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Bazzomanifesto Update 08/8/14: 11 Topics In Today's blog


1) Sheriff Chris Moss on Sharpton Bridge Takeover Threat

2)  Statement from Asm. Bob Castelli on recent endorsements

3) Astorino Video: Term Limits Key to Fighting Corruption, Lowering Taxes

4) Video: Pataki and Neil Cavuto discuss Governor's race

5) Town of Ossining Credit Rating Upgraded By Moody's

6) Press Release: Nick Di iorio, NY-12 Congressional Candidate, Travels to Israel

7) Astorino: Cuomo must deny Sharpton Access to the bridge

8) Public Meeting Agendas] Yorktown Planning Board 08/11/14

9) Town of Ossining Foreclosure Auction - August 13

10) Letter to the Editor: "B" Voting Machines

11) Working Together To Keep Our Roadways Safe

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 Bijoy Datta (607) 768-7088

by Sheriff Chris Moss 
Candidate for New York Lt. Governor

8, 2014
   "Governor Cuomo has to show some spine and deny Rev. Al Sharpton access to the Verrazano Bridge. 
 As a longtime law enforcement professional, I am more than a little surprised that Mr. Sharpton has not already been denied. Mr. Sharpton has a history of closing down bridges, roadways, and other transportation hubs to gain media attention. Closing the Verrazzano, the single access point between Brooklyn and Staten Island, would be an unacceptable threat to public safety.

Mr. Sharpton should immediately be advised that any attempt to shut down the bridge without proper authorization will result in the arrest of himself and as well as any other participants."


News from Castelli 2014
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The following is a statement from Asm. Bob Castelli on news of recent endorsement announcements.

(GOLDENS BRIDGE; August 6, 7pm):
  Just three days ago, my opponent and the Albany bosses gave up their lawsuit to disenfranchise our Republican voters.  Tomorrow, they will be trotting out a predictable array of high-profile party insiders with endorsements.  My respect for Gov. Pataki notwithstanding, it shows once again that my opponent is the hand-picked choice of the party bosses, who are afraid of a true reformer in Albany.
While the endorsement circus makes great press, the people will remember that they still have both a voice and a choice in the upcoming Republican primary, despite my opponent's best efforts.  On September 9th, the people will decide which they care more about:  is it a display of famous faces, or the real issues of taxes, jobs, corruption in Albany and education, that really matter?


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Castelli 2014
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Term Limits are Key to Lower Taxes, Fighting Corruption
Script Below

"New Yorkers pay the highest taxes in America under Andrew Cuomo -- about 40 percent more than the average American.

"At the same time, New York is ranked as having the most corrupt state government in America.

"Highest taxes and highest corruption.

"Think that's a coincidence?

"It's not.

"The victim of state corruption, ultimately, is the taxpayer.

"New York government is a cesspool of cozy political deals, and you and I pay the price.

"This has to come to an end, and as governor I'll do it.

"We need term limits for state officials; loss of pensions for convicted state officials, and genuine -- not make believe -- ethics reform throughout the state capital.

"I will term limit myself as governor, and demand term limits and reform from every state elected official."
August 6, 2014
In case you missed it, we thought you'd enjoy this clip from Monday's edition of "Your World with Neil Cavuto," in which Neil discusses the New York Governor's race with former Gov. George Pataki:

On Wednesday, August 6, 2014 2:41 PM, Town Supervisor Susanne Donnelly wrote:

Breaking News
August 6th, 2014
Contact: Susanne Donnelly, Town Supervisor – Town of Ossining, NY
Office: (914) 762-6001
The Town of Ossining’s Credit Rating is Upgraded from Aa3 to Aa2 by Moody’s Investors Service
The Town Supervisor Announces Credit Upgrade Based on Improving Financial Position Following Several Years of Growth, Sizeable Tax Base, Above-Average Wealth Indices and Modest Debt Burden
Ossining, NY – The Town of Ossining taxpayers got good news on August 5th, 2014 when Moody’s Investors Service upgraded their credit rating one notch to Aa2.
"This affirmation confirms that our fiscally conservative, proactive approach to budget management is working," said Susanne Donnelly, Town Supervisor. "It is reassuring to see our techniques recognized as prudent by the financial market."
In announcing the upgrade, to Aa2, the rating agency cited the Town’s healthy reserve levels, “which have been supported by conservative budget estimates, monitoring, and adherence to a formal fund balance policy to maintain major operating fund balances at 10% of expenditures.”  Results for the 2013 fiscal year indicate that the combined revenues across the General, Town Outside Village, and Highway Funds exceeded expenditures and, as result, the Town was able to grow its fund balance across these funds by over $900,000.  Furthermore, the report highlights the Town’s conservative approach to debt management.
"We are very grateful for the hard work, tough decisions, and support of the Town Board, department managers, executive management team, and Town employees, especially during these challenging economic times and limited financial resources," said Donnelly.  "We are also appreciative of the work done by former Town Supervisor Catherine Borgia, now a County Legislator and the Majority Leader of the Westchester County Board of Legislators, and by prior Town Council members for establishing a fund balance policy which helped set the framework for the Town’s improved financial condition."
"I am pleased that Moody’s has seen fit to confirm our strong rating", said Thomas Warren, Town Comptroller.  "A credit rating in the ‘Aa’ category translates to a low interest burden on our local residents."
This action concludes a Moody’s review that was initiated by the Town in connection with the upcoming sale of approximately $1.7 million in bonds and $1.2 million in bond anticipation notes.  The bonds and notes will provide funding for various projects, including the Town-wide assessment revaluation. 
As part of ongoing surveillance practices, Moody's will continue to monitor the Town.  According to Moody’s, “future rating actions will weigh the Town's ability to maintain structural balance and maintain operating reserves at a level consistent with high-quality ratings while addressing ongoing expenditure pressures.”
A copy of the full rating report can be found on the Town’s website (, Moody’s website ( or may be obtained by request from the Town Comptroller.
Town of Ossining
16 Croton Ave
Ossining, NY 10562
On Wednesday, August 6, 2014 3:34 PM, Nick for New York wrote:

Untitled document


Rep. Maloney travels to China to adopt pandas

New York, New York - August 6, 2014 - Nick Di iorio, Congressional candidate in NY-12, travels to Israel Thursday to meet with various officers of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and policy makers within the Israeli government to better understand the most recent activity in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

While longtime incumbent Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney has made traveling to China to adopt pandas her priority, her opponent Nick Di iorio will be traveling to Israel to gather information and show support. "Israel is our ally, and a beacon of democracy in the region. Israel and the United States are mutually invested in protecting Western interests. We cannot take Israel's survival for granted.  It will be my priority in Congress to support Israel and ensure the truth about Hamas is heard loud and clear in New York and throughout the United States and the world," said Di iorio.  "It's vital that New Yorkers have someone in Congress who has their interests front and center, and who understands what our priorities are. I understand that Israel is a top priority."

Nick will be giving interviews with members of the Israeli media to discuss his support for Israel. 

Nick Di iorio, a Republican, is the sole challenger running in New York's 12th Congressional District against longtime incumbent Carolyn Maloney.  Di iorio has also received support from members of the Independence Party, Libertarian Party, and Conservative Party.  The district includes the east side of Manhattan, western Queens, and Greenpoint in Brooklyn.

Paid for by Nick for New York.

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Nick for New York, 323 East 93rd St, New York, NY 10128
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Statement from Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino on 
Rev. Sharpton's Plans to Shut Verrazano Bridge for Protest

August 6, 2014

"Al Sharpton should immediately cease his plans to protest across the Verrazano Bridge and I'm calling on Governor Cuomo to prohibit closure of the bridge, which would have a catastrophic impact on the safety, traffic and livelihood of thousands of New Yorkers. Reverend Sharpton has a right to protest in a public place appropriate for demonstrations, but the Verrazano Bridge is not one of them. There is no pedestrian walkway and a protest could not occur without complete closure of the bridge and massive inconvenience to the people of Staten Island and Brooklyn. No one has the right to close public thoroughfares. Governor Cuomo must deny Reverend Sharpton access to the bridge." --Rob Astorino, Westchester County Executive and Republican candidate for governor
On Wednesday, August 6, 2014 5:28 PM, Public Meeting Agendas wrote:

Planning Board

Calendar Date:
Monday, August 11, 2014 - 7:30pm

Yorktown Town Hall Board Room
363 Underhill Ave, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
Liaison Reports
Meeting Minutes – June 23, 2014 and July 14, 2014
Regular Session
Dubovsky, Michael
SBL: 59.14-1-18
Request 1st One-Year Time Extension

Location: 702 Saw Mill River Road
Contact: Al Capellini
Description: An approved site plan for a commercial & residential building and barn by Res #13-21 on 09/09/13.
Kitchawan Fire & Rescue Station
SBL: 70.5-1-13
Request for Reapproval

Location: Kitchawan Road
Contact: Al Capellini
Description: An approved site plan for the 3,100 SF Kitchawan Fire Rescue Station by Res #11-22 on 09/12/11.
Sierra Bella fka Samsel Minor
SBL: 47.5-1-13
Request for Reapproval

Location: 1860 Hunterbrook Road
Contact: Al Capellini Description: A 2 lot subdivision approved by Res #09-24 on 09/14/09.
Hilltop Associates
SBL: 37.6-1-25
Request 1st & 2nd 90 Day Time Extensions

Location: Hilltop Road
Contact: Al Capellini
Description: A 3 lot subdivision approved by Res #08-02 on 01/14/08.
SBL: 27.14-2-4
Request for Reapproval

Location: 362 Granite Springs Road
Contact: Ciarcia Engineering, P.C.
Description: A 2 lot subdivision approved by Res #05-21 on 09/12/05.
Grotto Holding
SBL: 36.5-1-18
Public Hearing

Location: 3655 Crompond Road
Contact: David A. Barbuti, P.C.
Description: It is proposed to convert an existing automobile dealership into retail sales and storage on the first floor and a plumbing contractors office on the second floor.
Teatown Auxiliary Parking Lot
SBL: 69.14-1-8.1
Public Hearing

Location: 1595 Spring Valley Road
Contact: Insite Engineering, Surveying, and Landscape Architecture
Description: It is proposed to construct a gravel auxiliary parking lot, to be utilized seasonally, for Teatown Lake Reservation.
Empire Hunan
SBL: 37.14-2-66
Public Hearing

Location: 1975 Commerce Street
Contact: Michael Piccirillo Architecture
Description: It is proposed to divide existing restaurant into a restaurant with two retail stores.
Work Session
PEG Realty Corporation
SBL: 16.8-1-2
Discussion Site Plan

Location: 3699 Hill Boulevard
Contact: Architectural Visions, PLLC
Description: Request to accept a proposed parking lot grade of maximum 5% slope.
Fieldhome Expansion
SBL: 35.12-1-3
Discussion Soccer Field Agreement

Location: 2300 Catherine Street
Contact: Al Capellini
Description: Approved continuum of care facility consisting of independent living units and skilled nursing home replacing existing home with a common facility supporting both communities.
Arrowhead Subdivision
SBL: 48.13-1-6
Discussion Revised Private Driveway Easement

Location: Underhill Avenue
Contact: Chris O’Keefe
Description: A 5-lot subdivision approved by Planning Board Res #07-23 dated 10/15/07.
Crompond Terraces
SBL: 26.18-1-11, 12, 14, 15, 16
Town Board Referral

Location: Old Crompond Road
Contact: Ciarcia Engineering, P.C.
Description: Applicant is requesting a change in zone from R1-20 to C-2 and RSP-1 for construction of 96 residential units and 47,500 sf of office and retail space.
CVS/Pharmacy Crompond Road
SBL: 26.18-1-25
Pre-Preliminary Application

Location: 3320 Crompond Road
Contact: T.M. Crowley & Associates
Description: Proposed construction of a 12,900 SF CVS/Pharmacy with drive-thru and a standalone 2,500 SF retail building with drive-thru.
Costco Wholesale
SBL: 26.18-1-17, 18, 19 and 26.19-1-1
Discussion FEIS

Location: 3200 Crompond Road
Contact: TRC Engineers
Description: Application to construct a 151,092 SF Costco Wholesale Club retail store and club member available filling station.



