Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bazzomanifesto Update 10/15/14: 13 Topics In Today's blog



2) NYGOP Presents Andrew Cuomo's Bottom 10

3) No-Debate Cuomo Insults New Yorkers w/ Book Tour

4) [PRESS RELEASE] Wagner in more hot water with BOE

5) Accomplishment Tuesdays - Tearing Down Cuomo's Tax Wall

6) Hayworth's Continues to Build Momentum as Maloney's Lead is Cut in Half

7) Open Proposal to Gov. Cuomo

8) Internal Hayworth Poll: NY-18 Race Is A Statistical Tie

9) Gov. Whitman Letter: Astorino Can Win; Revive New York

10) Replace 2 Safe Act Votes w/ 2A Supporters

11) New York Observer endorses John Cahill for AG

12) The FUN starts here... and starts tonight! At 12 Grapes


14) Siegel-Diana interview  on Youtube

15)  George Oros on the Yorktown Watchdog Report - YouTube

16) View the Winning Projects from the 2014 NYC&G Innovation in Design Awards!

17) Frank Vernuccio:US Drops in Economic Freedom Ranking

18) Frank Vernuccio: Campaign vs. Pledge of Allegiance

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Contact:  Jessica Proud, 914-438-5325 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
$1,000 REWARD
Astorino Calls on 'Street Smart New Yorkers' to Give it a Go

New York--Oct. 14..."Get the answers; win a thousand bucks." That's the gauntlet Westchester County Executive and New York gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino threw down to street-smart New Yorkers Tuesday in challenging them to do what no New Yorker has yet accomplished: Get Governor Cuomo to answer five "yes-or-no" questions about his role in the ongoing Moreland Commission Scandal.  Mr. Cuomo is under federal investigation for possible obstruction of justice, witness tampering, and failing to report crimes after abruptly shutting an independent anti-corruption commission when it began investigating his own administration and people close to him. Mr. Cuomo has since lawyered up.

"New Yorkers are the sharpest people on the planet; if anyone can get Andrew Cuomo to crack it's them," Mr. Astorino said. "Mr. Cuomo's criminal defense team instructed him not to discuss his role in the Scandal, and, incredibly, questions to the governor about Moreland stopped.  But now, at a book signing, Mr. Cuomo is making himself available to savvy, everyday New Yorkers  -- I just know one of them can make him talk. All things are possible."

Mr. Cuomo will sign his book at Barnes & Noble at Union Square in Manhattan at 7:00 pm Wednesday. (In other words, he won't be able to ignore questioners like he did Professor Zephyr Teachout at a Labor Day parade.)

The Astorino campaign has prepared a primer (below) followed by the five "yes-or-no" questions it urges New Yorkers to ask. The rules of the contest are below as well.


In July 2013, Governor Cuomo created the Commission to Investigate Public Corruption, or "Moreland Commission," which he said was needed to "generate transparency and accountability" and "restore the public trust."
At Governor Cuomo's request, Attorney General Schneiderman granted the commissioners authority to act as Deputy Attorneys General.  Attorney General Schneiderman told the New York State Supreme Court that the Commissioners had "separate and independent subpoena authority."  As a result, Attorney General Schneiderman said, "the Governor chose to create a Commission with independent authority to make investigatory decisions that he does not control."
The Commission was just halfway through its 18-month term when Governor Cuomo shut it down.  In July 2014, the New York Times detailed how the Governor's staff repeatedly interfered with the Commission's attempts to investigate his friends.  For example, according to the Times:
* A Cuomo aide directed the Commission "to steer clear of the Committee to Save New York," a group the Times said spent millions "to support the governor's own agenda," but "did not disclose where its money came from."  The Governor's staff even had a reference to the Committee to Save New York deleted from the Commission's December 2013 preliminary report.
* The Commission cancelled its plans to subpoena the Real Estate Board of New York, which the Times described as "a powerful trade group whose members have been among Mr. Cuomo's most generous supporters," after a Cuomo aide told it not to.
* After a Cuomo aide complained to the Commission because it subpoenaed Buying Time, a political TV advertising firm whose biggest client was Governor Cuomo, the Commission had the subpoena rescinded.
Governor Cuomo's top aide admitted to the Times that he "gave the commission some advice on investigative or tactical decisions."  For anyone else, such "advice" would be considered obstruction of justice.
Not surprisingly, Governor Cuomo and his top aides are now under federal investigation. The Governor has refused to answer any questions related to the United States Attorney's inquiry.  Here are five questions the Governor must answer by November 4:

1.  Are you a subject or a target of the federal investigation concerning obstruction of justice and other issues related to the Moreland Commission?  Federal prosecutors have an obligation to tell you if you ask, and the voters have a right to know.

2. Did you or any of your aides request, direct, or demand that a subpoena to the Committee to Save New York be withheld, withdrawn, or modified?

3. Did you or any of your aides request, direct, or demand that a subpoena to the Real Estate Board of New York be withheld, withdrawn, or modified?

