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Bazzomanifesto Update 04/23/14: 15 Topics In Today's blog


1) Editorial In This Week Yorktown News: Vacant Seat On Yorktown Town Board

2)  Announcement from Campaigns & Elections


4)  Public Meeting Agendas] Yorktown Zoning Board of Appeals Agenda - April 24, 2014

5) Yorktown Planning Board reviews church, signs, dead trees, and lighting  04/21/14

6)  Hayworth: Keystone delay endangers Hudson Valley economy, environment

7)  Asbury Park comes to Peekskill At 12 Grapes

8)  The Theatre: An Interview with Richard Maxwell

9)  NYC&G Presents the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island Project Design 2014-Phase II

10)  New ROI column from Frank J. Rich:  How Valuable Is Your Existing Customer?



13)  New Yorkers: Cuomo failed on ethics

14)  Astorino: It all ties together

15)  You're Invited: Maverick PAC Reception feat. Rob Astorino 04/29/14

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The Yorktown Town Board is broken

Yorktown News was born two years ago this month, and in those two years—nearly the entire term of Supervisor Michael Grace—the board has fulfilled its duty to the people of Yorktown. Projects—big and small—have been discussed, debated and voted on when appropriate. Not all of the members have always agreed, but they were always there for the people—no more so than during Superstorm Sandy.

Then, Councilman Dave Paganelli was elected highway superintendent last November, and things began to fall apart. After Paganelli’s election night victory, discussion began as to who would replace him on the board, and how—would it be through appointment or special election in November 2014?

Well, nearly five months into 2014, we have our answer. It will be through special election because the four members—Supervisor Michael Grace, Councilman Nick Bianco, Councilman Terrence Murphy and Councilman Vishnu Patel—are too childish to put their big boy pants on and agree on a candidate.

At the April 8 Town Board work session, Supervisor Grace, a Republican, nominated Rich Campanaro, who ran for Town Board as a Democrat last fall, to fill the open seat, which had been in Republican hands before Paganelli’s departure. Grace and Murphy, also a Republican, voted in favor of Campanaro. Bianco, a Conservative who ran on the Democratic line for supervisor against Grace in November, and Patel, a Democrat, abstained. Bianco said he abstained because he did not agree that the process should be done in public.

At the televised April 15 Town Board meeting, Grace again put up Campanaro for a vote. As expected, the measure again failed, as Grace and Murphy predictably voted yes, and Bianco and Patel voted no.

Not only can they not agree on a candidate, but due to the advice of Town Attorney Jeannette “Southampton” Koster, the four members cannot even agree on what the law says regarding when and in what setting they are allowed to discuss the process.

As we reported last week, Bianco and Grace confirmed that the names of candidates had been passed around in executive session. That is in direct violation of the law, according to Robert Freeman, the executive director of New York’s Committee on Open Government, a state-funded government organization. Freeman says the Town Board vacancy differs from other appointments in that it is an elected position, and therefore any discussions about the candidates must be open to the public.

“When the matter involves filling a vacancy in an elective office, there is no basis for closing the doors,” Freeman said.

Supervisor Grace has echoed Freeman’s opinion and said he wants the process to play out in public.

However, Attorney Koster disagrees with Freeman’s opinion and has advised members of the board that it is legal to discuss the names behind closed doors. As we reported last week, Koster, in a March 21 email addressed to the Town Board, wrote, “It is permissible to go into executive session to discuss the appointment of a specific person (either a single name or the selection of one person from a list of individuals) to fill a vacancy in an election.”

Citing Koster’s advice, Bianco has repeatedly said he will only discuss potential appointees in an executive session, which is closed to the public. The reason given is that he does not want to risk offending a candidate in public view.

While the controversy surrounding the legality of discussing this process out of public view should concern good government proponents, the real issue here is that the board members, specifically Grace and Bianco, cannot agree on a replacement for Paganelli.

While Bianco can insist that he won’t discuss the open seat in public, the reality is that he was handed Campanaro, with whom he ran and campaigned for last fall, on a silver platter and said no. If Bianco thought Campanaro was good enough for the Town Board six months ago, why he is not acceptable now?

