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Bazzomanifesto Update 06/17/14: 25 Topics In Today's blog


1) Astorino Releases 10-Point Ethics Reform Plan to Clean Up Albany

2) Astorino Video: Open Your Door, Governor

3) Astorino TV: Don't Let the Kids Down, Albany

4) More Cuomo Financial Shell Games

5) Welcome to Hell

6) Watch our ad

7) Governor, sexual assault isn't funny


9) Press Release: Dr. Terrence Murphy Stands Against Bill Giving Illegal Immigrants Driver's Licenses, Medicaid Benefits

10) Media Advisory: Dr. Terrence Murphy Continues Cup of Joe Series In Thornwood

11) Press Release: Dr. Terrence Murphy Finds Misappropriation Of Energy Surcharges Outrageous And Offensive

12) Tkazyik Throws Support to Serino

13) Democratic Westchester Legislators Question Need for More Political Hires in County

14) It's BBQ Time Again with Legislator Testa! 07/17/14

15) Galef Announces Two Community Libraries in the 95th Assembly District to Receive State Grants

16) Will Sean Patrick Maloney Help Find Lois Lerner’s Missing E-Mails?

17) Kinski Gallo "Kings & Queens" Black Tie Reception June 20th

18) White Tiger Tae Kwon Do offers Summer Special

19) 40% Off at Peridot Fine Jewelry 6/17 - 6/21

20) Letter To The Editor:Hello Andy

21) Making Schools Poorer

22) 22 Common Network Jargon Terms Explained




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Contact:  Jessica Proud (914) 438-5325                    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Astorino Unveils Plan to Clean Up Albany's Corruption
Derides Cuomo's Handling of Moreland Commission
Comprehensive Agenda Will Combat New York's Status as
Most Corrupt in Nation
New York, NY--June 16, 2014....New Yorkers are paying a stealth corruption tax due to the state's status as the most corrupt in the nation today charged Westchester County Executive and Republican candidate for governor Rob Astorino in the unveiling of his comprehensive, 10-point ethics plan.
County Executive Astorino has made Albany's corruption a key tenant of his campaign and has frequently criticized Mr. Cuomo for his alleged interference in the Moreland Commission, where he reportedly tampered with criminal investigations involving political allies, prompting an investigation by the U.S. Attorney. Mr. Astorino has also cited Mr. Cuomo's protection of Speaker Silver, who has helped cover up sex crimes in the state Assembly, as well as the Mr. Cuomo's recent scandal involving potential property tax evasion as further proof the governor has directly contributed to New York's corruption problems.
"The corruption by government officials in New York has reached a staggering level
of embarrassment," said Mr. Astorino. "The culture of corruption does not just affect the perpetrators, but average New Yorkers end up paying a stealth corruption tax as a result of these insider deals. Andrew Cuomo--who is a lifelong Albany insider--not only failed to keep his promise to clean up Albany, but his handling of the Moreland Commission makes him a direct contributor to New York's status as the most corrupt state in the nation."
He continued, "This is a bold plan, but the only way to crack down on this corruption epidemic is through proposals that ruffle the feathers of the political establishment. We will never move New York back into the winning column until we address this growing problem and Sheriff Moss and I will make this a top priority.  Our plan lays out a blueprint for cracking down on corruption once and for all."
The Astorino/Moss Plan to Clean Up Albany
  • Term Limits - Limit statewide elected officials to two terms (8 years) and state legislators to four terms (8 years).
  • Limit Legislative Session - Convene regular session the first week in January and end on April 1, when the budget is due; Special session throughout the year can be called by a petition request from two-thirds vote of both legislative houses or by the Governor as defined in the State Constitution.
  • Independent State Commission on Public Ethics (I-SCOPE) to replace J-COPE.  Five members appointed by judiciary with independent budget to receive and investigate complaints of official misconduct, including sexual harassment and assault.
  • Strengthen FOIL - Require proactive online posting of records and information required for release under FOIL requests; Information would be posted on single statewide database managed by State Comptroller.
  • Defined Contribution Plan for Newly Elected - Require all newly elected officials to join SUNY's Defined Contribution Plan instead of the existing pension system.
  • Pension Strip -Loss of taxpayer-funded pension for any elected official convicted of public corruption.
  • Prohibit Personal Use of Campaign Money - Establish clear guidelines to limit donations solely to election-related activities.
  • Ban Conflict of Interest Member Items - No "member items" to any non-profit or business affiliated with a state elected official or an immediate family member.
  • Replace Per-Diem System and require receipts for travel, lodge and food.
  • End Taxpayer-funded Vanity - Prohibit any building, facility or capital project that was paid for with taxpayer money to be named for any current elected official.

In 2012, the University of Illinois released their anti-corruption report that showed New York State was the #1 state in the nation for federal public corruption convictions.


On Monday, June 16, 2014 7:49 AM, Astorino.TV wrote:

ntact:  Jessica Proud, 914-438-5325     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
The HD Video Below May be Downloaded for Television Use
Governor Cuomo, Pay Your Fair Share!
Governor Cuomo, Pay Your Fair Share!
New Yorkers pay the highest property taxes in America.  And we feel it.

Across this state, thousands of senior citizens have had to go back to work to pay those taxes.

Young people have been shut out of buying homes.

And small business have closed because of property taxes, putting more people out of work.

