Monday, October 20, 2014

Bazzomanifesto Update 10/20/14: 21 Topics In Today's blog


1)  PRESS RELEASE] Dillon, Cahill, team-up to tackle heroin crisis

2)  Council must kill proposed garbage tax in Peekskill

3)  New ROI column from Frank J. Rich: Boo!


5) NYC Ebola Warning Shows Madness of Current Policy: Astorino

6) Hayworth Climb Continues with Rothenberg Upgrade


8) NYGOP Events Calendar

9) MEDIA ALERT: Legislators & Citizens Union to Hold Press Event to Advocate for Propositions 1 & 2

10) Ossining Town Board Special Meeting & Work Session- Tuesday October 21st, 2014

11) Forest of Fears Hayride 10-24

12) Saturday morning reading

13) PRESS RELEASE] Mt. Kisco rally undermined by Wagner's deplorable equality record

14) NY Post Calls Out Carolyn Maloney for Refusing to Debate

15) Help Arlington High School Win A $100,000 Grant

16) A Map for Andrew Cuomo

17) Cahill wins endorsements as Schneiderman caught using drugs

18) PRESS RELEASE] Group: Be a small business voter, vote Murphy

19) Why the comptroller race matters

20) Cox to Schneiderman: Come Clean

21)Five Book Tour Questions for Gov. Cuomo

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 20th, 2014
Contact: T.J. McCormack, (818) 554-2566

Dillon and Cahill push aggressive plan
to combat heroin scourge

WHITE PLAINS, NY - Joe Dillon, candidate for New York State Senate in the 37th District, today joined Attorney General candidate John Cahill to discuss a major initiative to combat the heroin epidemic that has devastated communities across New York.
The five point plan includes changes to state law, increased penalties for drug dealers, increased emphasis on treatment for addicts and a partnership with the medical community to proactively improve pain management in a way that prevents initial addiction to opioids.
“As I have traveled the entirety of this state, it has been made painfully clear that too many of our communities have been ravaged by heroin,” Cahill said. “As a father especially, I recognize that taking a proactive approach to tackling this issue is critical. As Attorney General, I vow to partner with law enforcement, advocates, healthcare professionals and experts across the state to put a stop to heron’s deadly scourge.”
“We need a comprehensive approach to the epidemic of heroin addiction and that includes stiffer penalties for drug dealers,” Dillon said. “I will be proud to partner with John Cahill to make this package of initiatives the law in Albany.”
The five-point plan includes the following

1. Reverse the Damage Caused by Senate Democrats “Drug Dealer Protection Act”
In 2009, the Senate Democrats led the way in passing what the Daily News dubbed the “Drug Dealer Protection Act.” The act, which was part of the overall budget and not subject to a straight vote included provisions such as:
  • Reduced sentences for most drug crimes not just for addicts, but for drug traffickers;
  • Severely hampered the power of local District Attorney’s, giving judges practically unfettered discretion to put drug offenders on probation or into treatment, regardless of the number of offenses an offender may have committed;
  • Provided that addicts who commit burglary are also eligible for rehab, regardless of criminal history.
At the time, Bridget Brennan, New York City’s special narcotics prosecutor, clearly indicated the risk the bill posed writing.
“At a time when we are seeing troubling escalation in heroin use in Long Island and upstate counties, as well as New York City, this bill sends the message that today we view cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine dealing as less harmful today than ever.”
Her words were prophetic, the New York City Department of Health reports that fatal heroin-related overdoses increased 71 percent between 2010 and 2012 after four years of decline, and in 2012 had a higher rate than overdose deaths involving any other substance. In 2012, Staten Island was the heroin overdose capital of New York.
In addition, according to a report by Democrats in the New York State Senate, in 2012 there were 478 deaths attributed to heroin overdose—up from 215 in 2008.
2. Introduce and Win Passage of a New York Len Bias Law
Passed in 1986, following the death of University of Maryland Basketball Star Len Bias, there is a federal statute on the books, successfully used by federal prosecutors around the country in states such as Oregon and Wisconsin to go after drug dealers and cartels. A number of states around the country, including neighboring New Jersey, have such state laws on the books.
Cahill and Dillon will push for a state law that provides for strict liability for drug-induced deaths. The goal will be to introduce legislation which would subject to prosecution for a Class A-1 felony any person who manufactures or distributes a controlled substance which leads to death by injection, inhalation or ingestion. The dealer or seller would be “strictly liable” for that death regardless of their intent, giving prosecutors an additional tool to punish dealers.
The strategy: After someone dies of an overdose, investigators warn all those in the supply chain that they could face a 20-year sentence if they don’t lead to the next link. These Len Bias cases have been very successful in taking out these dispatch-model trafficking organizations.
3. Increase Penalties for Heroin Traffickers
According to some estimates, New York City is the heroin capital of the country accounting for twenty per cent of all the heroin confiscations and arrests nationwide. Currently penalties and the weights required to charge a dealer with intent to sell heroin are lumped in as a broad category with “narcotics.” This categorization has created tremendous hurdles for police and prosecutors around the state in making cases against dealers. Heroin is highly potent and addictive in much lower amounts than most other narcotics.
Dillon and Cahill will work to enhance penalties for “possession with intent to sell” for heroin.
They will work to introduce legislation which amends Section 220.16 of the Penal Law by breaking out heroin from “narcotics” and creating a presumption of intent to sell if a defined quantity 1 gram, or 20 or more individual bags of heroin, or a street value threshold of heroin ($300) is exceeded. This change will help prosecutors and law enforcement target the dealers, instead of the addicts, and eliminate distribution networks.
4. Create More Beds and Push Mandated In-Patient Treatment for Heroin Addiction
Users of opioid drugs like heroin have a much higher relapse rate than other addicts — as high as 80% or above. Inpatient treatment and the availability of treatment beds are critical to the successful treatment of heroin addiction.
Outpatient treatment is proving to be inadequate to addressing this powerful addiction, yet it is most often required by insurers, ultimately costing the system more and resulting in more deaths. 
5. Address the Medical Profession’s Approach to Pain Management and Prescription Drug Abuse
A recent study in the Journal of American Medicine, reported that nearly 80 percent of people who recently started using heroin had previously used prescription pain relievers illegally. It’s clear that pain management and prescription drug abuse are at the center of the heroin epidemic. We need to address the culture of chronic pain management to more effectively alleviate the pain of patients in a way that avoids leading to over-dependence.
Dillon and Cahill will work with Senator Kemp Hannon to win passage of his legislation that limits the initial prescription or dispensing of a controlled substance for acute pain to a 3 – 10 day supply.
“There are two goals here,” Cahill said. “First, we want to encourage patients whose acute pain lasts longer than initially expected to follow up with their doctor and second, we want to lessen the number of pills left in medicine cabinets to cut off the supply to addicts. This is a major proactive step that aims to get to the very root of the problem.”
“As a father of three children I like most parents worry about the availability of drugs like heroin in our community.” Dillon concluded, “There were over 90 overdose related deaths in Westchester alone last year, many involving heroin. We need to put the dealers on notice that they will no longer have a chance to slip away from responsibility.”

