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4) a message from candidate for Yorktown council Mark Drexel
5) a message from candidate for Yorktown council David Paganelli
6) a message from candidate for Yorktown council Terrence Murphy
7) a message from candidate for Yorktown Supervisor Susan Siegel
8) a message from Putnam Valley supervisor Bob Tendy
9) a message from candidate for Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino
10) a message from Assemblywoman Sandra Galef
11) a message from Assemblyman Greg Ball
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Dear Readers:

It seems the City Of Peekskill wishes me to out of business. It seems the City Of Peekskill does want to help small business...go to hell. As most if not all you who have read my works know, I am part owner of taxi company. An incorporated taxi company. A tax paying (boy do I pay taxes) company. A genuine small business. How ever it is a business in an industry held in contempt by the powers that be in Peekskill.

I have for over twelve years been picking up passenger at the Peekskill train station. I am considered a train cab. 95% of my business comes from taking commuters home from a long days work. The other types of cabs are radio cabs, those who primary business comes from being dispatched. I have developed a solid customer base. In the beginning when the fare was $3.00 I would work 12 to 14 hour day only to come home with $30.00. That's how I built my business. What the powers that be do not understand is that commuters wish to have a regular driver, one they trust, to take them home. They are uncomfortable getting in cars with those they do not know, especially at night when I work. The City of Peekskill wishes them now to take other drivers whether they want to or not.

When I started and until about three years ago, you had maybe 4 or 5 cabs at these trains, on a slow night for radio cabs maybe 7. Now since the beginnings of this recession, which first hit the construction and home maintenance industry, the City of Peekskill is trying to all by itself lower the state unemployment rate by giving anybody anywhere a taxi licence, regardless of whether one can make a living in this economy. Also as an aside, this really has no affect on the unemployment rate as most of these drivers work off the books, so there is no record of employment. Actually you could say that the City Of Peekskill is an enabler of the underground economy.

So now you can have an average of 10 to 12 cabs per train. Driver who once worked a 12 hour shift to make a decent living now work 15 to 17 hours and still make less than working 12. If you have the $125.00 for a licence and $250.00 for a car licence your are in. Now this makes for a lot of at times confusion. How ever this confusion is all the making of the City Of Peekskill that only wants the money. It is always the money.

What is their solution, no not a moratorium on licence's, it is now to limit the number of cabs, from what I heard starting Monday or sometime early this week to 8 to 10. So now if I am 9 or 11 I am prohibited from doing business and my customers who I've worked 12 years to establish, must ride in another taxi. The City of Peekskill feels my 12 years of work and sweat should now benefit someone else. Oh, they'll take my money, but now they wish to limit my ability to earn a living. You know why, because they can.

Do you know who are the geniuses who thought of this, I do. It is people who never have ridden in a cab, people who's only knowledge of the train station is to drive past it on there way to eat something on Washington Street. People who have utter contempt for this industry and would rather it go away. People who smile to my face and now stab me in the back. What the hell do they care, they are paid by tax dollars and there jobs are secure, getting paid whether they show up to work or not. I do not work, I do not get paid. I get no passengers, I do not get paid.

This is totally an arbitrary decision. No one from the industry was consulted about the practical affects of this decision. At this moment all I can implore the powers that be is to hold off till we can discuss this. It has been done before, and I have been the one they have talked to as I do not just fight for my interests, but because I can see the whole picture and all interests. The powers that be have not thought this through. Please take a break, hold off and let's talk first. I will not take this threat to my business and 12 years of hard work lying down.
“Speak Out” with Assemblywoman Sandy Galef Presents
Citizens Working for Community Change

( September 25, 2009) Assemblywoman Sandy Galef hosts founding member and co-chair of Kent Fiscal Watch Joyce Mitchell and the Ossining School Board’s Citizen’s Budget Advisory Committee member Daysi Briones on her television program “Speak Out with Sandy Galef.” Briones and Mitchell discuss their work with grassroots community groups and the reforms that these groups are trying to effect in their local municipalities and school districts.

The conversation touches on a variety of issues that local activists face when trying to change their communities for the better. Galef’s guests talk about how they first became involved with their committees and watchdog groups, the obstacles their groups have had to face, and the successes they have experienced. In addition, Galef, Mitchell and Briones explore the role that state government can play in assisting grassroots activists and local communities in reforms.

