Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Bazzo Says: It is all related

Bazzo Says:


The March 21 edition of the New York Daily News had two articles—one on page 2, a little what I call “space filler,” and an editorial. Two articles, two topics, both, in spite of the separation in the paper, inextricably linked. The article on page 2, by Glenn Blain, was titled “Child Poverty Now ‘Epidemic’ Upstate.” The editorial was titled “Cuomo’s Gas Pains.”

The page 2 article states that while 23 percent of children statewide live in poverty, that number rises to a pathetic 73.7 percent in cities like Troy and Schenectady, according to a report by the NYS Assembly’s Puerto Rican/Hispanic Task Force. The editorial talks about the Interior Department’s new regulations that give the green light to “fracking” on federally-owned lands. It points out that after four years and 1.5 million public comments, the Department of Land Management has concluded that ‘fracking” can be done safely.

Unlike Cuomo’s arbitrary banning of fracking in New York, this federal government study was not based on politics. It was based on science. This is the same federal government that banned the Keystone Pipeline. The same federal government that released 35,000 pages of job-killing regulations on the coal industry just last year. We are not even going into the multiple tens of thousands of regulations issued by the EPA over the last six years. The object of those regulations, according to Obama’s own words to liberal San Francisco donors in 2008, is to bankrupt the coal industry.

This is the same federal government that pronounced “climate change” a greater danger to you and me than terrorism. Using absurdity to illustrate the absurd, aka liberalism: Oh look! Carbon dioxide just beheaded another non-Muslim! Oh, look over there, methane gas just set another non-Muslim ablaze in a cage in Iraq! Oh my God, did you see how the rising ocean levels steered that plane right into the north tower? I guess it is climate change trying to give nuclear weapons to Iran…

Now, back to the column:

With all these pronouncements, regulation and bannings, the flat-Earthers (liberals) cheered. Then they claimed that science on everything they promoted was settled. (This is the true definition of political science.) Yet, when this same federal government gives the go-ahead to the Spectra’s AIM pipeline and concludes that fracking can be done in an environmentally-friendly way, the flat-Earthers rage that science is being ignored so that corporations can profit.

When taking a look at the child poverty levels in the great liberal state of New York, it is not difficult to figure out where the blame lays. It belongs at the feet of the flat Earth people (who actually have jobs) and Gov. Cuomo, who pandered to these people for political reasons, effectively telling the residents of the Southern Tier and lower income areas to drop dead. Well, it was really the children of those areas that our Democrat governor told to drop dead—I’m just going by the stats. People upstate are living in poverty because the selfish, looking-to-validate their-empty-lives-environmental-leftists are preventing them from having jobs.

We have seen what the do-gooder liberals have done to jobs in our major inner cities. Now they are doing the same thing in smaller cities and rural areas. I can still hear the Bronx Borough president saying, “No job is better than a minimum wage job.” Of course he had a non-minimum wage job when he said that.   

The jobs the “middle-class loving” Democrats are preventing and killing are not just jobs that pay minimum wage, but higher, much higher, decent skilled and unskilled jobs, many with benefits. I am not just talking about the jobs directly related to the job of fracking itself, but the also the countless support jobs that would spring up to service the needs of these new workers with money in their pockets.

Decades ago in this state, society lifted people out of poverty by expanding the opportunity for the creation of decent jobs, not by arbitrarily raising the minimum wage regardless of the real worth of a job, or the ability of a business to pay the arbitrarily raised wages. Decades ago in this state, the economy and hope of millions of job seekers was not controlled by a handful of well-to-do liberal environmentalists. The economic pie has become finite because the hand of government (our liberal masters) has decided who will win and who will lose.

A market-based economic model also provides added tax revenue without increasing taxes. Increasing taxes drive people of all income levels and investors out of the state, which erodes the middle class tax bracket. Without the middle class, it is harder and harder for the state to provide the necessary safety net for the ever-increasing poor population. Big government economics is killing the middle class. The irony of the Occupy Wall Street madness was that the policies they support do nothing but HELP the 1 percent. Look at nations where economic freedom is suppressed. In those nations, the top 1 percent really does control everything.

Let’s say for the sake of argument, that we can do something about the changing climate. Fracking has unleashed huge amounts of natural gas which has resulted in the lower price of natural gas. Many power plants are, on their own, switching from coal to natural gas. It is this that has accounted for the historic decline of carbon dioxide emissions, though if you listen to the flat Earth liberals, nothing has changed. Fact is, carbon dioxide emissions are down to 1992 levels. Nevertheless, Obama still wants us to believe that global warming is more dangerous than terrorism. The religion of global warming is alive and well in Obama’s mind.

One would think that with environmental facts of fracking and its potential economic impact, the Earth people would take yes for an answer. Yet, they do not. Why? Because none of what they organize for has anything to do with the climate. They organize and demonstrate and propagandize and corrupt the scientific and academic communities for the purposes of controlling the lives of the masses. There can be no other answer. The left bans fracking to keep people on the government dole so they will perpetually vote for leftist politicians. That amounts to control. Heck, the left controls the entire black population through keeping it dependent on the government and demonizing conservatives (even black ones). The left will not admit that carbon emissions are decreasing because that would screw up their CAFE standards, which do little more than cost the middle class money while simultaneously making cares less safe. That is control. The left does not care about the planet or the individual. It cares about control and holds in great disdain anyone who stands in its way. The lefties cannot take all of our guns and Bibles away in one fell swoop. After all, there still is a Constitution. So instead they set out to destroy our nation from within, always under the guise of compassion and diversity.

Life is not one dimensional. You do not have one issue here and another issue there, each spinning on its own axis unrelated to one another. Cause and effect is a hell of a thing and a closed mind does not change its opinion when the facts change. Worse, only a mind bent on control would ignore what even the federal government can no longer ignore. Please, Democrat Party, open up this state to fracking and do something to give the unemployed and poor and all of those children a chance, a real chance, at the American Dream.

This is what I say. What say you?
Bazzo  03/24/15

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