Friday, October 03, 2014

Bazzomanifesto Update 10/03/14: 15 Topics In Today's blog


1) weekend events] Putnam & Westchester  10/05 - 07/14

2) PRESS RELEASE] Astorino endorses Dillon in SS-37

3) Yorktown News SIegel/Diana Debate on YouTube

4) Legislator Jenkins Press Release:  Astorino's Hastings Affordable Housing Violates Federal Law

5) Cuomo Slanders Westchester: Astorino Slams Back, Demands Apology to County

6) The Buffalo Billion is a sham

7) Astorino: "Hillary Clinton's Town is Expensive, Not Discriminatory."

8)  TBT:  Maloney Confused and Ill-Informed in IRS Corruption Hearing

9) Astorino Releases New Ad: "Families"

10)  Westchester Residents Warned About Tax Rebate Scam

11) Buffalo News: Heavy Bets on Solar City

12) 'Shelly Silver Express' to Tail Cuomo Bus Tour; Demand Answers

13) Frank Vernuccio:  Incumbents Unfair Advantages

14) Frank Vernuccio:  Vital U.S. Weapons Systems to be Cut

15) Dominic Carter: Foster Parents Make the World a Better Place
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October 5th - 7th, 2014

Plenty of things to do this weekend around the County.

Putnam Events

Friday, 03 October, 2014

10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

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Saturday, 04 October, 2014

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Sunday, 05 October, 2014

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Westchester Events

Friday, 03 October, 2014

All Day Event

Saturday, 04 October, 2014

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06:30 PM - 10:00 PM

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All Day Event

Sunday, 05 October, 2014

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Rob Astorino Endorses Joe Dillonof Yonkers For State Senate

County Executive And Top Of GOP Ticket Says Dillon Is A Man Of The People, And “The Right Person For The Job”


Thursday morning at the Odyssey Diner in Eastchester Rob Astorino endorsed Joe Dillon of Yonkers for New York State Senate in the 37th District.
In front of many dozens of supporters and elected officials, the Westchester County Executive and GOP gubernatorial candidate sang Dillon’s praises: “Joe isn’t just the type of person we need running, Joe is the person we need running in this district, because Joe gets it. He knows what it’s like to be a businessperson, Joe knows what it’s like to pay taxes, and...raise a family.”
Astorino went on to say, “Joe is the person we need in the New York State Senate, because Joe gets it, he’s just like every other New Joe’s going to fight with me, In Albany, to make the right changes in this state so we can all live here, and so his three sons have a chance to live here when they’re making their decisions.”
“Joe has my support and friendship, and I can’t wait until January first when we both raise our hands and take the oath of office.”
Said Joe Dillon, “I’m running because I’m genuinely concerned about the New York our kids currently stand to inherit. I’m worried about just how achievable their success and well-being can be in the kind of New York we see today...It’s time to focus on the critical things that matter to the families and businesses of this district and to bring home meaningful, tangible results.”
“It’s time to reform the dysfunction, cynical self-dealing, and widespread corruption in Albany that is destroying our state and stealing our kids’ future.”
“It will be an honor to work side by side with Governor Rob Astorino to make the American Dream possible in New York once again.”
NOTE: Media Availability Upon Request Through Contact Above

Yorktown News: Siegel/Diana Debate on YouTube




FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                  Contact: Ken Jenkins

OCTOBER 3, 2014                                                                                                     (914) 262-3629


Astorino's Hastings Affordable Housing Violates Federal Law


White Plains, NY - Westchester County Legislator Ken Jenkins (D-Yonkers) was distressed by County Executive Rob Astorino’s recent affordable housing proposal in Hastings-on-Hudson.

Jenkins stated, “this is segregated housing at its worst and undoubtedly violates United States Federal Fair Housing law”.


The 3 building, 66 unit rental housing planned at 425 Saw Mill River Road, Hastings would place all 12 affordable units in a single building. The two other buildings would each contain 27 market-rate units. Satellite photos confirm the housing would be placed in an industrial zone where there are no sidewalks nor grocery stores.