“I hope that this discussion helps people to understand that they can be a part of their municipalities and school districts in a more hands-on way, and empowers them to initiate the changes they would like to see in their local governments. My guests realized that something was missing in their communities and they are working hard to fix the problems they saw,” said Galef.

Tune in to cable television on the following days and times to learn more.

“Speak Out with Sandy Galef” airs as follows:
Ossining & Peekskill Channel 15 – Wednesdays at 8:00 pm
Wappingers Falls Channel 21 and Yorktown Channel 74 - Wednesdays at 7:30 pm
Carmel, Kent, Mahopac & Putnam Valley Channel 8 - Wednesdays at 7:30 pm

“Citizens Working for Community Change” airs on Channels 15, 21 & 74
September 30, October 7, 28 & November 4
Peter J. Tripodi IV = Youth, Enegry, & Vision
September, 2009

Dear Neighbor:
Hello, my name is Peter Tripodi, and I am a candidate for the Ossining Town Council. I urge you to vote out all incumbents at every level of government this election year!

I am 23 yrs old and a 21-year resident of Ossining. I was lucky to grow up in this area, and I plan to raise a family here as well. However, I am concerned about the future of Ossining. Tax increases have been tough on everyone, and especially hard on senior citizens on fixed incomes.

Did You Know?
The current Town Board hired the Ossining Village attorney (already making $108,000.00 in the Village) as a consultant for $40,000.00.

The current Town Board member individually makes $10,000.00 annually including healthcare (working ONE night a week) when almost half of the municipal boards in Westchester are UNPAID, part-time jobs.

The inflation rate for 2008 was 3.85% and the budget increase for 2008 was 10% for the Town Outside and 19% for the Town General!!!

Did You Also Know?

Peter has successfully lobbied the current board to create an Ethics Board,WHICH THEY DID.

Peter had successfully lobbied the current board to take a pay cut,

Peter has successfully lobbied the current board to create citizen-government programs, WHICH THEY DID.

During this campaign, I will visit every neighborhood, walk on every street and try to meet every resident. I look forward to meeting you soon so we can discuss the issues facing Ossining, I would also appreciate your support on Election Day.

Very truly yours,
Peter Tripodi IV

P.S. Please feel free to call me anytime at 914 774-0373 to discuss the campaign or any of your concerns.
The Yorktown Chamber of Commerce and
The North County News host
Local Political Candidates Debates
at Yorktown Stage
Wednesday, September 30, 7 PM

Candidates for Town Supervisor

Candidates for Councilmen

Yorktown Justice

Thursday, October 1, 7 PM

Spano/Asterino, Kaplowitz/Kane, DeFiori/Shorr
Volpe/Testa County Candidates

Please attend and show the candidates we are interested in what they have to say.
Upcoming Events

Saturday, October 10, 2009:
Yorktown Festival & Street Fair- 11am to 6pm.

Saturday, October 14, 2009:
11 Chamber Mixer
Holiday inn, Mt Kisco, NY - 5:30-9pm.

For additional information or to become a member, contact The Yorktown Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 632 Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
914-245-4599 /
Pure of Heart Representation For The Citizens Of Yorktown

For our ‘rockin’ the vote’ primary fund raiser we danced to the past, now it’s time to dance for the future.

Your generous support to Dave’s primary campaign helped him win one of the Democratic nominations for Yorktown Councilman in the November 3rd election. Unfortunately, in an effort to get Dave’s name known to Yorktown Democrats for the primary vote, our funds were depleted. We now have to raise funds to continue getting Dave’s message out and to get him elected in November.

Where: Travelers Rest
Date: October 14, 2009
Time: 7:00 pm to whenever
Cost: $75 per person
Dinner, Dancing, Open Bar

Please make checks payable to:
Friends For Dave Paganelli
1924 Commerce St., Yorktown Hts, NY 10598
RSVP Treasurer Jean Klaus 914-245-1419
Paganelli grateful
To the Editor:

I am proud that the Democratic voters in Yorktown have voted to support me as one of two candidates for the Yorktown Council on the Democratic line. To those who have shown their confidence in me I say from my heart, thank you very much. To my committee who worked on my behalf, I can not say thank you enough. I could never have made it without your support and guidance. To the Yorktown Democratic Committee I promise not to let you down.
Now the real work begins. In the weeks leading up to the Nov. 3 election, I will continue our discussions on the issues that affect our town and where I stand. Together we will look at the proposed comprehensive plan. We will see how we can improve the dialogue between the residents and the town board at public hearings. We will have a discussion on how we are going to manage our declining revenues and our increasing expenditures. We will discuss the actions by the federal, state and county governments and how they will affect our town. Remember all issues trickle down and become local issues.
The Yorktown Democratic slate is now set. Together as a team we will show you how we will work to guide us through the economic storms ahead. We will show you our plans, and let you decide in November who is best to lead, we on the Democratic ticket or our Republican challengers. I promise you will be able to make an informed vote, and I am confident you will choose us.
Throughout my campaign I have demonstrated that my motives are pure of heart. When I am elected, I promise to help all the residents of Yorktown, regardless of where they stand. Continue to look for my ads and letters. Count on me coming to your door to hear what you have to say.
Thanks to your vote, the conversation continues!

David Paganelli
Democratic and Working Families Party candidate
Owner, Travelers Rest Restaurant
Statement from Yorktown Councilman Candidate Dr. Terrence Murphy
Councilman Candidate Honored by Yorktown Teacher's Union Endorsement

I am proud to accept the endorsement of the Yorktown Teacher's Union. It is only fitting to have received this endorsement following my 25 year high school reunion this past weekend. Having been born and raised in this town I have many fond memories of my time going through the Yorktown school system.

The teacher's union recognizes that by raising two young children in this town I have a vested interest in its future direction. I truly believe the time is now upon us to reinvest in the future of Yorktown. This begins by ensuring the safety and future well being of our kids.

As the President of Keeping Westchester Safe, and as a concerned parent, I graciously accept this endorsement. I am confident that by combining the skills of our educators with my experience as a successful small business owner, we can advance the safety and well being of the children of Yorktown.
Candidates Sign Fair Campaign Pledge
Democrats Join Republicans on Issue Based Campaign

In an unprecedented act of civil unity, local GOP and Democratic candidates stood together today in support of the republican proposed Fair Campaign Pledge. The pledge, which is being applauded by residents across town, calls for an issue based campaign and states candidates will refrain from personal attacks and unsubstantiated accusations. With local campaigns nearly in full stride, this pledge aims to have the issues facing the residents of Yorktown properly and professionally addressed.

"I'd like to thank my opponent, Supervisor Don Peters, for joining me in signing this fair campaign pledge," Yorktown Supervisor candidate Susan Siegel (R, C, I - Yorktown) said. "In the spirit of this pledge, I hope my opponent reconsiders his decision of not participating in the five scheduled debates and candidate forums. These events will allow us the opportunity to discuss the challenging issues confronting our town and answer questions from the public."

“The people of Yorktown want competent and qualified elected officials leading the town,” stated Yorktown Councilman Candidate Mark Drexel. “As I go door to door, it is clear to me that the people demand an open and transparent town hall. They expect that the campaigns will be conducted openly and publicly, will discuss the issues, and will focus on the candidates’ qualifications. Candidates that do not heed this message will be judged in the voting booth on November 3rd.”

“An open and honest government begins with an open and honest campaign,” Yorktown Councilman Candidate Dr. Terrence Murphy (R, I – Jefferson Valley) said. “By signing this pledge we have taken the first steps in ensuring the needs of the voters are addressed in a serious and transparent manner. I applaud my colleagues on both sides of the aisle for supporting this movement.”

"The people of Yorktown deserve our best efforts to keep the campaigns relevant and respectful,” Yorktown Justice Candidate Sal Lagonia stated. “Let us remember that elections are not for candidates, they are for the people we serve."

"With this behind us the candidates can now focus solely on the issues facing our town," Yorktown GOP Chairwoman Serafina Mastro said. "For the next five weeks, solutions to the problems facing our town and qualifications of the candidates should be the only litmus test these individuals need to concern themselves with."
Who is in Control?
Dear Bazzomanifest Reader,

As a local taxpayer I am always eager to see where my hard earned money is going. Putting in the time and effort to establish two successful small businesses here in town I would hope to enjoy some fruits of my labor. However, time and time again I feel a hand reach for my wallet to steal what I have worked so hard for. Whether it be the hand of Washington , the hand of Albany , or the hand of the county, some overbearing body continues to take advantage of all the hard working families in this town.