4.  Did you or any of your aides request, direct, or demand that a subpoena to Buying Time be withheld, withdrawn, or modified?

5. Did you or any of your aides ask or direct anyone affiliated with the Moreland Commission to delete a reference to the Committee to Save New York, the Real Estate Board of New York, or Buying Time from the Commission's December 2013 preliminary report?
The Rules

There will be only one winner (you think we have Andrew Cuomo's pay-to-play cash?)

The first person to get Governor Cuomo to answer 'yes or no' to the five contest questions listed above will be awarded $1,000.  

The answers must be captured on video, so please bring your video cameras.

October 14, 2014

NYGOP Presents Andrew Cuomo's Bottom 10

Contact: David Laska
ALBANY... The NYGOP today released "Andrew Cuomo's Bottom 10." Gov. Cuomo will deliver a "Top 10" tonight on The Late Show with David Letterman.
"While Andrew Cuomo cracks jokes to a national audience with the face of a network he just gave a $16 million tax break to, New Yorkers aren't laughing," said NYGOP spokesman David Laska. "And that's because Andrew Cuomo's administration has been a parade of political fraud and fiction on issue after issue."
Andrew Cuomo's Bottom 10
10. A Teachout Moment
Support for Andrew Cuomo is so low within his own party that Zephyr Teachout, a little-known Fordham Law Professor, earned 34% of the vote in a Democratic primary. Comedian Randy Credico took 4%.
9. You're Outta Here!
Andrew Cuomo told a radio host that conservatives have "no place in the State of New York." New Yorkers have demanded an apology. We're still waiting. Think we'll get one? Neither do we.
8. Hamlet of the Shale
Andrew Cuomo is too afraid of environmental Luddites in his own Party to make a decision on hydraulic fracturing, which has supported the creation of a quarter of a million jobs in Pennsylvania. The good news? The administration said they need just "90 days" to make a decision about natural gas development. The bad news? That was two years ago.
7. The Un-SAFE Act
"Never let a serious crisis go to waste." -Rahm Emanuel.  
Andrew Cuomo used the Newtown tragedy as justification for passing a massive gun control package in the middle of the night.   The law was so poorly written that it turned many New York law enforcement officers into criminals overnight. Oh, and shootings are up in heavily-regulated New York City. Feeling safer yet?
6. The Buffalo Boondoggle
Andrew Cuomo announced the "Buffalo Billion" project as the savior of Buffalo's economy, but it's really a high-risk, low-reward project funded by New York's hardworking taxpayers. Oh, and if you live in Rochester, Syracuse, Ithaca, Utica, Binghamton or anywhere else, sorry, Cuomo's got nothin' for ya.
5. Tax Fre-- er, Start Up NY
Here's one for Throwback Thursday: does anyone remember "Tax Free NY?" That was the original name of "Start Up NY," before someone reminded Andrew Cuomo that his New York is still the most taxed state in the Nation. So he changed the name, and then proceeded to use hundreds of millions of tax dollars running thinly-veiled campaign ads for himself, while New York remains dead last in just about everything.
4. A Prevalent Pattern of Pay to Play
This one could be its own list, but we'd run out of bandwidth. Here's 100 pages of state contracts Andrew Cuomo has given out to his campaign donors. This one speaks for itself.
3. Women's Equality Shel Game
Andrew Cuomo launched the sham "Women's Equality Party" in an election year. The problem? Women think it's insulting, and Andrew Cuomo spent the last three years palling up to Sheldon Silver, the Assembly Speaker who enabled serial sex abusers in the Democratic Assembly Caucus. Almost 60% of New Yorkers wouldn't want their daughter interning in the State Legislature. How's that for equality?
2. #CowardlyCuomo
The first time he ran for office, Andrew Cuomo touted the importance of debates. This time, he called debates a "disservice to democracy." Read that again. That's your Governor, folks.
1. The Moreland Mess
Andrew Cuomo launched an anti-corruption commission, and then corrupted his own corruption commission by quashing their subpoenas aimed at his own campaign donors. Only in Albany.

Contact:  Jessica Proud, 914-438-5325 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Statement from Rob Astorino on Cuomo Book Tour
Oct. 14, 2014

"Governor Cuomo has time for a book tour, but he doesn't have time to face the voters of New York. Yet another day has passed with Mr. Cuomo refusing to agree to a one-on-one televised debate.  New Yorkers pay the highest taxes in America -- 40% more than the average American -- and their state is ranked as having the worst economic outlook in America.  Forty one percent of New Yorkers say they want to leave New York, and 60 percent of those over age 50 are likely or somewhat likely to move from the state, according to the AARP.  New York ranks as having the most corrupt state government in America.
"And still, Mr. Cuomo won't give voters an hour of his time to discuss the issues one-on-one on television. He won't even release the terms of his million-dollar contract with his publisher. Mr. Cuomo cares only about book sales and self aggrandizement. What an incredible insult to the electorate. What an incredible insult to democracy."
Note: The Connecticut gubernatorial race is featuring seven statewide TV debates between the two major party candidates. Four TV debates already have been held.