Jenkins said, “This is not a question of whether a developer wants to build rental housing, it is about whether it is right for the County to use funds that was targeted to comply with the 2009 federal housing settlement to create segregated clustered housing. Utilizing County funds for this type of development is what landed Westchester in court and cost Westchester millions of dollars in the first place.” 


The simple resolution would be for the County to insist their units be scattered throughout the three buildings. This would require no changes and units could be built in accordance with the approved plan. 


“This is a simple change that the Astorino administration needs to implement.  Supporting this project as it stands would be inconsistent with the statements from County Executive Astorino to fully comply with the Housing Order,” said Jenkins.

Contact:  Jessica Proud (914) 438-5325                    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Cuomo Slanders Westchester; Astorino Calls Him Out


Westchester is Fourth Most Diverse County in New York State

New York--Oct. 1...New York governor and Westchester County resident Andrew Cuomo today charged that Westchester County towns and villages discriminate against minorities, based on a 2006 lawsuit filed against a member of his own administration, former Democratic Westchester County Executive Andy Spano.  The Spano administration once called the suit "garbage."  
Mr. Cuomo has lived for several years in one of the towns he is now accusing of housing discrimination, New Castle, yet the former HUD secretary has never before spoken out about the discrimination he now claims exists -- 33 days before an election.  (Why would he choose to live in a community that he thinks discriminates?)

HUD maintains that communities with zoning codes that permit ¼ and ½ acre zoning may be racially exclusionary. Mr. Astorino argues that 1.) zoning laws restrict what can be built, not who lives there, 2.) federal bureaucrats have no right to dictate local zoning, and 3.) zoning codes protect against overdevelopment, school overcrowding, and they safeguard environmental protections.

Mr. Cuomo made his remarks at an event today where he sided with HUD in the case. According to an account from Capital New York reporter Jimmy Vielkind, Mr. Cuomo said that he "has no cause to disagree with HUD's findings that zoning laws in New Castle and Westchester County are discriminatory." 

"How dare Andrew Cuomo disparage Westchester families with a blatantly false and inflammatory charge like that," Westchester County Executive and New York gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino said. "Andrew Cuomo owes the families of Westchester an immediate apology.  Westchester has submitted eight studies -- along with an independent study done by Pace University Land Use Center -- showing that the only barrier to housing in many Westchester communities is income. Anyone can live anywhere they can afford in this county, just as in other county."
County Executive Astorino inherited a settlement between HUD and the Spano Administration in 2010 which required that 750 units of affordable housing be built over a seven year period at a cost of at least $51 million. The Astorino Administration is ahead of schedule in building the housing units required under that settlement and is in full compliance with its terms.  HUD has been using the suit, however, to try to force municipalities to allow high density housing on any street in any neighborhood. President Obama's HUD is expanding its so-called "fair-housing" overreach into Nassau County now, and it expects to do the same in suburban counties around the nation.
"Westchester County is the fourth most diverse county in New York State, tied with Manhattan, and we welcome that diversity," Mr. Astorino said. "Andrew Cuomo ought to be ashamed of himself. He also needs to explain what he's doing living in a community that he claims is discriminatory."  

October 2, 2014
The Buffalo Billion is a sham
And the press is starting to catch on.
If you listen to Andrew Cuomo's propaganda machine, you'll hear a lot about how great Upstate New York is doing these days.
Don't buy it.
The truth is, ten out of the twenty metropolitan areas in the country with the slowest economic growth are in Upstate New York.
And the centerpiece of Cuomo's plan, the so-called "Buffalo Billion", is a sham. As Carl Paladino said last week, "This is as crooked as the day is long! The day after the election, he'll forget about Western New York."
Here are three major pieces of press that came out on the "Buffalo Billion" scheme within the last couple of weeks. The first details federal probes into SolarCity, the company Andrew Cuomo is touting as the savior of Buffalo's economy. The next two detail the scheme by which one businessman will profit off of New York's hardworking taxpayers with little gain to Upstate New York:
By Mark Harrington
September 30
The Wall Street Journal
September 28
By Jim Heaney
The Investigative Post
September 23
Questions about SolarCity date back at least to last year, when Barron's took a look at their model of bilking taxpayers for hundreds of millions of dollars:
By Avi Saltzman
August 31, 2013
Andrew Cuomo's plan to grow Western New York's economy is dead on arrival, and listening to him try to convince us otherwise is like listening to this guy
This story isn't going anywhere. Stay tuned.