As for Grace, he is doing the politically astute thing. By continuously putting up a Democrat’s name to fill a Republican seat during public Town Board meetings, he is coming across as bipartisan. The problem is that the Yorktown Democratic Party has all but disowned Campanaro since election night, insinuating that he is on the brink of switching parties.

So, here we are. As of this paper’s publication date, April 24, it has been 114 days since the Town Board was comprised of a supervisor and four councilmen. As stated above, there is little reason to believe this issue will be solved anytime soon. If Michael Grace, Nick Bianco, Terrence Murphy and Vishnu Patel allow the open seat to go unfilled until a special election in November, Yorktown will be the laughingstock of Westchester County.

Faced with a similar situation after last year’s elections, the Town of Bedford filled its open seat through appointment. The two Democrats on the board, including the supervisor, got together with the two Republicans and appointed a former Republican councilman who pledged not to run in November. As a result, the people of Bedford have a full, five-member Town Board.

Maybe we need to ask them for some help. The number to the Bedford Town House is 914-666-4534.

There are many issues facing the board this year, from the proposed sober living facility on Underhill Avenue to the Cappelli Building at Trump Estates to the plans to transform the heart of downtown Yorktown Heights by moving the highway department to Greenwood Street and replacing it with a mixed use building.

With the board divided 2-2 on many of the big issues of the day, a tie-breaking vote has never been so important.

Instead of waiting until November to remedy this situation, the Town Board members need to do the people’s business and take care of this problem now. Going an entire calendar year without a full Town Board would be, quite frankly, pathetic.

Any appointment the Town Board makes would expire at the end of the year and there will be a special election to fill the seat in November. The winner of that election will serve until Dec. 31, 2015. A new four-year term will be on the ballot in November 2015.

Andy Bazzo, our conservative columnist, has suggested that former Town Justice Ilan Gilbert would be a fine choice. Gilbert, a Democrat, has a sound legal mind and knows each board member personally.

However, in the likely event that the board members cannot come to an agreement on Gilbert or anyone else, there is only one option. Take former Town Councilman Gary Ajello’s advice and throw the names of willing former councilmembers and supervisors into a hat and pick one to hold the seat until January. As ludicrous as this sounded at first, it makes more and more sense as the days, weeks and months go by.

If the four members do not take care of this problem, the people will take care of them when the time comes.

Oh, and about the childlike behavior by some on the board at recent meetings, well, lets leave that for next week.

On Tuesday, April 22, 2014 3:28 PM, Campaigns & Elections wrote:

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Posted By Margaret Burge************************************************************************************************
On Wednesday, April 23, 2014 11:37 AM, Assemblyman Steve Katz wrote:

Contact Joseph Ahearn (914) 774-6856
            Assemblyman Steve Katz (R,C,I-Yorktown), a vocal critic of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, has developed a cost-saving solution in place of the State Assembly spending $80,000 to develop a sexual harassment policy.  Katz believes the taxpayers could save a lot of money in the future if Speaker Silver resigns and is replaced with someone who will take Albany's culture of sexual abuse more seriously.
            "We have seen through the years that Speaker Silver has created a culture where this sort of behavior is acceptable, and now he's admitting defeat when it comes to stopping it," Katz said.  "Instead of instituting zero tolerance for this type of behavior he contracted it out.  He's a lawyer, and he's surrounded by lawyers.  They're capable of crafting this policy themselves - not that it will do much.  The atmosphere must change in the Assembly, and the only way that'll change is with change at the top.  Speaker Silver has overseen all of this, and the only way to make sure it never happens again is by him removing himself from the situation."

On Tuesday, April 22, 2014 2:04 PM, Town of Yorktown New York wrote:


Zoning Board of Appeals Agenda - April 24, 2014


363 Underhill Avenue
Yorktown Heights, 10598
APRIL 24, 2014
6:30 p.m.


3225 Amelia Dr.
Sec.16.17 Block 1 Lot 15

This is an application to allow an AC Compressor with a side yard setback of 9’7” where a minimum of 15’ is required as per sec. 300-21 & Appendix A of the Town Zoning Code.
125 Northmore Dr.
Sec.37.15 Block 1 Lot 58

This is an application for a renewal of a special use permit of an accessory apartment. The property is located at 125 Northmore Dr.
3808 Old Crompond Rd.
Sec.35.08 Block 1 Lot 32