On Tuesday, October 14, 2014 4:40 PM, TJ McCormack wrote:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  - October 14, 2014
Contact: T.J. McCormack (818) 554-2566

***Press Release***

Justin Wagner's Delinquent Campaign Finance Forms
Subject of BOE Complaint 

Wagner could face additional sanctions following
local BOE action over illegal campaign office

New York State Senate candidate Justin Wagner may be in hot water after once again running afoul of State Election Law disclosure requirements. A formal complaint today was filed with the New York State Board of Elections Special Enforcement Counsel over Wagner's failure to require the mandated 32-day pre-primary disclosure form.
"Justin Wagner thinks two sets of rules should apply, one for himself and one for everybody else," said T.J. McCormack, a spokesperson for Wagner's opponent, Dr. Terrence Murphy. "Justin Wagner and his law firm make $1,000 an hour to ram pipelines through the Hudson Valley and protect gender discriminators like Sterling Jewelers, but maybe they should take an Election Law CLE. If Justin Wagner cannot file simple disclosure forms, how can we trust him to represent us in Albany?"
Click here for the formal complaint sent today to the NYSBOE over the missing Wagner disclosure form.
Click here to read the letter from the Putnam County BOE ordering Wagner to shutter his illegal campaign office in Brewster.



Through what is known as an Opportunity-to-Ballot (OTB) petition, Wagner forced a write-in primary for the Green Party line in September, which he subsequently lost. Since Wagner sent mailings and brochures as a candidate during the primary election, he is required by law to file campaign finance disclosure statements relating to his campaign's expenditures and receipts during that time period, which he has not done.
A mailer sent by Justin Wagner during the 2014 Green Party Primary. Wagner has filed some of the campaign finance statements required by NYS Election Law §14-108, but not the 32-day pre-primary disclosure, and is now subject to a formal complaint.
Wagner has been enmired in controversy surrounding that September 2014 Green Party Primary. The Putnam County Board of Elections recently found that Wagner's campaign office headquarters, located at 54 Main Street in Brewster, was illegally located less than 100 feet from a polling place.

Since Wagner campaigned from that office during Primary Day within 100 feet of a polling site, and votes was cast in that Election District in the Green Party primary, Wagner engaged in electioneering, which is a misdemeanor according to New York State Election Law. After investigating, the Putnam County Board of Elections ordered the Wagner campaign to close his campaign office on Election Day in November and forwarded the matter to the State Board of Elections for further investigation.
"State Enforcement Counsel Risa Sugarman may be new to her job, but Justin Wagner is keeping her busy," McCormack said. "From missing disclosure forms, to his illegal office, and according to NYPIRG, 379 'unitemized' campaign finance violations in 2012, we'll soon be seeing the ethically-challenged Justin Wagner on New York's Most Wanted List...for violating what seems like nearly every campaign finance and election law we have on the books."
Wagner will face a fine of up to $5,000 if he continues to refuse to file the 32 day pre-primary disclosure form. The electioneering accusation over the Justin Wagner campaign office that was referred for enforcement by the local Board of Elections carries a misdemeanor penalty.
On Tuesday, October 14, 2014 4:48 PM, Kieran Michael Lalor wrote:

Trouble viewing this email? Read it online

Accomplishment Tuesdays - Tearing Down Cuomo's Tax Wall

Dear Friends,
It's tough to get any tax cuts through in Albany, let alone broad tax cuts that help the entire state. I'm very proud to say that my efforts early this year led to New York State eliminating the manufacturers corporate income tax across the state for manufacturers small and large. Governor Cuomo's original budget was only going to cut the tax for upstate, but not for Dutchess County, the rest of the lower Hudson Valley, New York City and Long Island. I led a successful fight to extend the tax cut to Dutchess and the rest of the state.

The governor's initial 2014-15 budget proposal included an elimination of the manufacturers corporate income tax for upstate counties. He defined upstate as outside the MTA Region. That left Dutchess County, and the rest of New York south, out in the cold. It would have been particularly harmful to Dutchess County because we have neighboring counties that would have seen the tax eliminated. Why would a manufacturer set up in Dutchess County and pay the tax when it could move a few minutes down the road to Ulster or Columbia County and pay no tax? This was a jobs killer for Dutchess County. Governor Cuomo was planning to erect a tax wall that would be disastrous for our communities.

I immediately organized opposition to Cuomo's tax wall. I circulated a resolution opposing the tax wall that was passed by 21 towns, villages or counties. Each of those local governments joined me in calling on Governor Cuomo to extend the tax cut to the entire state. I advocated for the a broad, state-wide tax cut with an op-ed in the New York Post.

We worked hard, we were loud, we were relentless and we won. The final budget extended the tax cut to Dutchess County and the rest of the MTA region.