Contact:  Jessica Proud (914) 438-5325                    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

October 2, 2014
Andrew Cuomo says Hillary Clinton's town is racially discriminatory. It's not. It's just expensive.
His comments made yesterday the most important day in the campaign.
Andrew Cuomo revealed who he is, what he stands for and where his allegiance lies.
Given the chance to stand up for our local communities, Andrew Cuomo put himself all in with HUD and its war on America's suburbs.
In a short and rare unscripted moment before the press, New York's governor did three remarkable things.
He showed his blind allegiance to an overreaching federal government.
Demonstrated his disdain for the communities he was elected to protect.
And put his ambition ahead of the truth.
I am not sure which one shocks me more, but let's look at all three.
Blind allegiance to HUD.
When asked if agreed with the Department of Housing and Urban Development's assessment that New Castle, the town where he and Hillary Clinton live, was discriminatory, his incredible response was: "I have no reason to disagree with the federal findings."
This is the Governor of New York, whose Constitution embodies the principle of home rule. And yet he couldn't even give his hometown the benefit of the doubt.
The response showed complete disdain for local communities. Did he ever take time to think that there might be another side to the story? Did he ever ask to see those "federal findings?"
Apparently not.
Because there are none.
One of the things that is so frustrating in dealing with HUD is that it doesn't issue its own findings. The governor should know that - he ran HUD.
HUD's approach is for others to do all the work and then the agency criticizes their findings endlessly, hoping they will eventually capitulate from exhaustion, legal threats or the withholding of federal funds.  
To try to satisfy HUD, the county has submitted eight separate versions of a document called an Analysis of Impediments, or AI. No other county or municipality across the United States has done as many AI's or been as thorough in its research as Westchester. These documents examined all 853 zoning districts in Westchester County and run into hundreds if not thousands of pages.
(Here they are right here.)
Eight different times, they reached the same conclusion: there was no evidence of exclusionary zoning in Westchester.
And eight times HUD rejected the county's AI's. Each time because the county refused to bend to HUD's pressure to find exclusionary zoning where none existed.
HUD has made it abundantly clear that it will only accept an AI that concludes Westchester's zoning is exclusionary.  
But don't take the county's word for it.
Last week HUD also rejected the zoning report by the Monitor it has hired to oversee the settlement. HUD wrote, and I quote from agency's September 24th letter:  "All statements purported to absolve individual communities from having practices that can potentially exclude blacks and Hispanics should be deleted from the Monitor's Analysis."  
HUD also faulted the monitor for using the most up to date information saying, and again I quote from the letter: "Data regarding demographic changes between the 2000 and 2010 census can be removed." In other words, HUD does not want to know what has happened in Westchester during the last decade.
But this is the group the governor "no reason to disagree with."
Instead of blindly agreeing with HUD, the governor should be supporting his local communities.
Where's the governor's outrage that HUD has taken millions away from some of our neediest communities. The county is in court fighting to get the money back.
The legal battle over the money has been going on for years and never once has the governor, despite repeated requests, offered to help the county.
Not only is the governor rooting for HUD. He also has a problem with the truth.
The most troubling thing he did yesterday was to continue to smear Westchester County, his home, saying it is violating the fair housing act.
Now I can see the response already. It is not me saying it. It is the federal government. But that's not true either.
In 2009, my predecessor Andy Spano reached a settlement with Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Department of Justice over an allegation that the county under Spano and Larry Schwartz - Spano's deputy at the time and now Cuomo's senior advisor - had failed to adequately consider race as an impediment to fair housing.
The settlement was a way to avoid costly and protracted litigation and address the issues that had been raised to the satisfaction of all the parties.
But there was never a finding of fact against the county or an admission of guilt. And Larry Schwartz will tell you that.
