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Bazzomanifesto Update 04/08/15: 9 Topics In Today's blog


1) Your move NY Dems ---> Massachusetts House Dems say Pelosi must go

2) Yorktown Planning Board Discusses Route 202 Development Plans 04/06/15

3) Builders, Beef & Brew Event 04/16/15

4) UTY: yorktown-open-gov

5) Lalor: Shut Down Start-Up

6) [PRESS RELEASE] New open gov't initiative from state rules review board

7) Westchester County Parks Presents Bicycle Sundays

8) NRCC Launches Paid Robocalls Targeting Sean Patrick Maloney on Hillary Clinton Email Scandal

9) ICYMI: NYPost - Wasting a $6B New York Windfall

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Hey there,
I just wanted to make sure that you saw what has now become the national story of two Massachusetts Democrat Members of Congress saying that it is time for Nancy Pelosi to go as Minority Leader in the House of Representatives. 
Check out the video of Congressman Stephen Lynch and Mike Capuano making those statements here.
So the question is whether New York’s Democrats agree that it is time for new leadership.
What does NY-11 candidate Vincent Gentile think?
How about vulnerable Democrat Sean Patrick Maloney?
And given the recent article suggesting that Pelosi may work against a bill giving Congress the right to approve or disapprove a nuclear deal with Iran, what do Nita Lowey, Jerrold Nadler, and Eliot Engel (who all had harsh words for the deal) think of Pelosi’s “leadership” on that issue?
For more on this developing story see the following:
Ian Prior
National Press Secretary
Office: 202-646-6419
Cell: 617-584-3345
Twitter: @iprior1177

Citizens for an Informed Yorktown

Planning Board
April 6, 2015

Meeting highlights. For a summary of all agenda items, visit

Regular Session

1. BJs/Staples Public Hearing
The board opened and closed the hearing, with a decision on site plan approval anticipated at the April 20 meeting. The former Emigrant Saving Bank space has been leased to an urgent care facility

2. CVS/Bank Building: Public Informational Hearing
Representatives of the applicant’s development team made presentations regarding traffic, site concerns and architecture.


3. Lake Osceola Square
In a joint meeting with the Town Board, the issue of public access to the lake was dis cussed. As there’s no town interest in operating a beach, it is anticipated that the developer, who wasn’t at the meeting, will modify his original mixed use plan for the site.

4. Starbucks/Renewal of outdoor seating permit
Before considering whether to renew the existing permit that expired about two years ago, the board wanted the site cleaned up.

5. Taconic Vet Clinic & Canine Kindergarten
The applicant hopes to purchase the Grotto Plumbing site on Route 202 (formerly Salerno Dodge) but wanted some site plan guidance from the board before proceeding.
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Hudson Valley Builders & Remodelers Association Hosts

Builders, Beef and Brew Event

Goshen, N.Y. -- Beginning at 6:00 PM on Thursday, April 16, 2015 the Hudson Valley Builders and Remodelers Association will host its annual Beef & Brew at Dana Distributors, 52 Hatfield Lane, Goshen, NY 10924.
Tickets cost just $35 per person and include all you can eat beefsteak, complimentary beer and networking.  Attendees are only asked to enjoy themselves meet with industry peers; however, state and local representatives will be on hand to discuss the New York State Member Rebate Program, Hudson Valley In – House Dispute Resolution Program and various other national and regional discounts available through Association involvement.  
Registration for the event is available online at and by calling or emailing the HVBRA offices at 845.567.6600 or  As a result of limited seating tickets MUST be purchased in advance through the Association.

About the Hudson Valley Builders and Remodelers Association:
As the regional affiliate for the New York State Builders Association (NYSBA), National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) – the Hudson Valley Builders & Remodelers Association represents the interests and needs of the residential, remodeling, and light commercial building industry in Westchester and the Hudson Valley.
For consumers, the Association provides access to builders, remodelers, suppliers and services to help them through the construction project.