I'm often asked, how can you make a difference when you're in a super-minority in the Assembly? How can you fight for Dutchess County when your party has so little power against Sheldon Silver? The answer is relentless and loud advocacy for the right causes can win the day. It did when we tore down Cuomo's tax wall. And we can replicate that on other issues. Don't ever think that making changes in Albany is a lost cause. It isn't.

"It's hard enough to attract jobs to New York. The proposal to cut taxes for Ulster and Columbia Counties, but not Dutchess and Orange Counties, would have only made things worse. Assemblyman Lalor was the first to recognize what a disaster this proposal was. His efforts saved jobs and opportunities in Dutchess and Orange Counties."Karl Brabenec, Deerpark Town Supervisor
"The governor’s original proposal to split New York State into separate tax zones was divisive and would have pitted New Yorkers against each other and driven jobs out of our community. Assemblyman Lalor’s fight to eliminate the corporate income tax on manufacturers across New York State saved jobs."
Todd Tancredi, Poughkeepsie Town Supervisor


Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor, a former teacher at Our Lady of Lourdes in Poughkeepsie, is a Marine Corps veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and a frequent guest on the Fox News Channel. Lalor is of counsel to the law firm Gaines, Novick, Ponzini, Cossu & Venditti. He is a graduate of John Jay High School, Providence College and Pace Law School and lives in Hopewell Jct. with his wife Mary Jo and their four young children Katie, Riley, Mikey and Kieran Jr..

On Wednesday, October 15, 2014 7:30 AM, Press Release - Nan Hayworth wrote:

To view this email as a web page, go here.
Contact: Terence Michos
(845) 554-8281

Despite being outspent 2-to-1, the race for NY's 18th Congressional District is now within the margin of error.
October 15, 2014
Chester, NY  Dr. Nan Hayworth continues to build momentum in New York's 18th Congressional District as Congressman Sean Maloney's lead in the race has been cut in half over the past month. A new poll conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, which surveyed 400 likely voters on October 12-13, 2014, reveals that despite outspending Hayworth 2-to-1, Maloney barely leads in the race and has continued to see his support erode since the Siena Poll that that was released one month ago. Hayworth now trails Maloney by only 4 points (39% to 43%).
"This new poll proves that Nan Hayworth's message of fighting for middle-class families, fixing the flawed Obamacare law, and protecting our veterans is resonating with her neighbors here in the Hudson Valley. Voters are fed up with the Pelosi-Obama-Maloney agenda, and Hudson Valley families recognize the need for change in Washington," said Terence Michos, a spokesman for the Hayworth campaign.  

Nan Hayworth and Sean Patrick Maloney will face each other again in the November 2014 election. Hayworth has the Republican, Conservative, and Independence Party lines and Maloney has the Democratic and Working Families Party lines. Hayworth defeated Maloney in the Independence Party Primary on June 24th, and was named a Young Gun by the National Republican Congressional Committee, the top tier of the committee's three-level recruitment program, indicating that her campaign is one of the most competitive in the nation.
Dr. Nan Hayworth is a candidate for Congress in the 18th Congressional District in New York's Hudson Valley, which includes all of Orange and Putnam Counties and parts of Dutchess and Westchester Counties. An ophthalmologist for nearly 20 years, Dr. Hayworth was the only woman physician ever to serve as a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Open Proposal to Andrew Cuomo

October 15, 2014
Hon. Andrew Cuomo
Executive Chamber
State Capital
Albany, NY 12247
Dear Andrew:
In 2010, when you ran for governor, you refused to release your tax returns. You also refused to release tax returns as New York State Attorney General.
Now, four years later, you have found religion: You are airing negative television ads criticizing me for releasing 2013 tax returns, plus four years of financial disclosure forms, which a.) have always been available to the public, and b.) are more financially transparent than tax returns themselves.  
You suggest I am hiding something in my past returns.
At the same time, I have been asking you to debate me one-on-one on television. It's not much to ask.  Television debates have been an established part of the political process in America since the 1960's. In the Connecticut governor's race, seven -- seven -- one-on-one TV debates between the major party candidates have been scheduled. Four already have taken place.
I suggest you are hiding from full and democratic public discourse.
So how about this: I agree to release four more years of tax returns, redundantly I might add -- the information is already available on my financial disclosure forms -- and you agree to one of the five one-on-one televised debates I agreed to a month ago.
Is it a deal?
New Yorkers pay the highest taxes in America; 40% more than the average American. Doesn't that buy them the right to see their candidates for governor answer a few questions?
I think so.  What say you?

Rob Astorino
Westchester County Executive
P.S. In case you haven't seen it, here is a link to today's New York Times editorial calling for one-on-one televised debates between us. It's a good read. 