Property taxes are a key reason why so many New Yorkers are packing up and moving out of state -- 400,000 of them under Governor Cuomo.

It is especially disturbing then to learn that Mr. Cuomo is not and has not been paying his fair share of property taxes the entire time he's been governor.  

More than that, it looks like Mr. Cuomo has intentionally been evading his fair share of property taxes by not reporting major renovations to his home as required by law.  Those renovations have even appeared in national news magazines.

Now, Mr. Cuomo is barring his town tax assessor for entering his home. He won't let the assessor in to see the work that was done.

Does that sound on the level to you?  It doesn't to me.   

New Yorkers are sick of two sets of rules, one for Albany politicians and one for them.  

You and I are paying our fair share of taxes, and it's breaking our backs.  

Why hasn't Governor Cuomo been paying his?  

Open the door, Governor Cuomo.  Let the inspector in. I thought you were going to bring transparency to this state...

On Monday, June 16, 2014 3:57 PM, Rob Astorino for Governor wrote:

Contact:  Jessica Proud, 914-438-5325     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
The HD Video Below May be Downloaded for Television Use
Governor Cuomo, Don't Let These Kids Down
Governor Cuomo, Don't Let The Kids Down
The legislative session in Albany is almost done but one piece of business can't be ignored.

It's a bill that will help thousands of low-income school kids get a great education, whether they attend Catholic and parochial schools or public schools.

This education tax credit will create new scholarships for lower income and working families, and generate millions in donations to public education.

It's literally a life-changer for thousands of children and families. Education is the key to having a good life. The education tax credit makes it happen - especially in our cities and for families hungry to see their children grow up strong and smart.

Governor Cuomo, you assured Cardinal Dolan and the Catholic Bishops that you'd get this done this year - to help children everywhere. Show some leadership. Don't let these children down.

Contact:  Jessica Proud (914) 438-5325                    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Statement from Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino on
Andrew Cuomo's Financial Shell Game
June 17, 2014
"The dangerous and inappropriate financial shell games we saw in another Cuomo administration are back. Yesterday it was revealed that Andrew Cuomo is engaged in a $511 million gimmick taking money from a fund specifically earmarked for environmental projects, like clean drinking water, to plug a massive budget hole in his plan for the new Tappan Zee Bridge. Mr. Cuomo's sleight of hand trick is directly reminiscent of the financial shenanigans that led to Governor Mario Cuomo's 1994 re-election defeat.  
"That Cuomo Administration infamously raided the State Insurance Fund, sold state-owned prisons back to itself, and diverted highway toll money into the Canal Corporation, which, ironically, is part of the reason why infrastructure projects like the new Tappan Zee Bridge are short money today.  
"Andrew Cuomo's fiscal gimmick involving clean drinking water funding is an attempt to cover up shortfalls in the Thruway Authority that will result in punitively high toll prices for Hudson-River crossers. In Albany, this is called 'Cuomo Accounting.' In the private sector, it's called 'cooking the books.'"


June 13, 2014
It's Friday the 13th, and here's a scary thought: Under Andrew Cuomo, New York is ranked dead last amongst the 50 states in taxes, regulations, business climate and personal freedom.

Welcome to economic Hell.

Forward this email to your friends and click the image above to share it on Facebook to spread the word: New York needs Republican leadership now!  

June 16, 2014
NYGOP releases campaign ad titled "Cuomo's New York"
Contact: David Laska
ALBANY... The New York Republican State Committee today released a television ad that will run in several media markets across New York State.

The ad, titled "Cuomo's New York," draws a distinction between Andrew Cuomo's dishonest depiction of a prosperous New York, propagated by his taxpayer-funded "Start Up NY" ad campaign, and economic reality.

NYGOP Chair Ed Cox said:

"Andrew Cuomo is spending taxpayer money on thinly-veiled campaign ads for himself and ignoring the fact that New York ranks dead last amongst the fifty states in economic outlook, property taxes, retirement climate and outmigration."

Script of NYGOP TV ad, "Cuomo's New York"

Andrew Cuomo is spending millions of our tax dollars on ads that are not true.  
Guess what state ranks dead last in economic outlook?
Cuomo's New York.
Has the highest property taxes in the nation?
Cuomo's New York.
Worst state to retire?
Most people leaving a state?
You got it, Cuomo's New York
Andrew Cuomo's policies have New York last in too many categories.
And no amount of taxpayer ads will change that.

June 16, 2014
Governor, sexual assault isn't funny
Contact: David Laska
ALBANY... On WCNY's Capitol Pressroom this morning, Andrew Cuomo was asked about Republicans raising the issue of his support for Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, whose long history of enabling serial sexual abusers of women and covering up sexual assault in the Democratic Assembly caucus with taxpayer money has been well documented.
Cuomo laughed and said, "that's funny."
NYGOP Chair Ed Cox released the following statement in response: "Sexual assault isn't funny, and the fact that New York's Governor would laugh off rather than address the serious issue of the leadership of the Assembly covering up sexual assault in the State Capitol is appalling.
"Blowing off the interviewer's question with a laugh demonstrates that Andrew Cuomo is incapable of giving New York the moral leadership that it needs and deserves." 

CONTACT:  Charlie Banks; 845.664.1999
TOMORROW, 6/17, 11AM

Former Assemblyman Bob Castelli, in light of the overwhelming encouragement he has seen in recent months regarding a return to Albany, has been actively considering a state legislative campaign this year.  He will be joined by supporters and staff tomorrow (Tuesday) in front of the Town House in South Salem at 11AM at the for a press conference as he announces his intentions.