NOTE: Media Availability Upon Request Through Contact Above

 Peekskill Council must kill proposed garbage tax in Peekskill
> To the Editor:
> Peekskill homeowners will be shocked to learn of the new
> taxation policy presented to them in next year’s proposed city budget.
> The city manager’s new idea is that when you pay your city taxes
> each year, all you really get is the privilege to own a home in
> Peekskill. If you actually want any services for your tax
> dollars – well, you have to pay for those too.
> The new plan is for homeowners to pay an extra $364 each year
> when their garbage is picked up. That’s right – your taxes
> suddenly won’t pay for garbage pickup any more come Jan. 1 if
> this budget is passed.
> Next year, I guess, fire calls will be $1,000 – cash in advance
> – if there’s a fire at your house. A pothole in a city street in
> front of your home will bring you a bill of $500 after the city
> fills it. This is pure madness.
> Hopefully, the seven members of the Peekskill Common Council
> will quickly strike this ridiculous proposal and find other ways
> to fill the $2 million budget hole the city manager has
> presented them.
> Like the Tea Party patriots in Boston in 1773, Peekskill
> residents will be called upon to drop their bags of garbage on
> the steps of City Hall next year if this proposal is accepted.
> Let’s hope a little Thomas Paine “Common Sense” prevails before
> we reach that point.

R.O.I. By Frank J. Rich
Most of those who walk into a store do not buy anything. This is a disheartening reality since it's so hard to get people into the store, and the only way (for most local businesses) to gain a sale. Statistically, less than 25 percent of "foot traffic" ends in a sale. This compares favorably to online shopping, which delivers a sale in less than 2 percent of product searches.
The good news: both online and in-store shopping are increasing. In fact, more U.S. shoppers plan to buy from stores; 21 percent vs. 9 percent in 2013 ("Seamless Retailing" by Accenture NYSE: ACN). Why-because the experience is more fulfilling. And, it's the same for small retailers that fear competition with big box stores. The reality is that it's easier to compete with them than you think, and no surprise why more shoppers want an in-store experience when you consider that roughly 70 percent of searches do not deliver the desired results.
The bottom line is that local stores need a website, and one that does real work, and a similarly dynamic approach to local foot traffic. This may be the Halloween season, but local stores and their websites must learn how not to scare customers away. BOO!

Forty percent of respondents to the survey above ranked improving the in-store shopping experience first, compared to just 16 percent who said the same of online shopping.
"Consumers are looking for the conveniences of shopping online, such as information on product availability, to be available in-store. The lines between the different shopping channels are blurring, but the good news for traditional retailers is that the store continues to play an important role.
"In order to ensure that they offer shoppers a seamless retail experience, brick-and-mortar street retailers must work hard to differentiate the shopping experience they offer compared to the online pure-plays," according to Chris Donnelly, global managing director of Accenture's Retail practice.
What To Do
In a recent IBM Institute for Business Value study of shopping attitudes toward an omnichannel market approach, ranging from in-store to online activities, pre-purchase through purchasing activities, and even including fulfillment benefits, consumers ranked the following capabilities highest.
1. Price consistency across channels
2. In-store, locate out-of-stock item and get it shipped home
3. Track order status
4. Consistent assortment across channels
5. Return in-store of online purchases
Additionally, the Accenture study suggests:
1. Seamless retail services such as "click and collect," in-store selection and shipment to the home address, and "in-store stock" availability while online before traveling to the store.
2. Webrooming, or the ability to browse online then go to the store to purchase. This appeals to the human condition that enjoys physical contact with others.
3. Free delivery is a very high preference. The data suggest that retailers build it into their pricing or build more comprehensive revenue models that figure ROI and "opportunity loss" over longer periods of time. Customer retention equals greater revenue.
4. Seamless operations provide the same inventory and user interface across all channels. "Delivering a seamless experience across all retail touch points remains both a key challenge and prime opportunity for retailers today," said Donnelly. "Those retailers able to integrate the physical store with the rest of their digital capabilities, and who also use analytics to support new models of customer engagement and personalized service, can gain a true competitive advantage."

