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Bazzo Says: The hoax of civil discourse

It has come to my attention that my use of the term "lunatic" in last week's headline has been deemed to have gone over the line. Upon reflection, I must agree. I could have and should have used another adjective. I do apologize to any who were offended by that term.  

I want to make it clear that I stand by all other comments I made in that column. I was, and still am, totally disappointed with the selections from the respective committees. Where the Republicans should have looked to the future and nominated new blood, which would have resulted in fresh ideas and attitudes, the Democrats should have looked to the past, and nominated those candidates who have proven thoughtful. The present leadership, in my opinion, has gone off the deep end.

Yet, these are the choices we have been given. Unfortunately, the best two of the lot—Tom Diana and Bob Giordano—are running against each other for the 1-year seat and I cannot vote for both of them. I will have to choose, but I am not afraid of giving the Democrats a majority on the board. The big thinkers on the Republican committee would have no one to blame but themselves. I mean, they cannot defeat Vishnu Patel for crying out loud. I think the man is nuts. (I stand by that comment.)

In explaining his reason for voting down the sober home last week, Patel said:

“Eyes provide sight and heart provides insight. Everything I will do is what my heart will tell me to do. I have many questions. I have digested some and I have regurgitated some.”

Does anybody, at least on this planet, know what the heck Patel is talking about?

It is amazing that the big thinkers on the Republican committee cannot find someone to beat this guy…

But instead of dwelling on incompetence, let us look to Peekskill—yes, Peekskill—for some guidance.

In the City of Peekskill, where I work, they have a Republican mayor, but Democrat-ruled council. Even though they do have differences, they have proven they can find enough common ground to get things done for the betterment of the residents of Peekskill. It is not a council mired in gridlock. I believe that until November, Yorktown's council will be able to follow Peekskill’s lead, especially if any of the candidates up again in November have any intentions of winning.

Now, that being said, I would like to address Mr. McKean's column of last week, where he talks about the headline of my column last week.

He starts with this: “’Three retreads and a lunatic.’ Of all the disgusting mean-spirited things I’ve ever had to read, that just about takes the cake."

I would urge my fellow columnist to go back and re-read some of his comments in columns past regarding Supervisor Grace. I will treat being taken to the woodshed by Mr. McKean as a badge of honor.

He goes on to write: “But with every right comes responsibilities. And first and foremost among those, if we are going to have anything approaching a civil discourse, are common courtesy and respect. Passion is to be expected, particularly when it concerns core beliefs; but there is absolutely no excuse for the kind of vile personal disparagement we saw headlined last week."

For Mr. McKean, a history lesson: There has never been civil discourse, common courtesy and respect when it comes to print media. This goes back to when Thomas Jefferson and John Adams faced off for the privilege of being our second president. In fact, at the nation’s founding and for many years afterwards, the mastheads of newspapers included that publication’s party affiliation. There is no such thing as an unbiased media. Like man-made global warming, the belief that media should be and is unbiased is a hoax perpetrated on those ill-informed on the history of printed media and politics.  

I would like to see any of today's political class withstand what Richard Nixon withstood from the media for 40 years. I would like to see any of today's political class withstand what George W. Bush withstood during his years on the national scene. Have we forgotten the movie—"The Assignation of George Bush”—that the liberals touted as freedom of speech? Have we forgotten the media’s hatred of George Bush rising to such a level that the term “Bush Derangement Syndrome” was coined to describe Dubya-obsessed libs?

Politics is the greatest of all contact sports. There are no rules, for even if broken, you can't overturn the election. Congressman Charles Rangel is the best example. Even recent Yorktown history has proven this to be true. Have we forgotten the flyers being passed around about David Paganelli's personal finances? He did not run away. He did not whine. He faced it head on and explained up-front to the voters what it was all about. He was rewarded for his honesty The same as was when Supervisor Grace's  information about his taxes was leaked in his match up against Don Peters and Susan Siegel. 

Good or bad, it is what it is. It is a rite of passage. If you enter the public arena you are going to get a public rectal exam, unless you are a Democrat running for president. That is why it is not for the faint of heart. That is why those supposedly better people do not enter. They just do not have the desire for that kind of scrutiny.

Yet, I am being told about some new, mean-spirited attitude is beneath contempt infecting the discourse? Mr. McKean… please.


As columnists, we too have entered the arena and are subject to the same exam, whether you agree with us or not. I can take it and I think my fellow columnists can take it. The candidates have no choice— they must take it. It is the reader who goes away with more information to think about then they started with. That is the responsibility. 


This is what I say. What say you?

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