So to smear Westchester County by saying the county is in violation of fair housing act, when he knows it is not true, is an insult to everyone in Westchester of every race and ethnicity.
Cuomo opened his campaign by attacking me as a racist. The commercials he ran with Jim Crow references were beyond the pale.   
The governor portrays himself as a progressive. But there is nothing progressive about race baiting. Racism will never be eradicated if those in leadership positions put their ambition above the truth and cynically deal the race card for political gain.
Westchester is a welcoming place to all who seek to live and work here. Discrimination will not be tolerated in Westchester, and I have said repeatedly, and say it again today, allegations of discrimination will be investigated and prosecuted to the full extent of the law while I am county executive.
But we also need to have an honest discussion of what racism is and is not. Zoning and discrimination are not the same thing. Zoning restricts what can be built, not who lives there.
I opposed the settlement 2009 because I was afraid it would open the door for the federal government to overpower the decision making authority of local communities.
As it turns out my fears have been realized.
But the day I took office on January 1, 2010 - which was the day I inherited the settlement - I made the point as clearly and as forcefully as I could that as County Executive I would fulfill my responsibilities to make sure Westchester met its obligations under the settlement.
The county's record of compliance has been outstanding. We are ahead of schedule in meeting the benchmarks for building 750 units of affordable housing by the end of 2016 in 31 Westchester municipalities, which were selected because they are mostly white. Think about that - a government project that is ahead of schedule.
Ironically, the only agency, besides HUD that has put up roadblocks to us building the affordable housing is the Hudson Valley Regional Board of Review, which is part of the New York Department of State and reports into the Governor.
We are also becoming increasingly diverse. The minority populations of the 31 settlement municipalities increased by 56 percent between 2000 and 2010, according to the U.S. Census.
That compares to a 25 percent increase for Westchester as a whole, which is ranked as the fourth most diverse county in terms of African Americans and Hispanics, behind only Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx and tied with Manhattan.
Of course none of that is good enough for HUD.
HUD will not be satisfied until it finds a way to take away zoning decisions from local elected officials. Why? Because its national ambitions depend on it.
HUD was hoping Westchester would be its "grand experiment" for rolling out its new rules for 'Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing.' Use statistics to find the county guilty of exclusionary zoning - and then let HUD's bureaucrats take it from there. The only problem is that Westchester and New Castle are not guilty of anything.
So the choice is defend the innocence of our communities or throw in with HUD to let its bureaucrats make decisions about the future of our local communities.
Governor Cuomo thinks New York should be run from Washington.
I think New York should be run for and by the people of our state.
Zoning may seem obscure. But it provides the framework for how cities, towns, villages, and neighborhoods are developed, our families are safeguarded and our environment preserved.
The stakes are high and now we know how Governor Cuomo cast his vote.
Against the people of New York.
Local zoning will never be outsourced to HUD if I am the next governor.
To anyone who has invested their life in their home and struggled to make a mortgage payment, please know I have got your back.
I live in the next town over. Truth is I can't afford to live in New Castle, next to the Cuomo's and Clinton's. But that is ok.
I love my quarter acre in Mount Pleasant, a town where I grew up, served on the school board and town board. My first job wasn't Secretary of HUD.
But on the small stage of government, I learned that when you get into office, you have to understand the limits of power. You can't be all things to all people. You have to be willing to make tough calls, And you have to say 'no' to people - even when they are bigger and stronger than you - if you think you are right.
This situation with HUD is simply saying to our government - you have gone too far. Your intentions may even be good. But a bad idea is a bad idea and someone has to be the voice of the people to say so.  I have spoken out for the people. Governor Cuomo has taken side of the bureaucrats who make findings.
That's the choice.