Asm. Castelli will discuss the conditions leading up to his decision, including the last-minute announcement of incumbent State Sen. Greg Ball (R-Patterson) not to run for re-election, while collaborating with Albany power brokers in an attempt to sidestep the people's nomination process and hand-pick his own successor.

Asm. Castelli will be available for questions after an initial statement.

Details for tomorrow's event are as follows:

WHO:  Former Assemblyman Bob Castelli (R-Lewisboro)

WHAT:  Press conference regarding next step in campaign

WHEN:  11:00 AM

WHERE:  Town House, Town of Lewisboro; 11 Main Street, South Salem, NY 10590
All media are invited and encouraged to attend.

Follow on Twitter    Like on Facebook    Forward to Friend

Copyright Castelli 2014. All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is:
Castelli 2014 Exploratory Committee
280 N Bedford Rd
Ste 300
Mt. Kisco, New York 10549

For Immediate Release: June 16, 2014
Contact: TJ McCormack (818) 554-2566
Terrence Murphy Stands Against Bill Giving Illegal Immigrants Driver's Licenses,
Medicaid Benefits
Candidate For New York State's 40th Senate District Says Bill Rewarding Breaking
The Law Is "Madness"
Dr. Terrence Murphy is stating his absolute opposition to a bill
being introduced today
in the New York State
Senate which would make illegal aliens "state citizens" and provide such
privileges like driver's licenses, professional licenses, in-state tuition and
medicaid benefits.
Dr. Murphy says, "This is a proposed law which would reward breaking the law. You can't
just make up a term like "state citizen", and then give away privileges that
legal immigrants wait years and make great sacrifices to qualify for. This bill
is madness, and every New York taxpayer should be offended."
The bill would require illegals to show they had lived in New York for three years and
"pledge" to uphold New York laws. Said Dr. Murphy, "That's the cute part. The
bill requires applicants to pledge to 'uphold New York laws', while they are
currently in violation of law."
Said Dr. Murphy, "This is the radicalism to which the governor opened the door when he
made his deal with the extreme left Working Families Party. Amnesty for illegals
was at the top of their list of demands. New York voters should be suspicious of
any candidates who have made deals with and accepted the endorsement of the
Working Families Party."
NOTE: Media
Availability Upon Request Through Contact Above

For Immediate Release: June 16, 2014
Contact: TJ McCormack (818) 554-2566

Dr. Terrence Murphy Will Have A Cup of Joe In Thornwood, NY On Saturday June 21st 10 A.M. At Thornwood Coach Diner
Republican Candidate For New York State's 40th Senate District
Looks Forward To Hearing What's On Voters' Minds
Dr. Terrence Murphy of Yorktown is taking his Cup of Joe informal meet and greet to the Thornwood Coach Diner at 10 a.m. this Saturday, June 21st.

Dr. Murphy said, "I really love the personal side of this journey. I'm a husband and a dad, a small business owner and the Hudson Valley has been my home forever. There's so much I have in common with my neighbors. It's great to have a cup of coffee and get to know one another. It's not about coming and hearing a candidate give a speech. This is an opportunity for me to listen; to learn what's important to the voters of the 40th Senate District."

The Thornwood Coach Diner is located at 50 Kensico Road Thornwood, NY 10594.

NOTE: Media Availability Upon Request Through Contact Above

For Immediate Release: June 16, 2014
Contact: TJ McCormack (818) 554-2566
Terrence Murphy Finds Misappropriation Of Energy Surcharges Outrageous And
Candidate For New York State's 40th Senate District Says Yet Another Temporary
Tax Suffocating The Middle Class
Terrence Murphy of Yorktown is outraged since learning  
findings of the Public Service Commission

in a recent report. In it, the P.S.C. says that $2.9 billion which was supposed
to go to energy conservation and energy-savings programs was misappropriated to
the general fund. Additionally, New Yorkers have been overcharged by nearly $250
million in state-imposed surcharges on energy bills.
surcharge in question is known as the 18-a surcharge which was imposed on
ratepayers by the state. In an exercise of cowardice, the state forced utility
companies to collect for Albany. The surcharge was sold as a "temporary tax".
Not only did zero dollars go to energy-saving programs, the supposedly short
term money grab was due to expire this year, but Governor Andrew Cuomo extended
the tax in last year's budget. In the end, the legislature not only failed to
monitor where the surcharge money went, but allowed Governor Cuomo to perpetuate
what one PSC member called an "awful law".  
Dr. Murphy Monday, "This is yet another kick in the teeth of New York's middle
class, which is the heart and soul of the 40th District. That surcharge was
supposed to go towards programs that preserved the environment and saved energy.
Instead it ended up in the general fund to be used in over-spending, big
government program. And not only were the citizens lied to, but they were robbed
of a quarter billion dollars along the way! All this tax did was steal money
from New Yorkers who are already the highest-taxed citizens of the United
Murphy continued, "This is exactly why I'm running for State Senate. My record
shows I have put money BACK in people's pockets. I have demanded accountability
from lawmakers all the while knowing we have to leave a healthy environment for
generations to come. I'm energized to being that very record to Albany, and
fight for best interests of the people of the 40th District.
NOTE: Media
Availability Upon Request Through Contact


For Immediate Release: June 16, 2014

Contact: John Tkazyik (914) 204-4303


Tkazyik Throws Support to Serino

"I'll continue to lead the fight for responsible government"

Statement by Mayor John Tkazyik:

"As a man who has had the privilege of serving for the past seven years as Mayor of my beloved home city of Poughkeepsie, I've always cared deeply about the best interests of our citizens, our County, and our State. We need a Majority in our State Senate that will revive our economy, respect our taxpayers, and ensure that every New Yorker will prosper.