This is an application for a renewal of a special use permit of an accessory apartment. The property is located at 3808 Old Crompond Rd.
841 Heritage Ct.
Sec.16.11 Bl.2 Lot 65

This is an application to allow 2 sheds, the first with a side yard setback of 8 ft. where a minimum of 10 ft. is required. The second with a side yard setback of 3 ft. and a rear yard setback of 6 ft. where a minimum of 10 ft. is required for both side and rear setbacks as per section 300-21 and Appendix A of The Town of Yorktown Zoning Code. Premises located in a R1-20 zone.
3751 Curry St.
Sec.6.18 Block 1 lot 11

This is an application to allow an existing enclosed porch, with a side yard setback of 3.1 ft. where a minimum of 15 ft. is required as per sec. 300-21 and Appendix A of The Town of Yorktown Zoning Code. Premises located in a R1-20 zone.
3750 Oriole Ct.
Sec.16.07 Block 1 Lot 20

This is an application to allow a proposed addition with a combined side yard setback of 21 ft. where a minimum of 40 ft is required and a rear yard setback of 33 ft. where a minimum of 40 ft. is required as per sec. 300-21 and Appendix A of The Town of Yorktown Zoning Code. Premises located in a R1-20 zone.
650 Lee Blvd
Sec.16.12 Block 1 Lot 24

This is an application to renew a variance allowing outdoor activities which are generally not permitted in a CRS zone as per sec. 300-86 of The Town of Yorktown Zoning Code.
3805 Crompond Rd.
Sec.35.8 Block 1 Lot 21

This is an application for the renewal of a special permit for the storage of commercial vehicles in a R1-20 zone in accordance with Section 300-62 of The Town of Yorktown Zoning Code.

Property Address: 300 Richard Place
Section 37.19, Block 1, Lot 2
Section 37.19, Block 1, Lot 91
Section 48.07, Block 1, Lot 9
Section 48.07, Block 1, Lot 57

Application for a special use permit to park garbage trucks and related equipment at site. The applicant also proposes a temporary office trailer on the property. Premises is located in an I-2 zone and is located at 300 Richard Place, Yorktown Heights, NY; a/k/a Section 37.19, Block 1, Lot 2, Section 37.19, Block 1, Lot 91, Section 48.07, Block 1, Lot 9, Section 48.07, Block 1, Lot 57 on the Tax Map of the Town of Yorktown.
Property Address: 482 Underhill Ave.
Section 48.06, Block 1, Lot 25

The applicant is requesting an interpretation of the town zoning code. The applicant requests the ZBA to review the 01/16/2014 memo from the building inspector to the Town Board regarding the special permit application for a convalescent home at 482 Underhill Ave. Specifically that the ZBA interpret the definitions of a convalescent home and nursing home under 300-3, the definition of nursing home in 300-42,permitted uses under 300-21C[1]B[3] and the provisions of 300-28 thru 300-36 on the grounds that a convalescent home is a nursing home under 300-42 and must be reviewed accordingly; along with any and all other relevant provisions of the town code regarding convalescent home, nursing home and special permit use.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a public hearing will be held by the Zoning Board of Appeals of the Town of Yorktown on Thursday, April 24, 2014, at 6:30 P.M. or as soon thereafter as is practicable in the Town Board Room, Town Hall, 363 Underhill Avenue, Yorktown Heights, New York as follows:
Property Address: 292 Linden Place
Section 27.10, Block 2, Lot 37

To allow a shed with a side yard setback of 14.6’ where 15 ‘are required per 300-21 and Appendix A of the Town of Yorktown Zoning Code. R1-20
Property Address: 3217 Amelia Drive
Section 16.17, Block 1, Lot 14

To allow an LP tank with a side yard setback of 12.46' where a minimum of 15' is required and a combined side yard setback of 36.46' where a minimum of 40' is required per 300-21 and Appendix A of the Town of Yorktown Zoning Code. R1-20
Property Address: 1456 Pine Brook Court
Section 48.14, Block 1, Lot 70