On Wednesday, October 15, 2014 10:25 AM, Ian Prior wrote:

Internal Hayworth Poll: NY-18 Race Is A Statistical Tie  

From the Morning Memo:
According to an internal poll conducted for Nan Hayworth’s campaign, the former congresswoman is closing fast on her Democratic opponent, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, and now trails him by just 4 percentage points.
The poll, conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, shows Maloney leading Hayworth 39-43, with a third party candidate, Scott Smith, receiving 2 percent of the vote.
The margin of error for this poll of 400 likely voters is 4.9 percent, which means this race is a statistical dead heat.
A Siena poll released last month showed Hayworth trailing Maloney by 8 percentage points.
Hayworth’s campaign shared just the top lines of the poll with SoP, providing no additional details or crosstabs. (Federal election rules, unlike state requirements, do not mandate that candidates release entire poll results if they make just some information public).
The poll memo warns, however, that this situation is “eerily similar” to the 2012 election, when Hayworth was up 7 percentage points in an October Siena poll, only to see her lead slip away come November.
“Bottom line – if the Hayworth campaign is able to appropriately fund paid media for the final push to get Nan’s message out to voters in the district, she can win back this congressional seat on November 4th,” the memo concludes.
The DCCC is clearly worried about Maloney’s chances of holding onto his seat next month.
The national Democats recently pulled funding for TV airtime from two flailing upstate congressional campaigns in NY-21 (Aaron Woolf) and NY-23 (Martha Robertson), andshifted the cash to NY-18.
Using that money, the DCCC recently launched its first attack ad against Hayworth, echoing Maloney’s main campaign theme that she is too conservative to represent the evenly divided district.
Ian Prior
Northeast Regional Press Secretary
National Republican Congressional Committee
Office: 202-646-6419
Cell: 617-584-3345
Twitter: @iprior1177
Note: A number of members of the news media have requested the fundraising letter released today by former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman. It is below. 
Thank you for your interest.
--Astorino for Governor
Dear New York Neighbors,

"A Plan for New York Revival."

That was the headline of the powerful Wall Street Journal editorial released Saturday. The subheader: "Astorino's tax reform would lift the state's flagging economy."

I can think of language no more compelling for the election of Rob Astorino next month as governor of New York. I have sadly watched the Empire State atrophy in recent years, hemorrhaging jobs and families to other parts of the country. The reason? New York has the nation's highest taxes and the worst regulatory environment. That takes a toll.  The AARP reported in September that 6o percent of New Yorkers over age 50 are likely or somewhat likely to move out of New York in the next several years.  More than 400,000 New Yorkers have fled the state in the past four years alone. If that continues, New York is going to find itself in very bad straights.

Westchester County Executive Astorino has a proven record as a tax cutter and budget reformer. He froze or cut Westchester's tax levy every year he has been in office, and Westchester's budget today is smaller than it was five years ago when he was first elected.  That takes vision, fiscal discipline, and bi-partisan negotiating skills.  Albany desperately needs all three.

County Executive Astorino can win this election. Momentum and the passion level of supporters are on his side in this race.  But he needs people who share his vision of a lower-taxed, economically competitive New York to chip into his cause now.

No donation is too small.  Whether it's $25, $250, or $2,500 -- it all helps. Governor Andrew Cuomo is outspending Rob Astorino by more than 15-1, yet this race is getting closer by the day. You and I can tilt the balance. 

High taxes and job anxiety affect families in real ways.  Parents have to choose what goes on the dinner table for their children. Retirements are postponed or cancelled, and retired seniors are forced to return to work just to pay the property taxes. That's become the story all across New York State.  It's no wonder so many have left or are thinking of leaving.

Rob Astorino understands that.  He's a parent of three young children, living in a middle class New York community. He doesn't need polls to know the concerns of New Yorkers; he just has to talk to his neighbors.

"A Plan for New York Revival: Astorino's tax reform would lift the state's flagging economy." That pretty much says it all. Rob Astorino has the plan to get New York back on the winning path again.

Are you in?

It's sad to see New York fall farther behind; it's not only bad for New York, but bad for the region.  I hope Rob Astorino gets elected on Tuesday, November 4th.Please do what you can to see that he does.

Many thanks in advance for your support of a Governor Astorino. Together, we can do this!

Christine Todd Whitman
Governor of New Jersey, 1994-2001

On Wednesday, October 15, 2014 11:16 AM, Kieran Michael Lalor wrote:

Trouble viewing this email? Read it online
Dear Friends,

Tomorrow is the event I am hosting along with Fishkill GOP Chair Carmine Istvan to support Assembly candidates Sakima Brown (R) and Mike Kelsey (R).  Sakima is running against SAFE Act supporter Frank Skartados (D) and Mike is running against SAFE Act supporter Didi Barrett (D).  Sakima and Mike are both defenders of the 2nd Amendment and support repeal of the unconstitutional SAFE Act.

Also, Skartados and Barrett recently pledged to support Sheldon Silver for Speaker even though the New York Times, New York Daily News, New York Post, Buffalo News and others have called on Silver to step down as Speaker because of his long history of scandals including using tax money to silence sexual harassment victims. 

