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Bazzo Says: We Have Been Played

Bazzo Says:

I am trying to figure out if Democrats ever shut down the government. No matter if they are in the majority or minority, according to the Democrats with bylines (the media), it is always the Republicans that shut it down.
A little history: In 1995 and 2013, only 17 percent of the government was shut down and eventually everyone got paid. In the elections that followed those “shut downs”— 1996 and 2014—Republicans did pretty well. In 1996, they picked up four Senate seats and lost just two Congressional seats. In 2014, Republicans wiped the floor with the Democrats, picking up nine Senate seats and gaining historic margins in the Congress. The breathless reporting that the shut downs would be political disasters for the Republicans was, as usual, utter garbage.
Plus, the government “shuts down” on weekends and holidays and every time there is the threat of an inch of snow in DC. Currently, we are told that if all of Homeland Security funding is not granted it would put this country in great danger and it will be the fault of the Republicans. Mind you, out of 230,000 workers, only 20,000 would be affected. With all the ways this administration has dismantled our intelligence-gathering capabilities and weakened our ability to defend ourselves, this is the least of our worries. 
A result of the media bubble in Washington, a bubble controlled by the same Democrats with bylines, elected Republicans believe that any shut down is a complete shut down and that it will harm them politically. Truth is, the Republicans in Congress passed a Homeland funding bill that funded everything but the part that deals with Obama’s executive action that essentially would grant amnesty to five million illegals. 
The truth is the Democrat minority in the Senate by use of the filibuster (where 60 votes are needed to pass legislation) has refused to debate the bill the House passed. The Democrats are putting the illegal fiat over immigration by President Obama’s unconstitutional immigration fiat above the security of this nation.
Don’t believe me? Even CNN, on its website, ran the following headline on Feb. 23: “Dems block DHS funding bill.” I feel sorry for the employee who wrote that accurate headline, as he is probably begging for his job right about now.   
As for the Republican leadership in the Senate, those clowns have basically admitted that their donors like illegal immigration and as a result are doing their bidding by not using all the powers at their command. The Republicans, if they truly wanted to defund Obama’s executive order, could make it part of a funding resolution that would require only a majority of votes and could not be filibustered. Or they could do like the Democrats did for judicial nominations and abolish the filibuster rule (it is a rule, not a law) for legislation. The Republican leadership has done neither. This is in spite of vowing during last year’s election campaigns to rein in Obama if given control of the Senate. They have done neither because money talks and they money from their donors says: “We want cheap labor.”
It is as if the 2014 midterms never happened as the political class in Washington is once again out in force against the people, and We the People are losing. The Republicans in Washington have no principles and the Democrats in Washington have one clear purpose, which is to control everything and everyone. As usual, we have been played and the fix is in.  
The answer is not in electing more Republicans or not electing Democrats. The answer lies in Article 5 of the Constitution. That article gives a two-thirds majority of states (34) the power to amend the Constitution without interference of either the legislative, judicial or executive branch of the federal government.
If you truly want power given back to the people, if you truly want elections to matter again, I suggest picking up a copy of Mark Levin’s latest book, “The Liberty Amendments.” It lays out the case for the use of Article 5. It is not a difficult read, but the answer as laid out will take time. Yet, it is the answer.  It is time to educate yourself about your options. 
This is what I say. What say you?
• Gasp! Actual CNN Headline - ‘Dems Block DHS Funding Bill’
Bazzo 03/04/15

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