Monday, December 22, 2014

As I was saying (before we were so rudely interrupted)...

I go away for a few weeks and what happens? Eric DiBartolo is now head of the Yorktown Chamber of Commerce, which is a good thing. I knew the quiet life of anonymity was not for him. If he is as hands on as he was as highway superintendent, you will see a pro-active Chamber, which is also a good thing. I was not happy with how the past president politicized the organization. However, I do believe that Eric will bring the Chamber back to its original mission. Good luck Eric and welcome back to the arena.

I go away for a few weeks and what happens? Susan Siegel is elected to the Town Board. What the hell were the voters thinking? She was a failure as a supervisor. She was polarizing and does not play well with others. This was a step backwards for the future progress of Yorktown. Even though the voters overwhelmingly voted for special elections to fill future vacancies, Susan starts her term by ignoring their wishes and wants appointments to fill those vacancies. Like all liberals, she thinks she knows best and voters, when they disagree, just don’t know what is best for themselves. 

I go away for a few weeks and what happens? The Republicans take control of the Senate by winning 9 seats, an unheard of feat. They increase their majority Congress to the highest levels since Coolidge was president and they now hold 31 governorships. Yet, they are in such a bubble in Washington that they actually think the voters provided them this majority so they can work with Obama and help him enact his wildly unpopular agenda. If the voters really wanted the Obama agenda to move forward, they would have elected Democrats. Voters obviously want this president stopped! So what does this new Republican Party do? It funds the government through next September, thereby fully funding the president’s agenda. We may have elected new people to the House and Senate, but the leadership remains a bunch of quislings. 

I go away for a few weeks and what happens? The governor, as predicted, bans fracking in New York and in a gutless move as he hides behind his health commissioner. Merry Christmas to the denizens of the Southern Tier of New York…now drop dead! No thanks to the governor, we are now sending less money to those countries trying to do us harm. In fact, domestic drilling (fracking) has forced Saudi Arabia to keep pumping oil at record levels in an attempt to drive the cost of a barrel of oil so low as to make our domestic drilling unprofitable.

I have said for eight years that it was not cheap oil that was the life blood of our and the world’s economy, but instead the free flow of oil. That is why—in spite of the unrest in the Middle East and Russia—we are not seeing the upward spike in prices as we saw in recent years. Our dollar is getting stronger and we are becoming the lead exporter of oil. We see the price of gas dropping, and what happens? The government centrist talking heads say this is a bad thing for the economy because it hurts Wall Street. Well, screw Wall Street. It has made plenty of money off the backs of the middle class and poor with its rigging of oil prices through futures buying, which driving up the price of energy. Now Wall Street cannot influence the prices and is none too happy about it. Truth is, what is good for the consumer is good for the economy because now people can afford to spend on non-essential items as that money is no longer going into in the pockets of Wall Street investors.

I go way for a few weeks and what happens? The cops are now the enemy. In spite of the grand jury testimony in Ferguson being released in total, people still shout, “Hands up, don’t shoot.” Wow, ya can’t fix stupid. I have a better slogan: “Go home, don’t loot!”

I am sure the Democrat National Committee was happy as it witnessed its voting base literally burn down a city and loot liquor stores on live TV. I mean that. The goal of Democrats is to keep the inner city black community in a constant rage about everything USA. That way, they will not realize that since they began voting for Democrats at a rate of 90 percent, their families have fallen apart and their neighborhoods have turned into war zones. What is it they say about the definition of insanity again...?

Most media members and racial pimps (in Rev. Al’s case, both) have so inflamed the emotions of the uniformed (Democrats) that truth is irrelevant. Speaking of irrelevant truths, Eric Garner’s death was a tragedy. The grand jury should have come back with an indictment of negligent manslaughter, the lowest of possible charges. The problem was that the district attorney did not give the grand jury that option. The truth is Eric Garner was killed because of the confiscatory taxes on cigarettes, a subject I wrote about many moons ago as an example of big government overreach that had created a black market for cigarettes in this state. The police had orders from on high to stop those who sell loosies. The city and state are so desperate for that tax money they have co-opted the police as tax collectors. It is those obscene taxes that have made bootlegging and the selling of loosies profitable. That is why Eric Garner died. That is why the police were there in the first place. The real blame belongs to the politicians who have treated a legal product as the doings of the devil. Lower the taxes to a more reasonable level and tragedies such as this will not happen.

In closing, I want to thank so many of you who have voiced concern about my recent health problems. They are not fully gone, but as you can see, I can type again. I was humbled by your e-mails saying you missed me. It was those e-mails that gave me the strength to fight back my illness-induced depression and go back to work.

Without the loving support of Tommy, Ann, Dave Paganelli, Joe, Rene, my wonderful mother Frances, Domenic, Eric DiBartolo, Eric Johansen and finally Bryan Fumagalli, Christina Scotti and Brett Freeman, I could not have made it this far. To them all I send my love. To you, my dear readers, I wish you a very Merry Christmas.

To those hoping I was fired or dead, sorry to ruin your holiday. Oh, and Obamacare had nothing to do with my recovery!

This is what I say. What say you?

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