Below are brief bios on Sakima & Mike, links to their websites and information on how to support Sakima and Mike even if you can’t make tomorrow night’s fundraiser.

Onward to Victory,

October 15, 2014

New York Observer endorses John Cahill for AG
NYOB: "This one's easy."
The New York Observer released this glowing endorsement of John Cahill's campaign for Attorney General yesterday evening:
Cahill for Attorney General
New York Observer Editorial
This one is easy. The Observer enthusiastically endorses John Cahill, the Republican candidate for state attorney general.
Mr. Cahill has been around state politics and government for a good long while, and he's crafted an enviable reputation for integrity-always a plus for the state's chief law-enforcement officers-and competence.
His opponent, Democratic incumbent Eric Schneiderman, has been attorney general for four years and has developed a reputation for pointless grandstanding and hyper-partisan politics. Voters made a mistake when they placed their trust in him four years ago. They can undo their mistake in November by supporting Mr. Cahill, a former general counsel of the state Department of Environmental Conservation and high-ranking official in the Pataki Administration.
The Observer made some news not long ago when it published a long investigative piece showing how Mr. Schneiderman has politicized the AG's office. The piece created a media firestorm, but the substance of its reporting has not been meaningfully challenged. And even the attorney general's reaction to the Observer piece alleging that he runs his office as a political payback factory was political. Unable to poke holes in the substance of the piece, the AG immediately went on television to attack someone he was already suing. Then his office ran to Gawker to tattle on the Observer. A glass jaw is an unattractive attribute in any leader, but particularly in one sworn to uphold and enforce the law dispassionately.
Indeed, dissatisfaction with the incumbent runs deep. For the first time in its history, the political action committee of the state's largest business organization, the Business Council, endorsed a candidate for attorney general. Its choice? John Cahill. The PAC cited Mr. Cahill's work "on a wide range of issues impacting business and the state's economy, including industrial environmental regulations [and] new approaches to cleaning up and reusing contaminated property." Not the sexiest of issues, to be sure, but important issues for job creators. One cannot help but wonder if Mr. Schneiderman's harassment of innovators such as Airbnb and Uber-well-chronicled in Betabeat's "NYC Disrupts Disruptor" series-played a role in the group concluding that Mr. Schneiderman is no friend to business.
Environmentalists, too, find much to admire in Mr. Cahill. The Long Island Environmental Voters Forum endorsed the former D.E.C. commissioner in part because of his commitment to preserving the quality of drinking water.
It's rare to find environmentalists and the business community in agreement on a candidate, but Mr. Cahill's pragmatic style could not be more different from his opponent's ideological approach to law enforcement and regulation.
It's never easy to oust an incumbent in New York State. But Mr. Cahill has a chance. Recent polls show him picking up ground and his race is polling far closer than any other statewide race, although he still has lots of work to do in the campaign's homestretch. And voters throughout the state are wondering why the attorney general, who named one of the three co-commissioners on the controversial Moreland Commission,  plus several others on the panel, didn't do more to stop its mysterious disbanding. Even former Democratic Assemblyman Richard Brodsky, expressed surprise over Mr. Schneiderman's failure to act, telling upstate public radio station WRVO that the AG should have pursued the matter because "No one can interfere with an investigation by the attorney general."
No doubt that Mr. Schneiderman's role in the Moreland mess is part of the reason that the self-proclaimed close friend to President Obama has not once been mentioned as a possible replacement for United States Attorney General Eric Holder. With New York US Attorneys Preet Bharara (Southern District) and Loretta Lynch (Eastern District) both notching multiple mentions on the short list, the exclusion surely stings Mr. Schneiderman, whose very able press shop is certainly twisting arms to get the boss's name into the mix.
For the Observer, the choice is clear. John Cahill will cleanse the attorney general's office of politics and partisanship in the interests of all New Yorkers. We urge voters to support his candidacy.

Read the article on


Fri Oct 17, Andrea & the Armenian Rug Riders ~ Classic Rock
Fri Oct 24, Stonehill ~ '80s, Southern & Classic Rock
Fri Oct 31, Electric Beef ~ Rockin' Halloween Party!

Julie Corbalis
& Ladies Night Drink Specials
Julie is a NYC / Hudson Valley singer/songwriter who performs songs that "illuminate my real love of '70's folk-rock artists" including The Beatles, Rod Stewart and Janice Joplin and, of course, Dylan.
$18 two-course Dinner Deal from 5:30 pm.
Ladies Night Drink specials from 7pm: $6 Martinis, $6 by-the-glass wines and $4 beers.
Live music 8-10pm featuring original and Pop covers by the very talented Julie Corbalis!! 
Live Band Karaoke!