On Thursday, October 2, 2014 12:38 PM, Nick for New York wrote:

Untitled document


""Not doing her job and doesn't understand the issues," says Nick Di iorio
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NEW YORK, NY -- In a stunningly embarrassing committee hearing performance in June of this year, Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY-12) was caught on camera showing confusion and an embarrassingly high level of ineptness, notes her congressional opponent, Nick Di iorio.  While political blogs posted the video that was picked up by others, the New York media has ignored the event, leaving voters in the dark about the gross incompetence of the long-term incumbent.

Maloney is a member of the House Oversight Committee charged with investigating government corruption, including the IRS political targeting scandal, but is clearly not up to the job, says Di iorio.  "New Yorkers are being ill-served by not only their congresswoman who is clearly asleep at the switch and an embarrassment to her constituents, but by a complacent press that is looking the other way as Carolyn Maloney continues to merely occupy a congressional seat at a time when New Yorkers and all Americans need sharp, serious, sober representation in Washington DC."

Here is the video clip of the committee hearing coming to a screeching halt because of Carolyn Maloney's inept performance:

"Whether it's being dangerously clueless in corruption hearings, pretending to adopt pandas for the zoo that she has no authority or ability to do, or introducing more bills than anyone else in Congress that then never get past the trash bin after she sends out her press release, voters have a right and a need to know that Carolyn Maloney is not doing her job, and with the help of the media, is keeping voters in the dark," said Nick Di iorio.

The Washington Post noted earlier this year that Maloney holds the dubious distinction of introducing more junk legislation than anyone else in Congress, which she is unable to get signed into law.  In this Congress alone, she has introduced 41 bills, yet the only one signed into law is to rename a post office. Despite this, New York media is hiding the information from voters.

Nick Di iorio, the Republican nominee, is the sole challenger running in New York's 12th Congressional District against longtime incumbent Carolyn Maloney.  Di iorio has also received support from members of the Independence Party, Libertarian Party, and Conservative Party.  The district includes the east side of Manhattan, Astoria, Long Island City, Greenpoint, & Williamsburg.  More at:

To schedule an interview, please email
Follow Nick Di iorio's campaign on social media: Facebook 

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Nick for New York, 323 East 93rd St, New York, NY 10128

Rob Astorino for Governor Contact: Jessica Proud (914) 438-5325 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ASTORINO CAMPAIGN RELEASES NEW AD: "FAMILIES" Families New York--Oct. 2nd...The campaign of reform New York gubernatorial candidate Rob Asto

On Friday, October 3, 2014 9:42 AM, Catherine Borgia wrote:

Dear Neighbor,
The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance is warning residents about scam artists attempting to gain personal information by claiming victims are eligible for a tax rebate. 
Initial reports are that the calls have been made in Central New York. However, the Department cautions all New Yorkers to be vigilant when being asked for personal information.
"Tax scammers will take advantage of any opportunity to solicit information-including social security numbers-from taxpayers," New York State Taxpayer Rights Advocate Margaret Neri said in a statement. 
The department always makes first contact by letter, which includes a phone number to verify that it was sent by the agency.
For the new Family Tax Relief and Property Tax Freeze Credits, the Department confirms eligibility using available data; taxpayers are not being contacted by telephone.   
To report a scam, call the Attorney General's Consumer Frauds and Protection Bureau - 1-800-771-7755.
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October 3, 2014
Buffalo News: Heavy Bets on Solar City
Yesterday, we sent you a round-up of some of the negative press Andrew Cuomo's "Buffalo Billion" scheme has received recently.

But don't just take our word for it: This morning, news got a little worse for the Governor, as the Buffalo News chimed in with a piece analyzing the considerable risk of the Riverbend project.

