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Issues Discussed in this weeks blog:
1) my commentary
2) a message from candidate for Westchester Legislator Domenic Volpe
3) a message from candidate for Yorktown Supervisor Don Peters
4) a message from the Peekskill GOP
5) a message from the Putnam Valley GOP
6) a message from The Andy Polay Jazz Band
7) a message from the Yorktown Watchdog
8) a message from candidate for Yorktown Town Justice Matt Metz
9) a message from Assemblyman Greg Ball
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Dear Readers:

If an incumbent running for office, this is important, a when an incumbent seeks re-election it is a referendum on their term, not the future, has produced a budget that had a lower tax increase then their predecessor (an un-canonized saint according to supporters). When that same incumbent who has not the ability to see into the future (unlike back benchers who saw the future after it became the past) made sure there was enough in reserve to keep the town solvent as the economy tanked worse than predicted.

When that incumbent saved the town money (questions abound on how much), but what is not in dispute is that the incumbent did save the town money. When that incumbent did all this without cutting services. When that incumbent did not come from the political class but was faced with a board populated by an "old boys" club". When despite this, that incumbent still managed to move the town forward.

When in January the board will be of a different make-up, a more fiscal conservative make-up. With this new board, that incumbent will not have as many entrenched obstacles to overcome. When that incumbent has a working relationship with higher governing officials that can affect the town financial structure.

When that incumbent has an acknowledged ability to form consensus, even amongst that incumbent's detractors. When that incumbent is Yorktown Supervisor Don Peters, there is no reason he should not be re-elected to a second term. I urge the voters of Yorktown to do so.
Dear Manifesto Reader:

You may have noticed that during my campaign for Westchester County Legislator for District 1, I have been seen with numerous other elected officials from throughout the district. I have also been with other candidates seeking office throughout the area. This is done to show you that I will be willing and able to work with these people should they and I be elected.

A county legislator must be able to work with the local elected officials. District 1 is a complicated district as it encompasses three towns (Cortlandt, Peekskill and parts of Yorktown) that at times have competing interests. A legislator representing this district must be able to find common ground if possible or be able to explain and not lose support when tough choices have to be made. These officials and candidates, by standing with me, show they trust me to do the best and make the most informed decision I can.

As legislator we must also take into account the needs of the entire county and people who voted for another candidate. Make no mistake, I will not vote for any legislation that will place additional burdens on the local governments that make up District 1. There will be no unfunded mandates that will have my "yes" vote attached to it which in the end leads to higher taxes.

If you elect me as your legislator, I will be part of the majority and this is an important consideration for you the voter. I have shown by my recent letters and press conferences that I am willing to stand up to elected officials regardless of party label. You must ask yourself before you vote, what has our present representation been able to do in the last two years? The answer is very little. Being in the minority allows good headlines but no results. Should you elect me, I will be able to change that answer.

It is my hope you have received enough information through media outlets and debates ( which I encourage you to watch) to show you my position on actual issues facing us. I have tried to give you reasons to make me your choice for county legislator. We are faced with tough times and choices in our present economy. In less than a week you will have to make your choice. Please visit my Web site to make an informed decision. It is my hope that I will be your choice.

Domenic Volpe
Westchester County Legislator
candidate, District 1
Democratic and
Working Families party
Peters sets record straight

To the Editor,
There has been a lot of talk about my record as your supervisor for the past two years, but I want to set the record straight. In the past two years, I feel I have accomplished a great deal to benefit Yorktown and save taxpayers’ money. I was the first supervisor in 15 years to cut town government spending, and I did this without cutting town services or jobs. I helped save almost $1 million through consolidating labor departments and I achieved this in the same year that the town lost almost $1.5 million in revenue. I also kept the town’s tax rate increase the second lowest in the entire County, and I was the first government official in the county to refuse a pay raise last year. I have also worked aggressively to secure grants and other funding from the federal, state and county governments that will help Yorktown’s residents and taxpayers in numerous ways.
These are just some of the things that I have done while in office to help Yorktown in these tough economic times. In fact, the town’s auditors recently informed us that unlike many of our neighboring towns, Yorktown is financially strong and in good shape for the future, despite our current economy and the challenges it presents. But our work is not done. We need to continue to find new ways to do more for Yorktown with less. We need to keep fighting to save more money for our taxpayers so that Yorktown stays financially strong. I know that I can get this done, but I will need you support on Nov. 3 to make it happen. Thank you.

