Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bazzo Says: Yorktown's Special Election: Retreads And Lunatics

Bazzo Says:
From “The Yorktown Democratic Committee has endorsed Rosanne Brackett and Bob Giordano in the upcoming March 10 special election for the two Town Board vacancies.

Brackett will face Republican Greg Bernard for the seat formerly held by Sen. Terrence Murphy and Giordano will face Republican Tom Diana for the seat formerly held by Councilman Nick Bianco. Murphy’s term expires Jan. 1, 2018 and Bianco’s term expires Jan. 1, 2016.”

So these are the names. Of the people who showed interest in their party’s nomination, these are the best and brightest Yorktown’s political class has to offer. Yuck! Retreads and ideologues.

In politics, the customer is always wrong. You can see this play out on the Republican side. How many times must a candidate be rejected by the voters in general elections? Or, in Greg Bernard’s case, rejected twice in primaries by his own party’s voters? The question then becomes, “Can any of these beat Susan Siegel in the general election come this November?” We already know Tom Diana cannot.  Greg Bernard cannot win over Republicans.

There is an interesting aspect to the candidacy of Councilwoman Siegel. Will she run for the council or supervisor? Multiple sources have told me it will be the latter. This would be a mistake. I am convinced of two things: 1) Voters want her to have a seat at the table. She is well-versed on the issues facing Yorktown. The problem is a good deal of her conclusions are wrong.  2) Voters do not want her setting the agenda. Her term as supervisor was a failure, begat with animosity and lawsuits. She cost the residents more than she says she saved them. No, her best chance to stay at the table is to run for the council, there are no vetoes and each person only has one vote, including the supervisor. 

Michael Grace is just as well-versed on the issues, and like Siegel can make his case. The difference is Mike usually makes the more compelling argument. He is always moving forward, looking how government can get things done. Susan is always looking how government can impede forward motion.  When one compares their terms as Supervisor, and it would be compared, Supervisor Grace has earned another term should he seek it. Numerous sources tell me he will.

I have been told the Supervisor Grace is vacillating on whether to run. He should not be doing so. He is a true public servant, knowing what that term means. He owes it to those people looking to invest in Yorktown’s future to make sure these projects in the pipeline are secure enough that whoever follows him cannot screw it up. He has a responsibility, and I believe he will own up to it.

A note to the Republican committee: Grace, Murphy and Paganelli put you back on the map. While you have always shown the love for Murphy, more times than not, you treat both Grace and Paganelli as the bastard step child. Neither were your first choices for the offices they sought; they had to go to the voters via primaries to earn their spots and eventual victory. You owe them more respect than you have shown—not only in the past but in Michael’s case just this past week. He should have been allowed to be heard at the nominating convention, damn your rules! After all, he will head the ticket. I have my sources (plural).

At least in Rosanne Brackett and Bob Giordano the Democrats have put new blood on the ballot. The bad news is that as both have been outspoken on recent issues facing Yorktown and, like Siegel, their conclusions are wrong. Just look at their opposition to the proposed pipeline. Their opposition is based on political science and fear mongering. The belief that a 60-year-old pipeline is safer than a new and larger one is ludicrous. Pipelines have been running under parks for years. I put fear mongering like this in the same category of sitting too close to the TV can cause you harm, cell phones can destroy your brain, microwave ovens can cause cancer and cell towers will harm children—none of which came to pass.

The Democrats should have looked to the past and nominated the more contemplative Ilan Gilbert and James Martorano. Both would listen to reason before making their opinions heard and their votes cast. 

These choices are what they are. It is too bad you cannot vote for none of the above. It is too bad there is not enough time for a primary. However, I would recommend to the candidates not chosen by their parties, after the March vote, you should seriously consider a primary run for the nomination for the November election.

By the way, Eric Dibartolo, the new president of the Yorktown Chamber Of Commerce, being true to his word, has informed me the Chamber will NOT be making endorsements for this special election. This is what I say, what say you?

 Bazzo 01/22/15

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