To allow a front yard setback of 27.63' where 50' are required, a side yard setback of 15' where 20' are required and a combined side yard setback of 26.31' where 50' are required per 300-21 and Appendix A of the Town of Yorktown Zoning Code. R1-40
Property Address: 3468 Strang Boulevard
Section 16.16, Block 2, Lot 17

This is an application to amend a previously granted variance (58/10) to allow a door and landing on the south elevation which differs from the approved plans. R1-20
Property Address: 3726 Meadow Lane
Section 16.6, Block 2, Lot 46

To replace existing garage on same footprint with a rear yard setback of 6.35’ where 10’ are required per 300-21 and Appendix A of the Town of Yorktown Zoning Code. R1-10
Property Address: 3115 Cedar Road
Section 26.8, Block 1, Lot 64

To build an accessory building that would have a side yard setback of 5.5' where 15' are required, and a combined side yard setback of 30.3' where a minimum of 35' are required in the New Hope Subdivision ,developed in an R1-20 zoning district using the flexibility standards of Chapter 300 (Zoning) R1-20 Flex
Property Address: 505East Main Street
Section 17.5, Block 1. Lot 11

To permit a free standing sign in a Country Commercial Zoning District where none are permitted per 300-244 of the Town of Yorktown Zoning Code. CC
Property Address: 2219 Crompond Road
Section 37.13, Block 1, Lot 31

To clarify or amend ZBA decision #54/95, condition one, “There will no longer be any residential use or a dwelling unit in the barn on the first lot." R1-20
Property Address: 1975 Commerce Street
Section 37.14, Lot 2, Block 66

To construct interior and exterior alterations that is not permitted per the conditions of ZBA variance 62/95.
10. This variance is limited to this applicant, this business and this particular plan.
12. No further construction along the lot lines, either horizontally or vertically, shall be permitted without further variance. The Zoning Board is solely legalizing the existing structure, and is not legalizing a parking variance for whatever may in the future be constructed on this property. C2R
Property Address: 801 Syska Road
Section 70.13, Block 1. Lot 6

To build multiple additions to an existing single family dwelling that will have front Yard setbacks of 32' and 55.7' where 75' are required per 300-21 and Appendix A of the Town of Yorktown Zoning Code. R1-80
PropertyAddress: 1535 Croton Lake Road
Section 58.6, Block 1, Lot 31

To build additions that will have side yard setbacks of 1.58' and 3.58' where 30' are required per 300-21 and Appendix A of the town of Yorktown Zoning Code. R1-80
Citizens for an Informed Yorktown

Planning Board
April 21, 2014

Copyright © 2014 Citizens for an Informed Yorktown, All rights reserved.
You are receiving this email because you opted to receive these meeting summaries.
Our mailing address is:
Citizens for an Informed Yorktown
PO Box 193
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

Meeting highlights. For a summary of all agenda items, visit

1. K Mart Shopping Center
The Planning Department will send a letter to the shopping center owner advising the company to replace the dead trees.

2. Faith Bible Church
The board agreed to make several language changes in the proposed approval resolution, including sections dealing with off site parking, the location of the new building, and limiting future construction in the flood plain.

3. Fieldhome/Soccer Field license
The board had some questions about an initial draft license agreement for the use of the soccer field. Changes will need to be made, and the draft was referred to the Parks and Recreation Department.

4. Mavis Tire Supply Corp. (Kear Street)
The board had no problems with the plan to add a second floor for the storage of tires.

5. Sunoco Gas Station (Lee Blvd.)
The board had no issues with the proposed changes to the building but would like to see more details about the proposed new lighting plan.

6. Staples Center Master Sign Plan
The board reviewed a Master Sign Plan for the site’s three buildings. Some issues remain on how to calculate the total allowed square footage for signs.

As an aside, the applicant advised the board that Burger Fi is no longer planning to lease space in the second building and that the applicant is negotiating with other possible tenants.
Good afternoon,

Please find attached and below, a release from Congressional Candidate Dr. Nan Hayworth in response to the Obama administration's latest deferral on completing the Keystone XL Pipeline.

We will be happy to provide any additional details.

Thank you,

The Team at Media Solstice

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Hayworth: Keystone Delay Endangers Hudson Valley Economy, Environment

Chester, N.Y – Congressional Candidate Dr. Nan Hayworth today blasted the Obama administration’s latest deferral on completing the Keystone XL Pipeline as politically motivated and harmful to the Hudson Valley. 