A first and only in Westchester, LBK puts you center stage... Sing with a live band and even back-up singers! We have over 150 songs on our list, including '70s, '80s, '90s and contemporary pop/ rock/ soul/ R&B. Choose songs from Aretha to Adele, Stevie Wonder to Stepenwolf, AC/DC to Weezer and everything in between! Hosted by JP Patrick, with Tito Wilson on drums, Chris Burke on keys, Artie Walker on bass and Hank DeCora on guitar. Sign-up is between 8pm and 10pm only so please get here early. $18 two-course dinner deal from 5:30 - 10:30.

Andrea & the Armenian Rug Riders
Andrea ARR band
One of the most well-loved Rock bands in Westchester! Andrea & the Rug Riders will have you on the dance floor all night grooving (and singing along) to some of the greatest Classic Rock tunes of all time. Zeppelin, Airplane, Beatles, Janis, Sheryl Crow... the list goes on and on. The band features Andrea Ekizian on vocals, John Scavelli on lead guitar, Ric LuBell on bass and Brett Roberts on drums. It's ROCKTOBERFEST!  No Cover.
$3 beers between 9-10pm.

Slam Allen
Grammy Nominee & Blues Hall of Fame "Master Musician"
click arrow to listen!

Slam Allen has been entertaining audiences with his unique blend of Soul and Blues for over 20 years. Playing the famous Chitlin' Circuit as well as around the world, Slam has performed as lead singer and guitarist in the legendary James Cotton Band. Playing classic Blues from B.B. King to Otis Redding, Slam has a way of making you feel the Soul of the music. $12 Cover or $6 with dinner.

Kids Open Mic Night

hosted by
A showcase of musical talent for kids 6 - 17. Bring your guitar, bass, sax, flute or whatever instrument you play. We provide a drum kit, keyboard, amps and microphones. iPod backing music accommodated. (Internet connection not available, so have your song pre-set.) 
Free Admission. Sign up begins 5:30.

and Costume Contest

Electric Beef
The band will do a set dedicated to The Who, performing the entirety of the "Who's Next" album. 
Don't miss it! 

Compete for one of 3 great prizes in our Costume Contest.


Thu Oct 23

Drew Bordeaux Trio

Fri Oct 24
Sax-driven Rock / Motown / Party music

Sat Oct 25

Patrick Murphy McDowell

Call for "Dinner & Show" Reservations:  914-737-6624
Click for more info: 
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For Immediate Release – Wednesday, October 15, 2014
Contact: Becky Boone, Executive Director, Hudson Valley Honor Flight - (845) 391-0076
HVHF Mission 6 Taking Flight Saturday Out of Westchester

Walden, New York – Hudson Valley Honor Flight, the regional hub of the Honor Flight Network, is preparing for

their sixth journey to Washington, D.C. this weekend with their inaugural Westchester flight out of the Landmark

Aviation West hangar at the Westchester County Airport. The trip will take 75 World War II veterans from the

lower Hudson Valley on the “Flight of a Lifetime”. The nonprofit organization has flown out of Stewart

International Airport for the past two years taking over 400 WWII veterans from the surrounding counties to see

their memorial and other sites in Washington D.C. but after reviewing VA statistics, the organization decided they

needed to expand by chartering flights from the Westchester County Airport, as well, in order to better serve the

veterans from the lower Hudson Valley.

“The entire Westchester County community has been so receptive to our mission and our organization. They are

making this expansion a lot easier than we expected!” said Becky Boone, Executive Director of Hudson Valley

Honor Flight.

In addition to Westchester and the surrounding communities, Hudson Valley Honor Flight has garnished support

from the real estate firm Newmark Grubb Knight Frank and their Chairman Jeffrey Gural making this expansion a

reality. Also graciously showing their willingness to help the mission is the Westchester County Veterans Service

Agency, Westchester County Airport, Landmark Aviation, and Westchester Community College, which will serve

as both the Rally Point and site of the Welcome Home Reception on Flight Day.

It is vital to have this strong support from Westchester based organizations. ShopRite, a community oriented

company and ally of veteran causes, has helped HVHF complete five successful missions out of Stewart to date.

Without community involvement, the overall mission, giving veterans the recognition and honor they deserve,

would not reach it’s full potential. Local businesses, Legions, VFWs, and other service organizations in the

Westchester area are ensuring that HVHF stays in Westchester for many flights to come by organizing their own

fundraisers and making donations to the cause.

The public is invited to the Send-Off Ceremony and Welcome Home Reception that will take place this Saturday,

October 18th. The morning festivities will begin at 7:45 AM at Landmark Aviation West, 67 Tower Road, Hanger-

T, White Plains, NY 10604. Everyone is welcome to join the hundreds of supporters who will be cheering on the

veterans as they depart for Washington.

The Welcome Home Reception will take place at Westchester Community College (the Valhalla campus located at

75 Grasslands Road, Valhalla, NY 10595) at 9 PM. Hudson Valley Honor Flight strives to give these heroes the

welcome home many never received. It is a ceremony 70 years in the making!

