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Bazzo Says: A view from the extreme right-wing

Bazzo Says:

Many of my detractors attempt to dismiss what I write in this column by referring to me as an extreme right-winger. This is meant to marginalize not only me, but those of you out there who agree with me. Another thing they often say is that I make up my own facts. That is one my critics must hold on to with dear life because if there is a scintilla of truth to what I write then they would have to conclude that not only are they wrong, not only have they been played for fools, but their ideas based on emotion have done harm to those who they wished to sincerely help. Those who disagree would finally have to judge themselves on the consequences of the ideas and policies they support, rather than the supposed intent of those policies. This is why it is important to silence opinion that dissents from the liberal orthodoxy.  

Senator Murphy steps up

I was none too pleased last week when Sen. Terrence Murphy was not among the Republican senators calling for Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos to resign from his leadership position. However, late Saturday night Murphy joined the list of those calling for Skelos to relinquish his position. Good for him. I am relieved that our senator chose not to be a back bencher and so should those who put their trust in his integrity. In fact, as a member of the ethics committee, he may have to recuse himself but since the ethics committee is a joke it will be no loss. In addition, he did not sign the letter of support for Skelos that 16 other senators signed.

The track record of US Attorney Preet Bharara lends me to believe that Skelos is truly in deep, and as such should not be leading the party. However, anybody calling for Skelos to resign his senate seat lacked credibility. Our system of justice is based on innocence until the government proves guilt. This presumption, of course, does not hold to keeping a leadership position.

In news that should please all of us, Skelos did in fact resign as majority leader on Monday.

The political left is extreme

According to an article in The Daily Telegraph, reading to your children is not fair. The story states that there is an agency in Australia that is studying whether parents should read to their children before bedtime. Apparently, there are people claiming it could give some kids an ‘unfair advantage’ over less fortunate children.

Now you may say that since this is Australia, what does this have to do with the good old US of A? It is the mindset you must be aware of, which is already here. What do you think Pre-K is? It is an attempt by the government to replace the parents. Studies have shown that whatever good Pre-K does is gone by the third grade.  What does last however, is the impression that government is who the child should look to for educational and physical nourishment. It is a form of indoctrination because the child grows up thinking the government has and is the answer to every problem. 

Is Baltimore a national shame?

Some leading newspapers headlined the riots in Baltimore as just this, our shame. Of course, it is not!  It is the shame of Baltimore and the state of Maryland and their failed liberal policies going back to the 1960s. These riots were not rooted in Jim Crow laws or slavery as the president alluded to. To believe this malarkey is to deny the advances made by this country. 

No, this problem is systemic to the liberal policies. Since the War on Poverty started in 1965, taxpayers have paid the “needy” $22 trillion. We, as taxpayers, have spent more money on the War on Poverty than on all the wars and conflicts dating back to the revolution.  Obama, in opening the doors to Cuba, said that if you do something for 50 years and it is not working it is time to try something new. Why not the same outlook when it comes to helping the needy?

Just in 2009, when the Democrats controlled all levels of the federal government and passed the $700 billion dollar stimulus bill, Baltimore alone received $1.8 billion. Where did that money go?  Certainly not the needy. No, just like New York, 90 percent of that money went to sure up public union pension funds to keep government workers employed and to allow them to continue funding Democrat candidates. 

The shame lay solely in Baltimore, which for over 36 years took our money and used it to keep the ruling class happy and then went around blaming Republicans, conservatives and George Bush for the woes of the needy.  The last time a Republican was elected in Baltimore was 1964.

Yet, some of the less fortunate are wising up. Both Maryland and Illinois both elected Republican governors last year because when they were told there misery was the fault of Republicans, they answered back with the question, “What Republicans?  We haven’t seen one of those in 60 years!” 

I thought I’d share a little something I saw on Facebook last week:

Blacks riot destroying black businesses after a black guy dies in police custody because of three black police officers in 43 percent black police department under a female black mayor with a black female state attorney in a city ruled by Democrats for over 50 years so the first black female U.S. attorney appointed by the first black president blames racism.

The reason Democrat leaders—including this president—and their friends in the press try to convince us that Baltimore is a national tragedy is because if it is everyone’s fault then it is no one’s fault.

It is these consequences that Democrats must be judged on. It is no longer acceptable to judge them on intent. 

This is what I say. What say you?


• “Reading to children at bedtime: ABC questions value of time-honored practice”



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