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Bazzo Says: Required Reading

Bazzo Says:
Update to last week’s column: Memories Pizza re-opened on April 6, according to an article posted at Dailymail.com. Thanks to the media attention, $842,000 was collected from people who thought a great wrong was perpetrated on the owners. After using a small portion of the money to refurbish and update their establishment, the owners, according to the story, stated that, “they are set to share their new fortune with disabled children, a women’s help group, firefighters, police trusts, Christian churches and Washington florist Barronelle Stutzman, 70, who was fined after declaring she would not serve a gay wedding.”

In my effort to gain membership into Yorktown Smart Growth, I am suggesting the following books for the low-information voter. It is important to note that, as their titles suggest, these books did not require too many dead trees to create nor do they require a lot of space on book shelves. 

• “The Truths Obama Said About His Health Care Plan”

Unlike other conversations about Obamacare, this book would be entirely about the things Obama was honest and forthcoming about. 

• “Republican Leaders With Guts”

This is all about Republicans who have stood up to Obama and the Democrats who have ignored the separation of powers as spelled out in the Construction.

• “Elected Officials Who Have Read the Constitution”

This is required for anyone who bought the previous book.

• “SPECTRA Pipeline Opponents Who Do Not Use Fear”

This book details that portion of the anti-Spectra pipeline movement that did not use scare tactics (such as the prospect of children dropping dead at soccer practice) as a way go gin up public opinion to their side.

• “Trillions Well Spent”

This is the book to use for those who are interested in finding policies that have been successful in lifting large percentages of poor people (especially non-whites) out of poverty since the War On Poverty began in the 1960s.

• “Establishment Republicans Who Think Democrats Are A Bigger Threat To Liberty Than Conservatives”

This book would be a list of Republicans who fight Democrats harder than they do conservatives.

• “Democrats Who Think Terrorists Are A Greater Threat Than Man-Made Global Warming”

These are the Democrats who think protecting the nation from terrorists takes precedent over protecting the nation from carbon dioxide.

• “Hillary Clinton’s Memorable Legislation As Senator”

• “‘What Does It Matter, Anyway?’ Hillary Clinton’s Memorable Successes As Secretary Of State”

• “Hillary Clinton’s Qualifications To Be President”

• “Truths Hillary Spoke About Questionable Actions By Her Or Her Husband”

The last four are a series

• “Obama’s Foreign Policy Successes”

• “Budgets Passed By The Democrat-Controlled Senate While Harry Reid Was Majority Leader”

• “Capitol Hill Democrats Who Voted For Obama’s Six Proposed Budgets”

• “Gov. Cuomo’s Real Successes In Fighting Corruption”

• “New York Legislators Not Doing The Bidding Of Public Sector Unions”

• “How Obama’s Presidency Has Helped Racial Harmony”

• “Democrats Who Were Successful In The Private Sector Before Running For Office”

• “Elected Officials who Actually Have Firsthand Knowledge About Health Care, Oil Production, Running A Business and the Laws Of Economics”

The title takes up more space than officials mentioned.

I will be proposing a law that enables all who cannot afford one or all of the above books to be given them, free of charge, by the federal government.

This is what I say. What say you?


• Memories Pizza to Reopen


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