“This political delay – to protect Democrats in elections this fall – was bought by a billionaire donor from California who opposes the pipeline,” noted Hayworth. “Despite the fact that in January the Environmental Protection Agency determined that Keystone won’t increase climate change, the Administration’s still dragging its feet after six long years of indecision.”

“Yet again, politics and special interests rule the Administration and their allies in Congress, and people here in the Hudson Valley suffer the consequences,” Hayworth continued. “We desperately need a break from our sky-high energy prices. Having the pipeline in place would make it cheaper to access that oil. Think how much better it would be for our families and businesses here if we paid less for our gas and heating oil.”

“And building Keystone XL would relieve the environmental threat to our Hudson Valley posed by transporting crude oil by rail,” said Hayworth. “The Keystone XL decision should be common sense: build the pipeline, build it safely and securely, and build it now. Special-interest money should never hold hostage our jobs, our pocketbooks, or our environment.”

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April 22, 2014 (NEW HYDE PARK, NY)- The Ronald McDonald House of Long Island (RMH-LI) is entering Phase II of Project Design, a renovation initiative that will bring together more than 45 of America's leading interior designers. Last summer, Phase I transformed a portion of the house, which is located in New Hyde Park, NY, adjacent to the Cohen's Children's Medical Center, and Phase II will continue with the addition of 24 bedrooms, four kitchens, five common areas, laundry rooms and the creation of a brand new fitness center and meditation room. RMH-LI is a home-away-from-home for families of seriously ill children.
Project Design is the largest redesign RMH-LI has seen in its 28-year history. The interior design industry-led initiative began through a partnership with global fabric provider Kravet Inc. and NYC&G magazine. In an effort to provide a calm and restful healing environment for families experiencing the pain of having a child in area hospitals, industry leaders completed a redesign and renovation of RMH-LI's original 18 bedrooms, four kitchens, breakfast room, five common areas, first floor restrooms and three laundry rooms. More than $2 million in design, labor and materials were donated to this first-of-its-kind initiative.
Phase II, Project Design 2014, will focus on updating RMH-LI's remaining spaces under the leadership of design chair Suzanne Costa and honorary design chairs Anthony Baratta and Bunny Williams. Participating designers include HGTV contributor and TBS Movie & a Makeover superstar Brian Patrick Flynn, NBC's American Builders contestant, Elaine Griffin, Libby Langdon of NBC's Daykeover, TLC's While You Were Out and Trading Spaces Leslie Segrete, a team of Phase I veterans, and students from the New York School of Interior Design, to name a few.
The culmination of the renovation will be celebrated with a Designer Showcase Gala on Thursday, October 9th. The evening will feature exclusive viewings of the newly designed areas of RMH-LI, light entertainment, unique silent auction bidding opportunities, fine dining and cocktails. The proceeds of this fundraiser will ensure that RMH-LI's programs and services continue to assist families in need, regardless of any financial constraints they may have. An Open House, open to the public, will follow the Gala from Friday, October 10th through Sunday, October 19th, with proceeds benefitting RMH-LI.