UTY: yorktown-open-gov

Dear Member:

Please check out our web-site



I updated the website and put the Highway Summary on it.  It is under the Town link

On Monday, April 6, 2015 1:25 PM, Chris Covucci wrote:

Trouble viewing this email? Read it online
Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor 
For Immediate ReleaseApril 6, 2015
Contact: Chris Covucci - (845) 309-2654
Lalor Asks, "Where Are Cuomo's Start-Up NY's Jobs", Reiterates Call to Shut Down Start-Up NY
East Fishkill, NY - (4/6/15) - After a report by Empire State Development revealed Governor Cuomo's signature economic development program, Start-Up NY, has created just 76 jobs, Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor (R,C,I - East Fishkill) is asking Cuomo what happened to the expensive program's promised jobs. Lalor also reiterated his call to shut down Start-Up NY and provide across-the-board tax relief. 
"Governor Cuomo has spent $28 million advertising Start-Up NY and all we have is 76 jobs?" Lalor asked. "That's over 368,000 tax dollars spent in advertising per job. There's no way to justify that kind of waste. We already knew Start-Up NY would cost taxpayers, but now we aren't even seeing any jobs. It was an expensive gimmick from the beginning. New York's economy doesn't need gimmicks. We need across-the-board tax relief for all New Yorkers. We need the kind of tax relief that doesn't require the taxpayer to hire a lobbyist or submit an application."  
Lalor continued, "Even worse, we're learning that the Start-Up NY jobs aren't coming to vast swathes of New York. In the area between Albany and Brooklyn just 2 companies have been approved for Start-Up NY, pledging to create only 44 jobs in five years.  That means in Greene, Columbia, Ulster, Dutchess, Orange, Sullivan, Delaware, Rockland, Westchester, Bronx, New York, Richmond and Queens Counties, home to 8 million New Yorkers, best case scenario so far, 44 jobs will be created. For all of those tax dollars Cuomo spent on advertising, Start-Up NY is only promising 44 new jobs for 40% of the state. Even after Start-Up NY's pathetic jobs report was revealed, Governor Cuomo is still adding to its advertising budget. That's just wasting more money."

"Start-Up NY was never about lifting New York's economy, it was all gimmicky self-promotion for Cuomo. The ads are a cynical attempt to persuade New Yorkers that the state's business climate isn't among the worse in the nation." Lalor added. "Cuomo scored some publicity points and a handful of people with the right connections in Albany get to benefit at the taxpayers' expense.  We can't keep throwing money at programs that don't work. The results are in and Start-Up NY isn't working. It doesn't even offer much hope for a turnaround with the limited number of approved companies and low job promises. The legislature needs to take a second look at Start-Up NY and stop throwing good tax dollars after bad."

Assemblyman Lalor's bill to repeal Start-Up NY, which was originally introduced in 2013, can be found here.  He is asking his colleagues to co-sponsor the measure and make repeal of Start-Up -NY a priority in the post-budget portion of the session. 
Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor, a former teacher at Our Lady of Lourdes in Poughkeepsie, is a Marine Corps veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and a frequent guest on the Fox News Channel. Lalor is of counsel to the law firm Gaines, Novick, Ponzini, Cossu & Venditti. He is a graduate of John Jay High School, Providence College and Pace Law School and lives in Hopewell Jct. with his wife Mary Jo and their four young children Katie, Riley, Mikey and Kieran Jr..

On Tuesday, April 7, 2015 3:36 PM, Senator Terrence Murphy wrote:

CONTACT: Matthew Slater, 914-962-2624

YORKTOWN, NY - Last month the Tax Foundation once again ranked New York near the bottom of its State Business Tax Climate Index, at 49th overall. The Chairman of the State Administrative Rules and Regulations Commission (ARRC), Senator Terrence P. Murphy, says this ranking is due in large part to administrative rules and regulations which are being handed down from the state and federal government.
Today, Murphy, who is a small businesses owner himself, said he is launching a small business regulatory watch to make his fellow business owners aware of those rules which could adversely impact small businesses. As ARRC chair, he is charged with reviewing many of these rules and regulations.
"With more than 140,000 pages of rules and regulations in this state it is no wonder why we continue to export jobs and people," Murphy said.  "Unelected rule makers create layers of bureaucracy which prohibit growth and ultimately prevent jobs from being created. My goal is to improve the communication and transparency of government with my fellow business owners. New York needs to reinvest in Main Street."
The ARRC Small Business Regulatory Watch will be released as an e-blast newsletter highlighting certain rules and regulations that could increase burdens on businesses. It will also be posted online. Murphy said his goal is educate small business owners about the State and federal regulatory processes focusing on:
  • The New York State Register, a weekly publication of New York State's rule making activities, proposed rules, securities offerings, notice of availability of state and federal funds, miscellaneous notices and hearings (;
  • New York Codes, Rules and Regulations, published agency rules and regulations adopted under the State Administrative Procedure Act after being published in the New York State Register (;
  • Federal Register, the daily journal of the federal government of the United States containing federal agency rules, proposed rules and public notices (; and
  • Electronic Code of Federal Regulations, which contains federal agency rules and regulations adopted under the Administrative Procedure Act after being published in the Federal Register (
John Ravitz, executive vice president and COO of the Business Council of Westchester, said "Rulemaking is rarely advertised by Albany politicians, mainly because most of the rules are often-times job killers. Having a strong line of communication between a member of the legislature and the business community is crucial.  For Senator Murphy to launch this program within his first three months of taking office proves his desire of making economic development a priority here in Westchester."
Jennifer Maher, chairwoman of the Putnam County Chamber of Commerce, said "Departments, divisions, offices, authorities and commissions are constantly making and remaking rules which have a huge impact on businesses, and few business owners realize they have the opportunity to comment on and potentially impact these proposals. Senator Murphy's new publication will help shine light on what up until now has been a largely behind-closed doors process."
"Every week my office reviews more than a dozen new rules and regulations which target the daily operations of small businesses," Senator Murphy said.  "It is time government offers a hand to Main Street and help folks who are trying to run or start a business."



