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Bazzo Says: In Yorktown, the people have spoken, again

Bazzo Says:

Once again, the people have spoken: They want to see Yorktown move forward, they want entrepreneurs to invest in Yorktown, and what they don’t want is continuing the old Yorktown tradition of talking something to death until investors get fed up and quit. They were also smart enough to realize the diversion of the Spectra pipeline topic, was just that—a diversion. The voters knew that, at the end of the day, it was the federal government that had the final say, and not whoever sits on the Town Board.

Just to prove my point, the feds gave their approval earlier this month and, as predicted, the Dark Ages advocates cried foul. Editorials and elected officials from neighboring towns said, “It was not fair. It was premature. We weren't finished talking about it. They ignored our concerns.” What could they say? They aren't actually going to admit that the feds deemed their concerns unfounded. Noooooo, they had to be “ignored.” The dirty little secret, according to the Dark Ages advocates, is that the feds are in bed with fossil fuel to make money and kill us and our children. The simple fact is the feds realized that a 61-year-old pipeline is a more founded concern than their fears of what might be.

Back to the March 10 special election. The smart money was on Giordano and Bernard winning. It was a short race, and according to smart money, name recognition was going to be the deciding factor. As true in most cases, smart money thought the voters too stupid to realize there were actual issues being addressed and you were actually paying attention. The problem with smart money is they also think they are the smartest people in the room and actually have a low opinion of the voter. 

Then, of course, you have the losing party now accusing the winning party of using half-truths and innuendos. You see, it could never be that their message was simply rejected. No, it had to be something nefarious. We are dealing with Republicans, after all. But here is what really happened: the winning side was able to better define the losing side. This is usually the case in any election: Whoever makes the more convincing argument will win.

In the Bernard/Brackett race, it was made easier when one side makes the rookie mistake of thinking whatever they write on social media will be ignored by the opposition. The Democrat leadership waxed poetic about their social media campaign, not realizing social media is a double-edged sword. Everything posted on social media is fair game. Everything. This includes Brackett’s personal blog. It is not an invasion of privacy to use the words or pictures posted by the candidates themselves for political gain.

I was taught that when you are going to do something stupid, do it in private. After all, the only way two people can keep a secret is if one of them is dead. When I was younger and part of the NYC night club scene, some of the beautiful people thought posing for photos in the altogether was a good way to make a quick buck. You are young, good looking with no thought of the future, so what the hell. I was lucky that my mentor taught me to be wary of something that could bite you in the ass in the future. So when these beautiful people matured and got respectable jobs, they feared their youthful indiscretions would come back to bite them.

You also had the smartest people in the room trying to cheat Uncle Sam by keeping two sets of books. Again, my mentors taught me if that if you cannot remember what you are stealing, you should not steal. Jump now to this modern age, and again you see the smartest people in the world getting tripped up because they decided to put their indiscretions in emails, thinking that by pushing "delete," it would go away. Think Enron. Nothing ever goes away! Hillary knew that all too well, which is why she did not use a government server while secretary of state. 

In my case, everything I have ever written or filmed can be found online in my blog's archives. Even though I have Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, I only use them to post updates of my blog, columns or television show. My private life is private! In fact, the only thing I ever posted about my private life is the obituary I wrote when my father died and the picture of my wedding on Facebook.

For people who put their private life and thoughts on social media, this election should serve as a warning. Even though the posts taken from Brackett’s blog were from 2010 and 2011, nothing goes away. My own personal code about people's private lives prevented me from mentioning those posts in my columns, even though I had been aware of them for months.

This paper was also aware of the posts, but they also refrained from that kind of story. And it was a legitimate story. We are talking about a candidate running for office, after all. However, there were letters to the editor. These were properly vetted. The editors sought proof and checked to make sure they were written by residents of Yorktown. There was no way a paper, unless they decided to show bias, could keep those letters out.

So what happened? We have a political party that happened to lose an election now giving the silent treatment to this paper, as if their loss was the paper's fault. God forbid they look in a mirror and wonder why their message was defeated. Noooooo, it was the paper. Like all government-centrics, the fault lies in the stars. Not in themselves.

Here is the problem: Life is not one-dimensional. All actions will have a reaction. So now we have still another local election coming this November. Who knows, there may even be a primary in September. So when a politician speaks and no one hears them, did they make a sound? It will do them no good if the only people that hear them live in Cortlandt, Peekskill or Ossining. The only thing in their favor is that this paper is not as petty as they are. This is a Yorktown paper. So if it is Yorktown, it will be covered, even though those being covered may act like a petulant child.

This what I say. What say you?

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Bazzo 03/23/15

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