Among the concerns cited by the News: 
  • SolarCity's workload may not grow as rapidly as the company expects.
  • Making solar panels may be harder than SolarCity expects.
  • Silevo, purchased by SolarCity for $350 million, is using technology that may not pan out.
  • The solar industry may not survive shrinking incentives.
This is what happens when government picks winners are losers instead of lowering the barriers to job creation.     
New York is the most taxed, most regulated, least business-friendly, least economically free state in America, and instead of addressing those issues in a serious way, Andrew Cuomo is spending a billion dollars of our money bribing a single company to locate a single facility in a single city.  And New York's hardworking taxpayers may be left with another Solyndra on our hands.   
Here's the Buffalo News piece:
Heavy bets on Solar City, RiverBend not risk-free
By David Robinson
The Buffalo News
October 3, 2014   
New York State and the Cuomo administration are making a $750 million bet that SolarCity and its newly acquired solar panel technology will keep the solar energy system installer's business growing rapidly and turn Buffalo into a hub for solar module manufacturing.
But nothing is guaranteed, especially in a business that is evolving as quickly as the solar industry, where today's market leaders face growing competition and today's technology could be supplanted by something better.
Read the full piece here. 


Contact:  Jessica Proud (914) 438-5325                    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Astorino Van Signage Will Demand that Cuomo Answer Why He Let
Assembly Speaker off the Hook in Albany Sex Abuse Scandals

New York--Oct. 3...A van emblazoned with an arrow pointing at Governor Andrew Cuomo's so-called "Women's Equality Express" tour bus will tail Mr. Cuomo and his entourage Saturday as they travel between Albany, Syracuse, and Rochester, the campaign of reform New York gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino today announced.

The sign on the "Shelly Silver Express" van will read on both sides: "ASK ANDREW CUOMO WHY HE LET SHELDON SILVER OFF THE HOOK IN ALBANY SEX ASSAULT SCANDALS," urging New Yorkers at every stop along the route to demand to know why Mr. Cuomo protected Mr. Silver from investigation when news of the sex crime coverups became public.

Mr. Silver was caught spending hundreds of thousands of tax dollars to pay off victims of sex crimes committed by his chief counsel and his political cronies in order to keep the victims from speaking out publicly or going to law enforcement authorities.  Silver made payoffs at least three times over a period of years, and he failed to report to the police credible accusations of rape and other sex assaults. Mr. Silver's former counsel, Michael Boxley, was accused of raping two Albany staffers.  The second Assembly staff member was attacked after Mr. Silver covered up the first alleged attack. She therefore had no knowledge of the first sex attack and didn't know Mr. Boxley might be dangerous. Mr. Boxley was later charged with rape and convicted of "sexual misconduct" in a plea deal.

Newspapers across the state, including The New York Times, called for a full investigation into Mr. Silver, and for his resignation.  Neither happened. Mr. Cuomo's hand appointed J-COPE Commission selectively chose not to investigate Silver, and Mr. Cuomo refused to press him to resign.

Mr. Astorino called for Mr. Silver's resignation in the summer of 2012. He was among the first elected officials in the state to do so.

"Sheldon Silver survived as Speaker because Andrew Cuomo protected him," Westchester County Executive Astorino said.  "Mr. Cuomo showed zero regard for the victims of these sex crimes, choosing instead to prop up a political crony by burying an investigation -- a habit that continues to this day. Mr. Cuomo needs to explain at every stop of his tour Saturday whether equality was extended to Mr. Silver's victims."


Frank Vernuccio:  Incumbents Unfair Advantages

Frank Vernuccio:  Vital U.S. Weapons Systems to be Cut

Dominic Carter: Foster Parents Make the World a Better Place

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Philipstown – Cortlandt – Peekskill – Ossining and BriarCliff., Mt Kisco .


Yorktown chanel 74 Wednesdays at 7:30PM..Ossining/Peekskill channel 15 Wednesdays at 8PM

Hosted by: Sandra Galef

Yorktown chanel 74 Fridays 7:30PM…Ossining/Peekskill channel 15 Fridays 9PM
Hosted by: Sandra Galef

Bazzo 10/03/14

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