5. Extraordinary customer service trumps all else. When customers feel welcome and cared for, consumers rank other preferences lower, including price.

Frank Rich is founder and CEO of Encore Príst International, an organizational development company that helps individuals and organizations reach their full potential through the practice of effective business fundamentals. You may reach him at, or by phone at 866/858-4EPI. To read all ROIs in their entirety, go to Business tab at Town Link.
If I Were A House
A children's story book
by Frank J. Rich
Poetry is like music to children's ears...
The idea that a house might take on a human guise, warm and welcoming is the simple exchange in our desire for such a home as we prepare it for ourselves and our children.
To purchase If I Were A House
 please email
Raising Father
By Frank J. Rich

To purchase Raising Father visit
A portion of the proceeds will be donated to local charitable organizations


Contact: Joe Bachmeier, (845) 279-3773



[Photo Attached]

Pawling, N.Y. – 10/18/2014 – Mission complete: Senator Greg Ball (R, C, I – Patterson) and Purple Heart Homes hosted a “welcome home” ribbon cutting ceremony for Private Dan Flanigan’s completely renovated home in Pawling, NY.

Over the past year, Senator Ball has worked with Purple Heart Homes, local businesses and community members to completely renovate the home of, Dan Flanigan, a service-connected disabled veteran in Pawling. The 100-year-old home he was living in was in complete disrepair and lacked basic necessities, including a working shower.

“When we started this project Dan’s home was in complete disrepair, today he owns the nicest house on the block! The sad reality is that this hero, who suffered war wounds -- both visible and internal, was on the verge of homelessness. However, thanks to the help of Purple Heart Homes and the immense community support, Dan will be able to proudly call this house his home for many years to come,” said Senator Greg Ball. “We must strive to do better for our veterans and for our true war heroes like Dan Flanigan. My hope is that this innovative doesn’t stop today, but that it sparks a movement as a nation.”

While serving in the Mekong Delta in 1969, Private Dan Flanigan suffered multiple wounds, including head injuries, when an enemy grenade exploded next to him during an ambush. Dan is a 100% service-connected disabled Vietnam Veteran.

Dan Flanigan inherited his parent’s home in Pawling, NY in 1999. Dan like many Vietnam service-connected disabled veterans lives on a fixed income. The home he lives in is 100 years old and was in dire need of repairs before Senator Greg Ball and Purple Heart Homes started renovations.

Dan was selected for a complete home re-modeling after a thorough vetting process by Purple Heart Homes, a non-profit based in Statesville, NC that provides housing solutions for disabled veterans.

“We are very proud of how the community, the professional trades, and Senator Ball came together to help support our mission and renovate a home for Dan Flanigan. We salute all the volunteers, sponsors, and supporters from Pawling and Paterson NY and The Hudson Valley area who stepped up to support a Veteran in need in their community. We want to express a special thank you to Senator Ball for his leadership and acknowledgment of the housing issues Veterans face each day. There are many Veterans just like Dan Flanigan who served honorably, suffered wounds and injuries all in the name of freedom. They should not have to fight again 40 years later to keep their family home or to just simply navigate aging and limiting disabilities in their home,” said John Gallina, Co-Founder of Purple Heart Homes.

Dan’s home was in disrepair for at least the last 30 years. The first step was to remove the front and rear porch, the next step was to build new bathroom with a shower that Dan previously never had. All the hardwood floors on the first floor were removed and replaced and new carpets were installed throughout the entire house. All of the windows and doors were replaced throughout the residence and the kitchen was removed and replaced with brand new cabinets, appliances and ceramic tile. A new roof was installed and the whole house was power washed and re-painted. To make the home more efficient, cellular insulation was blown into the attic area and the masonry chimney was removed and a new power vent was installed.

“I can’t say thank you enough to the wonderful people at Purple Heart Homes, Senator Ball’s office and all the businesses and community members that helped make this all possible. My parents left the house I live in to me back in 1999 when they passed away. It needed a lot of repairs, which I couldn’t afford. Now I can proudly say that my home is one of the nicest in our community,” said Dan Flanigan. “I thank God for sparing my life in Vietnam and am proud to have served my country to this day. Today as I stand on my front porch I am proud to call this house my home.”

“It has been an honor and a privilege for me to have worked with a man whose vision, foresight tenacity and leadership have resulted in some of the greatest gains in veterans issues this state has ever seen. He has authored, co-authored and sponsored more legislation, in that arena, than any other legislator in recent memory. It was solely because of him that Purple Heart Homes came to NY to collaborate with us to start and finish the ‘aging in place’ program for Vietnam Veteran and Purple Heart recipient Dan Flanigan of Pawling, NY,” said Eugene Parrotta, Director of Veterans Affairs for the 40th Senate District. “I look forward to continuing the work we have started here with all the communities in the Hudson Valley. I only hope our next State Senator is as fervent and tenacious and willing to help our veterans as Greg Ball was.”