"Over the course of the past five months in the race for the 41st Senate District, I've been honored to have had a strong voice and to have gained many new friends. However, given the fact that the Republican, Conservative, and Independence Parties have endorsed Sue Serino, I've been compelled to weigh not just my chance of winning a Republican Primary, but how, if we were successful in that Primary, I would win a General Election. After due consideration, I've concluded that I don't want to forestall nor complicate in any way a General Election campaign in which we must prevail.

Therefore I'm withdrawing as a candidate for the New York State Senate, with a heart full of gratitude to all those who have expressed their faith and confidence in me to do the right thing. Today this is the right thing to do, and from here forward I'll continue to lead the fight for responsible government that reveres the great principles on which our nation was founded. I wish Sue Serino much success in the upcoming election, and I urge all my friends and supporters to enthusiastically support her candidacy."


Tkazyik for New YorkP.O. Box 244
Poughkeepsie, NY 12602



Contact: Tom Staudter | ThomasS@westchesterlegislators.com | 914-995-2819 (office) | 914-419-5221 (cell)


Democratic Legislators Question Need for More Political Hires in County


White Plains, NY – Several Democratic caucus members of the Westchester County Board of Legislators (BOL) questioned today County Executive Rob Astorino’s request for adding three new, unjustified positions to the County payroll that were readily identified as political hires.


Westchester’s Human Resources Commissioner Kerry Oristano noted today at a joint meeting of the BOL Law and Labor, Parks, Planning & Housing (LPPH) Committees charged with examining the Astorino Administration’s request to amend the County pay plan for 2014 that the three positions—a junior administrative aide and assistant administrative aide for the County Executive’s office and an administrative aide for the First Deputy Commissioner of the County’s Department of Social Services (DSS)—would be non-competitive, so that individuals could be hired without taking requisite civil service tests that would be required for applicants of similar positions in their respective job groups.


Because of the sensitive nature of the positions, Oristano stated that the County Executive would prefer if the jobs were in non-competitive categories and could be given to “people they know.”


Approval of the three positions could be difficult. Two Democratic legislators, Chairman Michael Kaplowitz (D-Somers) and Pete Harckham (D-North Salem), chair of the BOL LPPH Committee, voted to move the pay plan amendment out of committee “without prejudice,” thus signaling their reservations about whether they’d vote to approve the positions in the future. Two Democratic legislators, BOL Majority Leader Catherine Borgia (D-Ossining) and MaryJane Shimsky (D-Hastings-on-Hudson), voted against the amendment in the LPPH Committee.


“County personnel decisions should be made in terms of necessity and economic viability,” said Borgia. “The Administration’s attempt to bring on staff members in areas where there is no demonstrable need seems to be an abuse of taxpayer dollars.”


The assistant administrative aide position for the County Executive would receive a salary between $48,000 and $60,500, while the junior administrative aide position would receive between $41,000 and $50,000. The DSS position would receive between $58,900 and $73,200.


One of the reasons why the Democratic BOL caucus opposed Astorino’s 2013 Proposed Budget was because it contained 57 political jobs at a cost to taxpayers of more than $5.4 million—an average salary per annum of nearly $97,000. Meanwhile over 120 positions in the County were set to be cut.

“It’s wrong for the County Executive to lay off experts on flooding and infrastructure repairs in the County workforce and then bring on more political hires,” said Shimsky. “This is unacceptable, and I will not vote for it.”

 Additional news and photos available at www.westchesterlegislators.com/newsroom

Join our Facebook fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/westchestercountyBOL  | Follow us on Twitter: @westchesterBOL

Its BBQ time again! Hope to see you on July 17th.
Visit John's website or visit him on Facebook

On Monday, June 16, 2014 2:56 PM, Sandra Galef wrote:

      For Immediate Release
Contact:  Sandy Galef

(518) 455-5348

Galef Announces Two Community Libraries in the 95th Assembly District to
Receive State Grants

New York State Library Awards 186 Construction Grants to Public Libraries

      (June 16, 2014) Assemblywoman Sandy Galef announced that two
libraries in her Assembly District will be receiving grants from New York
State. As times change, the needs of public libraries throughout the state
for renovations and changes are growing exponentially. Whether it is to
increase accessibility for certain individuals or the overwhelming heat or
cold patrons feel due to an inefficient air conditioning system, there is
always something that needs to be improved. Statistics show that over 48% of
New York's 1,000-plus public libraries were constructed over sixty years
ago. So much has changed in technology and architecture, and libraries are
community hubs that need to keep up with changing times and growing
community dependence on the availability of services at these public


With a grant of $84,969, Briarcliff Manor Public Library in Westchester
County has the opportunity to change its accessibility and security, as well
as operational and space enhancements to enhance programming. In Putnam
County, the Alice Curtis Desmond and Hamilton Fish Library has been granted
$20,000, which will allow the library to replace inefficient heating and air
conditioning systems with a high tech heating system, allowing for the
library to reduce energy usage.