Participating Designers:
Michael Adams, ADAMS ID
Anne Tarasoff and Gail Tarasoff-Sutton, Anne Tarasoff Interiors
Christine Gentile, Ashbourne
Keith Baltimore, Baltimore Design Group
Jackie Higgins,Beach Glass Designs
Bella Mancini, Bella Mancini Design
Billy Ceglia, Billy Ceglia Designs
Bonnie Steves , BJS - Assoc. Interior Design
Charles Pavarini III and J. Randall Tarasuk, Charles Pavarrini III Design Associates, Inc.
Gayle Moss, Leslie Padron and Susan Taubman, Contents for the Home
Danielle Colding, Danielle Colding Design
Darrin Varden, Darrin Varden Design
Carol DeBear, DeBear Designs Inc
Drew McGukin, Drew McGukin Interiors
Eddie Lee, Eddie Lee Inc.
Elaine Griffin, Elaine Griffin Interior Design
Brian Patrick Flynn, Flynnside Out Productions
Stephanie Woodmansee and Elle Clymer, Henry & Co Design
James Huniford, Huniford Design Studio
Kelly Dall, Kelly Dall Interior Design, Inc.
Isabelle L. Ferranti, Isabelle L. Ferranti Interiors, Inc.
Jennifer Cohler Mason, J. Cohler Mason Design
Jack Levy, Jack Levy Design
Jennifer Flanders, Jennifer Flanders Inc.
Katharine Posillico McGowan , Katharine Jessica Interior LLC
Kim Radovich, Kim E. Courtney Interiors & Design
Leslie Segrete , Leslie Segrete Designs, LLC
Libby Langdon, Libby Interiors, Inc.
Lindsey Coral Harper, Lindsey Coral Harper Interior Design
Lisa Mende, Lisa Mende Design
Margreet Cevasco, Margreet Cevasco Design
Melissa Marcogliese, Melissa Marcogliese Interiors
Michael Tavano, Michael Tavano Design
Students and Alumni Brooke Lichtenstein and Yiannos Vrousgos, New York School of Interior Design
Philip Gorrivan, Philip Gorrivan Design
Robin Baron, Robin Baron Design Inc.
Donald Schermerhorn, Schermerhorn Interior Design
Suzanne Costa, Suzanne Costa Interiors
Tamara Eaton, Tamara Eaton Design, LLC
Traci Zeller, Traci Zeller Designs
Vasi Ypsilantis            , Vasi Ypsilantis Design Associates
Rachel Florez, Vintage Interiors Design Inc.
Gail Eyl and Steve Gallotti, Willis Paint & Design Center
Young Huh, Young Huh, LLC
About the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island
The Ronald McDonald House of Long Island is the 100th House of over 300 Ronald McDonald House programs worldwide. Located in New Hyde Park on the campus of the Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children's Medical Center of New York, the House accommodates families in a warm and supportive environment. For 28 years, RMH-LI has been a home-away-from-home for over 19,000 families in the United States and more than 80 countries around the world who are dealing with the pain of having a child undergoing medical treatment at nearby hospitals. For more information about RMH-LI, log on to, or
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R.O.I. By Frank J. Rich
How Valuable Is Your Existing Customer?
The "customer" is used loosely to describe the one we have and the one we hope to gain. Both are critical to the success of all organizations, even those who call their customers patients. But the distinction is worthy of time spent in appreciating the existing customer. Analysis concludes it is roughly 2.5 times more expensive to acquire new customers than to maintain existing customers. The customers we have carry the potential for the retention revenue model all organizations seek. The risk in them is far lower than in a customer we have yet to gain. So where will most organizations spend in 2014, and why?
According to a recent report by BIA/Kelsey and Manta, "... most small businesses (62%) plan to spend the majority of their 2014 annual marketing budget on retaining existing customers rather than trying to acquire new ones." This data is significant if for no other reason than it is a reversal of emphasis since 2012, also according to a study by the same organization that year. 
At that time most small business owners (SBOs) were spending more than half of their marketing budget on new customers acquisition. Additionally, the new study confirms that SBOs (56%) were spending most of their time on efforts to cultivate existing customer relationships, and much less of their time in new customer acquisition (<25 accomplish="" among="" and="" below="" chart="" choice="" choices="" communicate="" customers.="" existing="" focus="" marketing="" media="" most="" note="" of="" on="" other="" print="" programs.="" sbos="" shows="" significant="" span="" the="" their="" this="" to="">
The trend is directly proportional to revenue: 61% of SBOs say they generate most (51%+) of their annual sales from repeat customers.
Loyalty Programs
While roughly a third of SBOs claim to have loyalty programs to existing customers-a poor showing-only 46% use digital media in their marketing efforts to existing customers. The rest use print (31%) or other forms of marketing (17%). 
Making the most of precious assets is seemingly more challenging than one might imagine. SBOs routinely take for granted existing customers in efforts to grow their base. It's a reasonable approach, but fatal when at the expense of customers who return again and again to use your product/service.
What to Do
Maintaining a correspondence with customers is key, and very few have the will to do so. It takes effort to gather emails, cell numbers, and a map of your area of influence; in other words, where your customers come from.
Engage customers in a continuous correspondence with your special brand of product, service, or incentives. Branding is the most secure way though which to build loyalty. Add actual loyalty programs. As noted above, only a third of SBOs use them. This one element can distinguish you form others and keep customers coming back.
The all-important customer relationship is followed by the equally important customer experience. When both are working well, it's money in the bank.
Finally, rev up the marketing engine. Marketing is the difference maker in the fortunes of 99% of small businesses. Those that do it win; those that don't are quickly marginalized. Customers are people, and they like to be associated with winners. More naturally than anything we do we like to alert others to great finds. Let your customers be an extension of your marketing department, recommending your small business to others. It makes them feel good and puts money in your pocket.