WRWD Country 107.3 FM, the official radio station of Hudson Valley Honor Flight, will be on site at during both

receptions on Flight Day.

For more information, please call 845-391-0076 or visit


Hudson Valley Honor Flight is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to transport American veterans to Washington, D.C. to view their memorials. The

local hub is a member of the national Honor Flight Network and has transported over 400 veterans since their inception in 2012. Funds are raised locally by

each individual chapter, allowing veterans to go on the trip at no cost to them. HVHF transports veterans from Orange, Ulster, Westchester, Rockland,

Putnam, Dutchess, Sullivan, Pike, and other surrounding counties. It is a one day trip involving a unique itinerary designed to give the veterans the

complete Honor Flight experience that they so rightly deserve - to show how grateful we are for their sacrifices and what their service meant to this country

and also what it means to our local community. Still, thousands from our local area have yet to benefit from the experience and time is unfortunately not on

their side. World War II Veterans are dying at the rate of approximately 550 per day

Siegel-Diana interview  on Youtube
The Yorktown News taped an informal conversation with Tom Diana and me and uploaded the video to Youtube.  You can watch the interview, in whole or in parts at   



Much better than a debate with fixed time limits. 


Please pass this along to others in your address book.   It’s the most effective way to highlight the differences between the two candidates.




And – as we get into the the final days of the campaign…

1.       Some lawn signs are still available. So shoot me an email if you’d like one.

2.        Let me know if you’re available to make some “get out the vote” phone calls.  TURNOUT IS THE KEY TO WINNING,.

Susan Siegel

(914) 245-2661

George Oros on the Yorktown Watchdog Report - YouTube

Dear member:

Please watch video. Don't forget to vote on November 4, 2014.

I will vote no on the smart bond from the governor, it will support common Core with 2 billion dollars. I will vote no on the town of Yorktown's new law to replace a councilman who leave office before their term is up. In the new law it says the town board may replace a councilman; I would like to see the word shall instead of may to vote to replace. I think the word shall would make a stronger law where the town board could not delay the public's right to vote in a special election. Please read the entire ballot before you vote and make your own decision.


Presenting the 2014 NYC&G Innovation in Design Awards Winners
Interior Design Winner: Wesley Moon Inc. 
What was literally meant to function as a walk-in closet is now a live-in apartment. Longtime clients of Wesley Moon purchased a 600-square-foot studio in their Midtown East building to use as a closet, but soon saw it as an opportunity to create a separate guest apartment and entertainment space. Read more 
Architecture Winner: Mitchell Studio 
Although this duplex is located in a venerable Park Avenue apartment building, it had become tired and inefficient. Mitchell Studio took both floors down to their exterior walls and rebuilt them for a young family, while "respecting the original character of the building." See its beautiful transformation!" Read more 
Garden Design Winner: Jon M. Babinski Architect
Most pool houses are configured as dedicated four-walled structures, but this new concrete, stone and stucco pool house, on the grounds of a home in the North Shore, Long Island, town of Matinecock, is one that remains open to its site. Read more
Kitchen Design Winner: Lorraine Bonaventura Architect
This family-friendly kitchen in an 1880s Brooklyn townhouse is so appetizing, all the judges hope to snag invitations to dinner. Read more
Bath Design Winner: Riverside Design
Sometimes, a room in a home is so well done that it inspires genuine awe. "Now this is a bath!" exclaims judge Kerry Delrose about this bathroom suite on the second floor of a duplex apartment on Riverside Drive. Read more
Product Design Winner: Cliff Young, Ltd.
This sumptuous table's natural slab of burlwood merges seamlessly with cold-rolled steel, marked by a blackened finish, to result in a piece of furniture that is both organic and industrial. Given the natural quality of the wood, no two tables are alike. Read more
Frank Vernuccio:US Drops in Economic Freedom Ranking
Frank Vernuccio: Campaign vs. Pledge of Allegiance
Dear Readers: This gives me a chance to plug my business ATOM TAXI INC.  

As you are planning your holiday or business or vacation travel? Instead of the headache of trying to find Airport parking, we do Airport Service to The Westchester County Airport(and ALL other airports) 24/7. Just call 1(914)879-6121 and my partner Tommy, will be glad to take you in our Airport Taxi. If this is a business trip we also provide a professional receipt, just tell Tommy at the time of booking. The cost of a one-way trip to LaGuardia Airport the cost is $115.00 including tolls. The cost to JFK and Newark Airports is $150.00 including tolls. Westchester County Airport and Stewart cost $75.00.

We do not take credit cards, sorry. 
Dear Readers: 
It has come to my attention the difficulty in posting a comment on this blog. If you wish to comment, e-mail me at the link posted below, putting “Manifesto Reader” in the subject matter, and I will “cut and Paste” your comments myself. If you DO NOT wish your comments posted, but just wish to communicate with me, please make your wishes known in the e-mail.
LINKS: this a yahoo address make sure you put an underscore (-) between atom and taxi) 

For immediate reply:

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