Two examples quickly come to mind which exhibit this. First is the MTA bailout which I and many other citizens, reporters, and politicians have been criticizing for months. You know the facts: a 0.34% payroll tax on all employers of the 12-county MTA region including small businesses, not for profits, and municipalities. If this is not enough, an additional fact which I feel has been continually overlooked is the MTA ’s arbitrary ability to raise this tax as they deem necessary.

This year Yorktown is being forced to pay $70,000 which means local taxes are increased by 0.5%. What about next year? Just another hand reaching for our wallets. A second example came last night when Westchester County Legislators voted 12-5 to approve the affordable housing settlement. Just know the facts: The federal government now has the authority to build 750 affordable homes anywhere in northern Westchester and sell them at below market rates. What does this mean for Yorktown ?

Two things: First the $62.5 million settlement between the United States Department of Justice and Westchester County will be paid with our hard earned tax dollars. Second, with Yorktown ’s mortgage tax revenue in disarray selling homes below the market value does not help us! The reality is as residents we have lost control of where our tax dollars are going. This November is our opportunity to reinvest in the future of Yorktown . This begins by regaining control of our wallets and standing up for what is right.

Dr. Terrence Murphy
Democrats Hide From Debating Issues

The Democratic Town Committee has declined five invitations to join the Republican candidates in public debates on the critical issues confronting the Yorktown community. Why?

Why are the Democrats hiding from the public? Why are they restricting their contact with most voters to a 30 second knock at their door? Why are they limiting their public exposure?

Specifically, the Democratic Town Committee has declined to participate in debates in the Mohegan Lake, Huntersville and Sparkle Lake neighborhoods that would have included all candidates for local office.

The Committee, and specifically Don Peters, has also declined to appear with just Susan Siegel, the Republican, Conservative and Independence party candidate for supervisor, on two Channel 74 public access programs.

Are the Democrats afraid that under the scrutiny of public questioning, so many of their campaign claims about cost cutting and saving money will be shown to be exaggerations and misleading statements?

Are the Democrats afraid to face Mohegan residents because they haven’t lived up to their previous campaign promises to improve the traffic mess on Route 6? For years, Mohegan residents have complained that they are treated like step-children. A debate in Mohegan, possibly the very first to be held in the area, would have called attention to the area’s unique concerns.

To date, the Democratic candidates have agreed to appear in only a single public debate; the September 30th debate sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce. In declining the other invitations, the Democratic Town Committee has said it was committed to participate in three “debates.” The three so-called “debates” they cite are the September 30th Chamber debate, the endorsement interviews with the Journal News and an appearance by the supervisor on Meet the Leaders, a one-on-one interview program on Channel 74.

Susan Siegel for Supervisor
419 Granite Springs Road
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
(914) 245-2661 Fax: (914) 245-2630
Dear Supporters,
Interested in helping Rob defeat Andy Spano on November 3rd?

With just 41 days until election Tuesday volunteers are needed at our White Plains and Yonkers headquarters. Phone banking, data entry, canvassing, and voter outreach will be vital to the campaign as Rob comes down the final stretch. Aside from financial donations, the campaign will also be accepting computers for temporary use during the final six weeks. Volunteers are instrumental in winning elections and we hope that you can help us achieve our goal of making Rob Astorino our next County Executive.

Friends of Rob Astorino
Donate Today!
Join Rob's facebook group today!
Dear Friend:
The time is now.

If you've been planning to help Rob Astorino defeat Andy Spano for County Executive, we need your help today.

Spano has got to go. The man who gave us the highest taxes in America has now gotten us sued by the federal government--to the tune of at least $62.5 million, and possibly double or triple that amount.

You can help defeat Andy Spano by making a contribution to Rob Astorino’s campaign at Rob’s new commercial can be viewed here. Your donation of $25, $50, $100, $250, $1,000 – or whatever you can afford – can help keep commercials like this one running.

We've talked about Andy Spano's mismanagement of Westchester government before, but this time he's really crossed the line.Mr. Spano falsely signed federal housing documents to get “free” money and got caught.