Frank Rich is founder and CEO of Encore Príst International, an organizational development company that helps individuals and organizations reach their full potential through the practice of effective business fundamentals. You may reach him at, or by phone at 866/858-4EPI. To read all ROIs in their entirety, go to Business tab at Town Link.
If I Were A House
A children's story book
by Frank J. Rich

Poetry is like music to children's ears...
The idea that a house might take on a human guise, warm and welcoming is the simple exchange in our desire for such a home as we prepare it for ourselves and our children.
To purchase If I Were A House
 please email
Raising Father
By Frank J. Rich

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Contact: Joe Bachmeier, (845) 531-9796


***Thursday, April 24th at 6:00 PM***


Brewster, N.Y. – 04/22/2014 – Senator Greg Ball (R, C, I – Patterson) will host a Homeland Security Drug Crisis Roundtable in conjunction with the Senate Joint Task Force on Heroin and Opioid Addiction on Thursday, April 24th at 6PM at the Paladin Center Tactical Training Facility in Carmel, NY.

Immediately following the roundtable, the Harm Reduction Coalition will provide overdose prevention training. The training, which meets New York State Department of Health requirements, includes recognition of Opioid overdose, administration of intranasal Narcan, and steps to take until EMS arrives. Participants will receive a certificate of completion and an emergency resuscitation kit that includes Narcan.

“I am proud to team up with the Harm Reduction Coalition to offer free Narcan training. This miracle drug, if used correctly, has the potential to save lives,” said Senator Greg Ball. “The epidemic of heroin addiction plaguing our communities must be confronted head on. It is sickening to read and hear of the countless deaths in our community. We must get to the kids before it’s too late, talk is cheap, and what is needed is funding and resources. As legislators, we must do everything in our power to protect our children from drug addiction.”

Senator Greg Ball was recently named a member of the Senate Task Force on Heroin and Opioid Addiction. The bipartisan task force is chaired by Senator Phil Boyle (R-C-I, Suffolk County), Chairman of the Senate Committee on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse. Members will examine the issues and solicit input from experts and other stakeholders about addiction prevention and treatment options, the rise in heroin and opioid use, and the potential for drug-related crimes and other negative community impacts. The task force will then develop recommendations which will be used to draft legislation to address the issues raised.

Senator Phil Boyle, Senator David Carlucci, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, Putnam County Sheriff Donald B. Smith, Drug Crisis in Our Backyard Community Action Organization and others will also participate in the roundtable.

Those that would like to participate in the Narcan training and receive a free resuscitation kit that includes Narcan, must RSVP to Senator Greg Ball’s office by clicking here or calling (845) 279-3773 or by emailing

What: Homeland Security Drug Crisis Roundtable

When: Thursday, April 24th at 6:00 PM  

Where: Paladin Center Tactical Training Facility: 39 Seminary Hill Rd, Carmel, NY