Don Peters
Yorktown Heights
October 26, 2009
Attention Editor:

During the almost three decades that I have been involved with politics and government in the City of Peekskill, I have witnessed a great deal. One might say that over such a long period of time you would probably get to see just about everything. I really thought that was the case...that was until this weekend.

Last Wednesday the NCN sponsored a candidate's debate for Peekskill's mayoral and City Council candidates as well as the candidates for County Legislator in District 1. With everyone's approval, the debates were videotaped and were going to be shown on a number of outlets so as many people as possible could witness them. Bruce Apar, Publisher of the NCN who acted as the moderator, even announced the video taping and where the debates were to be shown so those in attendance could spread the word. A truly admirable and appropriate goal in a democracy.

On Thursday, the day following the debates, the video feed was made available to the public on the City of Peekskill website as well as the local government cable channels. Then, just like magic, the debates disappeared off of the City website on Friday. The very next day, the same thing happened with the government cable TV channels...the debates were all of a sudden gone from the viewing public.

As it turns out, Mayor Foster and her City Manager "decided" that the debates were not appropriate for airing on the public's government channels or the City's website. They directed that the debates be removed and they were. The City Manager's role is to carry out the policy that is established by the Mayor and City Council and, in this case, he and the Mayor acted in concert, without discussion with the City Council, to deprive a large number of people the opportunity to observe an open, unedited discussion of the issues that are affecting our city.

This is an outrageous abuse of power and every citizen of Peekskill should be appalled by this action. It is pure unadulterated censorship that is akin to the worst found in a state controlled by any dictator you can mention. The Mayor was well aware of and whole heartedly supported the plan to show the debates on the government channels and the City website. Why the sudden change of heart? One can only surmise that upon viewing the debate, the Mayor did not like what she saw and heard and, therefore, directed that they be pulled.

The government channels and City website are owned by the citizens of Peekskill and not the Mayor. It is they who have paid for the equipment that allows them to view from their homes what is aired in order to gain an understanding of what is going on in their community. There is no more basic right in democracy than the right to vote and everyone involved in the process should want the public to be in a position to make an informed decision when they are deciding who best represents their way of thinking. To deny people that opportunity because you may not like the way you or your policies are perceived is self serving if not down right un-democratic.

The NCN, the candidates and the public should be outraged at this unprecedented action and demand that the debates be put back on the air and the City's website. Mayor Foster, are you listening?

Vincent C. Vesce
Chairman, Peekskill Republican Committee
Go Peekskill
Contact Vinne Vesce, (914) 737-6921
Putnam Valley Republican Committee

Election Night - Tuesday, November 3rd.
Starting at 8:30 pm

Hanlon's Neighborhood Steakhouse
151 Bryant Pond Road
Mahopac, New York

Cash Bar - Appetizers will be provided
Come bring a friend and celebrate a Victory for the New Republican Elected Officials for ourTown and County.
Hello Folks,

I am PUMPED to announce this next show! I'll be back at "our little slice of Soho", the Beanrunner in Peekskill (201 South Division St.and Esther St., 914-737-1701 ... reservations suggested) on Saturday evening, 11/07, at 8:00pm. I'll have another new look that night as I bring for you a quintet.

On that night, I am happy to bring back Christopher Brellochs on saxophones. He has played with many greats in many great venues including the likes of Birdland, Iridium, Smoke, Cecil's, and in Europe. He is a master of both jazz and classical and those who heard him last week were not disappointed by his prowess. Joining him in the horn section will be John Castleman.

John was a charter member with the Sam Rivers Orchestra both in the US and abroad. His credits also include Tito Puente' Jr., the Benny Goodman Orchestra, Harry James Orchestra and Clarence Cleamons! Presently the lead trumpet in the West Point Jazz Knights, it'll be a real treat to have him with us!

On the bass will be John Goldberg. He can be found playing the NY and CT. area's and I've had the pleasure of playing with John on several occasions. He leads his own bands is a member of local fave, The Papahawk Experience.

After a brief hiatus, Rahn Burton will be back on the keys! As many of you already know, Rahn's stellar career includes playing with the likes of Stanley Turrentine, Rassahn Roland Kirk, Mose Allison, Rashied Ali and many others including Buddy Guy and Jack Bruce!