Now, Westchester's towns and villages--and all of its taxpayers--are being forced to pay the price. This will not only cost us millions-possibly even hundreds of millions – but could also hand over control of our local zoning laws to the federal government.

It is a firing offense. But not even a word of apology from Mr. Spano. His only comment: "I signed whatever I had to get the money." This guy has to go.

In 38 days, Mr. Spano will attempt to be elected to a FOURTH TERM as Westchester County Executive (he promised to run for one).
Who knows how much more damage he could do with another term.
We can't let him succeed.

Mr. Spano has all the benefits of entrenched incumbency. He has a big campaign war chest and high name ID. But all the money in the world can't explain away his poor judgment. We can beat him.

The taxes and unbridled spending were bad enough (Mr. Spano more than doubled the size of the County Budget). But the position Mr. Spano has put us in with the federal government is unforgivable. He must be held accountable.

Rob Astorino will turn this county around. He’ll reduce taxes, streamline government services to make them efficient, and bring transparency and accountability to County government. Rob needs your help today. With your support, he'll send Andy Spano packing on Election Day. This race is expected to be decided by just a few votes, so your help is urgently needed.

Please go online today to and make a contribution to Rob’s campaign. Your donation of $25, $50, $100, $250, $1,000 – or whatever you can afford – will go a long way to defeating Andy Spano on November 3rd.

As Rob has an important financial filing deadline on September 28th, your timely contribution is especially appreciated! Huge thanks in advance for your generous support. Together, we're going to beat Andy Spano and get Westchester County back on track.

Friends of Rob Astorino

PS: This election will be super-close, so every dollar counts. Please help Rob defeat Andy Spano with a contribution today by visiting!
Assemblywoman Sandy Galef Hosts Forum on Improving
Real Property Assessments

September 24, 2009) Assemblywoman Sandy Galef will host New York State Office of Real Property Services Executive Director Lee Kyriacou for her first fall forum of 2009 on Wednesday, October 7th from 7:30 pm – 9 pm at Croton Village Hall at 1 Van Wyck Street, Croton-on-Hudson, NY . The meeting is open to the public, and will investigate the value of regular property assessments to create equity in property taxes.

Kyriacou was appointed by the State Board of Real Property Services to serve as Executive Director of the Office of Real Property Services in 2007, and brings decades of experience from both the private and public sector to this position. Since his appointment he has advocated strongly for regular reassessing in all communities in New York State as an effective way of ensuring that New Yorkers only pay their fair share in taxes.

“I look forward to helping community members in Sandy’s district to understand their taxes and the assessment process and how to improve it,” said Kyriacou.

“Without frequent reassessments, taxation in New York will not be equitable for homes and businesses. Most communities Westchester County have not reassessed within the past 40 years. This forum will offer my constituents the opportunity to gain more insight into the assessment process and to get any of their questions answered by Lee Kyriacou, an expert in this field,” said Galef.

For more information or directions, contact Assemblywoman Galef’s district office at or (914) 941-1111.
Only 5 days till the filing deadline!

Midnight, September 30th is my next financial filing deadline.
Can you make a donation online, right now, and help take our country back?
Below, you'll find an article from today's Wall Street Journal with some exciting news about our campaign.

Now is the time to join our campaign so that we can keep the pressure on and be victorious next November.

I can't thank you enough,
(845) 582 - 0548

Obama's Empire of Ruin
by Brendan Miniter
The Wall Street Journal, September 25, 2009

"I have no idea why the White House would do this," complained New York Rep.Charlie Rangel after reports that President Obama was trying to shove the state'sstumbling governor, David Paterson, out of the running for election next year.

Mr. Paterson had a few choice words too, as did his wife, who told NBC that the White House meddling was "very unfair" and that her husband is a "fighter."

New York may have become a bastion of liberalism in recent years, all but crushing the state's GOP. But despite its successes, the Democratic Party has been skating close to the edge of voters' patience. Notable examples include Gov. Paterson's shambolic handling of Hillary Clinton's U.S. Senate seat and a recent short-lived "coup" in the state Senate. And recent Obamainterventions, judging from Republican glee, are only making matters worse.