"These grants will allow for us to enhance our local libraries," said
Assemblywoman Galef. "In making these changes, not only will we help enrich
our buildings, but we will, in turn, encourage more individuals to come and
enjoy them. I am so pleased that two libraries in my district will be
receiving this state grant money to benefit my constituents as well as other

On Monday, June 16, 2014 11:54 AM, NRCC Communications wrote:

For Immediate Release
June 16, 2014
Contact: Press Office
(202) 479-7070
Will Sean Patrick Maloney Help Find Lois Lerner’s
Missing E-Mails?
Will Maloney Help Uncover the Truth Behind the IRS Scandal or Will He Help the Administration Cover Up Another Scandal?

– Last week, the IRS sent a letter to the House Ways and Means committee explaining that they lost Lois Lerner’s emails from January 2009 to April 2011 due to a “computer crash.” These “missing emails” demonstrate the lengths the Obama Administration and Congressional Democrats will go in order to cover up the IRS’ effort to target tax-exempt conservative groups based on their political beliefs.
Maloney's silence solidifies the fact that he has become a Washington insider and is out of touch with New York taxpayers. Instead of demanding answers and holding the IRS accountable, Maloney is helping the Administration cover up a scandal in hopes of political support for his re-election.
“First Lois Lerner refused to comply with Congressional investigations and now her emails are ‘missing’. That just doesn’t pass the smell test,” said NRCC Communications Director Andrea Bozek. “Sean Patrick Maloney has the opportunity to protect New York taxpayers from being wrongfully targeted by holding the Administration accountable and condemning the IRS officials responsible for this scandal.”
IRS claims Lois Lerner’s e-mails are lost due to a computer crash.
(Nicholas Quinn Rosenkranz, The IRS claims that Lois Lerner’s e-mails were wiped out by a ‘computer crash’, The Washington Post, 6/15/14) 
NRCC320 First Street SE
Washington, DC 20003
(202) 479-7000

Please join
For a very special artist reception
Friday June 20th
Details to follow RSVP
Music, Beverages & Inspiring Artwork to be Enjoyed
ATTIRE: Black Tie Optional
RSVP to contact@kinskigalloart.com
Strict guest list policy.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Mexican born, Los Angeles based artist Kinski Gallo, is a graphic designer, multi-media painter and sculptor whose works have been commissioned by serious collectors and celebrities around the world. His unique approach to combining color and collage has earned him a reputation for being on the forefront of cutting edge imagery and street smart style.

Gallo is also known for his work on numerous album covers, including having conceptualized and designed award winning album covers for Crosby, Stills & Nash, and for having contributed design and photographs for those of Neil Young, Lou Reed, the Smashing Pumpkins and Deftones.

His most recent body of work, “Kings & Queens”, is an oneiric collection of iconic portraits emerging from surreal landscapes that draw on the anthropomorphism of architecture and design.


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summer 3



July & August 2014

- 5 Week Program (includes uniform)
- Confidence, Self-Defense, Discipline, and Respect
- Up to 3 Times Per Week/Any 5 Weeks in July or August
- Adult and Junior Class
- Classes are limited
- Private Lessons are available
White Tiger Tae Kwon Do
181 Greenwich Avenue
above Brooks Brothers
Greenwich, CT 06830

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Join Us For a
Private Designer Jewelry Event
Tuesday June 17th - Saturday June 21st
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All Jewelry in the event will be offered at
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PERIDOT Fine Jewelry
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Hi Andy,

I ride your Taxi every now and then from Peekskill. I felt I had to involve myself in the climate change debate since the leftists claim facts, but just bash you instead without offering any facts. The lefts believe their opinions qualify as facts.

First off, climate change is real.

Second, it is not caused by people. We can no more control the weather than we can slow dow or speed up time.

Thirdly, why do the lefties deny that it is cyclical? Somewhere around 25,000 years ago the wooly mammoths, saber-toothed animals, north american camels and other species all perished and are now extinct due to global warming.

One theory claims humans of 25,000 years ago caused the extinction of these animals due to over hunting. I don't believe this because although there were humans in Europe and Asia, there were none or few in North America, yet the extinction occurred on all continents.

Also, if we observe how the native americans lived, the aborigines, the tribes in the amazon and africa, the eskimos and laplanders, the mongols, these people all understood and respected their food and clothing sources and managed this wild life far better than we ever could. It was the europeans who slaughtered without any reason or thought, like the buffalo and do-do bird.

Scientists tell us the sun is hotter than it has been in the last 1,000 years and it continues to heat up. A single large volcanic eruption puts more greenhouse and poisonous gasses into the atmosphere than humans ever could.

The lefties TELL us what our opinions must be. This administration as emboldened them to mock everyone who has an opinion that is not theirs. We can't eat meat, we can't wear fur, the horse drawn carriages in NYC must go, I am branded a homophobe because I am against gay marriage performed in Christian churches, yet I cannot refer to gay men as vaginaphobes.

Everything we have come to know as normal has been turned on its head and I am wrong and am called a hater if I refuse to accept it. I have given up having discussions with these people. You can tattoo the truth on their foreheads and they will still deny it. Because they are not interested in truth, just their opinions.

To these people the earth is flat because they say it is. And talking to great thinkers like you is pointless because it it preaching to the choir. There are no good discussions and debates left.