If you know a veteran in need, please visit:

For more information contact Joe Bachmeier at



Josef Bachmeier
Communications Director
NYS Senator Greg Ball
Cell: (914) 406 5114

Contact: Jessica Proud, 914-438-5325 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


CDC:  "Ongoing
transmission of Ebolavirus in
Africa could result in an infected person arriving in NYC."

York--Oct. 18...
the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) specifically warns New York City in a
get ready for Ebola infected travelers to arrive in New York City via
international flights, Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino today called
continued unrestricted air travel to New York area airports from Ebola stricken
nations "madness."

CDC is now specifically predicting that air travelers from West African nations
to New York City will bring the Ebolavirus with them, yet that air traffic is
being allowed to continue," Mr. Astorino. "It is sheer and utter madness to
allow this to go on. America is doing everything it can to help Ebola victims in
African nations, but our first responsibility is to the health and security of
this nation."

Astorino has been calling for a halt to travelers from Ebola stricken nations
for two weeks.  On Thursday, he called on governors Cuomo and Christie to order
the Port Authority of New York and Jersey to find a way to halt travel from
Ebola stricken nations if President Obama and the Federal Aviation
Administration refuse to act.

are we waiting for?," Mr. Astorino asked. "There are more than 8,000 Ebola cases
in three African nations right now with tragic estimates of that number to
rising to 80,000 and then 800,000 in just a few weeks," Mr. Astorino continued.
"Are we really going to wait until cases pop up in the metropolitan area before
we apply common sense?"
Contact: Terence Michos
(845) 554-8281

Yet another indicator showing Nan Hayworth's growing momentum.
October 18, 2014
Chester, NY Yesterday, the Rothenberg Political Report moved its rating yet again toward Dr. Nan Hayworth's campaign for New York's 18th Congressional District. 
After a series of debates in which Congressman Maloney has struggled to defend his failed record in Congress, voters in the Hudson Valley are ready to reject the Pelosi-Obama-Maloney agenda in November. This upgrade is yet another sign that despite being outspent 6-to-1 on the airwaves just this week, Dr. Nan Hayworth's momentum continues to climb. We've seen Maloney's early lead in this race evaporate and are confident that no amount of Nancy Pelosi's special interest money will be able to convince voters that Congressman Maloney's agenda of higher taxes and lower growth are the answer for Hudson Valley families," said Terence Michos, a spokesman for the Hayworth campaign.
Nan Hayworth and Sean Patrick Maloney will face each other again in the November 2014 election. Hayworth has the Republican, Conservative, and Independence Party lines and Maloney has the Democratic and Working Families Party lines. Hayworth defeated Maloney in the Independence Party Primary on June 24th, and was named a Young Gun by the National Republican Congressional Committee, the top tier of the committee's three-level recruitment program, indicating that her campaign is one of the most competitive in the nation.
Dr. Nan Hayworth is a candidate for Congress in the 18th Congressional District in New York's Hudson Valley, which includes all of Orange and Putnam Counties and parts of Dutchess and Westchester Counties. An ophthalmologist for nearly 20 years, Dr. Hayworth was the only woman physician ever to serve as a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives.


Contact: Joe Bachmeier, (845) 279-3773



Yorktown, N.Y. – 10/17/2014 – Senator Greg Ball (R, C, I – Patterson) joined students, teachers and administration from Thomas Jefferson Elementary School to celebrate the opening of a new “inclusive” playground at the school on Gomer Street in Yorktown on Friday.

Senator Greg Ball successfully secured $60,000 in state aid to help make the playground possible.

“I was honored to help Thomas Jefferson Elementary School secure the funding to make this inclusive playground possible. It is inspiring to know that this playground was designed and built to suit the needs of all students, including those with sensory disorders, autism and students confined to a wheelchair,” said Senator Greg Ball. “Furthermore, this playground will keep students active and help combat obesity. Childhood obesity is an epidemic that we are just beginning to grapple with the reality and consequences. Physical conditioning is a critical component of a broader education and these early building blocks set the stage for future health.”

“The importance of the new playgrounds were to respond to the diverse needs of students in our school and community. The existing playground were dated and did not allow for inclusive play opportunities,” explained Principal Dr. Karen Gagliardi.

“Our TJPTA and Principal were instrumental in securing the means to make this a reality for the students of TJ,” added Dr. Gagliardi.  Parents (some of whom were architects), teachers, students, special educators, occupational therapists, physical therapist, administrators, buildings and grounds staff, secretaries, and our school nurse came together to share ideas about meeting the needs of our students and working to make that happen, explained Dr. Gagliardi. “Ultimately, through the Senator's support and Lakeland's Central Office support our TJ inclusive playground became a reality.” she added.

The Thomas Jefferson playground equipment selected in considered “Inclusive” meaning: An inclusive playground is one that invites and welcomes everyone, not just the families who are typical, but ones with children and parents with sensory processing disorder, autism and people of all ages in wheelchairs, not just the children.