For more information, please contact or (845) 531-9796



Josef Bachmeier
Communications Director
NYS Senator Greg Ball
Media: (845) 531 9796 
Personal: (914) 406 5114
Contact: Joe Bachmeier, (845) 531-9796
Brewster, N.Y. – 04/22/2014 – Senator Greg Ball (R, C, I – Patterson) was happy to announce that the New York State 2014-15 Budget includes $1,500,000 for two state parks in his Senate District.
The announcement comes on Earth Day, a day to celebrate the importance of our natural environment, and to rededicate ourselves to ensuring clean air and water, open spaces, and green, healthy communities.
FDR State Park in Yorktown will receive $1,000,000 to rehabilitate the swimming pool bathhouse and entry plaza and Fahnestock State Park in Putnam and Dutchess counties will receive $500,000 to continue improvement of the Canopus Lake Welcome Center.
“As we celebrate Earth Day and all the wonderful things our area has to offer, I am excited to announce that FDR and Fahnestock State Parks will both receive funding to make capital improvements,” said Senator Greg Ball. “Both of these parks improve quality of life for residents and also support tourism in our area.”
These two projects are part of a $90 million statewide commitment to fund a total of 69 projects to improve and repair 53 State parks and historic sites.
“FDR Park is where I spent my childhood,” said Yorktown Councilman Terrence Murphy. “Back then it was Mohansic State Park, but today my kids enjoy it as much as I did and this money helps ensure my grandchildren will as well.”
According to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Office, The New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation oversees 179 state parks and 35 historic sites, which are visited by 60 million people annually. A recent study commissioned by Parks & Trails New York found that New York State Parks generates $1.9 billion in economic activity annually and supports 20,000 jobs. For more information on any of these recreation areas, call 518-474-0456 or visit, connect on Facebook, or follow on Twitter.
For more information, please contact or (845) 531-9796

Josef Bachmeier
Communications Director
NYS Senator Greg Ball
Media: (845) 531 9796 
Personal: (914) 406 5114
April 22, 2014

New Yorkers: Cuomo failed on ethics

Contact: David Laska
ALBANY... According to a new Siena poll, New Yorkers overwhelmingly disapprove of Andrew Cuomo's decision to shut down the Moreland Commission on public corruption.
61% sided with US Attorney Preet Bharara's view that the commission should have been able to continue its investigatory work, compared with just 23% who supported Cuomo's decision to disband the panel.
"Andrew Cuomo allowed himself to become part of Democrats' Culture of Corruption by meddling in his own corruption commission," said NYGOP spokesman David Laska.
"New Yorkers are rightfully furious. With Eric Schneiderman asleep at the switch and Andrew Cuomo playing politics with public ethics, it's clearly going to take a Republican Attorney General and Governor to clean up Albany."

Contact:  Jessica Proud, 914-438-5325                       FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE



It all ties together:  Start Up NY, JCope, the Moreland Commission, the bogus property tax freeze....
...The broken promises of mandate relief, real pension restructuring, education reform.  One can go on and on... 
These are the hallmarks of Governor Cuomo's tenure, and they all have one thing it common: 
Its all a fraud. Quarter measures at best, designed to hit poll tested buzzwords without changing a thing. A cynic would call this the "cover-your-backside" administration.
But it's the US Attorney's investigation into tampering with the Moreland Commission -- picking favorites to protect and enemies to investigate -- that's the purest of these. 
It shows what Andrew Cuomo has sadly always been about: Power. Accumulating it, keeping it, meting it out to punish, intimidate, and reward. 
That's the Andrew Cuomo insiders have always known and feared, and the public is now getting a peek for itself. It will get more if the press keeps digging. 
There's no vision or ideology here; it's all about power, which has never been a formula for good.
New York will only recover when power is given back to the people, to families and entrepreneurs...small business owners. 
New York will only recover when the weight of Albany nonsense is taken off the people's back, when taxes and regulations are eased, not increased. ...And when local control is given back to parents and teachers in the classroom. 
New Yorkers are the highest taxed people in America. 
We have the worst economic outlook in the nation, and we're #1 in corruption. The anti-corruption committee has been corrupted. 
More people have fled New York under Governor Cuomo than have left any other state.  
But despite all this, Mr. Cuomo brags about his performance. He even has a BOOK coming out...about what I don't know.  Mr. Cuomo calls his budget a grandslam, but for whom?  For which team?
Maybe its a grand slam for the Albany insiders, but it's just another fastball in the ear for the taxpayers who are tired of getting beaned. 
Governor Cuomo says everything is great in New York, when it's obvious we're losing...falling farther and farther behind other states. 
But to Mr. Cuomo, it doesn't really matter.  Because this administration is about him, and not us. It's about holding power, not giving it back. 
That cannot stand. 
You're Invited: Maverick PAC Reception feat. Rob Astorino
You're invited to attend Maverick PAC's upcoming reception on April 29th at the Union League Club in New York City featuring Westchester County Executive and Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino. Tickets are only $25!

Click the link below for more details.

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