April 8, 2015
Last year, New York received a mammoth
$6 billion windfall in bank settlements, which
Andrew Cuomo, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and the Democratic State Assembly have all
sought to squander.

And, sadly, it looks like they may have succeeded.

This great op-ed by E.J. McMahon
from yesterday's New York Post raises a lot of questions for Democrats, like why is Andrew Cuomo sinking a billion dollars of taxpayer funds into building and equipping a single factory to produce a single product which is untested commercially for a company that is owned by a multi-billionaire? And why did he do it in his reelection year?

Read on:
Wasting a $6B New York Windfall

By E.J. McMahon
New York Post

On April 1, New York state began a new fiscal year in a unique position: sitting on more than $6 billion in extra cash. But rather than seizing the opportunity to reduce the state's reliance on debt while addressing urgent infrastructure needs, Gov. Cuomo will squander it largely on political pork and corporate welfare.

The money is not "surplus" in the usual sense of the word. Rather, to an unprecedented degree, New York has reaped a multi-billion-dollar harvest of fines and penalty payments from financial institutions - mainly multinational banks.

To his credit, Cuomo ruled out any use of the money to pad recurring expenditures. On the other hand, Cuomo's windfall-allocation plan, adopted with few changes by the Legislature, favors dubious economic-development "investments" over more traditional forms of capital spending on existing highways and bridges, transit and municipal water and sewer systems.

The new budget allocates $5.4 billion from the windfall. The first $850 million will go to make a down payment on a much larger penalty the state owes the federal government, to compensate for overbilling Medicaid since the early 1990s. Of the remaining $4.5 billion, the new budget directs the biggest chunk - $1.5 billion - to Cuomo's "Upstate Economic Revitalization Initiative," based on what the governor touts (unsupported by empirical evidence) as a "successful" state-induced economic turnaround in Buffalo.

The new upstate money will go to three metropolitan regions (other than Buffalo) in a competition refereed by Cuomo's economic-development agency; critics have called it the Upstate Hunger Games. Another $1.28 billion will flow to the Thruway Authority, whose budget has been strained by Cuomo's signature infrastructure accomplishment: a $4 billion replacement for the Tappan Zee Bridge. More than two years after construction started, no financing plan exists for the new bridge, but the windfall money will make it easier for Cuomo to put off a toll increase for at least another year.

The much larger Metropolitan Transportation Authority didn't fare nearly as well. Last year, the state-controlled regional agency said its new five-year capital plan had a $15 billion funding gap. Even accepting Cuomo's broad assertion that the MTA plan is needlessly "bloated," the authority is still billions of dollars short of what it needs to modernize and maintain the transit system during a period of record rail, subway and bus ridership.

Incredibly, however, the only piece of the windfall Cuomo and the Legislature aimed anywhere near the MTA is a $250 million appropriation to begin construction of a new Metro North commuter rail line from southeastern Westchester to Penn Station. The Penn Station access project is an odd one to be singled out for preferential funding.

As the Citizens Budget Commission noted, "its total cost has not been reported, its benefits have not been quantified, and it is not clear why it is preferred" over other priorities in the MTA plan.

Keep reading here

Bazzo 04/08/15

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