For more information contact Joe Bachmeier at



Josef Bachmeier
Communications Director
NYS Senator Greg Ball
Cell: (914) 406 5114
Check out these upcoming events in support of Republican candidates around the state:
On Friday, October 17, 2014 3:06 PM, Sandy Galef wrote:

For Immediate Release                                                                                    Contact:  Sandy Galef
October 17, 2014                                                                           (914) 450-4086
Legislative Colleagues and Citizens Union to Hold Press Event to Advocate for Constitutional Amendment Propositions 1 & 2
Tuesday, October 21, 2014
10:30 AM
White Plains Public Library Auditorium
100 Martine Ave, White Plains, NY 10601
Assembly members Sandy Galef, Amy Paulin, David Buchwald, along with former Assembly member Richard Brodsky, and Rachael Fauss, Director of Public Policy for Citizens Union, will ask the public to vote in favor of Propositions One and Two on Election Day.
Proposition One would amend the State Constitution to change the way we draw legislative lines in New York. This amendment would create a better system than the one currently in place and would help to stop gerrymandering and the protection of incumbency which discourages competition for Assembly, Senate and Congressional offices.
Proposition Two would eliminate the current State Constitutional requirement that legislation be printed and placed on a legislator’s desk prior to voting. This amendment would allow for the use of technology in the legislative chambers, but would not impact the three-day rule prior to voting on legislation. This would save the state money in paper, printing and recycling costs and would help protect the environment by lessening the need for paper.
Pre-event questions can be directed to Assemblywoman Galef at (914) 450-4086.
For day of contact, please call or text Sara Rubin, Communications Director for Assemblywoman Galef at (914) 261-5503.

On Friday, October 17, 2014 4:03 PM, Town Supervisor Susanne Donnelly wrote:


    The Volunteer-Spirited Town

Town Board Special Meeting & Work Session

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

Municipal Building
16 Croton Avenue, 1st Floor
Ossining, NY 10562

10-21-2014 Special Meeting

Work Session:

  1. Ethics Law Update- Mark Reisman
  2. Changing Taxable Status Date Process- Wayne Spector
  3. Abandoned Home/ Owner Identification Update- Wayne Spector
  4. Reduction of Plastic Bag Usage- Suzie Ross of Green Ossining
  5. FMLA Policy Revisions- Maddi Zachacz
Executive Session: Legal Advice
Work Sessions are held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. in Ossining Town Municipal Offices, 16 Croton Avenue, Ossining, NY 10562.
All meetings are open to the public; public comments are welcome at the legislative board meetings.
All Board Meetings are televised LIVE on GO-TV, on Channel 78. Taped shows are repeated every Thursday at 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. on Channel 78 and 18.
Watch the live webcast of Ossining Government Access Cablevision channel 78 and verizon channel 43, including Town and Village Board Meetings.

CGR Project Website - Evaluation of Potential Government Structures
Residents can also contact the Town Board by phone at 762-6001.
Susanne Donnelly:
Eric P. Blaha:
Geoffrey Harter:
Kim Jeffrey:
Northern Wilcher:
Work Sessions are held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. in Ossining Municipal Building, 16 Croton Avenue, Ossining NY 10562. You can view past Town Board Work Sessions from our online video archive.
Town Board 
Susanne Donnelly
Eric P. Blaha
Council Member 
Geoffrey J. Harter
Council Member 
Kim Jeffrey
Council Member 
Northern Wilcher
Council Member 

Town Links
On Friday, October 17, 2014 6:07 PM, Town Supervisor Susanne Donnelly wrote:

October 18, 2014
Good morning, and Happy Saturday! It's a beautiful day in most of New York today, and nothing goes with a great day like a great book.
Unfortunately for Andrew Cuomo, nobody seems to be buying his.  "All Things Possible" (gag) is ranked #3,568 on Amazon's best seller list, and hardly anyone turned out for his book signing in New York City last week. In fact, protestors outnumbered Cuomo's supporters at the Union Square Barnes and Noble.
Even Democratic Comptroller Tom DiNapoli laughed at the suggestion that he'd read Cuomo's book.
So in lieu of reading the actual book, here's a great review, via the Journal News' Phil Reisman. We like it, and we think you will, too.
Cuomo's 'All Things Possible' leaves things out
By Phil Reisman
The Journal News
October 15, 2014 
Gov. Andrew Cuomo's long-awaited political memoir has finally hit the stores, and I got my copy on Wednesday.
No one is likely to read this 513-page book, except the governor's closest friends and relatives.
Everyone else will skim the index. They will anxiously look for their names and, if they find what they're looking for, they will thumb to the appropriate page and dog-ear it for posterity.  
Otherwise, they will use the book as a doorjamb.
Political autobiographies written at mid-career are self-serving, sanitized tracts that are carefully constructed to position the author for a run at the presidency or, if that fails, an audition as a host on a cable-TV network. This one is true to the traditional form and format, but that's just the nature of the beast. Anyway, it's better than most books of this sort, whose indexes I have skimmed.
The book's main title is "All Things Possible," but the subtitle could be: "And Some Things Left Out."
Left out is any hint that a 2014 gubernatorial race is going on. Nor is there the faintest mention of Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino. The opposition has been rendered invisible.
Cuomo is expected to win re-election, but his exclusion of any reference to the bitter and increasingly contentious campaign sends an unsettling message: We must accept his primacy.
Oh wait, he does say on page 490 that "I am now in the midst of my reelection campaign." But Astorino has been erased from the world according to Cuomo, which is consistent with the governor's strategy to minimize or ignore the existence of his opponents - whether they come from the left or right. He doesn't debate them without severe restrictions, and he looks right through them at parades.
By the way, he does bring up Carl Paladino from the 2010 election. The novelty candidate Jimmy "The Rent Is Too Damn High" McMillan also makes a cameo. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio receives a slight nod and so does actor Robert De Niro on page 462.
David Letterman is on page 148. Shakespeare is trotted out on page 178. Jay-Z shows up on page 227. 
But Zephyr Teachout? Fuggedaboutit!
Deep into the book, Cuomo makes a brief pass at fighting political corruption. But you won't find the Moreland Commission in the index. The commission, which Cuomo personally created, was investigating crooked behavior in the state capital when the governor abruptly shut it down. The New York Times interviewed some key commission figures who said that Cuomo aides directly interfered with the commission's work.
One of the alleged meddlers mentioned in the Times story was Larry Schwartz of White Plains, who has been a nonpareil hatchet man going back to the days when he served as Andy Spano's surrogate brain in the Westchester county executive's office.
In his acknowledgements, Cuomo praises Schwartz as the guy who "runs the ship. I have known him for thirty years, and he is as skilled a government and management professional as I have seen."
I'll say.
Cuomo extolls the building of the new Tappan Zee Bridge. The word "extolls" reminds me of tolls, which is what most bridge commuters want to know about. How much will the tolls be raised to pay for the construction of the new bridge?
The governor won't touch the question with a Left Coast Lifter. He merely says, "We have forty years to pay back the money, which we will do through toll collection."
Hold onto your wallets.
Keep reading at 
On Saturday, October 18, 2014 10:07 AM, TJ McCormack wrote:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  - October 18, 2014
Contact: T.J. McCormack (818) 554-2566