Thank you for allowing me to rant.

Best regards,

Anthony Bazzo
Member since Mar, 2014
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The associate professor is an advocate for the disabled who also writes civil war histories.
10 hours ago
Clinton said she's "totally done" curbing her speech for political reasons.
18 hours ago
"We can't do it for them," Obama says of the Iraqi government.
18 hours ago
She remains at the network as a special correspondent on a month-to-month basis.
by Chris Hoffman, 2 hours ago
Creating installation media for your operating system of choice used to be simple. Just download an ISO and burn it to CD or DVD. Now we’re using USB drives, a..
by Akemi Iwaya, 4 hours ago
Fences serve a variety of purposes whether it is protecting something, keeping something contained, or simply as decoration. Surround your desktop in wood or w..
by Jason Fitzpatrick, 16 hours ago
What Ornamental Feature Did 18th Century English Aristocrats Keep On Their Estates? Hermits Jesters Glass Dragons BakeriesThink you know the answer?
by Akemi Iwaya, 16 hours ago
There is nothing quite as frustrating as having a nice looking yard trampled up by trespassers, but what do you do to get rid of them? Today’s game provides yo..
by Lori Kaufman, 23 hours ago
By default, when you search using the Unity Dash, online shopping suggestions such as Amazon display in your results. You may not want online suggestions inclu..
13 hours ago
Peter Bergen says the U.S. attack on Iraq helped provoke creation of the al Qaeda arm that's now threatening that nation's fragile stability
17 hours ago
If there's any truth in the old saw that London's streets are paved with gold, it's probably because they've been gilded by cash stripped from the pockets of t..
20 hours ago
Each Father's Day, I thank my father for giving me life -- twice -- the first time in the traditional sense and the second when he donated his kidney to me. Wh..
20 hours ago
Ruby Dee and her husband, the late Ossie Davis, were formidable forces in both the performing arts community and the civil rights movement. She was 91.
20 hours ago
Actress Jenny Slate tells Conan how dancing to "La Bamba" led to her getting hit by a moving van.
by Jackson Chung, 5 hours ago
If you haven’t felt it already, World Cup fever is upon us. Personally, I never got football. Twenty-two men kicking a ball around the field doesn’t quite do i..
by Mark O'Neill, 8 hours ago
Patently Silly – if you invent something and want to protect it from unauthorized copying, you need to get a patent. Some inventions are great but some are dow..
by Tim Brookes, 11 hours ago
Have you ever wanted to read your favourite websites, faster? How about raiding dungeons, Warhammer-style? It’s all possible at a reduced rate thanks to this w..
by Philip Bates, 15 hours ago
Soccer, football, that game where opposing sides hit a ball into a net: it doesn’t matter what you call it — World Cup Fever has hit. Keeping score is simple. ..
by Ryan Dube, 16 hours ago
You can lock every door and window of your house, but if you use a skeleton key the odds are pretty good someone is probably going to end up robbing you blind...
by Cathy O'Neil, 1 hour ago
Listen to Episode 6 of Slate Money:
by Mike Pesca, 15 hours ago
Listen to Episode 28 of Slate’s The Gist:
by David Goldblatt, 15 hours ago
Listen to Dummy with David Goldblatt, Danny Karbassiyoon, and George Quraishi by clicking the arrow on the audio player below:
by Dahlia Lithwick, 16 hours ago
In 2009, Iowa’s Supreme Court voted—unanimously by the way—that the state constitution protects the right of same-sex couples to marry. Very shortly thereafter..
by Jim Festante, 16 hours ago
University of Wisconsin–Madison researchers built the virus from fragments of wild bird flu strains and then, presumably because they were sleeping too soundly..
2 hours ago
ANKARA (Reuters) - President Hassan Rouhani urged world powers on Saturday to cut a deal with Iran by a July 20 deadline to end a dispute over its nuclear prog..
3 hours ago
BEIRUT (Reuters) - At least eight people were killed on Saturday when a car bomb exploded in a market in eastern Syria near the border with Iraq, a monitoring ..
4 hours ago
KIEV/DONETSK Ukraine (Reuters) - Pro-Russian separatists shot down a Ukrainian army transport plane with an anti-aircraft missile as it came in to land early o..
6 hours ago
ANKARA (Reuters) - Iran stands ready to help Iraq's government in its fight against Sunni Muslim insurgents within the framework of international law, although..
7 hours ago
Baghdad, Iraq (Reuters) - Iraq's most senior Shi'ite Muslim cleric urged followers to take up arms against a full-blown Sunni militant insurgency to topple Shi..
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by Chris Hoffman, 5 hours ago
Computer networking is filled with jargon that isn’t self-explanatory. Here’s a quick overview of many of the terms you’ll see when you glance at the network s..
by David Meyer, 43 mins ago
SanDisk will buy flash storage firm Fusion.io in a $1.1 billion transaction, the companies said on Monday. According to a statement, Fusion.io will play into S..
by David Meyer, 3 hours ago
5G is coming — slowly and hazily — and, having been a leader in 3G but a follower in 4G, Europe wants to be back at the forefront this time. But if that happen..
by David Meyer, 4 hours ago
Can a global federation of smaller cloud providers successfully rival the mighty Amazon EC2 in the cloud compute market? Let’s find out — OnApp has finally unv..
by Eric Holthaus, 2 hours ago
OAKLAND, Calif.—In a year with (practically) no water, here’s something that was inevitable: farming without any water at all. ..
by April Rabkin, 8 hours ago
During the Cultural Revolution, a million people were killed or driven to suicide, many for infractions as incidental as making a “politically incorrect” comme..
by Rebecca Schuman, 13 hours ago
In grad school, I was one of dozens of TAs for a 1,000-student freshman lecture course. One morning, as I sat parked amidst the undergrads—a move, it was expla..
3 hours ago
The chaos in Iraq is the latest reminder that he's consumed with Bush's legacy more than his own.
3 hours ago
The pending ruling has thrust the company's owners and its mission into the national spotlight.
15 hours ago
Like other internal Repulican Party fights, this one could get ugly.
13 hours ago
The Academy Award nominee and Sundance winner talks Afghanistan, PTSD and his film "Restrepo"
13 hours ago
We may love to hate Gwyneth, but the celebrity interview is the only way motherhood makes its way into glossy mags
13 hours ago
