fascinating to see how my questionnaire can stir up conversation.
Some of my constituents come and tell me that they talked about the
questionnaire over dinner and it sparked a four hour long conversation,"
said Assemblywoman Galef. "These discussions and the voicing of their
opinions allow me to better serve my constituents"


[Please See Attached Chart for Complete Survey Results]


In Favor


1. Would you support requiring that a defensive driving course be taken
every ten years (either on-line or in a classroom) to help ensure our
roadways are as safe as possible for passengers and drivers alike?





2. Do you believe that New York should join other states to protect our
environment by imposing a ban on (a) polystyrene and/or (b) plastic bags, to
be replaced by paper, recyclable material, or biodegradable products?













3. Do you believe we should institute an independent utility consumer
advocate at the state level to represent customers and weigh in on rate and
policy changes for utility companies?





4. The proposed Education Tax Credit would give a boost to private and
parochial schools by allowing tax exempt donations to these schools as well
as to public schools. Do you think we should allow this, even if it would
reduce the taxable income which supports public schools?





5. In an effort to ensure a well-educated society that can keep up with the
demands of the 21st century, do you believe that we should provide financial
aid for those trying to get a college education (a) while in prison and/or
(b) whose parents may have brought their children into our country













6. To begin to address voter engagement, should we allow 16 and 17-year-olds
to pre-register to vote with their county boards of elections so that when
they turn 18, they will automatically be added to the voter rolls?





7. Should we allow partial public financing of campaigns to help offset the
influence of large PACS on campaigns and elections?





8. Should we require that all town and village elections take place in





9. Should we increase the minimum wage to $10.50 an hour statewide, and
$11.50 in New York City, as proposed by Governor Cuomo?





10. Do you believe students' standardized test scores should make up a
significant part of a teacher's performance evaluation?





11. Do you believe we should raise the number of charter schools allowed to
operate in New York State?






The following are some of the comments that I received from constituents in
relation to the various questions above.

#1  Regarding a 10 year defensive driving requirement for all drivers:

Mary from Carmel wrote, "Should be at least 5 years. I take one every 3
years." 10 people wrote in agreement.

#3  In response to having an independent utility consumer advocate at the
state level to represent customers and weigh in on rate and policy changes
for utility companies:

Deanna from Ossining responded: "Especially to arbitrate and monitor solar

#4 Regarding the Education Tax Credit, that would allow tax exempt donations
to private and public schools:

"Our public schools need more, not less financial support." - Elena from

#6 Addressing pre-registration for 16 and 17 year olds with their county
boards of elections so that upon turning 18 they will be automatically added
to voter rolls:

Peter from Peekskill writes, "If young people don't register at 18, why
believe they'll do so at 17?"

Joan from Maryknoll responded, "This group is not politically informed and
early registration will not change anybody."

"17 only - too much time in advance for 16 year olds." - Michael from

#7 In response to allowing partial public financing of campaigns to help
offset the influence of large PACS on campaigns and elections:

Mariana from Peekskill writes, "Politicians are more in debt to large PACs
than they are to what constituents want." Eliminating/reducing PAC influence
was shared by about 10 respondents.

#8  In reference to other steps that could be taken to increase voter

Gary from Buchanan writes, "Voters have lost faith in the political

Robert from Kent Lakes responded, "Teach civics in schools; instill the
importance of local elections." 20 people wrote echoing support.

Victor from Mohegan Lake writes that he believes, "more 'meet the
candidates' public hearings" will help."

Mayfred from Verplanck expressed a desire for "better and earlier
information of candidates."

"More early voting." - David from Ossining. About 10 constituents said the

"Make Election Day a holiday" - G. from Cold Spring.

"Allow online voting." - Helen from Cortlandt Manor. 10+ respondents wrote
about this concept.

"Weekend voting." - Rita from Croton. Several agreed.

#9  In response to the prospect of the minimum wage being raised to $10.50
statewide and $11.50 in New York City, as proposed by Governor Cuomo:

Lars from Garrison writes, "Even more." At least 10 people echoed this

#10  Regarding if standardized test scores should be used as a significant
part of teacher evaluation:

"Maybe a small part. But until we address inequality we are only blaming
teachers for all the ills in society."-Gary and Jeanne from Croton. Many
other respondents echoed this.

"[My] grandchildren are only being 'taught for the test'. This is not
education. There are a multitude of ways to measure the effectiveness of a
teacher, but any measure is irrelevant if he/she is burdened...The unions in
the education system have lost sight of the primary objective of ensuring
that children receive a decent education...That is a disgrace." -Elena from

Virginia from Cold Spring commented, "Standardized tests are developed to
measure students, not teachers. If you want to test teachers-develop
standardized tests for that purpose."

"No, then they only teach 'to the test'." -CJ from Ossining

Jerry from Garrison writes, "Teachers can't pick their students!"

"The tests are not well-made," writes David from Ossining.

"...Teachers in wealthy districts where students have more advantages would
appear to be doing best education practices. However, in lower income
district[s] where there are not supports built in for students and staff
would not have a fair reflection for both the student and the
teacher."-Janice from Cortlandt

#11  Regarding an increase of charter schools in New York:

"There is already a problem funding existing schools, we need to provide for
those first." - John from Ossining. A few wrote in agreement.

"I fear money will be reduced from public schools" - Grace from
Croton-on-Hudson. Several expressed  apprehension that attention would be
shifted away from public schools.


On Wednesday, May 27, 2015 11:07 AM, Catherine Borgia wrote:

Dear Friends and Neighbors,
As many of you may know, Playland recently opened for another season and is poised for another strong year just like the last one. 
There has been a lot in the news about the future of Playland and I wanted to inform you of an important opportunity to have your voice heard as a part of the process.
The Board of Legislators’ Committee on Labor, Parks, Planning & Housing (LPPH) will be holding a public forum on June 2, 2015 with the hope that we can attract as many Westchester County residents to voice their opinions as possible.  People can begin to sign up to speak on a first come, first served basis beginning at 6:15pm.
Please forward this to anyone that you think may also be concerned about Playland’s future.
Public Forum:
Tuesday, June 2nd at 7 PM
Rye City Hall
1051 Boston Post Road, Rye, NY

We also welcome written testimony for either of these public forums.  If you would like to submit comments in writing, please e-mail them to  If you have any questions about either of these events, please don’t hesitate to call my office at (914) 995-2812.
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On Wednesday, May 27, 2015 12:59 PM, Steve Napier wrote:
Will I see you Monday?
Will I see you at my fundraiser on Monday, June 1st from 5:30-7:30 at the Foundry in Cohoes?
View this email in your browser
For the past few weeks I've been out knocking on doors throughout the fifth ward and getting a tremendous response. Voters are ready to receive the message that Cohoes needs leaders who will put aside the politics to focus on fixing the potholes, and I am well on my way to victory.

This coming Monday, June 1st from 5:30-7:30 PM I will be hosting a fundraiser to help my campaign to raise the necessary funds for a successful final push. The event will be held at The Foundry (119 Remsen St, Cohoes) with a suggested minimum contribution of $25 per person. The full invitation is attached below.

If you are able to come out and support the campaign, please respond to this e-mail to RSVP, or if you cannot attend but wish to make a contribution checks can be made out to "Friends of Steve Napier" and mailed to 106 Harvard Street, Cohoes, NY 12047 or contribute online by CLICKING HERE.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to seeing you on Monday.

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Thank You For Reading This Email.

Our mailing address is:
106 Harvard Street
Cohoes, NY 12047

Bazzo 05/27/15

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