***Press Release***


MT. KISCO, NY - At least nineteen women were victimized at work and faced discrimination at Sterling Jewelers, according to a bombshell complaint filed by the United States Equal Opportunity Commission. The law firm of Senate Candidate Justin Wagner had that lawsuit dismissed earlier this year on a technicality, records show.
"These women faced discrimination, sexual harassment, and were paid less than men for doing the same job," said T.J. McCormack, a spokesperson for Wagner's opponent, Dr. Terrence Murphy. "When they took their case to court, Justin Wagner's firm victimized them again."

In contrast, the Daily Voice reported that Murphy, who has a young daughter, supports the nine-point Senate Women's Equality package which guarantees equal pay for equal work and, among other provisions, enacts stronger protections against sexual harassment in the workplace, pregnancy discrimination and human trafficking. The article added that Murphy's opponent, Justin Wagner, continues to stall the passage of this legislation until extreme abortion measures are passed, including allowing nondoctors to perform abortions.
"Justin Wagner continues to mislead us about his position on women's equality," McCormack said. "The truth is Justin Wagner gets paid $350,000 a year working for a firm that defends companies where women are victims of discrimination, sexual harassment and unequal pay. With Justin Wagner, it's one lie after another."
Wagner's law firm obtained a "significant dismissal" of the case, which was one of the largest EEOC gender discrimination cases in American history, according to Wagner's law firm's own website

McCormack questioned why self-proclaimed women's rights advocates like Kathy Hochul and Andrea Miller would aid the indefensible conduct of Wagner's law firm. "Their silence with regard to Justin Wagner's defense of gender bias and harassment is only equaled by their failure to speak out against the enablers of Vito Lopez, Micah Kellner and Dennis Gabyrszak and their pattern of sexual abuse and misconduct in Albany. They too have become enablers," he charged.
On Saturday, October 18, 2014 11:04 AM, Nick for New York wrote:

Untitled document

Rep. Carolyn Maloney has refused to debate me, and the New York Post called her out today:

"Even one debate is too much for Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-Manhattan), who simply refuses to go up against her challenger, Nick Di Iorio. She's turned down a joint invitation from Columbia University's College Democrats and College Republicans."

The full editorial can be found at:
Nick Di iorio
Congressional nominee, NY-12
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Nick for New York, 323 East 93rd St, New York, NY 10128
On Saturday, October 18, 2014 1:47 PM, Kieran Michael Lalor wrote:

Trouble viewing this email? Read it online
Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor 
Help Arlington High School Win a $100,000 Safe-Driving Grant
Dear Friends,

Arlington High School is competing to win a $100,000 safe-driving grant from State Farm. We need your help to put Arlington over the top. Here's how to do it:

1. Visit
2. Click on the "Make Your Safe Driving Commitment" button.
3. Enter your information.
4. Enter Arlington High School and Lagrangeville, NY in the search box on the next screen.
5. Select Arlington when it appears.
6. Answer two quick questions and then click on the "Make Your Safe Driving Commitment" button again.

That's it, and you'll help the school compete for the grant. If you really want to help, you can repeat this each day through the end of the contest.

This is a good opportunity for one of our local schools to compete for a private grant. I hope you can help out.

Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor, a former teacher at Our Lady of Lourdes in Poughkeepsie, is a Marine Corps veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and a frequent guest on the Fox News Channel. Lalor is of counsel to the law firm Gaines, Novick, Ponzini, Cossu & Venditti. He is a graduate of John Jay High School, Providence College and Pace Law School and lives in Hopewell Jct. with his wife Mary Jo and their four young children Katie, Riley, Mikey and Kieran Jr..
NOTE: Governor Andrew Cuomo will visit the Bronx today -- 15 days before Election Day -- after ignoring the Hispanic-majority borough for the past four years. The Astorino campaign is providing Mr. Cuomo the map below for easy neighborhood reference. At just under 10% (9.8%) the Bronx has the highest unemployment rate in New York State and one of the highest in the nation. Its poverty rate hovers at around 30%. The median household income in the Bronx is $34,300. Eighty percent (80%) of Mr. Cuomo's $45 million in political contributions have come in amounts of $40,000 or more. Coincidence?
Mr. Astorino launched his campaign for governor on the Grand Concourse in the Bronx and has spent significant time and energy in the borough throughout his campaign.  Bronx Democratic State Senator Ruben Diaz just endorsed Mr. Astorino for governor, as did more than 100 Hispanic ministers at a Bronx rally last week.