David Peterson talks about GRRM, his favorite fictional realms, and why so many people want to learn Dothraki
13 hours ago
A stirring new book describes how publishers defied censors to bring James Joyce's masterpiece to the world
by Danny Stieben, 27 mins ago
On Linux laptops, one of the most common complaints is that the battery life isn’t quite as good as one would hope. It’s true that with default settings, Linux..
by Jackson Chung, 57 mins ago
If you’re passionate about photography or know someone who is, this is the gift you’ve been waiting for. How do you take long-exposure, beautiful n..
by Justin Dennis, 57 mins ago
Unfortunately, some developers block access to their apps if they detect that the device they’re installed on is rooted. This is due to a variety of reas..
by Dave Parrack, 1 hour ago
Facebook is tracking you for advertising purposes, Bitcoin gains its first mining monopoly, Apple recalls iPhone chargers, Pinterest suffers spam hack attack, ..
by Mark O'Neill, 9 hours ago
Measuring Worth – Intrinsic things are priceless: the love of your life, or a beautiful sunset. There is no objective way to measure these, nor should there be..
3 hours ago
BERLIN (Reuters) - Hillary Clinton has told a German magazine the United States should follow Germany, where Angela Merkel is chancellor, and have a woman in c..
8 hours ago
(Reuters) - American companies can expect progress on some critical U.S. trade initiatives if the Republican Party takes control of both houses of the U.S. Con..
8 hours ago
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A Louisiana conservative seeking to be the No.3 Republican in the U.S. House of Representatives has the potential to be a bridge between..
8 hours ago
NEW YORK (Reuters) - As politicians debate the dangers of a massive increase in oil carried by rail in North America, railroads and energy producers are consid..
11 hours ago
SACRAMENTO Calif. (Reuters) - Lawmakers in California approved a $156.4 billion budget on Sunday, sending the plan that includes funding for a controversial hi..
by Darrell Etherington, 35 mins ago
 Finnish casual game maker Rovio is back at it with a new title in its Angry Birds series, this one a branded partnership like the Star Wars version released p..
by Natasha Lomas, 43 mins ago
 Meet Printeer: a colourful 3D printer that’s being designed to appeal to kids. Ergo it looks fun, with brightly coloured parts displayed safely behind clear p..
by Jordan Crook, 1 hour ago
 Indiegogo, the crowdfunding site led by Slava Rubin, has today announced a few changes to the leadership team. Most notably, the company has snatched Yelp’s f..
by Steve O'Hear, 2 hours ago
 European daily deal aggregator Bownty has acquired local competitor Yunait, which claims to be the leader in Southern Europe — though, notably, along with Spa..
by Darrell Etherington, 2 hours ago
 Twitter’s official “Dronie” is at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity this year, taking the robot-powered zoom out selfies first popularized..
5 mins ago
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. manufacturing output rose solidly in May as production increased across the board, bolstering expectations that economic growth wou..
1 hour ago
BEIJING (Reuters) - China sentenced three people to death on Monday over a deadly attack at Beijing's Tiananmen Square last October, state television reported,..
2 hours ago
KIEV/GORKI Russia (Reuters) - Russia cut off gas to Ukraine on Monday in a dispute over unpaid bills that could disrupt supplies to the rest of Europe and set ..
3 hours ago
HONG KONG (Reuters) - The Chinese corporate bond market has overtaken the United States as the world's biggest and is set to soak up a third of global company ..
6 hours ago
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Nasdaq OMX Group Inc lured back former Chief Financial Officer Adena Friedman as co-president with the understanding that she will succeed..
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Contact: Joe Bachmeier, (845) 531-9796
[Photo Attached]
Pawling, N.Y. – 06/14/2014 – Senator Greg Ball (R, C, I –Patterson), Chairman of the Senate Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs Committee, held a ribbon cutting ceremony today to kick off construction on local Vietnam veteran Dan Flanigan’s home.
“Team Ball has done it again and I am so proud! I am thrilled to see the community come together and I remind everyone that this is just the beginning and we have a long way to go to deliver for Dan, our American Hero! We need everyone in the community to help out in any way they can. There has been such a huge outpouring of volunteers willing to donate their time and services to the cause. We need them from now until the end, every day and we need to stay motivated! We would not be able to make it all possible without them, so for that I am very grateful,” said Senator Greg Ball. “If you would like to join our Purple Heart Homes Senate Task Force and join our honorable efforts to give Dan the welcome home he so rightfully deserves, do not hesitate to contact my office today.”
Senator Ball and the Purple Heart Homes organization teamed up several months ago to remodel Private Dan Flanigan’s home in order to better his living conditions and thank him for his service. The project officially began this morning with a ribbon cutting ceremony in front of the property, followed by demolition of the front porch and clearing of debris. 
Private Daniel Flanigan, a 100% service-connected disabled Vietnam Veteran was selected after a thorough vetting process by Purple Heart Homes, a non-profit based in Statesville, NC that provides housing solutions for disabled veterans.
Like many service-connected disabled veterans, Dan lives on fixed income. His home is over 100 years old and is in poor living condition, especially for someone with physical disabilities.
“We look forward to seeing the renovations on Dan Flanigan's home to make it more energy efficient and safe so he can successfully age in place," said Dale Beatty, Purple Heart Homes Co-founder. “We continue to be extremely grateful to Senator Ball and his staff for all their help to keep this project moving.”
“This house I live in was left to me by my parents who died in 1999. It needs a lot of repairs, which I can’t afford. I’m struggling to make ends meet and my physical health is deteriorating with a severe spinal condition and arthritis in my left hip. The VA replaced my right hip three years ago,” said Dan Flanigan. “I thank God for sparing my life in Vietnam and am proud to have served my country to this day.”
For more information, please contact jbachmei@nysenate.gov or (845) 531-9796