The Beanrunner is a very cool place. For the show, they will add jerk chicken platters, patties, and more to their menu of salads, soups and sandwiches. On that night we'll serve up miles of Miles, no shortage of Shorter, Hunks of Herbie, and mounds of Monk. There'll be no stopping the 'Trane and as always, there'll be plenty of surprises.

Have other plans? SO WHAT? RECORDEME' as you know I'm no PINNOCHIO. I urge you to make FOOTPRINTS to this show. It'll certainly be one of the MILESTONES you'll remember for a long time!

I hope to see you there IN YOUR OWN SWEET WAY as we play plenty of MY FAVORITE THINGS!

With 3 days before Election Day I ask you all to consider your vote for
Yorktown Justice very carefully. I decided to run for this position
because we need a judge who is familiar with our local court. We can
ill afford a candidate who will need on-the-job training in this
already over-burdened court.

I have practiced in this court for nearly 20 years and have spent over
30 years working in the Criminal Justice system - both in law
enforcement and as an attorney and bar association President. My
opponent does not practice in this court and is not at all familiar
with it.

But even more important than that is honesty. We need someone we can
trust to tell the truth on the bench of Yorktown. My opponent has
continuously stated that he "prepares the budget for the court". This
is simply not true. The court clerk prepares the budget, has it
approved by the judges and sends it to town hall for approval.He
continually states that he thoroughly familiar with the court -
obviously not true - given the facts above.

As most of you know, I have lived in Yorktown for over 30 years and
volunteered for nearly anything and everything in this town - because
it is my home and that of our neighbors. I have never felt more
strongly, that the results of our election Tuesday are critical for the
credibility of our court and the well being of our citizens.
I want to ask you all for your support - and ask that you contact your
friends, neighbors and relatives who live in our great town - and
explain what it means to hire a judge with a great deal of Experience -
a great deal of Community Involvement - and most of all - a judge who
will be honest and fair.

Thank you all and God Bless.
Sal Lagonia EsqCandidate for Yorktown Judge
Members of the UTY

I got around the new policy that I enclosed by inviting all candidates
as members of the public. Many candidates attended our meeting on
Wednesday the 28th of October at Town Hall. I sent out over 300 letters
to our members to come and meet the candidates. It was very
informative, I called on each candidate, if you did not attend you
missed your chance to talk to and listen to them. They came to our
meeting on their time, we should of had more people there. I thanked
them all for coming, please make your choices and vote on Nov 3
election day. You can here my choices on my cable show tonight at 9:30
PM on cable channel 74 or give me a call.

To All:

With the election fast approaching, the past practice has shown
that people will listen to those whom they trust if they need
information on some of the candidates that are running for office.
With that in mind, I am asking you to take the time and e-mail forward
the following letter to at least 20 or more friends and family members
that will vote through Yorktown, Westchester County Districts 1 & 4 and
Westchester County itself. This letter, when forwarded through your
e-mail list will reach numerous people faster than any phone call or
"snail mail". Please read it and when forwarding, eliminate this
message and the "FWD" on the subject line so it looks like you sent it
personally (you can use the subject "Your help is needed" or "Please
take a moment to read this").

Your friends and family will always have their choice but your
information may help those who are not yet decided.

Thank you,
Mark Iannucci,
Secretry for the Yorktown Republican Town Committee


As you may or may not know, I am a District Leader for the
Yorktown Republican Town Committee and I am asking for your help this
Election Day. Your help is needed, along with your spouse, other
family members, and all of your friends, to effect change in Yorktown
and Westchester County government. Locally, with businesses and
families leaving Yorktown at an alarmng rate, it is necessary to change
the opration of town management that has not worked over the past two
years. It is just as bad througout Westchester County, not to mention
that this county is NUMBER 1 in the NATION in taxing its residents!

I realize that your vote is your right to voice your opinion on
how things are being controlled in the town, county, state, and nation
in which you live. Whom you choose will always be your right. I am
asking you to consider our slate of candidates when you choose November
3, 2009 between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Some of these candidates will
be featured on a "Meet the Candidates" program that will be aired on
Channel 74 in Northern Westchester on these dates and times: Thursday
October 29th at 6:00 p.m.; Friday October 30th at 4:30 p.m.; and,
Monday November 2nd at 10:00 p.m. I trust your judgement! If you
consider them worthy please pass it on to your family and friends.