October 20, 2014
Good morning. Here's the latest from John Cahill's campaign for Attorney General.  John was endorsed by Newsday and Crain's late last week after being endorsed by the New York Observer midweek.

This morning, the New York Post broke that Eric Schneiderman was caught using cocaine in the back of a bar.  Momentum is on our side - Check out all three articles below, and head to for the latest on the campaign.
Elect John Cahill as New York Attorney General

October 17, 2014

The office of New York attorney general is one of the most influential in the nation. Our sweeping laws protecting civil rights, consumers and the environment, combined with the authority to prosecute financial fraud, give the officeholder a lot of power.
But only if those muscles are flexed.
The most recent officeholders, Eliot Spitzer and Andrew M. Cuomo, built their reputations by aggressively regulating the financial industry and protecting consumers.
Unlike his predecessors, Democrat Eric T. Schneiderman of Manhattan hasn't put much up on the scoreboard. We were skeptical about his fit for this job four years ago, and his lackluster campaign for a second term has been as uninspiring as his tenure. The incumbent's lack of name recognition is not surprising.
Fortunately, his Republican challenger, John Cahill of Yonkers, has the professionalism and experience to return luster to this office. He has an ambitious agenda and a respected management style that are critical to attract a bipartisan team of top legal talent.
Cahill, 56, served in the administration of former Gov. George Pataki -- four years as the commissioner of the Department of Environmental Conservation, and another four as his chief of staff. Cahill has solid environmental credentials, especially on Long Island, where he recently was endorsed by the Long Island Environmental Voters Forum for his key role in implementing the 1993 Pine Barrens Protection Act.
Keep reading at 
Crain's Endorses John Cahill  
Crain's New York Business
October 17, 2014

Voters inclined to split their ticket will find a highly capable attorney-general candidate in Republican John Cahill, a former Pataki administration official promising more transparency and less politicization than Democrat Eric Schneiderman has shown in his initial term. The incumbent's self-serving view of open-records laws and attempt to funnel billions in bank-settlement funds to his pet groups overshadow his efforts to reform state rules that govern New York's nonprofit sector.

AG Schneiderman snorted coke in the back of a bar: activist

By Fred Dicker
The New York Post
October 20, 2014

State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman - New York's highest-ranking law-enforcement official - snorted cocaine in the back room of a bar while he was a state senator, a political activist claims.
While Schneiderman, 59, has admitted to using pot and coke as a youth, he's denied ingesting any illegal drugs for years, including since 1998, when he became a lawmaker.
"I saw him, Schneiderman, put it up his nose, a white powder'' in 2005, insisted Democratic activist and comic Randy Credico.
Credico, who worked with fellow Democrat Schneiderman and others including hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons in the mid-2000s to successfully reform the Rockefeller Drug Laws, said Schneiderman snorted cocaine at Siberia, a since-closed Manhattan nightclub, during a party for politicians and their supporters.
"Schneiderman was there, and everybody was using like a bump or two bumps of cocaine ... We were all snorting there, everyone was in the back room using white powder,'' contended Credico, who received more than 20,000 votes as a long-shot candidate in the Democratic primary for governor last month.
There were about a dozen people in the room, Credico added.

Keep reading at
On Monday, October 20, 2014 11:32 AM, TJ McCormack wrote:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  - October 20, 2014
Contact: T.J. McCormack (818) 554-2566

***Press Release***

ALBANY, NY - New York's leading small business association, the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), has endorsed Dr. Terrence Murphy for the New York State Senate in the 40th District. The endorsement puts the considerable grassroots support of the state's small businesses behind the Murphy campaign.

In a statement, NFIB-NY Director Mike Durant said, "As a small business owner, Terrence Murphy understands the significant and complex challenges facing small businesses in New York. Terrence with fight to reduce taxes, cut unnecessary red tape and bring real work experience to the State Senate. Simply, Terrence Murphy is the only choice for small business in this race."

The NFIB is the national's leading small business association with offices in all fifty capitals and Washington DC. Founded in 1943 as a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, NIFB gives small and independent business owners a voice in shaping the public policy issues that affect their business.

"As a small business owner, it is an honor to have the support of the NFIB," Dr. Murphy said. "I am proud of my record which includes ushering in $250 million in economic growth and job creation. I look forward to bringing that record to Albany and to stand as the voice for my fellow business owners in the Senate."

NFIB's political support is based on the candidate's position and record on small-business issues. 

Murphy's endorsement comes from the NFIB/New York SAFE (Save America's Free Enterprise) Trust, the political action committee for NFIB/New York's membership.
On Monday, October 20, 2014 11:36 AM, Bob Antonacci wrote:


Just wanted to make sure you saw this from today's NY Post.

Thanks again for all your support!