Josef Bachmeier
Communications Director
NYS Senator Greg Ball
Media: (845) 531 9796 
Personal: (914) 406 5114


Contact: Joe Bachmeier, (845) 531-9796




Brewster, NY – 06/16/2014 – Senator Greg Ball (R, C, I –Patterson), Chairman of the Senate Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs Committee, will be hosting a farewell pasta dinner next week at the Mahopac Firehouse. The event will be open to the public, and will be a fundraiser for Vietnam War Veteran Dan Flanagin’s home renovations.


“It has been an absolute honor to serve our community and the people of this state for nearly a decade. I am very thankful for everyone who has supported me through this journey,” said Senator Greg Ball. “I am thrilled to have my final project be something as meaningful as helping out a disabled war veteran. I would like to personally invite anyone who would like to contribute to this great cause to join us on June 24th to give Danny the welcome home he so rightfully deserves.”


Senator Ball recently announced that he would not be seeking reelection this fall. Anyone who would like to say farewell to the Senator is invited to attend the dinner, which will be held on Tuesday, June 24th at the Mahopac Firehouse from 5 – 7 p.m. The cost of the dinner will be $20 per plate, which will include pasta, meatballs, salad and bread.


The event will be a fundraiser for Senator Ball’s final project before leaving office, renovating Private Dan Flanigan’s home in Pawling, NY alongside Purple Heart Homes. Private Daniel Flanigan, a 100% service-connected disabled Vietnam Veteran, was selected after a thorough vetting process by Purple Heart Homes, a non-profit based in Statesville, NC that provides housing solutions for disabled veterans. Like many service-connected disabled veterans, Dan lives on fixed income and is struggling to make ends meet. His home is over 100 years old and is in dire need of repairs.


Anyone interested in attending the pasta dinner is asked to RSVP by visiting: https://docs.google.com/a/ball4ny.com/forms/d/1REIKWiioYI5ByEs5bNGReTtA7_xLvIklsh52W6_RvkU/viewform or by calling Senator Ball’s office at (845) 279-3773.


For more information, please contact jbachmei@nysenate.gov or (845) 531-9796

Josef Bachmeier
Communications Director
NYS Senator Greg Ball
Media: (845) 531 9796 
Personal: (914) 406 5114



Contact: Joe Bachmeier, (845) 531-9796




Albany, N.Y. – 06/16/2014 – The New York State Senate passed two pieces of legislation last week that will lessen the property tax burden for service-connected disabled veterans. The first bill, S6563A was passed last Tuesday, followed by S6541A, which passed Thursday.


“All throughout New York State, our service disabled veterans are being forced out of their homes due to the out of control property taxes. During their service, these disabled veterans suffered physical and mental injuries that in some cases prevent them from being able to afford the high property taxes in New York State. These pieces of legislation will allow these heroes to age with dignity and respect in the comfort of their own homes,” said Senator Greg Ball, Chairman of the Senate Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs Committee.


The first piece of legislation S6563A will make permanently totally disabled veterans exempt from paying property taxes. The veteran must have served on active duty in the armed forces of the United States, and must have acquired permanent injuries in the line of duty in order to qualify. Permanently totally disabled refers to those who have lost their legs, arms, eye sight, or are bedridden due injuries that occurred during combat.


The passage of S6541A, will make permanently totally disabled veterans exempt from property taxes when the property was given to them by a charitable organization at no cost. Senator Greg Ball spoke on the bill on the Senate Floor. This legislation will benefit service-connected disabled veterans such as Daniel Flanigan, the Vietnam veteran selected by Purple Heart Homes and Senator Ball to have his house completely renovated in order to accommodate the disabilities he incurred while in the line of duty.   


For more information, please contact jbachmei@nysenate.gov or (845) 531-9796




Josef Bachmeier
Communications Director
NYS Senator Greg Ball
Media: (845) 531 9796 
Personal: (914) 406 5114


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