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Bazzo Says: Democrats are Democrats first

Bazzo Says:

Maybe it is me but I would never knowingly vote for a crook. I have always voted by a code of: First get rid of the crooks—even if it means voting for someone with whom I philosophically oppose—then vote for the honest candidate I agree with. 

Registered Democrats, and to a much lesser degree Republicans, convince themselves to support a candidate as long as that candidate has a D next to their name. If that candidate happens to be a crook, rank and file Democrats simply say something along the lines of, “They are all crooks.” For example, my friend’s cousin, a female fanatic of Hillary Clinton, said of her favorite candidate’s myriad scandals: “Hey, its politics and to succeed you have to be dirty.”

It is this mindset that allows many of my liberal friends to justify all sorts of actions, such as feminists fervently supporting the likes of Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy while ginning up seething, closed-minded hatred of female Republican politicians.  

Republicans do not have this mindset. Barely a week goes by that one Republican is not going after another. Democrats, as recent history has shown, are Democrats first, last and always. They do not eat their own.

Democrats, as recent history has shown, they will sell out our nation, allies, women, minorities, poor people and the constitution in order to accumulate power. I say recent history, because there was a time when the party leadership was comprised of honorable that had honor. Now the wing-nuts have taken control. 

Last month, in the pages of this paper, Steven J. Wohl wrote that he felt the Republicans violated the Logan Act by posting a letter to the leaders of Iran on their website. The letter made it clear that any deal struck with the current administration was subject to change once the White House changes hands. As I read the column, I shook my head. Do liberals n care that Ted Kennedy openly worked with the Soviets in an attempt to prevent Ronald Reagan from being re-elected president? Does it matter to them that he committed treason when he teamed up with murderous thugs who hated the United States of America due to politics? (We learned just how much Kennedy worked with the Soviets when the KGB archives were made public.)

Recently, the gay owners of Out NYC Hotel invited Republican presidential contender Sen. Ted Cruz into their home to talk about Israel. The two men hosted a meeting with Cruz, as The New York Times reported, to talk about mostly about Israel, but they also touched on Cruz’s position on gay marriage.

It was just a talk, not a fundraiser. However the tolerance police, as usual, would have none of it. So, they called for a boycott of the hotel and the pressure was so great that the owners issued the following statement:

“I made a mistake. I was ignorant, naive and much too quick in accepting a request to co-host a dinner with Cruz in my home.” 

So according to the tolerance police, it is not about equality, but compliance with their viewpoint. You cannot even be seen associating with someone who disagrees with your viewpoint without the wrath of hell being called upon you. This is as anti-American as it gets. 

You get the same treatment from the tolerance police in regards to abortion on demand—including at the moment of birth, or afterwards if the abortion fails. As a member of the Illinois State Senate, Barack Obama voted against the Born Alive Infants Protection Act on multiple occasions. We are told that this should be permissible in case of rape or a woman’s health. Problem is, womens’ health has now been defined down to meaning mental health, not physical health. You see, in the tolerance police’s viewpoint, infanticide is just fine if the birth mother finds the newborn an inconvenience.

Now if this were the law of the land, or even in New York, I would not be here. You see, my grandmother died giving birth to my mom. She chose her newborn’s life over hers. The gift of love sometimes requires sacrificing yourself so that someone else may live. You see this with characteristic in our service members, police officers and firefighters. Yet if one proposes this viewpoint, again the tolerance police bring down the wrath of hell. 

You get this same treatment from the tolerance police if you question the myth of manmade climate change. You are called a denier. There are lawmakers and talking heads who wish to, by force of law, make it illegal to openly write about disagreeing with this supposed settled science.

This is as anti-American as it gets. 

So, who exactly are the tolerance police? Well, first and foremost they are in the media, college and high school classrooms and in the ranks of the Democrat Party. Those of us on the right are not the ones going around trying to put scarlet letters on those who disagree with them. Instead,we are trying to defeat those people. Yet if you make that goal clear, and just ask Mitch “marbles mouth” McConnell, majority leader of the United States Senate, you will be branded a racist, sexist and unholy. 

Getting back to my opening: Recent polling shows that 60 percent of those polled do not find Hillary Clinton trustworthy. However, the same polling shows her beating her Republican challengers. No Democrat would find the recent accusations against Hillary were she a Republican acceptable. Democrats do find this acceptable with Hillary. For the left, it is the Democrat Party first, last and always because power supersedes all. 

This is what I say. What say you?

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