Thank you for your time, consideration, and possible vote for these
Rob Astorino for County Executive
John Testa for County Legislator in District 1
Gregory Kane for County Legislator in District 4
Susan Siegel for Yorktown Supervisor
Terrence Murphy for Yorktown Town Board
J. Mark Drexel for Yorktown Town Board
Sal Lagonia for Yorktown Town Judge
Eric DiBartolo for Yorktown Highway Superintendent
Dear Fellow Yorktown Residents and Neighbors:

We were just forwarded the below email and thankfully have an opportunity to respond. Matthew Metz is far and away the most qualified candidate running.

First: He is a graduate of Cornell University and the University of Buffalo Law School.

Second: Matthew Metz has been a full time practicing attorney for over 20 years.

Third: Matthew Metz has prosecutorial experience, having been a major offense-homicide assistant district attorney in Bronx County. He has tried over 40 cases, including homicides.

Fourth: Matthew Metz has been an administrative law judge for over 8 years, and has presided over hundreds of hearings.

Fifth: Prior to serving as a Yorktown Councilman Matthew Metz DID work in the Yorktown Justice court for several years, as did I. However, as his opponent is well aware, Matthew Metz is ethically precluded from practicing in the Yorktown Court while he serves as a Yorktown Councilman.

Sixth: Matthew does continue to practice in all of the justice courts throughout Westchester and Putnam Counties.

Seventh: Contrary to his opponent's representations below, Matthew Metz , as a town board member, DOES help to prepare the budget for the Yorktown Justice Court and has done so every year since 2002.

Eighth: Speaking of HONESTY, there is not a person I know who doesn't have higher ethical values and honesty than Matthew Metz. Matthew works tirelessy at whatever he does and as a Yorktown COuncilman has always been a tireless worker, and a make it happen person, who is effective at bringing parties together for the good of our community and for getting things done.

Ninth: Matthew Metz also has Strong ties to our community. We are raising 4 beautiful children in Yorktown and also do our share of volunteer work and participation in various athletic leagues in Yorktown.

I am curious as to the on the job training Matthew Metz's opponent is referring to. I can only conclude that he is referring to himself given his lack of stated trial or judicial experience. Matthew Has judicial experience, trial experience and experience working in the Yorktown Justice Court. Matthew Metz has not only the knowledge and experience, but HE has the ethics, honesty and judicial tempermant that we should all want/expect from a judge/judicial candidate.

Shame on Matthew Metz's opponent for sending this misleading email filled with falsehoods. Please do come out to vote on November 3rd ...for Matthew Metz!

Susan Metz
The Law Office of Matthew P. Metz
3535 Hill Boulevard- Suite M
Yorktown Heights, New York 10598
Tel. (914)-243-5563
Fax. (914)-243-0296
Hall's Failed Stimulus Sends Deficit to New All-Time High
Federal Deficit Reaches $1.42 Trillion Thanks to Hall's Washington Spending Spree

Washington- John Hall's vote for his party’s trillion-dollar ‘stimulus’ has failed to yield promised results as the nation’s economy continues to tumble, but it does appear that his Washington spending spree has finally helped produced something: the largest deficit in the country’s history. While Americans are still waiting to see any real recovery coming from Hall's reckless policies, they can pass the time by watching the hole in the federal budget grow larger and larger:

“The federal budget deficit has surged to an all-time high of $1.42 trillion as the recession caused tax revenues to plunge while the government was spending massive amounts to stabilize the financial system and jump-start the economy.”

“Government spending last year jumped to $3.52 trillion, up 18.2 percent over 2008, the biggest percentage increase since a 23.4 percent jump in 1975, another year in which the country was struggling with a painful recession. The $700 billion financial bailout fund and increased spending and tax relief from the $787 billion economic stimulus program that Obama pushed through Congress in February drove the 2009 increase.”

“Failure to curb runaway deficits could trigger a financial train wreck that would push interest rates and inflation higher, and send the dollar crashing if foreigners suddenly started dumping their holdings of Treasury securities.” (Martin Crutsinger, “Federal Deficit Hits All-Time High at $1.42 Trillion,” Associated Press, 10/17/09)

“At this point it’s clear that John Hall is buying into his party’s spending addiction at the expense of economic recovery and financial solvency for future generations,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “If Hall can’t figure out how to stop spending the country into further debt in the name of failed ‘recovery’ policies, New York voters will find someone who can.”