Town Hall Board Room and on Cablevision Channel 20 & FiOS Channel 33
363 Underhill Avenue
Yorktown Heights, NY
See map: Google Maps
On Thursday, August 7, 2014 8:20 AM, Gloria B. Fried wrote:
    The Volunteer-Spirited Town

Town Foreclosure Auction

Three Properties will be auctioned at 1:00 p.m. on August 13 at the Municipal Building.
The Town's foreclosure auction will be held on August 13 here at the Municipal Building at 1:00 pm.  The details are online at the link above.  You can download foreclosure information documents for each property and Bidder's applications by clicking on the link above.
Vacant land on an unpaved paper street named Priestly Street. Min Bid $5,000.
Property - Priestley St
94 State Street sustained a fire since last year. Min Bid for house and lot $25,000.

There are 10 building lots in an approved subdivision called Hawkes Crossing, on a street named Thornton Hill. They will be auctioned together with a minimum bid of $177,000.

On Thursday, August 7, 2014 3:31 PM, Sandra Galef wrote:

August 7, 2014

To the Editor,

                With the upcoming primary elections in September and general
elections in November, I am reminded of discussions that I have had with
people about how difficult the paper ballot is to read and mark at the same
time. I want to remind everyone that there are other voting machines that
you can vote on. The "B" Machine is available for use by any voter who
request it at the polling places.  This machine makes it easier to see the
many candidates to choose from as well as the three referendum items you
will be asked to vote upon in the general election. Voters who use the "B"
Machine will still see their paper ballot printout and votes are counted the
same way.


Last November, I tested out the new voting machine and have seen how much
better it is for viewing and filling out the ballot especially if you have
forgotten your glasses or have a hard time seeing. The "B" Machine does it
all for you. The ballot appears on a computer screen which allows the voter
to adjust the sizing of the type on the ballot in order to make it easier to
view all of the options.

                I am hoping this machine will become more popular since it
really offers an improved voter experience, and the more people use it, the
easier it will become for poll workers to stay familiar with the "B" Machine
so it can be correctly utilized. Give it a try. 

Sandy Galef
95th Assembly District
(914) 941-1111
On Thursday, August 7, 2014 3:59 PM, Catherine Borgia wrote:

Dear Neighbor,
This past week, the entire Westchester County Board of Legislators (BOL) and I voted to approve bonding legislation for $2.8 million in vital infrastructure repairs on several major roads in the Peekskill community.
These repairs will be aimed at roads hit hard by the string of harsh weather our region has endured over the past few years.  Among these projects are fixes to North Division Street in the City of Peekskill, from South Division Street to Highland Avenue; and similar work on South Division Street in the City of Peekskill, from South Street to the Cortlandt / Peekskill Town Line.
Both roadways have pavement condition index (PCI) ratings that signify the roads require structural rehabilitation to extend the life of the roadway. The work involved in the rehabilitation will include milling, resurfacing, replacement or adjustment of utility casings, concrete curb replacement, installation of handicap ramps, new traffic loops and new pavement markings.
All fixes will be done with our neighbors in mind by keeping our roadways in good working condition to prevent from unnecessary damage to vehicles, traffic caused from drivers avoiding potholes, and easily avoidable car accidents.
It is imperative to maintain the roadways which we all use every day, and it saves us all in the long-term, especially when noted that both of these roadways have annual daily traffic counts of over 11,000 vehicles.
I believe that taking a pro-active position on repairing these roadways makes sense in so many ways. Our residents, neighbors, and business owners depend on the safety of our roads, and expect that their elected leaders remain vigilant in their upkeep. 
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White Plains, NY 10601
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Bazzo 08/08/14

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