Does it matter that New York has become a one-party state - with barely anyone noticing the election for governor in two weeks, let alone state comptroller and attorney general?
Yes, it matters, and last Wednesday's debate for the comptroller's race points up why. New Yorkers need a choice on the fiscal policies that hold us back.
As GOP challenger Bob Antonacci said amiably at the NY1 debate of his opponent, Democratic incumbent Tom DiNapoli: "He's up 30 points." But "he still agreed to debate, and that's important for us to save New York."
It is important - and both candidates showed how gentlemen should debate.
They stuck to the issues, didn't talk down to the (few) voters watching and gave people a choice on one critical policy: Who should be responsible for state and local workers' retirement savings - taxpayers or the workers themselves?
As moderator Errol Louis pointed out, running the state's $181.3 billion public pension fund is "the most important part of your job."
The comptroller is the sole trustee - responsible for making sure the state can pay out on its promises to state and most local retirees. (New York City has its own funds.)
If the state can't make good on those promises - or can't do it without strangling its economy - it's the comptroller's job to say so.
Antonacci did that. Asked whether retirees should worry about a volatile stock market, he got to the root of the problem: "They don't worry about those headlines, because [their pension] is backed up by the full faith and credit of the great state of New York. And therein lies the problem."
Exactly. When the stock market does well, retirees do well. When the stock market does poorly, retirees do fine, too.
It's the rest of us who pay for it. A decade ago, state and local governments paid $3 billion a year to keep up with their retirees; today, it's $6.1 billion.
After inflation, that's 65 percent growth - and local governments can't afford it.
And it's not even enough. The pension fund will pay $9.9 billion to retirees this year - more than it takes in, and 2½ times what it paid out 20 years ago.
"We have to make some fundamental changes to the pension fund, including talking about a defined-contribution plan," said Antonacci.
That's a plan that would require retirees to contribute more to their own retirement - they contributed less than 5 percent of what the plan took in last year; the taxpayers, 95 percent - and to shoulder some of the risk of falling markets.
Antonacci is no wild man. He's a Certified Public Accountant and a Syracuse law grad. And he's the comptroller of the county that includes Syracuse.
So he sees how pension costs are harming New York.
"The first thing we have to do is eliminate the unfunded mandates that continue to plague the upstate governments" and use the savings to "invest in infrastructure," he said.
Yes, it's not just pensions.
"We can talk about prevailing wage, the Triborough Amendment, the Taylor Law," Antonacci added.
The first involves state laws that force cities and towns to pay more for construction work - and the latter are state laws and rules that favor public-sector unions over their employers in contract negotiations.
On pensions, DiNapoli's storyline is that the state pension fund is "the best funded" nationwide. "New York is No. 1. I think we're doing something right," he said.
Yeah, but state and local governments have to skimp on everything else - and even then, local governments have delayed payments.
And to make our required 7.5 percent annual return, the state is spending more on expenses, mostly higher fees to Wall Street - $575 million this year, up from $145 million a decade ago. A full 23 percent of fees go to private equity, even though it's only 8 percent of the portfolio.
And New York's pension fund is at a "record-high value," as DiNapoli said, because the Federal Reserve has spent the past half-decade keeping interest rates at zero - meaning large Wall Street investors can borrow for free and push the value of all assets up. Like any bubble, it can't last forever - and it will hurt when it pops.
On stressed-out local governments, DiNapoli said, "We do need to do more."
No, the state comptroller can't do it himself - but he can sound the warnings to the governor and the Legislature.
"We know what the solutions are. We just don't have the political will to implement them," Antonacci said.
New York has a choice of fiscal watchdog - but it has to pay attention.
Nicole Gelinas is a contributing editor to the Manhattan Institute's City Journal.
October 20, 2014
Cox to Schneiderman: Come Clean
Contact: David Laska
ALBANY ... NYGOP Chair Ed Cox today called on Eric Schneiderman to come clean regarding accusations published in this morning's New York Post that Schneiderman used cocaine in front of about a dozen people at a bar while a member of the State Senate:
"It's the height of hypocrisy for Eric Schneiderman to spend millions of dollars airing television ads bragging about drug busts while he was using drugs as a member of the State Senate," said Cox.  "Eric Schneiderman has admitted to using drugs in the past, and it's not a stretch to think he would use them again.  Eric Schneiderman doesn't get to play by his own set of rules: if these allegations are true, then like Eliot Spitzer, Eric Schneiderman is unfit to be our top law enforcement official.
"The Attorney General owes us answers: did you use cocaine that evening? When else have you used cocaine as a public official? Are you still using cocaine now? If the report is inaccurate, who else was with you in the bar that can corroborate your account?
"It's critical that New Yorkers hear directly from you. Stop hiding behind your press office and answer for your own actions."
Contact:  Jessica Proud, 914-438-5325 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Five Questions Andrew Cuomo Must Answer on 

Suspect Pre-Election Book Tour

  1. What government resources, including personnel, have you used in promoting your book?

  1. What campaign resources, including personnel, have you used in promoting your book?

  1. How is a reported one million dollar contract justified for a book that is not selling?  What do you say to New Yorkers who see that as potentially shady?

  1. Do you think CBS interviews, including David Letterman's, are appropriate three weeks before an election when you gave at least $16 million in tax breaks to CBS?

  1. New Yorkers pay the highest taxes in America in a state with the worst economic outlook in America.  Do you really think a self-aggrandizing book tour is warranted?

Note: A formal complaint has been filed by Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin requesting an immediate state investigation into these and other questions surrounding Mr. Cuomo's questionable book tour. A New York Post story on the matter is linked here.  
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