As the deficit continues to climb to new highs, the country has reached a turning point. It’s time for John Hall to either start cleaning up after his failed policies or cleaning out his desk in Washington.
Time for DelBene to Take a Stance: Pelosi Unveils Trillion-Dollar Healthcare Bill
Where Does Suzan DelBene Stand on Healthcare Takeover’s Higher Costs, Increased Taxes, and Cuts to Medicare?

Washington- After months of horse trading and party infighting, Democrats have finally introduced their government healthcare takeover bill. Now that they’ve gotten around to putting something on the table, it’s time for Suzan DelBene to make her position on this final product known: Will she stand up against higher taxes, fewer jobs and sweeping cuts to Medicare? Or will DelBene side with Nancy Pelosi and the rest of her friends in Washington to support her party’s reckless march toward government-run healthcare?

Contrary to Democrat leaders’ claims that their bill for government-run healthcare is more palatable to the ‘moderate’ wing of the Democrat party, one senior liberal stated otherwise:

“But there were signs Tuesday that at least some prominent advocates of a left-leaning reform package were ready to deal in the interest of moving a bill. Rep. John Dingell (D-Mich.), who has introduced a measure to create a single-payer universal health care system every Congress since he was elected, pressed a closed-door huddle of House Democrats on the urgency of swift action...‘I want single payer, but I’m smart enough to know what we have here is progress.’” (Tory Newmyer, “House Leaders Ready to Unveil Moderate-Favored Plan,” Roll Call, 10/28/09)

Without question, the Democrats’ bill reeks of government-run healthcare. Priced at a whopping $1 trillion, it forces companies to comply with stringent regulations and imposes drastic fines for noncompliance.

“The final product in the House, reflecting many of President Barack Obama's priorities, includes new requirements for employers to offer insurance to their workers or face penalties, fines on Americans who don't purchase coverage and subsidies to help lower-income people do so. Insurance companies would face new prohibitions against charging much more to older people or denying coverage to people with health conditions…The price tag, topping $1 trillion over 10 years…” (Erica Werner, “House Democrats to unveil health bill with government-run insurance, hefty sign-up requirement,” Associated Press, 10/27/2009)

“Now that the Democrats’ takeover of healthcare has been revealed, Suzan DelBene owes Washington voters an answer: Will she side with them or her friends in Washington?” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “Suzan DelBene's support for a massive healthcare takeover would be nothing more than a spineless attempt to appease her party bosses and line her own campaign coffers while Washington families are stuck with the price tag for a bill that raises taxes, kills jobs, and slashes Medicare. With the bill finally public, DelBene can either take a stand for Washington taxpayers or turn her back on them in an attempt to gain favor with her Washington party bosses.”
Hello Friend!

I know you have received hundreds of emails, and I am grateful for your support.
November 20th is our next big deadline, and I am hoping to raise $75k by that date. We had over 1500 donors last quarter, and I am hoping to meet that number again! Unlike our incumbent opponent, we are raising money from real people, $50, $75, or $100 at a time!

Would you be willing to take a moment today and make a donation at ?
Thank you in advance!

Greg Ball

PS - I have two events planned: Nov 14th Trap Shoot & Nov 17th Dinner at Primavera before the November 20th deadline.
Here is the info:
Dear Readers:

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Dear Readers:

It has come to my attention the difficulty in posting a comment on this blog. If you wish to comment, e-mail me at the link posted below, putting "Manifesto Reader" in the subject matter, and I will "cut and Paste" your comments myself. If you DO NOT wish your comments posted, but just wish to communicate with me, please make your wishes known in the e-mail.

LINKS: this a yahoo address make sure you put an underscore (-) between atom and taxi)

For immediate reply:
Dear Readers:

This week I discuss the Peekskill PBA's contrct negotiations. You can read my column on this topic exclusively on line(see link below)or in this weeks NORTH COUNTY NEWS on sale now. I am worth the seventy-five cents. Look for my column IN MY OPINION(page 10) in the editorial section. Better yet as this column is exclusive to the North County News on a regular basis and will be covering the local political scene, take out a subscription. Click on the North County News link below and go to Subscribe. Between this blog and The North County News you will have all the information to make a vote based on substance.





















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