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Bazzo Says: The tolerant among us must learn to ‘live and let live’

Bazzo Says:


I know a little something about hatred. As a gay man, I do not wear my private life on my sleeve and I do not define myself by my lifestyle. That said, I know plenty about hatred and it is because of this knowledge that I refrain from using the phrase, “I hate (fill in the blank).” I was taught that most people grow to be what they despise the most. Many of my friends and sources assume that since some readers hate me that I hate them back. They hate, so that means others must hate. That is not how I live my life.

When I read about Indiana’s Religious Freedom Act and the hoopla surrounding it, the only real hatred I saw emanating was from those who are against the law. They were the ones banning travel, protesting, judging and making the majority of rage-filled comments on social media. Why do those in the modern gay movement and their allies feel the need to single out and target private business owners who do not feel comfortable catering gay weddings? Do we now not have a right in this country to say no to a gay wedding? When did this start? Plus, why would I do business with a person who does not want my money anyway? I wouldn’t. And the reason as to why that person does not want my money is of almost zero importance to me. If it is on religious grounds, fine. If it is out of a hatred of homosexuals, fine. Thing is, who cares? This is America and no private businessperson should be forced to take on certain customers if he or she does not want to.

Then there is the horrific story out of Indiana, brought to our purposely divided nation by ABC News 57 in South Bend. The reporter was on a mission to find examples of “Christian intolerance” and in order to find this breed of “intolerance,” our fearless reporter had to travel 20 miles south of South Bend to a shopping center. There, she found a mom and pop pizzeria.

The reporter asked the female co-owner if the pizzeria would cater a gay wedding. The owner replied: “My religious beliefs are such that gay marriage is something that I don’t believe in, and I would not.”

The owner, however, made it clear that the establishment is happy to serve gays, Muslims, Yankee fans, etc. There is no discrimination here because anybody who frequented the pizzeria got served. And certainly, following one’s religious beliefs in regards to gay marriage is not discrimination. 

Nevertheless, the hatred quickly flowed from the tolerance police. Mind you, this little pizza shop had never once been asked to cater a wedding—gay or otherwise. Yet, the tolerance police decided this pizzeria must be shut down. 

The business is called Memories Pizza and as of this writing it is just that, nothing but a memory. The fear mongers on the left ginned up a lot of anger through social media and the regular media to the point where the pizzeria owners feared for their lives.

Remember, this is a pizzeria that has never been asked to cater a wedding of any kind, and let’s be honest, how many couples ask pizzerias to cater their wedding—especially gay couples?

So what is the real agenda here—the real story? Remember when the media was actually interested in things like truth and justice (and the American way)? It is a shame critical thinking is no longer taught in schools, especially in journalism classes. If it was, you could see what this is a mile away. 

The fuss over the law in Indiana is a controversy created by those who know they have a reservoir of uninformed souls who are just chomping at the bit to feel outraged and emotionally energized (think, liberal New Yorkers). Predictably, almost immediately after this story aired, countless numbers of people exhibited their righteous rage and some even expressed eagerness to literally burn that pizzeria down. Many of these individuals, who do not even reside in Indiana, want to make sure that small town business never reopened.

The leaders of the gay movement seek to silence those with whom they disagree.

Over the years I have been involved in dozens of weddings—as a bartender, guest and groom—and I cannot remember one where pizza was the main course. My instincts told me this was a hit piece and that idea was only reinforced as the piling on increased.

The governor of Connecticut banned unnecessary travel to Indiana because of Indiana’s religious freedom law I mentioned earlier. This, even though his state has an even harsher law on the books. The Indiana law states that there has to be a “substantial” infringement on religious beliefs. Connecticut’s omits the word “substantial.”

Our governor, Andrew Cuomo, enacted the same ban just as he was getting ready to visit Cuba. In case you are not aware, Cuba imprisons gays. Is Andrew completely clueless or is he banking on the fact that the media and his followers will not bother to realize how foolish his actions are? In addition, he did not ban travel to Connecticut, whose religious freedom law is far “worse” than Indiana’s.

While this madness was going on, a former Fox News contributor and an actor/comedian named Steven Crowder walked into a Muslim bakery in Dearborn, Michigan. He told them that he wanted them to bake a cake for his gay wedding. He was turned down.

Where’s the media outrage? Where is your outrage, Yorktown? One would reasonably expect that if there’s anti-gay bigotry, there’s anti-gay bigotry, and wherever it is, it should be unacceptable. Yet, you most likely have never heard of the Dearborn story.

That is because none of this is about anti-gay bigotry. If it was, there would be just as much outrage aimed at the Muslim bakery as was aimed at Memories Pizzeria. Most people are unaware of Connecticut’s law and the Dearborn story because those examples go against the storyline that it is only Christians who “discriminate.” This is a political story hidden behind the canard of discrimination. The governor of Indiana is considered a Republican presidential contender, so the Democrats with bylines in the media must take him out.

“Tolerance,” isn’t it lovely?

What we are left with is another phony war. This war, once again pushed by the Democrats with bylines in the media, aims to gin up the false narrative of anti-homosexual hatred in a fashion similar to what the lefties created a few years ago with the bogus “War on Women.” No! The only hatred is coming from the “tolerant.” It is the liberals who have hearts full of hate and rage and who seek to silence opposing viewpoints. I know, for I know hate when I see it.

This is what I say. What say you?

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