Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bazzo Says: The Devil (big D) is in the details

Bazzo Says:

New York continues to be at war with business. On top of the fees, regulations, surcharges and the continued proposals to raise the minimum wage (even though the last increases are not finished being implemented yet, it is at $8.75 per hour now and set to go to $9 next year), we now have both parties proposing paid family leave. 

Federal law mandates that employers give up to 12 weeks of family leave for things such as being a new parent, caring for seriously ill relatives and couples (gay or straight) who adopt. However, the employer is not required to pay these people for their absence. 

Well, the clowns in the New York Senate think this is unfair. According to Senator Jeffery Klein (D), most New Yorkers cannot afford one week of unpaid leave, let alone 12.

Then he adds the kicker: “New Yorkers should never have to choose between what their heart is telling them to do and what their bank accounts is telling them to do.” 

Ah, the generosity of the government-centric with others people’s money.

From the beginning of time, employees (people) have had to choose between their heart and their wallet on any number of things. This, boys and girls, is what we refer to as responsibility. Apparently, Sen. Klein thinks New Yorkers are better than everyone else and should not have to face that choice (aka responsibility). Like all government-centric ideas, this will be judged on its “intent,” not on its consequences. I mean, who cares about what this new burden does to the bottom line of a business? Those businesses do not have the choice between heart and wallet, for we know that these greedy employers do not have a heart. After all, these selfish employers are only concerned about profit and to the government-centric, that is a crime. So, we in the Senate are going to make these choices for people. Like the “Wizard of OZ,” we in the Senate are going to give these tin men and tin women a heart. Ability to pay?  Hey, why worry about the details?

A law like this one springs from the premise that businesses are created solely for the purpose of giving people generous wages and benefits instead of being created to give the creator a return on his or her investment. As I just pointed out, profit is a crime to so many on the left—in government and outside of it. 

It costs a pretty penny to live in New York, mostly because of liberalism: out-of-control taxation, mandates, regulation, fees and surcharges imposed on business which are then passed on to the consumer resulting in the high cost of living. To the left, the hand of government is never at fault and blame must always be laid at the feet of something or someone else. The hand of government is going to even the playing field.

So in the name of fairness, the hand of government is going to force businesses to make up the difference by forcing them to pay higher wages, regardless of what each particular job is really worth. Benefits? Mandated, not negotiated. The ability of the business to pay those extra costs? Details..details. So of course to make those ends meet, a business either raises their price or lays off employees, cuts corners, relocates or just closes shop. 

Does that sound fair to you?

Those are the details, and they do not matter, after all the hand of government meant well and that is all the detail that matters. Ah, those who survive the cuts will benefit, but what about those who lose their job or are not hired in the first place? Details...details. 

We already have government-mandated safety nets to help people and that money comes from those left standing. Of course, to pay for these things the cost of living in New York goes higher and higher and the circle of misery in New York continues.

Compassion is a good thing. Fairness is a good thing. Not having to make hard choices would be a wonderful thing. However, none of those things can happen with the hand of government. When government gets into the business of establishing “compassion” and “fairness” it arbitrarily defines “compassion” and what is “fair” and what a person’s “choice” should be. This government interference results in mass suffering (see the Soviet Union, Cuba, inner-city America, etc.) Where is the compassion in that? The government was not designed to police the human heart because when it does, the freedom to choose dies. 

The plain and simple fact is that the hand of government cannot change the laws of economics nor human nature. After all, these are just details...details.

This is what I say. What say you?

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Bazzo 03/18/15

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