Two of the most forceful players capable of imposing order were former Gov. Eliot Spitzer and U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton, but both were removed from the scene in short order (albeit for very different reasons). Mr Obama has clearly tried to fill the vacuum. He favored Caroline Kennedy for Ms. Clinton's senate seat, and reportedly sought (and received) assurances that it wouldn't be Kristen Gillibrand, an upstate congresswoman with a record of supporting gun rights. Then Gov. Paterson appointed Ms. Gillibrand anyway. Mr. Obama swallowed his displeasure and subsequently helped out Mr. Paterson by clearing the field of Democrats who might challenge Ms. Gillibrand next year.

Now a similar attempt to fix the Democratic gubernatorial nomination for Attorney General Andrew Cuomo (and perhaps punish Mr. Paterson) is going a tad less smoothly. It's forcing many New York Democrats to make an overt choice that none want to make. Neither Ms. Gillibrand nor Chuck Schumer -- the state's other senator -- has been willing to go on the record in this fight. And some House members are beginning to worry about their own reelection chances in the shadow of Mr. Obama's declining popularity.

Rep. John Hall, who represents the Mid-Hudson Valley, voted in recent weeks for cutting off funds to the liberal organizing group ACORN even as more secure New York colleagues voted to defend the group. Mr. Hall, a songwriter and former member of the band Orleans, won his seat three years ago on anti-Bush fervor, but his district trends slightly Republican and lately has been host to rousing anti-Washington tea parties. In a telling episode, his Republican challenger, state Assemblyman Greg Ball, put Mr. Hall on the spot this summer over the latter's decision to skip any town halls and only hold one-sided rallies on health care. The Republican and dozens of his supporters forced Mr. Hall to open up what had been scheduled as a private local NAACP meeting to take health-care questions from voters.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani is mulling a GOP run for governor next year. Former GOP Gov. George Pataki is a possible challenger to Ms. Gillibrand. A number of Democratic House members may face stronger-than-expected GOP challenges. While Republicans may not be ascendant in New York State quite yet, the Obama interventions clearly aren't hurting their cause.
Good Morning!

This country is the greatest in the world, yet poised on the brink of a massive government takeover.

The trillions being spent will saddle future generations, the national security decisions and indecisions being made (or not being made) are weakening our security and the expansion of government power threatens to forever change the face of America.

But remaining frustrated and yelling at the television is not enough.Patriots of our founding pledged their liberty, property and lives for our freedom. Today, I am asking for something much easier, a simple contribution.

Oct 1st is my next financial filing deadline.
I need your loyal donation, today.

We need to raise $30,000 this week, and any size donation, $25, $50, $100, $500, $1000, $2400 to $4800 would really help.

Can you make a donation online today, right now?

Thanks in advance!
Greg Ball
917 681 9302

**PS - Also, do not forget my Ari Fleischer event:

*** PSS - Did you see this in Roll Call?
House outlook for Republicans bolstered by surging Ball candidacy

BREWSTER-As Republican congressional candidate Greg Ball gains momentum in his bid for congress, the University of Virginia's Center for Politics has joined other national handicappers in ranking Ball's bid to capture New York's 19th congressional district amongst the top pickup opportunities for Republicans in 2010.

The two term state legislator, who was buoyed this week by an endorsement from the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Orange County, seeks to unseat a sophomore incumbent Democrat who represents the traditionally Republican nineteenth district and is well known for voting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi 98 percent of the time, according to the Washington Post.

Center Director Larry J. Sabato's Crystal Ball website now joins national publications including Roll Call and Congressional Quarterly in rating the 19th district as 'leans democratic.' Sabato predicts that Republicans will gain between 20 and 30 seats in 2010, and currently rates twenty-three incumbent or open seats held by Democrats as 'toss-up' and 'leans Democratic.'

According to Sabato, "If 2010 is a Republican year, as it now looks to be...many of these Democrats will perish."
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Dear Readers:

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LINKS: this a yahoo address make sure you put an underscore (-) between atom and taxi)

For immediate reply:
Dear Readers:

This week I discuss the race for November 3. You can read my column on this topic exclusively on line(see link below)or in this weeks NORTH COUNTY NEWS on sale now. I am worth the seventy-five cents. Look for my column IN MY OPINION(page 10) in the editorial section. Better yet as this column is exclusive to the North County News on a regular basis and will be covering the local political scene, take out a subscription. Click on the North County News link below and go to Subscribe. Between this blog and The North County News you will have all the information to make a vote based on substance.



























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